Veronica Does A Magazine Quiz!

Ben&Jerry_ChocolateFudgeBrownie_ProductShot_Large_tcm23-294816So in the March 30, 2015 issue of US Magazine, they did  an article entitled “Madonna 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.” While not exactly a quiz, as I read it, I found myself answering her points, which says to me I should totally write it up for a blog post. The article became a quiz! I won’t do all twenty five things though, since I’m not an international music star. Not likely to be either LOL!

Favorite All Time Madonna Song: I like the rhythm of “La Isla Bonita” but I’m partial to the feel of “Open Your Heart” and I love the sound of  “Express Yourself.”  (Hers was “Bitch, I’m Madonna” and oddly her least favorite was “Material Girl,” which I happen to quite like, probably because I love the video.)

Favorite City: I’m not really a city person, ok? Having said that, maybe San Diego. New Orleans was fun though…Madonna’s is Rome.

Food I Can’t Stand:  Anything too spicy, because it gives me migraines

Person I Idolize Most: I don’t tend to idolize people but I certainly admire the work of the doctors and nurses who went to treat ebola.

Last Time I Went Grocery Shopping: for Madonna, according to the article, it was a year ago. Being a person with a more ordinary lifestyle, I went yesterday and got blueberries, blackberries, salmon and dark chocolate Hershey’s Kisses. I’ll have to go again today for cat food…

What Do I Miss About Growing Up in…: Upstate New York? The lakes, my grandparents’ cabin, being able to fish and hike in the woods…the horses my best friend’s family let us ride…

Person I Most Want To Meet: Daryl from The Walking Dead? But not in the context of zombie apocalypse! Maybe Peter the-walking-dead-daryl-thumbJackson, the film maker.

raquel-welch-one-million-years-deOne Thing I’d Never Be Caught Dead Wearing: Madonna and I both agree on this – a fur bikini. Well, not unless I looked like vintage Raquel Welch and was in a movie about cavepeople.

Happiest Moments: We’re on the same page, with the births of our children. Nothing has ever compared to that for me, although my wedding day and the day Angela James of Carina Press gave me The Call to say they’d bought my first book are also up there.

Favorite Body Part: My legs, and I’m not telling you my least favorite – oh, ok, my ears.

Most Fattening Indulgence Food: Chocolate in its many and varied forms but especially Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream. If we’re talking non-dessert, honey walnut shrimp.

Time I Was Most Starstruck: probably when I was in the presence of Buzz Aldrin. The man walked on the Moon!

Can’t Miss TV: Well obviously The Walking Dead (but if Daryl dies, I’m never watching again…just sayin…..) I love Dancing With The Stars…Big Bang Theory!

Secret Beauty Ritual: I don’t really have secrets of this type, no ancient Egyptian potions to share or anything. I do like perfume!

SSD-06281.DNGTrapped on a desert island: Madonna discussed Vanilla Ice and Dennis Rodman. I vote neither but of the two, Vanilla Ice. But left to my own devices, Charlie Hunnam! Or Viggo Mortensen.

My Ideal Day: lots of time to write, social media off and on, a few hours with my family, a morning walk, purring cats…

So there it is, another quiz successfully navigated! Too bad they didn’t ask about her favorite books…I’ll leave you with “Material Girl”:

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