Why I Wrote MATEER My New #SciFi Romance Novel

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]VS Note: Today I’m visiting author Pauline B. Jones’ blog to talk about why I wrote Mateer, the second book in my Badari Warriors series. I’m also sharing an exclusive excerpt. Here’s the beginning of the post – you can hop over to Pauline’s blog to read the rest, including the excerpt!

“As with the first book, Aydarr, I’m enjoying working with the concept of genetically engineered soldiers, the Badari, created by an alien race to help them in a war against the humans in the Sectors. I love Lora Leigh’s Breeds series and Laurann Dohner’s New Species books and it’s creatively exciting to have my own take on the trope embodied in this new series.

The enemy has kidnapped the population of a human colony and brought the people to a planet set aside for special research projects (the nastier the better according to the alien scientists). So, of course, the Badari warriors and the humans team up against their mutual enemy. Romance inevitably happens between these brave, fearless soldiers and equally strong and determined human women from the colony.

I’m trying not to do too many spoilers for book one here!

With Mateer, I wanted to keep the series arc moving forward, advancing the overall plot, but I wasn’t done with the idea of a Badari warrior trapped in a lab and the human woman who helps him. There’s such a huge story potential inherent in the situation, which seems hopeless at first glance, but the hero and heroine will find a way out (this is romance – happy endings!).  I pondered how Megan, a doctor, would react to being awakened and finding herself a prisoner under threat of really despicable alien experiments – she’d naturally want to use her medical skills to help her fellow humans survive, but not get drawn into offering the enemy even the slightest assistance. And then there’s Mateer, the chief enforcer from the Badari pack, who’s been recaptured, much to the glee of the scientist running the lab. He has plans for Mateer and Megan together….”

Over to Pauline’s for the rest!

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