Chatting with Anthony Lemke, ‘Three’ on SyFy’s “Dark Matter”

Three_Dark_Matter_A_LemkeSometimes I get to do really fun things as part of being a scifi romance author and this past week I had a chance to talk with actor Anthony Lemke about his role as the character Three on the “Dark Matter” SyFy TV show. Here’s the beginning of the article and for the entire interview, I hope you’ll hop on over to Amazing Stories!

“One of my favorite hours of science fiction every week is Dark Matter on SyFy. Over the course of three seasons co-creator and showrunner Joseph Mallozzi (with Paul Mullie) and the cast and crew have explored concepts ranging from lost memories, time loops, self-determination of androids, blink drives, interstellar corporate wars to love and loss – high adventure served up with feeling and panache.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Anthony Lemke, who plays the character Three on the program. Our conversation was wide ranging (and fun) so let me share the highlights. SPOILERS for Season Three!

He and a group of friends are in the process of building a storefront theater in real life, where he lives, with a tight deadline, so we began by talking about acting and the theater in general and I asked if he was going to do a one act play, whose life would he choose to enact? After some thought, Anthony said probably the life of one of his own grandparents, who were in that “epic generation” born at the beginning of the 21st century and lived through amazing experiences and world wars, eventually emigrating to a new country.

Pivoting to the subject of Dark Matter and Three…..”

Annnnd please follow the link to Amazing Stories for the rest of our wide ranging chat!


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