Veronica Takes A Quiz and a Half

I found not one but TWO magazine quizzes I wanted to take, but some of the questions didn’t work for me (not being a superstar celebrity. Yet LOL), so it’s only going to be one and a half.

Entertainment Weekly interviewed actor Rainn Wilson of Office and Backstrom.

paul bettany angelStarts off grim: How would you like to die? Mr. W wants to be eaten by wild animals, possibly undomesticated hamsters (okayyyyy)…I vote for being very old, in my sleep, while dreaming a VERY good dream. And there should be angels. Ones that look like Paul Bettany maybe.

The next question is better: Which detective would you most like to partner with? Then a list of TV show mulder scullydetectives is given. He picked Scooby-Doo from their provided list. I was momentarily tempted by Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes or maybe even Magnum PI, but then I decided Mulder and Scully of the X Files. (I tend to be rebellious on these quizzes and color outside the lines.) If was talking about book detectives, give me Ellery Queen. Or maybe Nero Wolfe. Or wait,  Kinsey Milhone from the famous Sue Grafton series! Although for awhile I was addicted to Diane Mott Davidson’s Goldy Schulz.

Moving on, more questions await…..Your most disgusting food vice: I don’t think I have one? Sorry!Wreck-of-the-Nebula-DreamFinalMed

Voice you’d love on your GPS system: Michael Rifflock, the actor who does my science fiction romance audiobooks – he makes my heroes sound very badass and very sexy….

six days seven nightsChoose a (person or thing named) Wilson to be stranded on a desert island with: I was kind of at a loss for this one, didn’t resonate with their list in EW, so I googled “Wilson” and hey, I’ll go with Wilson Sporting Goods, which was the first result. Probably lots of useful survival gear in their stores (I’ve never been to one and this isn’t an endorement.) Best desert island movie, since we’re on the subject – “Six Days Seven Nights.” Harrison Ford was yummy in that one. My family likes to say this character is what Han Solo might have been like as an older guy, flying a charter plane in the Caribbean.

If I had to pick someone named Scott to be stranded on a desert island with…maybe Ridley Scott the director, or Scott Bakula the actor…I guess I figure they’re high profile enough that we’d be rescued soon!

Most Embarrassing TiVo Season Pass: Well you already know I love “Say Yes To The Dress”…but I also watch “Hoarders” sometimes, until I start eyeing my perfectly harmless clutter and getting nervous…

Skipping a few of the EW questions now and moving along to Marie Claire‘s September 2014 issue, where they interviewed Shonda Rimes.

ginger-rogers-fred-astaire-swing-timeFirst dollar I earned: Would have been for babysitting, which I actually hated doing and which gave me a migraine every time because I was so stressed but my mother insisted I needed to do it and eventually I relaxed. Oh, I was twelve. First dollar I earned as an employee was temping for the Arthur Murray Dance Studio as a phone solicitor, filling in for a friend of mine. That was a total disaster. Another migraine. They sent me home and said there was no need to return. My first regular job was at a dry cleaners, where I flourished but ruined my shoulder joints lifting heavy bundles of laundry…and that’s enough about that.

Best Career Advice: My late husband always said the best way to really do well was to work for yourself and I’m finally going to do that, starting March 1st, when I become a fulltime author. Yay!

Early in my career I wish someone had told me: That I wasn’t the “mother” of the organization. Or to put it another way, I didn’t have to joust with every windmill in the bureaucracy. Pick and choose your battles.

I still get nervous when: I have to make a speech, but I get over it as soon as I start talking.   (Ms. Rimes said it was when she pitches new TV shows!)

Under my desk, I store: Well Ms. Rimes doesn’t. She can’t even contemplate the idea. Eyeing my clutter, umm, I plead the 5th.

???????????????????????????????Career Highlight: Becoming a published author. In the day job it was definitely being awarded a NASA Exceptional Service Medal. Ms. Rimes of course has three series going on TV at the moment – now that’s a career highlight of the finest kind!

And now we’re out of questions….until I find the next quiz!



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