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UPDATE December 20th: The blog hop is now OVER. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Here are my randomly selected winners:

Lola – the mug and an ebook  of mine – her choice (since she already has read PETS). Need your snailmail address, e mail address and what book/format you prefer!

Lastexilewords – the audiobooks on cd and one free download code for the audiobook of MISSION  TO MAHJUNDAR. Need your snailmail address and your e mail address.

Cee Mac – the pendant and one ebook copy of STAR SURVIVOR (or other ebook by me if you’ve already read that one.) Need your snailmail address, e mail address and what book/format you prefer!

Happy Holidays to all!

Alas, I don’t write holiday stories in the novels set in my far future (or not yet anyway) so the best I can do is give you a fairly light hearted moment from my new book, Star Survivor. (Things get pretty deadly serious after this scene) The book blurb is below the excerpt.

Fun stuff first though – the GIVEAWAYS! I’m doing three, and will select three commenters randomly on the morning of December 20th, and will post my winners here. Please tell us your favorite winter or Christmas memory!

I will mail the physical items internationally if required to do so. Prizes awarded in the order of my choosing. Taxes and duties if any are the responsibility of the winner. Winners must get in touch with me by midnight, December 28th or I’ll pick a new winner for that prize. Physical items will NOT arrive in time for Christmas! No substitutions, no cash or gift card equivalent will be given. I will substitute another of my own ebooks at your request if you already have the one in your prize.

moby-midorri-mug-prizeGiveaway #1: Limited Edition PETS IN SPACE mug PETS_In_Space_cover_artfeaturing Moby and Midorri from my story in the book, “Star Cruise: Stowaway” plus an ebook copy of PETS.

Giveaway #2: Three (3) new and unopened audiobooks on cd (not downloads!)  from the lovely people at SkyBoat Media – “Dancing Barefoot” and “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”, both narrated by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek fame and “Big Book of SF Novelettes” (including one by Mary Robinette Kowal), narrated by Various. PLUS I will give you a code to redeem at Audible for a free download copy of my audiobook MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR, recorded by Michael Riffle.


pride-and-prejudice-necklaceGiveaway #3: One (1) ‘Pride and Prejudice’ mini book fashion jewelry necklace that I purchased at The Ripped Bodice romance bookstore here in Southern California for this giveaway. (Please note there isn’t anything on the necklace or the box to indicate The Ripped Bodice connection – sorry!) Book pendant is approximately 3/4″ tall (so therefore tiny). PLUS an ebook of my latest SFR novel, STAR SURVIVOR.

Happy Holidays!

The excerpt:

There was no horde of press to navigate at the venue because the groundcar deposited them at a side entrance. Twilka swept inside and was immediately plunged into the chaos of preparing for a major show. Two of the models were having a catfight over who should wear the show opener, which wasn’t their decision in any event. She settled the squabble in a heartbeat, by switching the dress in question to a third girl, and stepped aside to confer with the event’s Master of Ceremonies. The entire contingent of models was staring at Khevan and trying to get his attention, some more subtly than others, but he was focused on Twilka. She could tell, although he was acting like a bodyguard, assessing the environment and all the people in it with a cold eye, watching for threats. His presence would be comforting, if it didn’t arouse all kinds of other emotions and memories she could definitely do without.

The trideo star swept in with her entourage and her bodyguards, who seemed like untested boys next to Khevan. Twilka escorted the group to a private space at the edge of the fashion maelstrom, and dresses were brought to be tried on. In under half an hour the celebrity was satisfied, walking out in a gown Twilka decreed suited her perfectly and would land Fiona in all the “best of” trideo streams, garnering priceless publicity for the actress and for Twilka. She lingered behind for a moment, sinking into a handy chair.

“Is it always this manic?” Khevan asked, moving behind her to rub her shoulders.

Rolling her head from side to side in sheer relief as the muscle tension eased, she said, “Your hands work magic. Is massage normally part of the D’nvannae bodyguard service?”

“No. But I can see you getting tense and from what you’ve said, there are hours of this event left to get through.” He lifted his hands away from her body as Lissa burst through the door with a quick knock.

Open mouthed, she stared from one to the other. “Oh, sorry.” Obviously recalling her errand, she said hesitantly, “I hate to interrupt, but the model tore the green sheath, put her foot right through the hem, and the girl for the purple-and-gold ball gown hasn’t arrived yet…”

“You may have to wear the dress and walk yourself,” Twilka said, rising. “It wouldn’t be the first time. Have we briefed the models on how I want them to strut this year?” Lissa nodded. “Good. Let’s go see how bad the damage is. Maybe we can stitch on trim to hide the tear in the green.”

“The seamstresses are all busy adjusting hems and taking in seams. There’s not going to be enough time…”

“I haven’t forgotten how to use a needle.” Twilka made a little sewing motion as she walked.

“And the girl who’s supposed to wear the finale piece hasn’t arrived yet.” Lissa had the tone of a person with a long list of problems to report. “I heard she got hired to walk in another show and might not be here for us at all.”

“Let me see who’s in the first third of the program that can do a quick change and we’ll pick a new girl for the finale.” Twilka brushed past a pair of stylists with arms full of accessories. “What else? I know you’re not done dumping catastrophes on me.”

Her assistant stopped dead. “How do you do that? Are you sure you don’t have psychic powers?”

Laughing in spite of her tension, Twilka grabbed Lissa by the elbow and dragged her out of the way of a stage tech burdened down with complicated equipment. “Just a lot of experience with these productions. I’ve seen it all at least ten times over the years. Nothing surprises me.”

“This might.” Lissa took a deep breath. “So the Evanderly people staged a living vignette? And the models had to be part of the scenery?”

Nodding, Twilka walked faster, anxious to deal with the green dress and then the rest of the problems. “A bit over the top, but the collection was too simple. He needed something to distract the critics. How does that affect me?”

“Three of our girls have a purple rash from the leaves and insects they had to wear.”

Hands on her hips, Twilka blinked. “Okay, that is new. Can we cover them with glittering stardust powder?”

“Depending which dresses they’re supposed to wear.” Biting her lip, Lissa considered.

Twilka gave her assistant a tiny shove. “Go figure it out with the head makeup artist. He’ll love the challenge, even as he cusses you out. And then get Jord away from the catering tables and tell him to supervise the dressers like he’s supposed to be doing. I’m off to take care of the green dress.”

Star Survivor by Veronica ScottThe Story:

The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.

They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.

Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?

D’nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady.  Now Twilka’s within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.

But Khevan is not Twilka’s only pursuer. Will allies Nick and Mara Jameson arrive in time to aid the couple, or will Khevan and Twilka’s ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?

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33 comments on “SFR Brigade Showcase STAR SURVIVOR and Giveaway

  1. This hop looks like so much fun. Loved the excerpt from Star Survivor. See me waving my hand wildly for the mug? Pick me, pick me. LOL

  2. This is a favorite winter memory – I lived in a townhouse development that was, in many ways, not very suited for me. The year of 1996, when we had that HUGE blizzard upon HUGE blizzard, the snow plows had pushed all the excess snow to the end of the parking lot so that it made a massive almost story tall pile. Its no joke when I say this snow pile was melting well into May still.

    I couldn’t go out in the cold for long – between my lung issues and sensitivity to the cold, I had to be so bundled moving was hard, but I begged my mom to let me out. All of us gallivanted around this pile, digging trenches for “hidden lairs”, making towers to protect us, stamping down the snow so it was solid enough to walk across on the top of the pile. Eventually it started getting dark and many of us knew that meant having to go inside again…but the adults came out and started a snowball fight. For about a hour no one remembered any of the petty grievances they all had with each other and we fought in a massive snow war.

    One of the girl’s mothers, who had always been nice to me and who I respected very much, made hot cocoa and we all sat huddled in our snow lairs, plotting how to take out the other team while sipping cocoa.

    It was like one of those TV drama/sitcom moments and one of the best.

  3. That mug is awesome! I really enjoyed your story in Pets in Space, the pets were so much fun to read about.
    My favorite Christmas memory is probably how before Christmas my mom used to drive through some streets with lights. It always was fun, we did this almost every year when we were kids as we loved seeing all the lights and Christmas decorations. But I have a lot more fond memories. It’s hard to just pick one. Happy holidays to you too!

  4. Adored the excerpt, especially they way you weave so many things together. My favorite winter memory is when I returned home from vacation trip over holiday break from college to find my boyfriend wrapped up in a giant box on my driveway. He was my holiday gift. The memory still makes me smile.

  5. Great giveaways and I hope they go to worthy recipients. Thanks for all your help to the writer community over the past year. You’ve been great. My favourite Christmas memory is going down to the beach with my sister on a red hot summer Christmas Day. We always brought along a transistor radio. Every time I hear the riff for “Day Tripper” (Beatles) I’m there again.

    • My pleasure always, to try to boost the signal for all of us in scifi romance 🙂 I loved your favorite memory, especially since the weather is SO opposite. I like “Day Tripper” too but it doesn’t conjure up the same memory LOL. Happy Holidays!

  6. Really nice post, and some wonderful prizes! My favorite Christmas memory was the year my family moved from Hawaii to Washington (state). We were hoping for a white Christmas, and when my folks found out is didn’t snow that much in the Puget Sound, they packed us into the car and drove several hours to Mt Rainier, so we could see snow.

  7. Great giveaways & wonderful that you are prepared to ship internationally – waving hand frantically from Australia, here.
    My most memorable (& only) nearly-Christmas-plus-winter was a trip to the UK many years ago. Light snow & a squirrel. Not to mention the fire alarm –> in pyjamas through someone’s Christmas party story.


    • Well, I just thought so many times the contests for physical items are USA-only and I decided what the heck, I would ship anywhere this one time! Makes it more fun. Sounds like someone should make a movie of your UK trip!!! Cool memories indeed…

  8. Last Christmas was a good one – the ISS came over Christmas Eve and our youngest believed it was Father Christmas. Sadly this year he announced the man in red doesn’t exist so I guess that era is over. >.<

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