The Story Behind the Story: Why I Wrote My #Scifi Rock Star Romance

pets2In case you haven’t heard me making lots of noise and throwing confetti, Embrace the Romance: Pets In Space 2 made the USA Today Best Seller List this week!

I thought it would be a good time to re-blog this post I wrote for my co-organizer on the anthology, Pauline B Jones, about why I wrote this particular story. Pauline loves to have authors come visit and spill the beans on the stories behind the story. I’ll give you the beginning of the post here and then you can jump over and read the rest on Pauline’s blog.

Here’s how I began the post:

“It’s always such a pleasure to visit your blog and explain the influences that contributed to how I wrote a newly released book or story! In fact, this process is so much fun I sometimes find myself thinking while writing a book, “Oh, I’ll have to tell Pauline about this.”

I’ve always wanted to write a rock star romance because I LOVE the genre but if I sit down to write anything, it inevitably becomes science fiction. So when you and I decided to do Pets In Space 2, I thought, here’s my chance to involve a rock star. Among my favorites are Nalini Singh’s Rock Kiss series, J T Geissinger, Liora Blake…plus movies such as “The Bodyguard” and “Beyond the Lights”.  I had also recently read that there are cruises nowadays where bands are featured and do concerts and fan events during the cruise. So that part of the story worked fine if I set this Pets In Space story on board my interstellar luxury cruise liner, the Nebula Dream.

The next question was who would the hero be? I love to write Sectors Special Forces heroes, or recently retired service members from that branch, so I decided Grant would fall into that category and be a security officer on the ship. In that job assignment, it was logical that he’d cross paths with a high profile passenger like a rock star.

As far as a pet….”(and now you can find the rest  of the post here, including an excerpt:  )

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