New Releases in #SciFi and #Fantasy Romance for Wednesday May 2

buck tashaAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



VS Note: I love her fun scifirom romps!

Beatrix eats, sleeps and dreams graphic novels. And her latest creation is about to be made into a movie. But Bea’s new-found fame keeps putting her in the spotlight in social situations when she’d rather be curled up with her sketches. Worse, an incredibly sexy interstellar hunk is distracting her from putting the finishing touches on her fundraising efforts.

Buck is the ultimate extrovert. From the instant he wakes up until his head hits the pillow at night he applies himself to interacting with the captivating inhabitants of the strange new world that is now his home. The only one who doesn’t respond to his efforts is the beautiful Beatrix. The reserved artist has a sharp tongue and an unmatched ability to resist Buck’s alien magnetism.

When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Bea at Comic Con turns into an insurmountable battle for her dreams she’ll have to rely on the hunky alien to help her embrace her emerging celebrity status. But will she be able to resist the mate bond that draws them inexorably together?

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enverENVER (CYN CITY CYBORGS BOOK 2) by Pearl Foxx

Enver dedicated his life and body to the Trans Atlantic war, but when the battle ended, he was left to navigate Cyn City alone and haunted. He’s made a life for himself as a medic for Cyborgs hurt on the Deluge and in the underground cyborg cage fights at the Ball & Joint. It’s a lonely but useful existence until the maddening Imogen moves in, determined to break every rule.

Love got Imogen banished from her home. Her relationship with a local boy went against the Ecovangalit laws of arranged marriage and now she’s landed in Cyn City living at a makeshift hospital for cyborgs and working as a nurse. The shining light of her days is tinkering with the machines she collects from the abandoned buildings in the deadlands. She has an uncanny ability to understand the intricate cybernetics of the patients in the ward. Why call a cynker when she can fix them herself? Little does she know the trouble she will cause.

Imogen spends most of a month with the enigmatic cyborg medic Enver who runs the Ward. But his erratic personality and hot and cold treatment leaves her with nothing but questions. When Imogen runs into the love she thought she’d lost forever, is her connection with Enver enough to keep her in Cyn City?

And can Enver open his heart and let himself feel ever again?



VS Note: I enjoy Evangeline’s world building and her off the charts steamy scenes.

Lorelei Daniels is having a terrible day–her self-driving car repossesses itself, she loses her job, and she’s about to get kicked out of her apartment. What else could happen? How about a visit from a huge Kindred warrior begging her to come help him rescue his twin brother who has been turned into a Cyborg?

Bound Tight is a Light Twin of a Twin Kindred pair. Bound’s brother, Torn Deep, is the Dark Twin and his other half–without him, Bound is incomplete. He desperately needs help to get Torn back–but will the beautiful little Earth female he needs to seal the deal help him rescue his twin?

Because of her advanced degree in Artificial Intelligence Psychology, Lorelei is uniquely qualified to help with the Cyborg problem. But no matter how handsome Bound is, she’s determined this is just a business transaction. However, when they rescue Torn, he has lost all memory of his past. It’s up to Lorelei to try and bring the brothers back together in the only way she can–by using her body as a bridge between them.

Can Lorelei keep things businesslike as she brings the two brother back together? Or will she end up losing her heart as she is Bridging the Distance between the estranged Bound and Torn?


galvanzing solGALVANIZING SOL by Amanda Milo and Poppy Rhys

VS Note: A new novella in the VALOS OF SONHADRA series!

‘d been assigned to visit Earth’s Interstellar Penitentiary System, Concord, where my girls were imprisoned.
Stick to the plan, SolI tried to tell myself. That went to hell when the prison ship crashed. Well, a little before then. See, the ship wasn’t just holding prisoners–they were being used for experiments.
They were torturing them.
They were torturing my girls.
I consider myself a level-headed man, but when I found that out, I lost my sh*t.Had we not wrecked, I’d have lost a whole lot more.
I knew they were still alive–they had to be.
Somewhere, on this planet where everything wanted to eat you, were the only two women in the universe that I had left. That I loved.
Until her.


defying the generalDEFYING THE GENERAL (PRIMARIAN MATES BOOK 4) by Maddie Taylor

With one look he stirs something deep inside her.
A single touch is all it takes for her to awaken his soul.

She has a mission.
He has a duty.

He is her captor.
She is his destiny.

Fate draws them together, but danger and deceit will wrench them apart. Can they find their way back to one another while doing what they must to save their people? Or, will treachery keep them from claiming their happily forever after?

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The legendary Ceph have been in stasis for forty two millennia. In a century, they’ll wake. History remembers them as an unstoppable force, employing a mysterious power to decimate sentient life on the planets they attacked.

Jaya’s first mission as a new Shaman Justice is to lead an expedition into the perilous Ceph Sector. If she can learn how to contain or fight the sha-energy-using Ceph, Galaxy Proper might let them live. If not, destroying the Ceph’s home world, with all of them on it, will prevent the Ceph from ever waking.

Jaya will do anything to avoid the annihilation of an entire sentient species. But she has no idea what her compassionate instincts will cost her. She has a century in which to save the Ceph—unless they wake early.


alien generals weddingTHE ALIEN GENERAL’S WEDDING (IN THE STARS ROMANCE) by Luna Hunter

VS Note: Short story

Zoey’s life is thrown for a loop when her cousin Nora gets in touch with her. To say she has big news is an understatement..

Nora drops these bombshells on her:

1) Nora is getting married to a seven foot tall, alien warlord called Torin.
2) The wedding is next weekend.
3) Oh yeah, it’s doubling as an Intergalactic Peace Summit as well, to smooth relations between humans and Zorans after the narrowly avoided inter-species war.
4) Will you be my maid of honor?
5) Also, that means you’ll have to do the opening dance, in front of the whole intergalactic elite, with the gorgeous, brooding Zoran warrior named Kage. No problem, right?

When Zoey sees Kage, a towering mass of purple muscle with teal eyes that make her weak at the knees, she realizes that she might be in over her head.


a shift in the skyA SHIFT IN THE SKY: IN THE STARS ROMANCE by Suki Selborne

Curvy space courier Corby lives hand to mouth in the Galactic Empire. Rules don’t mean much to her. Survival is all that matters, and she’s been lucky.

But her luck just ran out.

When she’s hauled onto the Imperial Order Starship, Corby comes face to face with Prince Jalton – the handsome lion shifter who will decide her future.  Since she stole information that incriminates the Imperial Order royal family, Corby’s certain he’ll sign her death warrant. Or even kill her himself. If she gets out of this alive, it’ll be a miracle.

Prince Jalton isn’t used to working amongst the grubby criminal class. He only came to the Imperial Starship Prison because he lost a bet with his brother. Now he has to spend the day with cutthroats, thugs and ruffians.

The last thing he expects to see is…her.

Corby’s dragged before him, certain she’ll meet a violent end as payment for her crimes. She’s terrified, as she should be. And yet, she’s full of back talk and bravado. The girl makes his lion stir and snarl.

Her bluster pleases him. And the lush curves under her tunic do more than please him. He’d like to steal her away from the rough prisoners. He wants to keep her and shelter her from danger. He can’t wait to wrap her wild auburn hair around his fist, tilt her head back, and kiss the sass from her berry lips.

And slowly and leisurely, he’ll show that fiery girl that she’s his.


wife code banksTHE WIFE CODE: BANKS (SIX MEN OF ALASKA BOOK 4) by Charlie Banks and Chantel Seabrook

Banks and Tia haven’t consummated their marriage. He’s done waiting. But he isn’t like her other husbands. And while they both have a love for learning, Tia is about to get an entirely new sort of education.

Banks is ready to teach his wife a few things about his dark desires.
The world outside their bedroom though, is darker still.
She has to get pregnant to stay in Alaska, but carrying a child is a death sentence.
Finding a cure is all that matters.
And time is running out for Tia.
For everyone.
It’s time to crack the code.


dash cyborg chroniclesDASH (THE CYBORG CHRONICLES BOOK 1) by Kelsey Nicole Price

When the Global Allegiance terminated all Cyborgs, rumors were rampant that they still existed, either hidden away with wealthy collectors or—even more scandalous—part of the Cyborg Rebellion.
I collect stuff. Some call me a hoarder. I prefer the term treasure hunter. In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d find a cyborg but maybe my dreams should have been wilder because that’s exactly what I find.
Big, blue and now mine, I take him home promising him that he is now free.
I can’t help the fact he is sexy as hell…and that blue is my favorite color.

478 Dash 942
I have been kept locked in a box, hidden away and forgotten.
Then I am pulled from my box by a strange human female who calls herself Iris.
Iris gives me a name and promises that I am no longer just a possession.
That my job is no longer only to serve.
The thought is terrifying but for the first time I feel hope.
Maybe this human is truly different.
One thing I know for sure is that Iris is fascinating and…tempting.


ahunter 4 rightaHUNTER4RIGHT (aHUNTER4HIRE BOOK 8) by Cynthia A Clement

VS Note: This title nomenclature makes my head hurt, no offense to the author! It is unique and does stand out…

Jehon is an elite alien warrior who lives by a strict code of honor. He vows to protect Aashi after preventing her kidnapping. He defends her against a secret world organization determined to profit by destroying the planet. As he fights the evil forces bent on annihilation, an attraction develops between him and Aashi. Can he save the world and protect the woman he has bonded with?

Aashi’s world revolves around plants and her research lab. One minute her life is predictable and safe, and the next she is dodging bullets and kidnappers. The only constant throughout her ordeal is Jehon. He is honorable, protective, and trustworthy. Dare she hope that a future with him is possible?

As the two struggle to stay alive and stop the impending apocalypse, the attraction between them grows. Can they defeat the forces threatening the planet? Or will they die fighting?

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curious invasionA CURIOUS INVASION (THE ADVENTURES OF SMITH AND JONES Book 1) by Marie Andreas

In an Alternative Victorian London, England has a new queen–she just happens to be undead.

Dr. Nettie Jones is a new agent for The Society for the Exploration of the Unexplainable, a secret organization protecting England from unnamed sources. Being half-vampire is an added complication.

The Society doesn’t yet appreciate Nettie but fate steps in when invaders from a dying planet begin following her the same day Queen Victoria chooses to be turned into a vampire.

Things become dangerously interwoven when Nettie discovers that a supposed accident was in fact an act of betrayal by one of the agents of the Society. The first shot in a larger conspiracy

Nettie and her fellow Society agents must pull together to thwart the alien invaders, fight off the vampire infestation, and rescue the Queen from becoming the longest ruling undead monarch, even if that rescue is against her will.



These heroines aim for the stars—and find whole galaxies of love. For a limited time only, this reverse harem science fiction romance anthology from New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors brings you sweet and sexy stories of love through space and time–and these heroines never have to choose only one hero!



song of blood and stoneSONG OF BLOOD & STONE: EARTHSINGER CHRONICLES, BOOK 1 by L Penelope

Orphaned and alone, Jasminda lives in a land where cold whispers of invasion and war linger on the wind. Jasminda herself is an outcast in her homeland of Elsira, where her gift of Earthsong is feared. When ruthless soldiers seek refuge in her isolated cabin, they bring with them a captive–an injured spy who threatens to steal her heart.

Jack’s mission behind enemy lines to prove that the Mantle between Elsira and Lagrimar is about to fall nearly cost him his life, but he is saved by the healing Song of a mysterious young woman. Now he must do whatever it takes to save Elsira and its people from the True Father and he needs Jasminda’s Earthsong to do it. They escape their vicious captors and together embark on a perilous journey to save the land and to uncover the secrets of the Queen Who Sleeps.

Thrust into a hostile society, Jasminda and Jack must rely on one another even as secrets jeopardize their bond. As an ancient evil gains power, Jasminda races to unlock a mystery that promises salvation.

The fates of two nations hang in the balance as Jasminda and Jack must choose between love and duty to fulfill their destinies and end the war.

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at blades edgeAT BLADE’S EDGE (GODDESS WITH A BLADE) by Lauren Dane

Though she’d hoped the deadly events in Venice would end the threat to The Treaty she is sworn to protect, Rowan found evidence of a grander conspiracy to destroy the fragile peace that holds humans, Vampires and those with magic back from war. A war that would only hurt the weakest and destabilize the world as we know it.

It’s not so much that someone ordered her assassination that makes her angry—people try to kill her all the time—as it is the risks those she cares for, especially her new husband, now face. Clive Stewart has never tried to pen Rowan in or control her choices. He has his own fires to put out now that he’s married to the most powerful non-Vampire in their world, and Rowan knows it’s a challenge to support her the way she needs while not being too much or not enough.

The organization that gave her a purpose, a home, roots and a path when she’d run from The Keep at seventeen has betrayed her. Now, instead of on a much-anticipated honeymoon, Rowan is in London gathering her allies and the evidence necessary to drive out the rot within Hunter Corp. and expose whoever is at the top.

Rowan is a predator and this threat is prey. She’ll burn it down and salt the earth afterward. On her terms.

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alls fair in love and wolfALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WOLF (SILVER TOWN WOLF) by Terry Spear

Wolf shifter Sarandon Silver’s in trouble with the law, and bounty hunter she-wolf Jenna St. James is determined to bring him in for trial.

Lucky for Sarandon, the entire Silver Town pack is ready to fight for his innocence. But until the case is solved, Jenna’s sticking to Sarandon like glue.

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golden basiliskTHE GOLDEN BASILISK (THE GOLDEN ANCIENTS BOOK 5) by Marie Andreas

VS note: Yes, this author had two new releases this week, in two genres.

A long-lost elven kingdom, body-swapping ghosts, walking weapons of mass destruction… Archaeologist and part-time bounty hunter Taryn St. Giles has had a Very. Bad. Year. Ever since she and her trio of singing, drunken faeries started digging into the mysteries of a certain handsome elven lord, she’s been up to her nose in explosions, slavering monsters, and assorted other dangers. Now Taryn and Alric, their friends and more than a few enemies are racing across the desert to find the last pieces of a lethal relic so they can save their world and finally share a quiet pint of beer.

But some secrets are buried deeper than a millennia, and this time, Taryn might not escape unscathed. Actually, she might not even be Taryn anymore.

marked by destructionMARKED BY DESTRUCTION (THE MARKED SERIES BOOK 3) by G Bailey and CeCe Rose

Mackenzie Crowe is lost. Not lost emotionally, or even lost somewhere she can find a map. She’s lost in a whole different world, one she never even believed in.

Luckily she has Enzo at her side, but will she be able to the find the others when they’re all lost? Is getting back to earth and stopping her father even possible anymore?

With no marks, no magic, and in a world she doesn’t understand, how can Kenzie possibly survive in a world marked by destruction?


dionnas warriorDIONNA’S WARRIOR (DRAGON ORIGINS BOOK 1) by Ruby Ryan

Jaxon is an elite Warrior who has lost the most precious thing in the world.

Dionna is an average Pyromancer—a fire-wielding sorceress—hoping only to pass her Academy Assessment.

But all of Dionna’s concerns become trivial when the Academy is attacked by the Silithik Hivemind: a race of monstrous insects that kill most of her fellow students in a savage sneak attack.

As one of the few survivors, Dionna is thrust into a Dragon Quintelaide, an elite fighting unit made up of each of the fighting professions. She knows she’s not ready for such a drastic promotion—and the men she’s with, led by the massive Warrior Jaxon, know it too.

Yet Jaxon feels strongly protective of Dionna. And he can’t shake the feeling…

As the war against the Silithik is reignited, Dionna needs to convince her Quintmates to trust her… while first learning to trust herself. Can she prove her worth as a Pyromancer? Or will Jaxon and the others abandon her for their own selfish mission?


falling for the reaperFALLING FOR THE REAPER (ENTWINED DESTINIES BOOK 1) by Adrienne Ruvalcaba

He had seen death before, but never like this…

Powerful sorcerer, Viggo Brønlund, decides to face his greatest fear to save his only friend. But, after coming face to face with the unexpected, he finds himself entangled in the impossible…

He is in love with the reaper, but to possess her, he must first free her.


into the grayINTO THE GRAY by Margaret Killjoy

VS note: Apparently a short story? No idea if there’s romance but sounded intriguing.

“You’re using me,” I said.

“That might be true, but I also love you.”

One is the Lady of the Waking Waters, an immortal mermaid. The other is a thief, who steals lives until a wish can be fulfilled, and a life-changing choice must be made.

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beasts and beautiesOF BEASTS AND BEAUTIES by Various

Five novels retell the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, each with its own twist. Meet a dark-elf prince, a dragonian princess, a brooding vigilante, mighty superheroes, and futuristic guards, and watch as Beast meets Beauty, falling in love across fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense.




witch wants foreverWITCH WANTS FOREVER (WITCHES OF WIMBERLEY BOOK 2) by Victoria Danaan

Rachel can’t imagine life without Dashiell Fonteneau. They were the kind of couple who believed they were destined to find each other eons before they were born. Married people, but forever lovers.

When Dash goes to Denver on a business trip that was supposed to last for three days and doesn’t come home, Rachel finds herself in conflict with the community at Wimberley over what to do.

The entire enclave is in agreement when they decide she can’t use magic to bring him back. They’re sympathetic, but say she’ll have to learn to live without him.


dark queenDARK QUEEN (JANE YELLOWROCK) by Faith Hunter

As Enforcer to the vampire Master of the City of New Orleans, Jane Yellowrock stakes her reputation and her life on keeping her territory safe. But Leo has been issued a blood challenge by the emperor of the European vampires, who seeks to usurp all of his power and possessions. If Leo loses the match to the death, the city will be forfeit, and the people of New Orleans will suffer the consequences. Jane can’t let that happen.

Preparing for the duel requires all of Jane’s focus, but with so much supernatural power in play, nothing goes according to plan. She has to rely on herself and the very few people she knows she can trust to stand and fight. Only two things are guaranteed: nothing is sacred, and no one is safe.

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Aria Sparks has always known she is different… her singing can heal the sick and wounded. She’d kept her magic hidden all her life, but when a coven of vampires snatches her for her potent blood, it only confirms she must keep her secret to herself.

Dax is convinced Aria is his mate, and he will stop at nothing to save her from the vampires’ clutches. But winning her trust will require more patience than this burly warrior knows how to muster.

When Dax discovers Aria’s secret, his graceless ways could ruin everything. Can a gentle songstress trust the brash warrior with not only her magic but her heart? And when it all seems lost, can Aria find her inner strength and discover the true extent of her power?


spy snow leopardSPY SNOW LEOPARD (PROTECTION INC., BOOK 6) by Zoe Chant

Justin can’t feel anything. Literally.

Kidnapped, tortured, and turned into a beast by a secret black ops agency, his emotions were ripped out to make him the perfect assassin. Now he uses his superpowers to hunt down the scientists who broke him. He doesn’t care that his mission will mean his death. He can’t care.

Until he meets her.

Snow leopard shifter Fiona is the perfect spy…because she has to be. She can’t ever let her guard drop, not even with her closest friends. No one can learn her terrible secret. Especially not the wounded, mysterious hero her leopard insists is her one true mate…

When their paths cross during a perilous mission, Fiona can’t leave Justin to face danger alone – he can handle any threat, but he won’t take care of himself. And pretending to be a honeymooning couple is the perfect cover story for their dangerous game of cat-and-mouse at the glamorous Carnival of Venice.

But as they protect each other from deadly foes, it’s not only Justin at risk of starting to feel again.


women of the wild the dryadWOMEN OF THE WILD: THE DRYAD by Misty Vixen

Seth Baker has fantasized for years about leaving his little village, getting out from beneath his parent’s overbearing influence, and living his life for himself. And the day has finally come when fantasy can become reality. He’s trained, he’s prepared, he’s scrounged together enough gold to buy the bare basics necessary to survive the dangerous world of monsters and magic that lies beyond the walls of his simple village. (At least he hopes so.)

But Seth isn’t delusion about his chances of survival, or how hard it’s going to be to live out there in the wilderness, traveling between towns and trying to make it with his chosen profession of a traveling herbalist, providing rare and unique potions. So he’s decided to test himself: he will travel to the Redwood Forest, one of the largest woodlands in the land, and gather five unique plants in order to make a rare potion.

While he expected to run into dangerous situations, into difficulties and hardships, into monsters and giant spiders, Seth did not at all expect to run into a beautiful dryad woman named Rain, who takes an immediate and intimate interest in him.



As much as Callie cares about the village where she lives, the past few years have seemed more like being trapped in a loop. She had always wanted to travel, but in Sumaria, only the top echelons get to choose their paths in life. She wants more, but as the only village apothecary, she can’t forsake the people she has grown to love. Not until circumstance forces her to flee.

Caden has spent nearly two decades protecting Callie from the shadows. His guilt at never being able to act without emotion result in his putting Callie’s happiness over his duty. When faced with the inevitable, he finally reveals himself. Willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to help her escape, Caden isn’t ready for her final decision.



Billionaire playboy and bear shifter Benjamin is the oldest of the Johnson Clan. But definitely not the most responsible. He’s all about the party, not yet ready to settle down and have cubs of his own. But when his sister’s daughter, Harper, becomes his responsibility, suddenly family life doesn’t seem so bad.

Lia dreams of being more than a private preschool teacher, but she sticks around for her favorite student; a little half-shifter named Harper. When Harper’s world is turned upside down, Lia will do anything to protect the little cub. Only she realizes she doesn’t need to protect Harper, she needs to protect herself. From Harper’s uncle. The deliciously attractive Benjamin Johnson.

Lia gives her heart away to Benjamin, against her better judgement. Can this playboy bear shifter finally settle down?



A reluctant witch and her five infernal consorts have to band together to save the world…from her.

One renegade angel.
One werewolf heartbreaker.
One unseelie outcast.
One hotblooded undead.

And one wickedly seductive demon who’s convinced that never-been-kissed Jordan is none other than the what of Babylon?

Jordan’s attempt to start a new life in a quiet town just got a whole lot more complicated. From preacher’s daughter to the harbinger of the apocalypse, taming her newfound power is the easy part. The hard part? Taming the five monstrous men who will stop at nothing to protect her… even if it means coexisting with each other.


mercys destinyMERCY’S DESTINY (MERCY ASHBY BOOK 2) by A M Hardin

One enemy after Mercy down, even more to go.

After finding out why she’s been attacked for nearly her whole life for simply existing, Mercy doesn’t know whether to believe it or not.

She discovers yet more lies, more secrets. Along with those secrets and lies, comes new faces, new friends, and even worse; new enemies.

When someone close to her protectors betrays them, Mercy comes to realize that maybe her destiny might just be written in stone after all.


cadence of ciarCADENCE OF CIAR (THE FATE CALLER SERIES BOOK 1)  by  Zoe Parker

Magic and Mayhem

Both go together in my opinion because if you have one the other is always present. Ciar is the epitome of both and in some ways my furry arch-nemesis. He’s been with me since I was a child. Now he’s followed me to the Menagerie. Except he’s no longer in his canine form, Ciar is now 100% Fae male.

Which I’m not prepared for. Not that I’m prepared for this place at all either. I don’t want to be here. This school is a hen-house for the rich and powerful to reach in and pluck the special people out like fat hens while the rest are fed to the wolves.

Well, except this time there’s one of the big bad ones IN the hen-house. Ciar.
He’s the bane of my existence and theirs. Yet, in a roundabout way, he’s also my best friend, and even though he looks at me like I’m dinner, I’m not afraid.

I’m pretty sure I look at him exactly the same way.


cats and dogsCATS AND DOGS (AGE OF NIGHT BOOK 4) by May Sage

The enemies targeting their pride are going to attack any moment. As the only submissive amongst the Wyverns, Christine knows they’ll come at her first, believing she’s their weakness.
Their mistake.

Hunter Hart, ex-Head Enforcer of the Vergas pack, lives on borrowed time. After betraying his family, he needs to get out of the continent, or die. But there’s one thing he intends to do, dangerous as it is.
Meet his god-daughter, Lola.


spell crafting 501SPELL CRAFTING 501 (HELL KITTEN CHRONICLES) by Viola Grace

The final classes have begun and the only thing standing in Imara’s way is an ancient and deadly enemy…of her kitten.

Imara’s life is going according to her plans. She has her boyfriend, her kitten, and is about to earn her degree in Magecraft and graduate. Once she has that degree, she has the right to request an application for a commercial magic license. It is the goal she has been working toward all along.
A shadow begins to haunt her during the day and stalk her when she is away from the college. She doesn’t know what it wants, but it follows her with a purpose she can’t fathom until she finds the identity of her stalker.
By the time she learns that it is Mr. E the stalker is after and not her, the trap has already closed.


its a charmed life grimmIT’S A CHARMED LIFE (GRIMM FILES BOOK 1) by Selene Charles

VS Note: Not sure there’s any romance but sounds good.

My name’s Elle. Princess Arielle, for those who know my history. Cursed by my own father and banished to Grimm, I’m a siren, a killer, and one of the best damned cold-case detectives in the hundred realms. I don’t stop until I uncover the truth, no matter where that truth leads.

After discovering a bloodstained ribbon and a poison-tipped cat’s claw at a cold-case crime scene at the Charmings’s castle, I’m sent to Wonderland to investigate. Wonderland is a harrowing place full of madness and dark secrets. I’d rather be landlocked than step foot on that twisted soil, but I don’t have a choice. My insatiable thirst for truth reveals a conspiracy that will not only rock the Grimm world but also my own.

No one ever walks away from Wonderland unscathed… no one.


magick run amokMAGICK RUN AMOK (AN ABRACADABRA MYSTERY) by Sharon Pape

VS Note: No idea how much romance there is but sounded fun. Part of a cosy mystery series.

November in upstate New York can be chilly, but Kailyn Wilde’s shop, Abracadabra, is a cozy respite where you can find lotions, potions, and plenty of warm, feline company. But what customers don’t know is that the proprietor has some unusual powers—and unusual friends, including the renowned magician Merlin, who’s been transported into the modern world. All of which comes in handy when there’s a murder to be solved . . .

Investigative journalist Ryan Cutler has perished in a car accident in New Camel, and his friend, Travis, suspects foul play—especially when the reporter’s notes reveal a mysterious list of dead men’s names. Kailyn wants to help, but she’s also got her hands full with the curmudgeonly Merlin, who’s not exactly maintaining a low profile. Between keeping the wizard under wraps and mixing up cold remedies that work like magic, she’ll have to tap into her many talents to figure out a killer’s fatal formula.

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dragons soulTHE DRAGON’S SOUL: XAN by Calissa Wayne

Remunada Summers is a simple healer in a small backwater town leading a quiet life. Until the day the King’s guard drag her from her home and across the continent by “request” of the King to help Prince Anaxandros Minos. Upon arriving at the castle, she faces not only a dragon, but the shocking secrets the Royal Houses have kept hidden for centuries. What can a simple healer do to help the mighty Royal House of Minos? More than you’d expect, since the royals aren’t the only ones with secrets… Prince Anaxandros “Xan” Minos is in need of help, but only his True One can help him. After his dragon rejects several royal women presented to him as possible mates, he fears for the safety of the entire kingdom if he cannot find his True One in time. Then she arrives, a Healer, outspoken in defense of others, her scent driving his dragon to distraction while her overly large curves tempt the man beyond reason. Forced to deal not only with his problems–trying to convince Remi she is his True One and that they need to mate as quickly as possible–Xan must also address the enemies of the crown who move against his family. He may be First Born and Heir, but how much can a poor princely dragon juggle? ** A Siren Erotic Romance


blackstone lionTHE BLACKSTONE LION: BLACKSTONE MOUNTAIN BOOK 5 by Alicia Montgomery

Luke Lennox knows he doesn’t deserve happiness. After tearing his family apart, he’s been punishing himself by living a solitary life. But when he sees Georgina Mills, the animal inside him knows: she’s his mate. His lonely heart yearns for her, but he knows that it could only end up badly for them both.

After being rescued from the clutches of an evil anti-shifter organization, Georgina Mills has finally settled in Blackstone with her young bear shifter son. She’s got a job, a home, and Grayson is finally around people like him. Now, if only the handsome, golden-eyed lion shifter who rescued them would notice her … but she’s knows she’s not exactly a catch. Besides, keeping Grayson safe is her priority for now, so her heart will have to take a backseat.

As their enemies advance on Blackstone, Luke must do everything he can to protect his home. He must also deny his growing attraction to Georgina, though he can only fight for so long before he must give in to his desires.

But Georgina is keeping a secret – one that’s so terrible and unforgivable and she doesn’t know if she can keep it under wraps for long.

When the truth is finally revealed, can Luke and Georgina’s love keep them together? Or will it destroy them, along with Blackstone?



Elizabeth Bennet thought she was prepared to do anything to make the Dragon Conclave accept her beloved young dragon Pemberley into the Blue Order, but she had not anticipated it would leave her banished from her ancestral home and betrothed to none other than Mr. Darcy. But before Elizabeth and Darcy wed, they must find a dangerous rogue dragon before it provokes a war amongst the dragons and brings the fragile peace between dragons and mankind to a catastrophic end.

Nothing written in the annals of dragon lore has prepared Elizabeth to manage a dragon not governed by the Blue Order. Dragons have always loved her, but this one finds her arrogant, selfish and insensitive to others. With only her instincts to guide her, she must convince the rogue of her good intentions before the Blue Order loses patience and decides on more drastic measures.

Called away to the other side of the kingdom, trying to settle the dragons’ unrest, Darcy learns the nature of the force poisoning the rogue dragon against Elizabeth. One nearer and dearer than they could have imagined.

Can Elizabeth and Darcy convince with rogue dragon to cooperate before darker forces turn it against them, without destroying the fragile bonds uniting the couple?

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phillipePHILLIPE (BIG EASY BEARS BOOK 5) by Rebecca Fanning

A few more months. That’s all Phillipe needs in order to save enough money and get out of town, start over in Montana with his best friend. But what Phillipe didn’t plan on was falling in love with his best friend’s younger sister. The more Phillipe gets closer to Brigid, the more complex his life becomes. And his life is already very complex.

All Phillipe wants is a fresh start, a place where everything he does and sees doesn’t remind him of his horrible childhood, how his parents condemned him as being cursed instead of recognizing what he was. A werebear. And his best friend Patrick has always been there for him, as equally a black sheep in his family. But what makes their friendship even more interesting is that Patrick is a werewolf. For ten years they had made this plan to leave town together, but now Phillipe wonders if he can really leave Brigid behind.

Both lovers have things they are hiding as they get closer to each other. But Phillipe wonders if Brigid has a drug problem as he finds needles in her trash can and overhears her on the phone with someone who needs more money from her. Since Phillipe knew the relationship wouldn’t last, he pushes Brigid away and soon she finds herself in danger. It takes Brigid being sent to the hospital for the two to finally discover their love for each other, and the truth behind all the secrets they’ve been hiding.


charmed life of alex mooreTHE CHARMED LIFE OF ALEX MOORE by Molly Flatt

How would you feel if everything in your life suddenly started to go . . . right? Six months ago, Alex Moore was stuck in a dead-end job, feeling her potential quietly slip away. Then, seemingly overnight, she launched her dream start-up and became one of London’s fastest rising tech stars. At thirty-one, her life has just begun. But Alex’s transformation isn’t easy for those around her. Her friends are struggling to accept her rapid success, her parents worry she’s burning out and her fiancé is getting cold feet.

Then weird things start to happen. Muggings, stalkers – even a wild claim that she murdered a stranger. But when Alex visits the Orkney Islands to recharge, weird turns into WTF. Because there she discovers the world’s oldest secret – and it’s a secret that Alex’s stratospheric rise has royally messed up.



VS sez: I’m featuring my four book Alien empath series for your consideration today – 3 women and one man kidnapped by the interstellar crime combine…can any of them hope to escape their forced servitude and find love? The books are standalone but follow a general timeline starting with STOWAWAY  and finishing with FATED STARS. (My daughters wanted me to write a female mercenary so I did, and made her the heroine of FATED STARS.) My Amazon Author page (books are also at other major ebook sellers)

all 4 books in series


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