Veronica Is A Red Shirt in Star Trek Audiobook

CITY_ON_THE_EDGE_OF_FOREVER_Poster_CAtT_(1)smallI’ve been a Star Trek fan since the series began – used to watch it in black and white! (My family were late adopters of the color TV, much to my dismay.)  And now I’ve finally had the opportunity to become a real member of the starship Enterprise crew, via a new audiobook version of Harlan Ellison’s “City on the Edge of Forever”. As a Kickstarter backer of the project, I have one spoken line in the audiobook….blogging about the whole experience over at USA Today Happily Ever After today…I hope you’ll jump over to read about it! It was a real fangirl experience and so much fun to do.

I didn’t mention it in that article but I also got the chance to play a Video Reviews reporter while in the recording studio, interviewing ‘Gene Roddenberry’ back in the day, about this episode. That was three more lines for yours truly, which will be in the part of the audiobook where Mr. Ellison discusses some of the controversy surrounding the script that was shot for TV, versus his original script, which is this audiobook. The interview actually took place decades ago and I read the transcribed questions the real reporter asked.

Just to be clear, when doing an audiobook, you don’t usually get to act with any of the other people playing parts so I didn’t meet any cast members but I did get to sign the cover of the script, alongside the signatures of some people a LOT more famous than I am.

002I used to write to the show for autographed photos of the cast when I was a kid (and the series was being newly broadcast LOL) and I got these four, which in those more innocent days I never for a moment doubted were actually signed by the actors. Who really knows? I choose to keep believing!  I also received a number of colorful unsigned postcards from the publicity people. Found these in my scrap book box.

‘Crew Woman’ signing off!


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  1. This is so awesome, Veronica! What a fantastic project to be involved in. Should we call you Ensign now? 🙂

    • No Crew Woman seemed to be more of an enlisted Red Shirt 🙂 Yeoman Rand was left in charge when Kirk and Spock went back to the planet….but hey, maybe Crew Woman got promoted after the action was over! You can tell I’m having too much fun with this…

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