Veronica Takes a Magazine Quiz

It’s been too long since I did one of these quiz posts! I found a new one in a back issue of Porter magazine, which interestingly and very cleverly is run by the clothes-selling site. I like to look at high fashion photo shoots sometimes for writerly inspiration and there have been some good interviews.

At any rate, a few months ago, they interviewed Hannah Bronfman “DJ turned app developer and founder of…HBFit…” I liked some of the  questions, so here goes with my answers.

RT photo croppedPower piece: I have a swingy navy blue dress with tiny polka dots (bigger polka dots give me a migraine) and a burgundy cardigan style top that make me feel GOOD. If you look at my photos from Day One of RT2016, when I had two panels back to back, you’ll see I was wearing that combo!

Working Style: must I admit that as a fulltime author I’m usually to be found in what Dillard’s charmingly calls “patio dresses”?

Fashion Icon: Not sure I have one? Tim Gunn for his advice? (Not to me personally, but on the various programs.) Michael Kors? You can see I watch a lot of Project Runway.

Favorite Designers: (Let me see who makes my patio dresses…) I love Roberto Cavalli. If I could wear expensive designer clothes, he’d be my go-to guy. Or Marchesa. I love their esthetic. Years ago it was Carole Little. I really enjoyed the way she 013mixed and matched prints and colors.

Heels or Flats: Years ago I lived in 3″ heels and had dozens of gorgeous shoes. Alas, for various reasons now I wear flats. I have about 6 pairs of the gorgeous shoes still, because I couldn’t bear to part with them all.

Pants or Skirts: I’m a skirt girl all the way,  but I do like to wear jeans on occasion.

scarab smallMost Treasured Item: (I decided to make this about jewelry.) The tiny opal and diamond ring my late husband gave me as my first engagement ring a zillion years ago. My medal from a trip to the shrine of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, which I never take off.  But if the house was burning down and I was told I could only save one inanimate thing, I’d take the silver teaspoon that’s been in the family over 200 years because we’re not losing it on MY watch! If I could take two things, I’d add my Great Great Grandmother’s soup spoon. And I’d grab my maybe 3000 year old faience scarab amulet bead on the way!

Handbag: I only have one at a time because I can’t be bothered to transfer all that stuff around. I just wear it OUT till the strap breaks, and then I replace it. I go for one that’s big enough for all my necessary items, but not too big, usually black, usually about $30 at Ross or Target because I’m going to beat it up…I gave myself a very elegant black croc bag from Michael Kors a few birthdays ago and never used it. Always too afraid I’d ruin it…so there you go. I had a very fun Louis Vuitton FAKE that I found at Goodwill, with the multicolor initials and logos but never used it much either. And now I know a lot more about the product counterfeiting industry and so that makes me uncomfortable to use it either.

006Beauty Essentials: Um, Colgate toothpaste? Well, when I am doing makeup, I love Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Booster and whatever  black waterproof mascara has me convinced I really will get those sweeping lashes in the commercials.

Perfume: I’m going back and forth between three, two of which are discontinued. PURE by DKNY. Acqua di Gioia  by Giorgio Armani.  Hollywood by Michael Kors. I have a hard time with perfume because most give me a migraine. So when I find one I like that I can wear, I’m devoted.

Blackberry  or iPhone: iPhone

Health Essential: lots of water daily. At least 48 ounces a day.

Fitness Regime: I have bad knees so when I can, I love to take a long walk. Hmm, ‘regime’ is probably too strong a word to use for description, right?

Biggest extravagance: Books of course!




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