Further UPDATE November 21, 2017. Since neither my Grand Prize Winner nor the 2nd place winner ever got in touch with me, despite my best efforts to publicize the names, I have now picked another winner via random number generator – Jess Schira is the Grand Prize Winner. I’m withdrawing the 2nd place prize since it was not originally offered – I added it on as an extra after the contest ended. The 3rd place winner claimed her prize and it has been sent.

November 13, 2017 The giveaway is now CLOSED. The Grand Prize winner of the items pictured was  chosen via random number generator and was icallhimbubba

I decided to give a 2nd and 3rd prize which will both consist of a copy of the EMBRACE THE ROMANCE PETS IN SPACE 2 book signed by me, a Zazzle tote bag, a Valkyr sticker and one of my silly toy robots. (So there’s no copy of Star Trek Cats – sorry.) The 2nd and 3rd place winners were Jodi Hunter and Mary Kirkland.

I’ll need your actual mailing addresses to send the items – thanks! You can contact me via this blog (or on twitter or Facebook).

I loved all the comments received – thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


giveawayThis is the final week during which we are donating 10% of the profits from our pets in space anthology to Hero Dogs, Inc. So if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, still a few days to have us donate part of the purchase price!

In honor of the final week of donations, I’m doing a giveaway of ONE PRIZE package of:

Paperback copy of EMBRACE THE ROMANCE PETS IN SPACE 2 signed by me;

Star Trek Cats by Jenny Parks just because it’s scifi, cats and fun;

One of my ‘official’ Veronica Scott toy robots to help you carry the prize (he’s only 3″ tall – just a little windup toy LOL);

… and a tote from Zazzle for you to carry it in, plus a sticker of Valkyr and Lolly, my pets from the story Star Cruise: Songbird!

To enter, leave me a comment with what your favorite pet in science fiction or any other genre is…I’ll pick the winner randomly on Sunday November 12 at 6PM Pacific Time and announce the winner here, on my Facebook author page and by tweet.

I WILL ship this internationally if the winner doesn’t live in the USA.

The blurb for USA Today Best Seller EMBRACE THE ROMANCE PETS IN SPACE 2:

The pets are back! Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2, featuring twelve of today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors brings you a dozen original stories written just for you! Join in the fun, from the Dragon Lords of Valdier to a trip aboard award-winning author, Veronica Scott’s Nebula Zephyr to journeying back to Luda where Grim is King, for stories that will take you out of this world! Join New York Times, USA TODAY, and Award-winning authors S.E. Smith, M.K. Eidem, Susan Grant, Michelle Howard, Cara Bristol, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Sabine Priestley, Jessica E. Subject, Carol Van Natta, and Alexis Glynn Latner as they share stories and help out Hero-Dogs.org, a charity that supports our veterans!

10% of the first months profits go to Hero-Dogs.org. Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs and places them free of charge with US Veterans to improve quality of life and restore independence.

Buy Links:   Amazon   iBooks   Kobo   B&N 

canva 1linewed blackThe blurb for my story:

Grant Barton, a Security Officer on the Nebula Zephyr, is less than thrilled with his current assignment to guard an Interstellar singing sensation while she’s on board the ship. It doesn’t help that he and his military war bird Valkyr are dealing with their recent separation from the Sectors Special Forces and uncertainty over their future, with their own planet in ruins.

Karissa Dawnstar is on top of the charts and seemingly has it all – talent, fame, fortune and devoted fans, but behind her brave smile and upbeat lyrics she hides an aching heart. When a publicity stunt goes wrong, Karissa finds herself in the arms of the security officer assigned to protect her – and discovers a mutual attraction she can’t ignore.

Trouble continues to plague the pair, driving a wedge between them and leaving Grant certain that Karissa is in more danger than she realizes, from overzealous fans and her own management. Grant is determined to protect Karissa whether she wants his help or not. Can he discover the truth behind what’s going on before he loses Karissa or is there someone else plotting to keep them apart – permanently?

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46 comments on “EMBRACE THE ROMANCE PETS IN SPACE 2 Excerpt + Giveaway

  1. That’s hard to pick only one. I’ve read some great books with pets in them. A lot of cozy mysteries that I like to read have some great pet character like Socrates in Dial Meow for Murder or Muesli in HY Hanna’s Oxford Tearoom Mysteries series. And ofcourse the Pets in Space anthologies were full with a great selection of all types of pets.

  2. I haven’t read a book that had pets in space but I think it sounds so darn cute. If I had to pick a pet to read about in space it would be some sort of rodent like rats because they make great pets to take along with you.

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  4. My favorite pet in science fiction is probably Data’s cat, Spot, in Star Trek the Next Generation. I also really liked Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but that’s a different genre altogether! ^_^ Thanks for the chance!

  5. I’m not sure that they count as pets, but I adore Star Trek’s tribbles. Oh, and there was a Bruce Campbell series that lasted one season in the ’90’s. A kind of steampunk, scifi deal that featured a great relationship between the main character and his horse.

  6. Its difficult for me to choose between Seymor from Futurama and Gaspode from Discworld series, love both characters. They have different personalities but hard not to adore either of them!

  7. I really like Zanth the familiar in HeartMate by Robin Owens. I thought the first anthology was great. Just started reading Embrace the Romance and loving the new stories. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Any pets in space are great but as a cat mom, I favor felines. Love it when beloved pets are included in other genres as well.

  9. I would have to go with cats because they are so independent and pretty much take care of themselves as long as food is there and the litterbox is kept clean lol and when they want affection they curl up right on your lap and when they don’t want affection they make that known and quickly lol

  10. Favorite pet is a dog. I always have a dog or two. I love cats too.
    I’m beside myself with glee to discover another sci-fi romance writer. So glad I followed Susan Smith’s link!!

  11. A horse would be a good pet to have in space, would need a battleship to house one, but as they are to big I would have to say a dog because you will have someone loyal and loving,

  12. I can’t recall any books I’ve read that have pets in space. I’ve read quite a few SF romances, but can’t recall any pets. I’m a dog person, but I love books with unusual pets… hell cats, sea monsters, dragons, selkies, etc.

  13. Lots of good pets comments, really enjoying the various thoughts and references. The pet doesn’t have to be in science fiction – all pets in stories, TV or movies cheerfully accepted 🙂 Or as some have commented, what their own favorite type of pet might be. It’s a fun conversation and thanks for visiting!

  14. Favorite pet? Any and all critters might fall into that category! But since I currently am owned by 5 dogs and 15 cats (everybody ‘fixed’ and cats living in their own enclosed area separated from the dogs, nobody wanders), I have to lean just slightly towards my cats, then my dogs.

  15. One of my favorite cat-in-space characters, was in several paperback (anthology?) books-way back when. Wish I could remember the cat’s name. She was the (extremely valued and intelligent) heroine, bonded with the young hero (inadvertently, on his side); and like all her kind, a supreme predator of vermin in their space ships. Of course, she always saved the day! Maybe, author Jody Lynn Nye? Can’t quite recall.

  16. Loved every bit of the pets couldn’t pick a favorite because each was my favorite as I read their story!

  17. The Star Trek kitties automatically made me think of tribbles. Those cute little balls of fur from Star Trek: the trouble with tribbles.

  18. In the Bluegrass series by Kathleen Brooks Bob the dog is hilarious and scares the daylights out of Ahmed (by doing nothing but looking at him). I think he is my all time favorite pet in a book.

  19. My favorite pet in space are the barquecats of Anne McCaffrey’s To Ride Pegasus and Pegasus in Flight and also brought in the The Rowan series the cats were able to protect their ships by detecting leaks in the ships’ hulls. The Rowan’s was named Rascal. Also referred to as shipcats Thanks for the chance

  20. If I had to pick which pet I would bring,….hmmmm🤔 that’s hard. I would probably choose a dog! Only because of companionship and most are trained in various situations. I think I would want A dog that helps me when I’m lonely or stressed. 🙂

  21. Cats are always great for sci fi and mysteries. David Weber’s Treecats from his Honorverse series are awesome! Six legs, empathic and lethal claws.

  22. My Favorite Pets from fiction hands down are the ones from Rita Mae Browns stories
    Mrs Murphy Mysteries 🙂 Mrs Murphy who is a cat (of course cause cats are superior to humans , Tea Tucker her friend who is a dog , Pewter a chubby cat who is simply curvy not fat , and the other hosts of animals who help the rather slow witted humans solve the many mysteries that happen in and around the town of Crozet.

  23. Oh that’s a hard one… at this moment is from G.A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series. Annwyl adopts a pet from the demon realm. It’s a corpse eater too. The way it’s described in the book you just have to love it.

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