7 Items I Can’t Live Without

Depositphotos_18988089_l-2015 sevenI was reading People magazine at breakfast and there was an article with “7 Products Kate Hudson Can’t Live Without.” Now since she’s an A list, jet setting actress, her choices ran toward Diptyque candles and La Mer skin crème (well, to be fair, also it was an article in the beauty section). But it started me thinking – welcome to author brain, folks – what would be the seven items I’d pick that I “can’t live without”? Of course if the zombie apocalypse hits tomorrow, I’ll exist without some of these and others I’ll scrounge from the ruins of countless stores as I wander with my fellow band of hardy survivors….WAIT, do I sound too much like a character from any version of ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘World War Z’?

I promise to compose a new list should the End of the World As We Know It happen, but for now, here’s my set of choices, in no special order:

The microwave

My cell phone – well, duh.

My Kindle (all those books on my TBR, the shows to binge watch, the movies I haven’t gotten to yet!)

The electric toothbrush/floss/those tiny interdental brushes. (OK more than one item but it’s a category.)

Coumadin (AKA warfarin) because I do have a heart condition and am more prone to stroke-causing clots than most people would be.

Portrait of a blond woman wearing warm sweater


A sweater, any sweater – I’m always chilly and am almost never seen without a cozy sweater, usually black, sometimes brown, gray or dark blue. Pockets preferred. I like to wrap up in it. Cozy is a big thing for me. I really should try writing a cozy mystery while wearing my cozy sweater…

Reading glasses!!! I’m blind as the proverbial bat without them and I probably wouldn’t even see the apocalypse in front of me if I don’t have those at my side. The other items would also tend to be useless without the glasses on. I could be taking Coumadin or vitamin C or Sweetarts for all I’d know. I’ll always remember the horror in the apocalyptic book Alas, Babylon when the bad guys break the doctor’s one pair of glasses. NO!!!!! (Thank you, author Pat Frank, for more or less clearing up that loose end at the book’s closing.)

I didn’t include my laptop but yeah, without it I can’t write my novels very well (or blog posts like this one), so that’s an eighth item for sure.

Jake the Cat was only mollified about not being included when I explained to him he wasn’t an ‘item’.

I decided my car was too big to be on the list, plus it ‘lives’ outdoors.

What seven items would you choose?

Depositphotos_38263121_l-2015 glasses

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12 comments on “7 Items I Can’t Live Without

  1. I have many of the same items on the list: laptop, glasses, Kindle. I would also add internet connection (is that a thing?), my list of computer passwords, my calendar/planner, and warm socks.

    • Yes, I did kind of consciously decide to allow electrical power and the internet to be assumed as part of the universe, so I didn’t have to pick them! Ooh, socks… good thought!

  2. If we’re talking about pre-apocalyptic then; I need my family, laptop, snacks including diet dr. pepper, heavy blankets/socks/sweaters (I always freeze), medicine (heart issues too), phone, & go bag. Now, post-apocalyptic that would be a slightly different list… lol. Fun post!

  3. Coffee – without it, I couldn’t think of the other six items! Glasses and laptop are a given. Major athletic running shoes (not because I’m athletic but because my feet have issues), a comfy chair, a blender (because the day isn’t normal if I don’t make a protein/veggie shake), and a kitchen table (not for eating at but to spread out all my notes).

  4. LOL at the kitchen table (above). Why not the kitchen sink? Glasses, iPad, coffee & Keurig (they go together, right?), meds (pulmonary embolisms are no fun), socks, warm blanket, toilet paper.

    • Right, I have visions of myself searching for warfarin in the ruined and looted pharmacies of the post apocalypse era…I can see I seriously missed a few useful things in my original list LOL.

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