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DangerInTheStarsFinalWow, my day was made this morning when I saw that the well respected Whiskey With My Book Blog had done not one but TWO reviews of Danger In The Stars! And both were 5 Stars! I hope you’ll forgive my squeeing – I’ll try not to be too loud LOL but I’m always really happy when people enjoy my books.

Here’s how one of the reviews begins:

Review of Danger in the Stars
by Riley

The decision to read Danger in the Stars was a no-brainer for me after having read Veronica Scott’s Star Cruise: Stowaway in the Pets in Space Anthology. Danger in the Stars, the follow up to Stowaway, continues to develop that crime syndicate known as the Combine, their collaboration with the Shemdylann, and their use of slaves. Specifically, slaves with psychic powers like Miriell, priestess of Thuun.

Miriell is an empath. She also seems to have a bit of a telpathic ablity, being able to sense not only emotions, but also intent. Miriell has the added ability to put thoughts into a person’s mind. And more. This makes Miriell much more dangerous than her captors believe her to be. And at the same time, very interesting.

At first glance, Conor is a thug. Second-in-command to a Combine leader, so, a bad guy. But there is more to him than meets the eye (or there would not be much of a story). It is difficult to say too much more about Conor without spoilers, so just know Conor is a character worth getting to know – good or bad….

Jump on over to the WWMB Blog to read their joint post in its entirety.


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