Top 5 Hot #SciFi Hero Romance Tropes

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]Today I was a guest blogger over at Night Owl Romance, and talked about some of the Top 5 types of hot and sexy heroes in scifi romances. Here’s the beginning of the post and then you can jump to NOR to read the rest:

Scifi romance runs the sexiness scale all the way from closed door to erotic, with books for every taste. No matter the steamy scene content of the story, however, there are ever popular hero categories in the genre, so let’s review a few of the readers’ top choices.

Cyborgs. Men enhanced with special technology, but still human at heart, with all the feelings, hopes, dreams and ability to love that any everyday guy would show. These heroes often need just the right woman to see past the hardware and awaken the emotions hiding below that titanium skeleton or nanobot-enhanced bloodstream.  The steamy stamina factor is off the charts of course.

Alien Warriors. These are usually big and brawny, incredibly sexy humanoid males, wildly protective of their woman but willing to listen to her wants and needs and enter into emotional relationships they never thought they could have (but secretly crave). Sometimes the warrior is planetbound and the women come to them through a series of catastrophes.  Another possibility for “meet cute” exists in several fun series relying on out of this world dating agencies or the futuristic version of the mail order bride trope from olden days. Other times the warriors rule the spacelanes and either come to Earth to abduct mates, to keep other bad guys from stealing Earth women, or just end up here by accident and find that one woman who can bring them to their knees. Tails, horns and other interesting enhancements optional, depending on the author’s vivid imagination.  It’s a given that the heroine will really appreciate whatever physical differences there may be.

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