Veronica Does A Magazine Quiz Up Next

I found a fun quiz in January’s issue of Marie Claire magazine, entitled “Up Next.” They interviewed Zendaya, who I’ve like since seeing her on “Project Runway” a while ago and  “Dancing With the Stars.”

You know me and magazine quizzes – can’t resist ’em!

Next Way To Reward Myself: Ms. Zendaya wants sleep. I’m out for the bling, have my eye on a new ring. Or a plant for the balcony.

Next Fear to Conquer: Sky diving? But I won’t be conquering it. I’m going to let it lie in my subconscious unless I’m ever in a plane that’s crashing or invited for an afternoon of sky diving by hot Navy SEALs.

Next Short Term Goal: Have fun at RT2016 in Las Vegas, in April, and meet lots of readers, book bloggers and other authors!

Next Long Term Goal: Get six new books out this year! (Checking in with Zendaya, she wanted to buy a big house for family to come over. Been there, done that, downsized to my apartment as the family grew up.)

Next New Hobby: I don’t have time for new hobbies really, too busy writing.

Next Book to Read:  Anything new from Nalini Singh, Patricia Briggs, Jeffe Kennedy or Grace Draven.

Next Piece of Clothing to Get: There are some cute T shirts I’m craving at Threadless and ThinkGeek.

Next Dish to Cook: probably something with a lot of chocolate.

Next Project: I’m working on the sequel to Mission to Mahjundar, which will be a story for Johnny Dark. Zendaya was doing an album but trust me, no one wants to pay me to sing. I’ll stick to writing.

Next Good Habit to Take Up: Zendaya says cleaning her room daily. Let’s don’t get drastic here! I should probably dust more often though.

Next Bad Habit to Break: Have I mentioned my addiction to chocolate???

Next Movie to See: Are they making one from my books yet? No? OK, then probably the new “Ghostbusters” or the “Independence Day” sequel. Zendaya was waiting for “The Incredibles 2”, which would also be a good choice.

Next Tech to Adopt: I’d love a driverless car. The LA freeways make me crazy and I hate parallel parking (which I realize one doesn’t do on the freeway).

Adding a couple of my own:

Next Planet to Visit: I’m still waiting for a chance to go to Pern, where Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders live.

Next TV show I’m Waiting For:  The second season of “Killjoys”! Although I’m very much hooked on “The 100” and recapping that weekly for USA Today  HEA.

A few of my T shirts (I have drawers full of them!):






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    • I LIVE in T shirts and denim skirts these days. All my pretty day job dresses just hang in the closet since I’m a fulltime writer now. But I’ll get to wear some of the dresses at RT2016 in April – whee!

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