iBooks Highlights Scifi Romance

I’m excited to announce that iBooks is running a special promo on twenty or so science fiction romance books (including my own Star Cruise: Outbreak and Pets In Space too) now through November 8th!

It’s always thrilling to me when our romance genre receives extra attention and a chance to find new readers. Author Susan Grant has worked tirelessly to make this particular event happen, coordinating with the people at iBooks and being a strong voice for scifi romance. A few of us assisted her on the logistics along the way to today’s rollout but it was Susan who got the ball rolling by intriguing iBooks with the adventure and romance of our books.

So if you read your books on an iPad or iPhone or any other Apple device, please go check out the promo event! Star Cruise: Outbreak has been priced at $2.99 and many of the other books have been reduced in price for this limited time as well. (Pets In Space supports a charity, Hero Dogs, Inc., so we didn’t reduce its price, but the anthology is an excellent way to sample scifi romance and try out nine authors!)

Link if you have an Apple device


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