TheFatedStarsFinalI’ve just put out a new scifi romance release, The Fated Stars, and as part of my process I always love to go over to Pauline B. Jones’s blog and explain why I wrote the book, or what my influences were. Sometimes when I’m writing a book I even think to myself, “Oh, I have to remember to tell Pauline that!”

Here’s the start of the post I wrote for her (and there’s an excerpt over there too):

Thanks for having me as a repeat guest!  It’s always an essential part of my new release ritual to come to your lovely blog and talk about why I wrote the book!

When you and I co-organized the Pets In Space 1 anthology in 2016, I had the inspiration for a story with an alien empathic priestess as the heroine and to have her be a captive of the interstellar crime syndicate in my Sectors, which is the futuristic civilization in my scifi romances. I enjoyed writing that story, Star Cruise Stowaway, so much, that I realized I wasn’t done with the concepts and I went on to write two more, full length novels with different heroines and their struggles to escape the evil crime overlords. (Danger in the Stars and Two Against the Stars). And of course the brave human heroes who help them. I loved the challenge of putting each empath in a different predicament.

So when it was time to write the fourth book, I wanted a really unique situation. I started pondering what would have happened to a male empathic priest from their planet of Tulavarra if he’d been kidnapped and forced into working for the crime bosses. My daughters have been challenging me to write a female soldier for several years now and I thought this book was my golden opportunity to write a really kick ass woman mercenary….

So hop on over to Pauline’s blog for the rest and the excerpt!

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