How’s Your Interstellar Kidnap and Ransom Insurance?

canvaI’m over at Liza O’Connor’s Multiverses blog this week, talking about Hostage to the Stars with an excerpt and a little background as to why I wrote the story…partly because it was time for one of my favorite secondary characters to have his own book!

“Liza: You are always welcome here!

I was hoping to talk about my next new release but it’s at the editor still, so we’ll save that for July.  I’m going to talk about Hostage to the Stars instead, which I always feel is one of my books that might be a bit in need of extra love, overlooked perhaps. Although I was extremely honored to receive an SFR Galaxy Award for the book this year! So I have it on sale for $.99 right now, until July 5th….”

And for the rest of the post, hop on over to Liza’s blog!

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