Veronica Does A Magazine Quiz

Too Many QuestionsI love doing quizzes and it’s been too long since I found one I wanted to play with but the February issue of InStyle magazine had a fun one. They were asking couples to answer the questions for each other (sort of like the ‘Newlywed’ game show of old). I’m a longtime widow (since 1988), no partner to do this with but I’m happy to do a stream of consciousness, answering the questions for just me!

Bring on the quiz!

Favorite Designer: If I were living a more adventurous red carpet kind of life: Roberto Cavalli. I also enjoyed some of the Gucci prints in 2017…but I mostly live in denim skirts and fantasy-themed T shirts from The Mountain. The closest I get to designer fashion is the pages of magazines like InStyle LOL.

Perfume still life on a dark background.Beauty essential: perfume! Currently I like PURE by Donna Karan. I have to be careful with perfume, as it can give me migraines, so there aren’t many scents I can wear. PURE is discontinued but I can still find it online.

Biggest quirk: My family, my friends and my cat could probably rattle off a bunch here. I’m drawing a blank. I…have no quirks? Getting habitually lost? Always being at least 15 minute early to anything? Hating jello? Do those count?

Dream getaway? I’d like to visit Australia, meet my readers there, hunt for opals….

Artist on repeat? Do golden oldies count? I get in the car and cruise and sing at the top of my lungs.

Disneyland2014altIdeal Valentine’s Day date? Disneyland! With my best friend because he knows which rides I love and he doesn’t mind my various health ‘challenges’ that sometimes mean I walk slowly or have a migraine or have to sit down for a while. He’s also willing to ride “It’s A Small World” at least once each time! Oh, and he lets me beat him on the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Alternate occupation? Dragonrider of Pern. Oh, you mean in the real world? Bookstore owner who solves cozy mysteries. (Sorry, I can’t help myself…)

Culinary pet peeve? Garlic, which does give me migraines.

Jewelry staple? Earrings, the bigger and blingier the better. Lunch at the Ritz does terrific designs. I haz all the earrings….

Purple natural roses backgroundFlower of choice? Double delight roses. OK, double delight aren’t purple but I love the color in this stock photo!

Daily uniform? Must I confess? Since I spend most of the day writing, I lounge around in what Dillards’ refers to as ‘patio dresses.’ The more colorful, the better. Otherwise it’s the aforementioned denim skirt and T shirt.

Most coveted possession? If by this they meant most coveted by me, it would be the 200+ year old teaspoon passed down in my family and currently in my custody. That I’d rescue in a fire. (And I didn’t mention Jake the Cat because he’s family, not a possession.)

ripley hicksTop Movie: “Aliens” hands down, no discussion.

Favorite dish? Shrimp in lobster sauce.

I’ll add, Favorite Dessert: Hot Fudge Cake.

That’s it for this quiz….Happy Valentine’s Day or Galantine’s Day or whatever you prefer – best wishes to everyone this week!


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  1. Any fan of Aliens is a fiend–er–friend of mine!
    Just don’t let anyone ever mention that mess which followed it, AKA The S**t Show Which Shall Not Be Named. I watched it, lamented the loss of my five bucks and two hours, and declared “hahaha, nope! Didn’t happen!”

    • I TOTALLY agree with you about the next movie in the ‘Alien’ series. I watched it once in huge disbelief they could ruin things in such a fashion and never again. Didn’t happen, as you say LOL. I saw a recent interview with Michael Biehn and he’s still p*ssed that the version of the third movie which was to feature Hicks with Ripley didn’t happen.

  2. That was a fun quiz. I learned so much about you. I stopped wearing perfume after RWA “banned” it from the national conference. So many scents in a packed room can be overwhelming. (They didn’t really ban scents, strongly suggested is a better phrase. Still, it’s a good policy.) Since I don’t go to conferences anymore, I guess I should find a scent I like. Last year, I finally watch Alien(s), whatever the 1st one is called. I don’t like horror, but I figured I’d better find out what all the hoopla was about. Glad I did. Happy Valentine’s Day, Veronica..

    • Yes “Alien’ was pretty scary but it’s “Aliens,” the second movie in the franchise that I love. Space marines and a strong heroine who saves the day – oh yessss. And then I hated the 3rd movie and so forth 🙂

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