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StealingMercury450Veronica: I’ve really been looking forward to this new science fiction romance book Stealing Mercury from Charlee Allden, so it’s my pleasure to welcome her to the blog today.

She’s been ruminating about things she’d like to see in the future and has a guest post for us. More about the new book below! Take it away, Charlee:

Charlee: Top 5 Things I Look For In A Futuristic World:

It is probably no surprise that a SciFi romance author would love thinking about the future. I’ve been enthralled with possible versions of the future since I was a teenager and discovered all night marathons of “Space 1999” and “Red Dwarf”.  Can you imagine two more different version of the future? But I love them both. Just as I love the two very different versions of the future I’ve built in my first two indie books: Deadly Lover and Stealing Mercury. I do like variety, but when Veronica invited me to her blog I decided to come up with the top five things I look for in a futuristic world.

#5 Flying cars – I don’t normally get excited about cars, but put them in the air and I’m there!

#4 Cool guns – Sure, it would be nice to have a peaceful future, but it doesn’t seem to be in our nature and it would certainly make for dull books. So, I like to imagine crazy new weapons of all shapes and sizes and with more stopping power, but less lethal. Yeah, I like to be contrary.

#3 People with flaws – perfection is boring.

#2 M-O-U-Ss – Men of unusual size. If I’m dreaming, I have to be honest and say my fantasy life is full of men with big hearts and big…muscles.  But, I’ve been told they don’t really exist.

#1 Greater acceptance of our differences – sorry, I have to throw in a serious one here. Call me an idealist, but I want this more than anything.

I hope you enjoyed my list. I’d love to hear what is on yours!

Veronica: I like your list. I’d probably add that I want to see travel to far off places in the galaxy and a lot of adventures taking place there! Here’s the blurb for Stealing Mercury:

Born a slave, Mercury is an Arena Dog, genetically engineered to fight and die in the Arena for the entertainment of others. Trained as a gladiator from boyhood, he’s gathered and led one of the most successful teams in arena history. In their violent world, where men must form alliances and share what little bounty they have to survive, his only goal has been to keep his men alive. But two of his men are dead and he, Diablo and Carnage are condemned to be hunted down and killed in Arena’s newest inhuman sport. Worse, their demise will leave Carn’s mate, a woman Mercury has sworn to protect, alone and vulnerable. And then there is Samantha—a courageous human he has no right to claim. But she is his. He feels it deep in his soul and with an ache in his body he can’t deny.

Samantha Devlin is a down-on-her-luck indie-freight pilot, working in the belly of a corporate hauler until she can earn the credits for her own ship. When an old friend hires her as an emergency replacement to pilot a cargo carrier for the Roma Company, she’s shocked to learn her cargo is three, living, breathing, and dangerously sexy Arena Dogs. When Samantha learns she’s taking the men to their deaths, she must decide is she if willing to risking everything for a man whose customs require that he share her with one of his men and demands he return to Roma to protect another woman. Her heart tells her Mercury is worth any cost, but her head sees nothing ahead but disaster.

Caution: features two scorching hot heroes and one impossibly impulsive woman. Their story may just make you want to steal an Arena Dog or two of your own.

Content labels: romance, adventure, erotic, m/f/m, alpha males, strong heroine, full length novel

Currently on sale for .99 through May 14th.

Available now at AmazoniBooks and Kobo


He pressed his lips to her forehead in a gesture both sweet and scorching. “I ache for you.” Lusty agony laced through the quietly spoken words.

She cursed low. “Damn it, I can’t think straight when you say things like that.”

A rough chuckle rumbled in his throat as he lifted her higher then licked a path down to her collar bone. “There’s no need to think right now, Samantha.”

He was seducing her. The man who’d known nothing but violence was seducing her and she had to acknowledge she wanted to give in, to be seduced. His hands skimmed her thighs on their way to her ass. He squeezed, urging her to wrap herself more tightly around him. His hands felt huge on her body as he held her close and headed toward the riverbank.

She stroked her palms over his shoulders and the bunching muscles of his arms as he carried her out of the water. The moment he stopped on the grassy bank, he leaned in to take her mouth. It wasn’t a light, easy, getting-to-know-you kiss. It was a kiss of pure possession. He licked her lips and pressed his tongue past them to stroke deep inside. She met the thrust of his tongue, needing everything he offered. He growled into her mouth and her stomach did a little flip in response.

Maybe he’d been right. Suddenly, thinking didn’t seem so important.

Author Bio:

Charlee Allden is a long time fan of love, adventure, and happily-ever-after. She grew up in Florida where a huge fallen oak tree in the swampy woods near her home served as her very own Star Ship Enterprise. Today, Charlee is a multi award winning author of sexy, intense, romantic adventure and suspense. She still lives in Florida across the street from a miniature version of the swamp she lived by as a child.
Twitter: @charleeallden


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  2. I’m with you on differences. I don’t like like the restrictions on love between species that some publishers try to enforce. If mating is possible, and they are in love, Go for it! If its not possible, then love emotionally. But no one should be deprived of Life, Liberty and Love due to their differences.

    • Lol. This shows the ‘difference’ between you and me, Liza. I assumed Charlee meant the differences between people–racial, religious, personality, etc. Love between species never occurred to me, but now that it has…well, for a dozen years, I lived just a strand of barbed wire from a sheep ranch, and the image that came to my mind was–absolute yuck! 🙂

      • You slay me! I meant it in a broad way, but I’m all for alien – human love affairs. But let’s just stick to counting the sheep. 😉

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