Guest Carysa Locke Shares Her Favorite Psychic Abilities


Veronica: I know Carysa from the SFR Brigade and from interviewing her for USA Today Happily Ever After about her book Pirate Nemesis.

Carysa: In my telepathic space pirates’ series, the Talented are humans with various psychic Talents. Some can speak telepathically, some can use telekinesis, or teleport, or kill with a thought. Some can track someone anywhere in the universe, and some are psychically bonded to animals with their own mental gifts. These animals are called kith, and they come in a variety of species.

All of these are fantastic. I think, though, if I had to choose my absolute favorite gift, it would be biokinesis. The ability to heal with your mind, to change the very cells of the body. Of course, this could be used for all manner of nefarious and harmful things, but think of all the good that could be done. All of the healing and lives that could be saved.

I would be less excited about having to learn all of the actual science behind healing, like Nayla, the biokinetic in my series does. But this is fantasy; we don’t need to be worried about pesky things like learning biology! This is just discussing my favorite super-power, really. Still, given the kind of study necessary to effectively use biokinesis…my back-up favorite will be teleportation.

Because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to just teleport myself where I need to go, instead of having to drive there. Yes, definitely teleportation. Just imagine, anytime I wanted to drop into Disneyland, I could easily go. Or visit my friends who live several hours away – poof!

Maybe this explains why I have so much fun writing Tamari, the little girl in my series who can teleport. She isn’t supposed to do it without supervision, but you know kids. (She totally does it anyway, and gets into all manner of trouble.)

And as my third choice, it would definitely be cool to be able to hear my animals’ thoughts, like Hunters do their kith. There have been plenty of times when I’ve wondered exactly what my animals were thinking, and it would make my life easier not to have to guess!

Find out more about the kith and their bond with the Hunters in Escape Run, my short story in the Pets in Space anthology.

Here is a small teaser:

blog-post-8But for better or worse, the new queen had claimed many of the remaining Talented. Teegan had felt it. It brought her to her knees, the shockwave nearly causing her to black out.

Her eyes flicked back to Cole. “The shockwave,” she said.

He nodded. “I lost my grip on his mind. Only for a few moments, but…”

“That’s all he would need.”

She started to move past the shock. Deacon was free. Memories pushed at her, but she shoved them away, refusing to deal with them now. Not here. Not with Cole.

“Six days.” Anger built within her as she counted back to the claiming in her mind. “He has a six-day head start.”

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The blurb for Carysa’s story in the anthology: ESCAPE RUN


Ember by Artist Nyssa Juneau

Teegan’s job as a hunter is to track down the Talented, those driven insane by their gifts. She and Ember, her psychically gifted fox, have tracked dozens of people for Cole, the man who works to rehabilitate and recover these troubled souls. When one of Cole’s most dangerous patients escapes, Teegan and Ember are on a hunt that could prove fatal if she doesn’t keep her focus on her mission. Unfortunately, Cole is proving one distraction that might make this her last hunt if she can’t do that.

Can Teegan keep her heart and mind in the game long enough to save an entire planet’s population, or will her distraction lead to heartache – and possibly death for everyone?

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  1. I’m with Pauline.A teleporter would really come in handy when I want to visit my granddaughter in AZ. I wouldn’t want to know what people are thinking. Blissful ignorance. LOL Loved your story in Pets in Space, Carysa.

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