Last Time Veronica Did A Magazine Quiz? Today!

I enjoy the One Last Thing quiz at the end of most issues of People magazine, so here are a few selected questions from various issues:

Jake chasing the red dot

Jake chasing the red dot

Last thing I misplaced: Actually it was the cats’ laser pointer toy and I finally had to give up and go buy a new one. On an ordinary day, it’d be my keys or my phone EXCEPT that I long ago learned to have one special place where those items go, and they’re not allowed to be put anywhere else. Or catastrophe ensues. I used to be really bad with scissors and staplers, and each time we’d move, I’d discover I actually owned about twenty pairs of scissors and probably five staplers. I kept buying them when I couldn’t find a handy pair. Oh, and the last time I moved, we found a brand new iPod that had evidently slid between the pillows and the mattress and dropped under the bed. Yes, after searching high and low for it, I’d eventually bought myself another one! Not good to misplace things!

Keanu after we finally got him to the vet

Keanu after we finally got him to the vet

Last time I was late: I never am. My mother believed if you arrived on time, that was late, so therefore we arrived everywhere early. I’m notorious for this and I always take reading material to while away the extra time between when I arrive and when I’m supposed to be there. Now we didn’t make it to the last veterinarian appointment at all, because after four tries Keanu was NOT going into the carrier.But technically I wasn’t late. We just rescheduled!

Last time I was injured: I suffered a bone bruise when I moved in early July and I’m reliably informed it can take up to a year to heal! Bummer. Kinda aches. I had it Xrayed so we’re sure it isn’t a hairline fracture.

Last indulgence: a happier topic! Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie Fudge ice cream. Or if you want to talk about a more material item, I bought a pair of killer002 bling earrings!

Last time I was nervous: Last week, at a book reading in Burbank! But it went well (or so I was told) and I had fun…once I started reading, it was a piece of cake.

Last time I got frustrated: trying to cram Keanu into the cat carrier for the aforementioned trip to the vet.

MissionToM2-FJM_Thumbnail_150X240Last gift I gave: a copy of my new Mission to Mahjundar audiobook, to a special person.

Last time I cried: Well, not full bore weeping or anything but I might have teared up the first time I saw this wonderful commercial:

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