Sharing My #1linewed #SciFiFri and #bookqw Fun

canva memes hashtagI’m having fun each week doing the special book-related hashtags over on twitter, and I’ve shared them on my Facebook author page, so I thought I’d try doing a weekly post on Fridays to give them a signal boost here as well. I only do three and I’m guessing there must be a ton more, but a person can only do so much in between writing the books from which the pithy quotes are to be drawn LOL!

The #1linewed is the strictest – no book cover, buy links or other info is supposed to be posted with your sentence. This one is run by the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Kiss of Death chapter, who pick the word of the week. This past week the word was ‘dance’ and here was mine:

“Do your people dance to this beautiful music?”

Author Mindy Klasky created #BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday) and she picks the word there. This week’s was ‘fast’.

bookqw AUG23 fast canva

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And then there’s #SciFiFri, which I LOVE. Two weeks ago the word was ‘ooze’, last week it was ‘prisoner’, and today it was ‘martial arts’ so since I’m a blasters and pulse rifles kinda gal, I took my entry from a plain old fight scene. I’ll share all three since I’m in catching up mode here! They’re in oldest to newest order (so today’s is last.)

This was the best I could do for anything remotely ‘ooze-y’:

canva scififri ooze

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scififri prisoner canva


canva martial arts

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Can you tell I like playing with memes and pictures and backgrounds on Canva when I should be writing? Fun stuff though.

How about you? Any fun hashtags you ‘play’ each week?

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