Is Grandmother in the Right Boat? Victorian Ads for Wednesday Whimsy

018One type of Victorian Trade (advertising) card I’m fascinated by, and could blow my budget on quite easily, is the die cut variety. These were made of sturdy, cardboard-like paper and shaped like real objects – horseshoes, shells and the like, and often very large. The cards I usually feature in this Wednesday column are more the size of business cards or small greeting cards, but some of the die cut can be extremely big.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites today, and maybe more next week, as they’re quite amazing. This one, for example is  9 1/2″ by 9 1/2″! Here’s the back, with the actual advertising copy. (These are well over 100 years old so sometimes the condition is less than perfect.)019
Here’s another horseshoe-themed die cut and then a lifesized shell.  How do you like this gorgeous castle? Makes me want to walk inside and join the ball, which must be going on!020014022

And last but not least, a really amusing one for A&P Tea, that says “Grandmother is in the right boat.”  Not sure about the logic there but I loved everything about the card.

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