Veronica Takes A Magazine Quiz About Her Night

I always enjoy the quick “My Night At Home” quiz which ‘In Touch‘ magazine gives to various celebrities. While not a luminary, here are my answers:

project-runwayI watched: the NBC Evenings News, “Road to the Runway” and episode one of “Project Runway Season 15.” Plus a lot of Tim Gunn commercials. I also watched four episodes of Season 9 of “Making the Team” on my kindle. (Because I was impatient for the new episode of Season 11.)

I listened to (don’t judge!)….Gary Lewis and the Playboys “This Diamond Ring” while driving to the grocery store. Hey, I love oldies!

I kissed….The last person I kissed was my grandson, when he was visiting last Saturday.

I reorganized… my kitchen counter where I put all my bills and my mail. The stuff is supposed to go into a big Revere silver bowl that my grandmother gave me as a wedding present a lonnnngggg time ago but it’s kind of overflowed that handy receptacle. Time to file and shred! (Also time to polish the bowl but that’s another story…)

Earrings 2I shopped online for…more vintage, clip runway blingy earrings. Never have enough of those! And eBay is the greatest source. I also bought a one week emergency kit in case of earthquakes as a gift. (Hey, the person asked for that!)

I read…Marjorie Liu’s  Dirk and Steele books.I used to love that series and suddenly had the urge to revisit old friends. The earlier ones are my special favorites. I also tiger-eye-dirk-and-steeledipped into Diva, a new scifi romance by Bianca D’Arc, but I’m saving that for a reward to myself when I finish my current work in progress.

I laughed at…Jake the cat chasing his tail. Always hilarious!


I had my flu shot yesterday so I was feeling a bit subdued but I’m doing ok today 🙂 Happy weekend to everyone!



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