New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday August 14

knight protectorAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).


KNIGHT PROTECTOR by Lindsay Buroker

As one of the sultan’s fourteen daughters, and a successful businesswoman who puts money in the family’s coffers, Princess Nalini thought she would escape an arranged marriage.
She thought wrong.
Her father insists that an alliance with the savage and ambitious Star Kingdom is the only way to avoid a war at home, and for some reason, Prince Jorg—a man she’s never met—wants to marry her.
As if that weren’t bad enough, her father believes the betrothal may make her a target and is assigning her a bodyguard, the victor of one of his odious gladiator matches. She doesn’t want some brutish stranger intruding on her privacy.
But her new protector—Tristan—is not the brute she expected. He has a quick wit, a sexy smile, and even sexier things under the smile.
Unfortunately, Nalini can’t let herself fall in love with Tristan, not when she’s soon to be betrothed to another man. As her father’s daughter, it’s her duty to help her people by cementing this alliance. No matter how much she wishes otherwise…

As Tristan grew up on the streets, his father a convict and his mother a drug addict, all he ever wanted was to become one of the Star Kingdom’s elite knights, something that very few commoners ever achieve. After Tristan labors for years as a squire, the king is ready to appoint him a knight… if he accomplishes one simple task. He must infiltrate the sultan’s palace, gain the trust of Princess Nalini, and make sure she doesn’t run away from her marriage with Prince Jorg.
There’s just one problem.
Nalini isn’t the spoiled rich brat he expected—she spends her days working as hard as he does—and he soon develops feelings for her. With her betrothal looming, and the career he’s worked his whole life for at stake, Tristan can’t let himself act on those feelings.
But can he stand back while a man who doesn’t deserve her claims her for his wife?



Nosy, undisciplined humans aren’t high on his list. Not until a brilliant, beautiful doctor sets all his senses on fire. Living with his brother Rokul and his human mate Tella was quite enough for Takar. A life in the military taught him to be controlled. Restrained.  Rules were there for a reason, even if the humans never seemed to understand. But when a curious human woman bursts into his duty station, he can’t get escape his thoughts of her. And when she plunges into danger, he’ll ignore his own rules to keep his mate safe.

Scientist Daphne is terrible with mysteries. She wants to know everything about, well, everything. The world is filled with questions, and she wants the answers. When Takar is sent to retrieve her from a slightly unauthorized research trip, she’s beyond annoyed. But when they’re trapped in the tunnels, she realizes she has just as many questions about the gruff Skotan warrior. Who is he, really? How does his touch send heat through her belly? And why does she want to run her hands across his broad chest…and more?


shaynSHAYN (MATED TO THE ALIEN BOOK 7) by Kate Rudolph and Starr Huntress

Shayn NaZade is looking for answers…A Detyen father and Oscavian mother have left Shayn wondering whether he and his brothers will be forced to pay the Denya Price. Unmated Detyens die on their thirtieth birthdays, but will that hold true for someone with Oscavian blood? His question brings him to Oscavia where he finds his mate… and a whole lot of trouble.

Naomi’s a psychic, but she didn’t see this one coming…Orphaned as a child and raised by scientists, Naomi’s mind is opened to all the secrets of the universe. But she can’t see the lies and betrayals standing right in front of her, and when experiments to control her powers take a dark turn she knows she’ll have to run. It’s just her luck that her instincts push her towards a charming blue alien.

A dangerous escape, a daring rescue, and scorching heat send Shayn and Naomi tumbling together as the denya bond ties them ever closer. But when the forces against them get too close, that bond will be tested to the breaking point.



When her body isn’t hers to command, Windy has to find ways to defend herself.
Windy broke her spine in the attack, and she was taken from Adaptation Station and sold to the Splice. Her destiny was to act as their communication conduit. She hated the idea of destiny.
When Alphy sent a hunter to come get her, he is shocked by her condition. They come up with a plan to extract her from the communication array, but it is going to take some time and a lot of patience.
Unable to simply use nanites for the procedure, Windy faces a slow and uphill battle to get control of her body again. It is just the beginning of a wild ride.

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commanders bondCOMMANDER’S BOND (COMMANDERS OF THE ITI BOOK 3) by Diana Logan

Katy thinks she knows where she stands, not only with the alien of her dreams, Royal Commander Grix, but also with the people he rules. But then a new ship of Iti arrives, and it changes everything they thought they knew.

There will be no peace in the galaxy, and certainly no happy ending for Grix and Katy, unless they confront the Pain Priests who murdered his family. Can Katy trust their promises to each other in the face of a…COMMANDER’S BOND.


captured and claimedCAPTURED AND CLAIMED (SAVAGE WARRIORS BOOK 1) by Jude Gray

Grabbed from the street in broad daylight, Briony is soon sold to a cruel alien leader who needs human women for a very specific purpose.
They must “recharge” the vicious warriors he forces to fight in his arena.
Given to the best fighter in the section, she finds she has arrived in the middle of a secret escape plan.
She is surprised to find herself attaching to the handsome alien fighter, and puts everything she can into their risky run for freedom.
Will she make it out alive?
Will she make it out unchanged?
Absolutely not.


altered vicki stiefelALTERED: THE MADE ONES SAGA BOOK 1 by Vicki Stiefel

The Eleutians are dying out, one female at a time. To save their species, the powerful Alchemic Clan conscripts women from parallel worlds, altering them into the perfect breeding stock.
Kitlyn, a retired circus equestrian broken in both body and spirit, awakens on a strange world in her own much-younger body. She has been transformed into a Made One, but the gift of youth and the promise of a new life come at a terrible price.
Rafe, the Wolf Clan’s warrior champion, vows to find the cause of the species’ decline. He’s certain the Alchemics’ bid to save the Eleutians is but a thin veneer masking a dark purpose.
That vow becomes hard to keep with the threat of an inter-clan conflict and the arrival of the proud Made One named Kitlyn.
To save herself and those like her, Kit must carve a dangerous path in this new reality and make a choice that may cost her her freedom, her life, and the life of the Eleutian warrior she’s come to love.

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owned by his alienOWNED BY HIS ALIEN (BALROV MATES BOOK 3) by Tempest Luna

Once, he was a proud, strong male. Until the Sypians came. Now, Sarl is no more than a slave. Chained and punished for the slightest infraction. Nyx was once proud to be Sypian. But then the Supreme Ruler came to power. As a doctor, Nyx is afforded luxuries and freedoms to be envied, but all he wants is Sarl. A slave he cannot have. Will the chance for love give Nyx the courage to stand up for what’s right? Or will he lose the only male he’s let see his heart?


darkness that defines usTHE DARKNESS THAT DEFINES US (THE DARK DIMENSION BOOK 2) by Brooke Hodge

VS Note: From July

Anais just wanted to be free. Now she’s found herself in the middle of a war that’s been millennia in the making. With her battle scars fresh on her mind, she and her friends must travel to the farthest reaches of her known world to find the answers that will help her save everything.
But in the birthplace of humankind, she finds much more than she bargained for.
Leaving Kai was the hardest thing she’s had to do yet…until she meets a handsome Captain tasked with protecting the last humans left on Earth. Now she’s questioning her heart and everything she ever knew about love.
With her enemies growing in number every day, Anais must once again choose between her heart and what she knows is right.
No matter which choice she makes, someone she loves is going to pay the price.


red leopardRED LEOPARD (CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK BOOK 2) by Vijaya Schartz

In charge of the Kassouk fortress in the king’s absence, what is Terek to do when a Goddian spacecraft lands in his medieval backyard, carrying tall aliens and their striking ice princess?

Galya, the woman in charge of the geologic expedition, is searching for an extraordinary crystal with hyper-conductor properties. The futile defiance of a handsome Human chief, nicknamed Red Leopard like the infernal feline that follows him everywhere, isn’t going to stop her.

Terek must defend his people’s freedom, but an old prophecy surfaces, carrying a new threat. When political intrigues, greed, murder and betrayal tip the scales, whom can Galya trust? Her fellow Goddians? The Mutants bred to serve her race? Or her primitive Human enemy?


bann jessie rose caseBANN EXPLOSIVE: GALACTIC CYBORG HEAT SERIES by Jessie Rose Case

VS note: From July. I excerpted a piece of the blurb…more on ebook seller page…

She didn’t do messy. Kate Hudson, smart, intelligent and so not looking for permanent. She liked her life just how it was. Interesting and free. Cyborgs had been a blast from the past until she’d seen the Ad. Suddenly, something new and exciting ticked all her wish list and she was gone. And what a revelation it had been. The Space Station offered so much candy, in such a big candy store…. Muscles in every direction….. it was enough to make a girl drool….. Now if she could only get that eight pack to look in her direction ….. Hot, simply didn’t do him justice….. So much to admire…. So much to explore… All her girly bits were lighting up like Christmas and that was one present she looked forward to unwrapping. Only one problem, she just needed to convince that Alpha stud, his ass was hers!



Surrender to vows. Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin has come a long way since being turned into a metahuman, and all he wants to do is marry the man he loves. A wedding is easy, but it’s the honeymoon where his past unexpectedly catches up with him.

A future together.  All Agent Sean Delaney wanted was a romantic honeymoon with his new husband. When he and Alexei stumble into a fellow operative’s mission on the luxury gambling resort island Fortuna-sur-mer, they get more than they bargained for in their newly-minted civilian lives.

Destined to burn. Forced to choose between staying and joining the mission or leaving to stay safe and postpone their honeymoon, Alexei and Sean make the only decision they can—to fight.


signal boostSIGNAL BOOST (OFF THE GRID) by Alyssa Cole

VS Note: A re-release

When technology stopped working, the world as they knew it ended.
In a secluded cabin, John and his loved ones have survived. He should feel grateful. But his family is in his face 24/7, he has to watch his best friend, Arden, and brother, Gabriel, flaunt their love, and as a techie in a Luddite world he’s pretty much useless. The cabin is brimming with people, but he feels utterly alone.

Until he catches Mr. Tall, Blond and Gorgeous raiding their garden. Mykhail is an astrophysics student, he makes John’s gaydar ping like crazy and he thinks he knows what caused the devastation. He’s on a journey to his university to find answers, and John invites himself along. Partly to get out of the house, and partly because he can’t let Mykhail go without acting on the mutual attraction that’s so obvious even John’s mom is playing matchmaker.

The closer they get to campus, the more Mykhail lets down his walls. But with answers come secrets both devastating and deadly, and before they can save the world, they’ll have to save themselves.

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star fantasy book 2STAR DREAM: STAR FANTASY (FANTASY ISLAND BOOK 7) by Kioni Hall and Zena Wynn

Alisa Davis is living the dream. The starship Galaxy Explorer exceeded her imagination. Her television crush, Science Officer Tojait J’all is her soulmate, and they’re expecting their first child. The only serpent in her paradise is the nosy Dr. Jack Abernathy. Stepping into the life of another person without revealing the truth proves more difficult than anticipated. When reality rears its ugly head, will Alisa keep dreaming or be rudely awakened?


ajax olivia hutchinsonAJAX (THE SOBEKIAN PROJECT BOOK 1) by Olivia Hutchinson

Ajax fell from the sky the same day my entire world shifted on its axis. The little safety I had was ripped away in a single morning, leaving me alone and destitute on an alien moon. Agreeing to go with the not-quite-human male wasn’t the wisest decision I ever made, but it was the only choice I had.

I have one goal: stick by Ajax’s side until we find my missing friend and her father, even if that means giving myself over to him after he bellows loud enough for everyone in the galaxy to know I’m his. What he doesn’t know is that I’ll never belong to him. I’ll never belong to anyone but myself.


first time outFIRST TIME OUT (COURSE FOR ADVENTURE BOOK 1) by Cassandra Logan

Year, 2419. The planet, Earth.
Aggie is dying. Diagnosed with an incurable disease, she is hoping for a miracle. Her obsession with ancient Earth movies and TV shows has taught her that anything can happen. Nearing the end of her life, she’s joining her best friends on a once in a lifetime galactic cruise. Friends she has yet to tell about her imminent death.
Grown in a lab, experimented on, and tortured, Finn finally has his freedom. As much machine as man, he and his fellow escapees have secured passage on the Galactic Princess in an attempt to reach Vende and the promised aid that awaits there. They just have to avoid the bounty hunters that are attempting to capture them at every turn.
A chance meeting and an instant attraction have Aggie and Finn both wishing for a different future. With so much in their way, is a happily ever after even worth thinking about? Always.


geeky reaperGEEKY REAPER (NEW LIFE BOOK 1) by Trinity Blacio

The universe out there is much bigger than anyone knows. To control this, a great and powerful people long ago created what humans call the Grim Reapers. But to us and others, we are known as New Life Givers, sending others to their new destinies. No one knows who will be chosen to hold one of these honored jobs. This person won’t know until they reach the destined age to reveal what and who they are, getting a crash course on the job and their own species.
Twelve brothers, the Grim Reapers, but to them, they were the ones that took them from their old lives to start a new life, journey. Harry Turns was one such man, but little did he know his chosen one was the one and same girl he had wanted in high school, so long ago.
One glance at her twenty-some years later and Harry knew she was his. Would she allow his claim? To show her what it was truly to love someone, who would give their life for her? Would Tiara Franken choose to start over with a life totally different from what she knew, for eternity?

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Miranda – My first impression of him was that he’s an arrogant, domineering, muscle-bound brute that was infuriatingly sexy.  Now he’s my only hope after our ship is taken over by bandits, leaving us stranded on a rugged, cold, and inhospitable planet with a litany of dangerous animals and no clear way out.  And the more he protects me, the more time we spend together in search of our salvation, it all pushes me to change my mind about being his.

Ethriel – Bandits have taken over our ship, we have only the burning wreckage of an escape pod as our source of tech, and I’m stuck with a human that hates me, the same human that I tried to claim.  Needless to say, the circumstances aren’t the best.
That’s why we were dragging ourselves through cold mountains and rivers in search of a crashed spacecraft, that’s why she was even speaking to me. She was curvy, soft, an example of perfection. I want to claim her, to have that body and to bend her to my will, yet she resists. But I have to admit that I think she’s starting to change her mind about me and that’s why I was determined to save the two of us and to claim her once and for all.


ithadens slaveTHE ITHADEN’S SLAVE by Daniella Wright

“You were gone for 8 months and were clearly abducted.”
If there was ever any love in my heart for the father of this child, it is now gone, along with all my memories.
It is time for me to make a decision.
I keep getting bright white flashes.
I remember being cold.
Bars blurring my view.
Weird instruments, like from some kind of lab.
I feel scared, very scared.
Since I got back I’ve been feeling someone is watching me.
PTSD, maybe?
But the fact that I know this mysterious stranger probably doesn’t exist, makes me want to go running after him…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)


knaves over queensKNAVES OVER QUEENS: A WILD CARDS NOVEL by Wild Cards trust and George R R Martin (Editor)

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note this week.

Developed by aliens and field-tested on Earth, the virus known as Xenovirus Takis-A was released in New York in 1946, changing the course of human history forever. Most of those infected die — and a tiny percentage become deformed beings known as jokers. A lucky few survivors become aces: superhumans gifted with amazing powers. Now the virus has reached Britain.

There, Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, gifted with extraordinary longevity, together with the Enigma ace Alan Turing, set up a special organization named the Order of the Silver Helix. They will need all of the wild cards they can find if they are to deal with the terrifying mutations spawned by the virus.

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warningTHE WARNING by James Patterson and Robison Wells (Contributor)

A small southern town was evacuated after a freak power-plant accident. As the first anniversary of the mishap approaches, some residents are allowed to return past the national guard roadblocks.
Mount Hope natives Maggie and Jordan quickly discover that their hometown is not as it was before. Downed cellular networks fail to resume service. Animals savagely attack humans. And the damaged power plant, where Jordan’s father is an engineer, is under military lockdown.
As friends and family morph into terrifying strangers, the Maggie and Jordan increasingly turn to each other. Their determination to discover who–or what–has taken control of Mount Hope soon has them in the cross-hairs of a presence more sinister than any they could have imagined.

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last hopeTHE LAST HOPE: A RAGING ONES NOVEL by Kristie Richie and Becca Ritchie

Imprisoned for weeks on an enemy starcraft, Franny, Court, and Mykal have sat with an unfathomable revelation. But as they fight to stay alive, escaping prison means trusting a young mysterious stranger. He knows everything about their lost histories, and when answers aren’t given freely, the bonded trio are forced to join a mission. One that will determine the fate of humanity.

Legend says, a baby—the first of her species—has the power to cloak and teleport planets. Tasked with retrieving the infant, Court fears the baby is just a myth, and if they fail, they’ll never find the truth about their origins.

As Court and Mykal grow closer, their linked bond becomes harder to hide, and dynamics change when Franny begins to fall for someone new. Vulnerable and with no choice, the hunt for the baby sends the trio on a dangerous path to Saltare-1: a water world where their enemies can’t die and survival comes at a high cost.

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priestess of the nilePRIESTESS OF THE NILE (THE GODS OF EGYPT) by Veronica Scott

VS Note: A re-release of the first book I ever published and the first story in my ancient Egyptian paranormal romance connected series. A new cover. Carina/HQN still has the audiobook rights and kept the original cover art.

1550 BCE
This is a lightly re-edited re-release of PRIESTESS OF THE NILE. No new material has been added.
Drawn to his abandoned temple on the banks of the Nile one evening by the notes of a half forgotten, sacred song, Sobek the Crocodile God is unable to resist Merys, the beautiful singer who innocently summons him. Appearing to her as a man and concealing his true identity, he’s captivated by this descendant of his last priestess.
Treated by her family as a servant, denied a dowry and with no prospects for anything but a life of drudgery, Merys is happy to steal away to spend time with the handsome stranger.
Their mutual attraction burns hot but Sobek is forbidden to pursue a human woman and can offer Merys nothing beyond a few hours snatched from his duties tending the Nile.
Then Egypt’s enemies attack the peaceful village. Can the love between Merys and the Crocodile God survive the ultimate test of the gods?

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As a trainee in the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s program, Boone has triumphed as a soldier and now fights side by side with the Brothers. Following his sire’s unexpected death, he is taken off rotation against his protests—and he finds himself working with Butch O’Neal, former homicide cop, to catch a serial killer: Someone is targeting females of the species at a live action role play club. When the Brotherhood is called in to help, Boone insists on being a part of the effort—and the last thing he expects is to meet an enticing, mysterious female…who changes his life forever.

Ever since her sister was murdered at the club, Helaine has been committed to finding the killer, no matter the danger she faces. When she crosses paths with Boone, she doesn’t know whether to trust him or not—and then she has no choice. As she herself becomes a target, and someone close to the Brotherhood is identified as the prime suspect, the two must work to together to solve the mystery…before it’s too late. Will a madman come between the lovers or will true love and goodness triumph over a very mortal evil?

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dragons callDRAGON’S CALL (DRAGON HEIR BOOK 1) by Ann Gimpel

After the Breaking, not much was left. I assumed it was a case of magic gone bad—until I discovered my goddess mother had broken the world. She didn’t like it that I’d turned my back on the pantheon. My long tenure among witches rubbed salt into the wound.

After a confrontation where Mommy Dearest fessed up—and lacked the decency to bat an eyelash about the widespread destruction she’d caused—I was digesting what to do next when a dragon showed up.
Yes. A dragon.
The beast didn’t talk with me or anything, but it flew overhead wreaking havoc on a goblin horde. Witches are old souls with kind hearts, but they’re not particularly strong magically, so I was grateful for the help.

And suspicious as hell. Why a dragon? Why here and why now? More importantly, why was he—she?—helping me? Part of me didn’t want to know, and another part was certain I’d find out anyway.

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Talise can manipulate the elements with ease; water, air, earth, and fire all bend to her will. As a citizen of the Storm—a crime-laden land where death is the only constant—her only chance for a better life is to become Master Shaper.

A competition for the position takes place at the end of her training years. If she wins, she would live in the palace, work for the emperor, and escape her inevitable death in the Storm. But she’s not the only one with a chance to win.

Aaden is another talented student. As a citizen of the Crown, he was born with unlimited privilege and resources. When someone from the Crown wants to win, they do. End of story. And his shaping is unlike anything Talise has ever seen.

Complicating matters, Talise’s loved one in the Storm gives her reason to abandon the competition altogether, forcing her to make an impossible choice. Torn between duty and freedom, she must learn that clinging to the past, might destroy her future.


spirit bearSPIRIT BEAR (GRIZZLY COVE BOOK 14) by Bianca D’Arc

Rescued alive, but not whole…Laura is a white wolf shifter far from home and out of her element. She’s been held prisoner for years by those who would use her power for their evil purposes, but she’s held strong against them and lived to tell the tale. But she’s lost everything in the process—her mate, her baby girl, her zeal for living. He baby is a grown woman now, and Laura is overjoyed to be reunited with her only child, but questions remain.

Is he her friend, or warden? Tasked by the Alpha of his Clan to watch over Laura’s recovery, Gus feels especially drawn to the injured woman. He is a rare spirit bear shifter who walks the shaman’s path. Considered spooky by most of his friends, Gus finds acceptance and welcome from Laura that he cannot resist. The questions bothers him – and his Alpha – was her escape too easy? Has she been delivered into their midst as some kind of living Trojan Horse?

How can he be her true mate? Laura begins to realize that the so-called mate she’d had years ago may not have been her one, true mate. Her attraction to Gus is too strong to be denied ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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blaze of wrathBLAZE OF WRATH (PHOENIX RISING BOOK 5) by Harper Wylde

Politics are a deadly game, and things are heating up. As winter sets in, my mates and I are in a careful dance as we try to avoid the Council’s suspicions and gain acceptance into the rebellion. Every secret we uncover is more deadly than the last, as the truth of the Council is brought to light. It’s not just the Council we have to watch – the rebellion is hiding secrets of their own, and the challenges they set may be enough to break our family to pieces. Will we be able to make it through the trials whole, or will we go up in a Blaze of Wrath?


magic and mayhemMAGIC AND MAYHEM by Various including L A Boruff

We’re pleased to inform you that you’ve been accepted into the Magic and Mayhem Academy. Pack your bags and ready your wands for the beginning of a new term.
Packed with witches, shifters, and more, this collection of paranormal and fantasy academies has something for everyone. School was hard enough with the mean girls and exams, now there’s wayward spells and fantastic creatures to contend with.
Get ready for some Magic and Mayhem.


school of broken heartsSCHOOL OF BROKEN HEARTS: ACADEMY OF SOULS BOOK 2 by C R Jane and Mila Young

Adeline Jones expected a fancy prep school to be different than what she was used to, but what she found at Raven Academy changed her world forever. And leaving is out of the question.
All Adeline wants is to forget about the guys that broke her heart. But the death of her classmate means that won’t be an option for her. To make things worse, an old flame from her past starts at the Academy and his intentions carry the deepest of betrayal.
Danger lies behind every corner, a killer walks among them, and Adeline soon discovers that she shouldn’t trust anyone at Raven Academy. Not even the four guys who insist she is theirs. And of course there’s the matter of the off limits Professor who tempts her like no one else.


beauty loves the beastBEAUTY LOVES THE BEAST: A WYLDE PARANORMAL LOVE STORY by Robyn Peterman

VS Note: One review suggests this may be a re-release. I always try to give a heads up about that if I’m aware but I don’t know the previous status of this book.

Carter – Avoidance had become my norm. After too many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I’d checked out—on everyone and everything—on life. Ex-navy SEAL. Totally broken man. I’d hit rock bottom so many times, I was sure I was about to fall straight to hell. It would be a welcome reprieve.
Then she found me. Beautiful, insane and more broken than I was. She needed my help. I needed her humanity.
How she found me was anyone’s guess. But she had. She needed rescuing. She needed a hero. I was none of those things.
But for the first time in many years, I wanted to be. I wanted to be her hero.

Georgia – Becoming an undercover agent for the CIA had been my dream until everything went wrong—wildly wrong. Trapped in a cage with nothing to do but anticipate more torture from the ones I was supposed to trust, I had no choice but to escape—again. This time I’d succeed or die trying.
They’d turned me into a beast and it was time to show them exactly what I could do.
Finding the beautiful man who could help me end my pain was something I’d never expected—or wanted.
It was a complication for normal people. I wasn’t normal. I would never be normal.
Could two broken pieces make a whole? Could we truly disappear with the government hunting us down like animals?
He was Beauty and I was the Beast. Happily ever afters didn’t happen for people like us.
Or did they?

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A bond they thought couldn’t be broken…Lord Morgorth, Dark Mage of the North, has never felt so far away from his precious mate as he does now. Still reeling from the events of a month before, Aishe struggles to come to grips with what the dream demon did to him while pretending to be Morgorth. For his part, Morgorth is haunted by the chilling vision the Mother sent him while he traversed Dreamworld—a vision where he kills the one most precious to him. Due to that knowledge, he knows he must choose his magick or his mate.

A choice with devastating consequences…When Morgorth goes missing, Aishe must search for him, frightened that he has lost his mage forever. In his heart he knows they were meant for each other and refuses to allow his own horrid memories to tear them apart. But when he finds Morgorth he is stunned to realize that Morgorth doesn’t remember him. In fact, in Morgorth’s mind, he is a young lad named Lazur.

Sometimes the most well-known truth is the greatest lie…For his entire life, Morgorth always knew his destiny was to become the Destroyer of his home world. His birthright as the third seventh son of a seventh son guaranteed such an outcome. Everyone told him so—except his mentor, Master Ulezander. Morgorth will learn that his mentor has been keeping the greatest secret of all: his true destiny.

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irish magicIRISH MAGIC by Susan B James

What do you do when everything goes wrong?
Make a wish on a four-leaf clover, right?
There’s no other logical way out of it!
But a clover wish is a heart wish. Everyone knows that.
When part leprechaun Bradley Flynn is charged with finding Kate’s true love, he calls on retired matchmaker Essie O’Callaghan who happens to have a mission of her own.
Dr. Michael Walshe had a ring in his pocket when he walked in on his girlfriend sleeping with her costar. He wants no part of Essie’s plan to find him a wife.
Fate—or something more leprechaun-shaped—has Kate and the doctor both heading to Cluhalaugh, home to Ireland’s most famous matchmaking festival. And somehow their paths keep crossing. The more they see of each other the harder it is to resist exploring their reluctant attraction.
Will Kate realize that Michael could be far more than the cure to her writer’s block?


magic and darknessMAGIC AND DARKNESS (FATED MAGIC SERIES BOOK 4) by Ally Summers

I’m not the only one with a destiny.
The problem is his might destroy us.
Someone is terrorizing and kidnapping women in New Orleans. I need Finn to get it together, but he’s distracted. After years, he finally has the one element he needs to complete his quest.
Was trusting him again the biggest mistake of my life?

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Millie Watson doesn’t often take initiative when it comes to work but when an old friend – or, rather, acquaintance she can’t stand – wants to hire her to solve a potential haunting at her upscale home, Millie jumps at the chance.
In truth, Millie doesn’t care about finding a ghost. She does have a specific form of payment in mind, though, and it’s something she’s itching to collect on.
Since Millie can’t actually see ghosts, she calls in the only person she knows who can … Charlie Rhodes. Unfortunately for Millie, Charlie is a bit distracted with relationship issues of her own. Still, the gregarious psychic volunteers to pitch in.
Before she found freedom, Millie was in a high-class world full of snooty and entitled people. That’s full on display now when she tries to track down the source of the ghostly disturbances … and comes up with a litany of human transgressions instead.
Millie is determined to find answers, although not because she wants to help a friend. She wants payment, and she’s not going to stop until she gets it. She just needs to avoid trouble – which is easier said than done – while she’s searching for answers.



Mika knew the Council of Paranormals would suspect her, which is why they assigned a raven to ‘guard’ her. But there is a ‘we’ behind the killer and she has no idea if that they are still out there, or worse, still on the island of Morgana waiting for the right opportunity to strike again.
With Malachi being distant, Ethan, Lucien, and Audrey have to work without her to follow the dangling strings, while Mika tries to win the assassin to her side. Will the raven help her unlock the secrets of her magic, or will he turn her in and be the end of everything she knows and loves?
bright starBRIGHT STAR by Erin Swan

Paerolia has been at peace for two centuries, and all is well in the land—or so it seems. Beneath the surface, a tyrant is rising to power.

A traumatic experience in Andra’s childhood has left her mute and subdued, a servant in the Chief Judge’s manor. But when an assassination team, led by the secretive and alluring Kael, infiltrates the manor and makes a quick escape, she takes her chance and flees with them.

Andra is thrust into the ranks of a secret rebellion—a group of outcasts and believers seeking to overthrow the Chief Judge and replace the corrupt government with new members, ones who will restore and preserve the land they love. Now, the girl who was once an outcast must somehow become the leader Paerolia needs. But she is stronger than she believes—and with the help of a fiercely loyal dragon, she may just be the one to lead them all to victory.

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tactical bearTACTICAL BEAR (P.O.L.A.R. BOOK 3) by Candace Ayers

Parker is fighting extinction—Of her own shifter species!  She’d already be mated.
If not for those bullying polar bears.  They’ve scared away all decent prospects.Maxim has met the one But, she’s an activist with silly notions.  And she wants nothing to do with him.  As a Tactical Bear, he’ll need all his strategic skills.  Not for military advancements, But to win over his mate!
hidden shadowsHIDDEN SHADOWS: REALMS OF THE COURT BOOK 1 by Shelly Koob
VS Note: From July
Lycidias is a lone wolf, in more ways than one. His mother died during his birth, and his father hated him for it. Left with a drunken gambling-addicted father and a group of loyal friends, he barely maintains his sanity keeping his realm safe and guarding the gateway.
Shaylee is a powerful and strong single woman, she doesn’t take any crap from anyone, except occasionally her best friend Joss. She’s the one in charge, all the time. Orphaned and alone, she learns new information that can and will change her life forever, but will it be for the best?
Kenneth is a regular man’s man, who wants nothing more than to be more than he is, looking for ways out of his own life filled with boredom, he meets a new woman. Will this woman lead him out of the town, or down the path to evil?
Shaylee’s world is about to collide with Lycidias’. Will they band together and figure out their worlds, or will the Realms be left forever in nefarious hands?
one enchanted scottish knightONE ENCHANTED SCOTTISH KNIGHT by Laura Strickland

From a young age, Tansy Bellrose Gant has been getting into trouble and wanting what she should not have. Just because she can make certain things happen by wishing doesn’t mean she’s a witch. But when she rashly curses a neighbor, her fellow villagers tie her to a stake at the crossroads and threaten to send her to the Royal Commission for trial.

Malcolm Montgomery is a man carrying an unbearable burden of guilt and obligation. The last thing he needs is an encounter with a troublesome wee lassie who just might be a witch. But once rescued, she won’t go away. In fact, she insists on involving herself in his quest to ransom his brother, and she charms her way into his bed, as well.

Has Tansy merely enchanted him, or has she claimed his heart? When she faces the ultimate danger, how will love be enough to save her?

absolute heartABSOLUTE HEART by Michael Vance Gurley

As the British Empire builds power based on new clockwork and steam technology, Ireland draws its might from its potent magical traditions. Only two boys with little in common can end the fighting between the two nations and prevent a terrible worldwide war.

Gavin Haveland’s dreams are in the sky with the airships, while his reality as a High Councilman’s son means hiding secrets that will get him executed if revealed.

Orion of Oberon is not just a powerful mage, he’s the nephew of the Irish queen, and the one she’s sent him on a quest for the ancient Dragon Stones that will bolster her fading power. In the process, he might restore his family to their rightful place in society.

With enemies determined to stop them by any means necessary and war or peace hinging on their success, Gavin and Orion must find a way to work together, despite the centuries of mistrust between their nations.

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wish upon a vikingTO WISH UPON A VIKING (TO WISH UPON AN ANCIENT BOOK 3) by Ishabelle Torry

After Dr. Lana Clarke’s parents die in a tragic drowning, she’s determined to finish their work and discover the ancient Viking settlement of Finlr. Problem is, Finlr never existed. At least not according to any historical records. Despite her colleagues’ ridicule, Lana sets out to clear her family’s name. She never imagined the trail would sweep her across time to the 10th century, and into the arms of an ancient Viking god.

Baldur the Beautiful is tired of the mundane task appointed him by Frigg and Odin to watch over Idun’s garden. It’s the same dull existence, and another midwinter come to pass. That is, until Loki arrives bearing gifts. Lana is the perfect solution to Baldur’s loneliness, an escape from the everyday he dreads. But he’s no fool. Her presence can mean only one thing…Loki’s scheming to steal the golden apples. Again. And it’s Baldur’s duty to keep the frost giant at bay. No matter how tempting the future time’s woman be.Desire and duty collide as Baldur and Lana are forced to face off against the trickster god.


kingmakerKINGMAKER (THE DRAGON CORSAIRS BOOK 3) by Margaret Weiss and Robert Krammes
VS note: I have no idea how much romance if any there is.
n this exciting adventure, Kate and Sophia and their dragon Dalgren form a desperate plan to free Phillip from prison. Thomas is crowned king and discovers a plot by King Ullr to invade Freya. And Henry is forced to flee to the Aligoes where he makes a discovery that could change the fortunes of his beleaguered nation.
grim assistantTHE GRIM ASSISTANT (TALES FROM THE GRIM BOOK 1) by Jodi Hutchins

Postal carrier and amateur surfer, Samantha Diaz, lives an uncomplicated life. Well, other than helping her sister with childcare, crushing on her unavailable customer, Lauren Brennan, and catching as many waves as possible before hurricane season begins. Suffice to say, she isn’t looking for much more, but when Lauren invites her to a monthly game night at her house, Sam happily agrees.

When Sam sets out on an early morning surf, the last thing she expects to do is die, but a sudden thunderstorm thrashes offshore, creating a riptide that steals Sam’s life. She awakens to a snarky woman named Margo speaking cryptic nonsense. Not only does she claim to be one of the many Grim Reapers, or Grims, in the world, Margo makes Sam an offer: she’ll bring Sam back from the dead, as long as she becomes Margo’s temporary assistant. Sam accepts but soon realizes the deal was too good to be true, and the consequences she faces may be worse than the death she dodged.

royal alphaROYAL ALPHA (HIGH HOUSE CANIS BOOK 5) by Riley Storm

All her life, Heather has lived with the knowledge that at any moment, she might lose control and turn into a murderous beast. The Loup-Garou virus lives in all female shifters and can manifest at any time before their thirty-first birthday—which is still a year away. Only thanks to her family’s protection is she living a life free, instead of behind bars. So when her mother cons the new King of their House into mating her off to a political rival, Heather feels little choice but to agree. Even if that man is the complete opposite of the person she truly longs for…

Logan has led the rebels of House Canis in their long struggle for freedom, and now that they’ve ousted the former Tyrant King from their ancestral home of Moonshadow Manor, his followers have all but anointed him their ruler. The position is tenuous at best until the official coronation ceremony, however, and a string of bad decisions leaves him vulnerable to several political figures. He must focus on keeping his House united, which means giving his blessing for the only woman he’s ever cared about to be mated to someone else…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


destined duchessTHE DESTINED DUCHESS (THE BOOK CLUB 16) by Janelle Daniels
VS Note: Time travel.

Dukes make the best heroes. Fiercely protective? Powerful? Hunky? Check.

After a lifetime of scraping by, Rory’s afraid to leave everything she’s worked for behind and travel to the past to meet her soulmate. But she risks it, knowing happiness is possible—with help from a gorgeous, purple-haired matchmaker.

When she agrees to attend a house party under false pretenses, she realizes the man she wants is the only one she can’t have.

He’s tired of games. Alaric needs to marry. As the Duke of Newbury, it’s a duty he’s been dreading—until he finds the girl of his dreams. But not everything is as it appears.
When he learns the truth of who she really is, will he still want her—or will she return to the future heartbroken and alone?

marked by the dragonMARKED BY THE DRAGON (DRAGON VALLEY BOOK 6) by Kayla Wolf

When dragon shifter David is told that he has a mate somewhere and that he must protect her from grave danger, he thinks someone’s messing with him. But when his mad quest leads him to the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, he knows instantly what to do: mark her as his own and punch down anyone who gets in the way. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Quinn is ready for revenge. She wants to finally re-claim the land that was taken from her family by a bunch of green-eyed dragons years ago. But she gets just a little distracted when a gorgeous shifter drops out of the sky, right onto her doorstep.
She quite enjoys hearing the sound of her name in that low, resonant voice of his and seeing that sweaty, powerful body move…But… wait. Aren’t his eyes… green?
Is he her worst enemy? Does he hold the key to the lost land… or to her heart?

heavens furyHEAVEN’S FURY (PANDORAX ACADEMY BOOK 2) by Ember Hollis
Life at Pandorax Academy for Supernaturals isn’t for the weak.
Luckily for me, I’m angel-blooded. But what does that mean when the one who should protect me, turns out to be one of my worst enemies? It’s harder than ever to know what I am, let alone who I should be.
The one thing I’m sure of is that Christian, Malek, Knox, and Bane want me to leave. But when Bacchanalia comes around and members of the Four try to seduce me, I wonder if this is yet another one of their tricks.
After all, what can one expect, from a festival of Wild Hunts and debauchery? But I’m done with their games and their tricks and lies.
There’s more to this girl than a pretty face, or an angel’s lineage… and it’s time to let it all fly.
van helsing legacyTHE VAN HELSING LEGACY: WE SHALL NOT SLEEP by M R Graham

Meg van Helsing grew up with a book in one hand and a wooden stake in the other, a crucifix always around her neck. But the world has changed, and the monsters she hunts with her friends are less frightening than gas burns and shell shock. The ghost of the War looms darker than Dracula’s shadow.

Until the night one of her friends disappears.

Now, they are under constant attack, beset by the blood-hungry corpses of un-dead soldiers at exactly the moment another monster appears: an incubus, lethally attractive. The young man offers help, and Meg wants to believe him. If only she could convince her friends she is immune to his spell.

Someone wants them dead at any cost. The answer lies in old books, dark sorcery, and a secret kept for twenty-five years, written in blood. If Meg wants her friends to live, she’ll have to open her eyes.

guardians desireA GUARDIAN’S DESIRE (THE GUARDIAN SERIES BOOK 1) by Mya Lairis

When bounty hunter Freya Daniels attends a pageant for werewolf debutantes and suitors, she’s far too busy enjoying the perks of wealth and ceremony to realize she’s being watched. Then she meets the submissive wolf, Rayne, and she cannot believe her luck. The androgynous male is just perfect for her sexual appetites. But she’s not expecting the beta wolf to come with a very dominant and powerful Alpha, Fenris.

Fenris is every bit the warrior Freya is and twice the brute. While she would normally never consider dating a bull like Fenris, there is something different about the Alpha, something even she can’t deny: the attraction between wolf-mates. Together Rayne and Fenris are not only more than she can handle, but all the guardian could ever desire…if only she could admit that to herself.

Tirzah hacked into a shady agency’s computers to get proof of their evil deeds…and uncovered a secret so wild it can’t possibly be real.
Shapeshifting supersoldiers on the run from their creators? A lab studying captive mythical creatures? It has to be some bored employee’s fantasy novel. Right?
Then the flying kitten turns up. And the assassins. And the gargoyles.
But just because Tirzah uses a wheelchair doesn’t mean she’s helpless. Okay, so some secret organization is gunning for her? She’s going to gun right back… and she knows exactly who can help her. If she can track him down…Pete was once a Recon Marine. That was before he was abducted and turned into a monster. Now he’s escaped his prison… but in his heart, he’s still in chains.  It’s not just his ferocious cave bear he has to hide. For the safety of everyone – his team of misfit shifters, his family, and especially his thirteen-year-old daughter – no one can discover what his captors did to him. He can’t let himself get close to anyone.
Until the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen hacks her way through all his defenses, to offer him a job he can’t refuse.


Abby has had a rough couple of months; after all, she just discovered she is more than just human. In fact, she is a dragon that has been through so many lives it’s hard to keep track. So when her father comes to claim her, Luc and his brother Ty have something to say about it.

Will the brothers be enough to stop Abby’s dad from taking her away from them? Or will Abby find the heart to let them go? But as Abby struggles with the knowledge of who her father is, she finds herself drifting away from her soul mate Luc and into the arms of his brother Ty. But neither one of them is going down without a fight.

blood of the packBLOOD OF THE PACK by Jenny Frame

As the new Alpha of the Scottish Wulver pack, Kenrick Wulver has a bright future ahead. All she needs is her destined mate to share it with. Zaria Lupa isn’t looking for love. She’s been on the run from Leroux, Alpha of the American Lupa pack, ever since Leroux killed her sister.

When the Lupa wolves find Zaria, she runs to Wolfgang County for protection, where Kenrick is visiting her friend Dante. Kenrick takes Zaria under her wing, showing her the care and attention she’s never experienced. Zaria refuses to believe she is Kenrick’s destined mate. To her, mating is just an excuse for abuse and control, no matter how kind Kenrick may seem.

When Kenrick convinces Zaria to come to Scotland to visit the Wulver pack, she hopes for a fresh start. But the Lupa wolves aren’t finished with Zaria, and their revenge may destroy any chance at love.

more than mortalMORE THAN MORTAL by Abbie Zanders

Ceri always knew she was different. Seeing people’s auras and being able to change the weather with her moods just isn’t normal, nor does she understand why simply being around others saps her of her strength. There’s no one she can turn to; who she is and where she comes from are the biggest mysteries of all.

Settled into a small college town, she immerses herself in studies of the supernatural and lives a solitary existence. Until he crosses her path and comes to her rescue.

After earning his master’s in criminal justice, there’s no plausible reason for Edan to stick around campus. There’s only a feeling. A feeling of destiny and purpose that calls to his ancient Highland ancestry and keeps him right where he is.
When he meets her, his purpose becomes clear. He can’t explain it, but she needs him, and he’ll go to great lengths to protect her.

In their search for answers, Ceri and Edan learn there’s a lot more to the world than either of them ever imagined. The lines between reality and myth blur as they discover ancient magic, hidden realms, and the truth about who – and what – they really are: pawns in a game that’s been played for millennia.

Will Ceri and Edan embrace the destinies that have already been written for them? Or will they sacrifice everything to be together?

spirits spells wedding bellsSPIRITS, SPELLS AND WEDDING BELLS (PYPER RAYNE BOOK 5) by Deanna Chase
It’s three weeks until Pyper Rayne and her fiancé Julius tie the knot. All she wants to do is enjoy her risqué bridal shower, complete the final details of her wedding, and find time to enjoy the holidays. But when Charlie, the manager of Wicked, is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit, Pyper puts her medium skills to the test in order to find the real killer before Charlie takes the fall. With help from her friends, a couple of shih tzus, and more than a few ghosts, can Pyper save the day and get her happily-ever-after?
auroras betrayalAURORA’S BETRAYAL (THE LOST COVEN BOOK 2) by K A Knight

Cut off from my body, I live in the home of a god who’s willing to train me, to help me fully embrace my powers, both as a witch and as a reaper. But while I lay in a coma, the men I left behind suffer, desperate to find a way to bring me back.

I want to return to them, but our family is not complete. One is missing, a member of the coven who was lost before they found me. And I must go on a quest to Purgatory and bring him back, or we’ll forever be incomplete. I’m coming home to my men, to my family, but will my return bring relief or doom us all?

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Operative: Cody Livingston (Shark-Shifter) – Wereshark and former Immortal Op Cody Livingston has spent decades keeping his head down and staying off the grid. Ever since he volunteered to be part of a test group when the government attempted to create super soldiers, he’s been in a fight for his life and those of the men he sees as brothers—fellow Outcasts. You see, his own government turned against him when the DNA manipulation attempts didn’t go as planned.

Now Cody spends his days trying to right the wrongs left in the wake of the experiments and protecting any innocents caught in the crossfire. This is easier said than done when he’s had to escape the clutches of a madman hell-bent on possessing Cody’s healing gifts and longevity. As old foes resurface, the stakes get even higher when Cody realizes he not only has a mate but that she’s in the crosshairs of the enemy as well.

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immortal hunterIMMORTAL HUNTER (VAMPIRE MATES) by Patricia D Eddy

His entire life, he was trained to do one thing. Kill vampires.Until he had to make an impossible choice and run from the very people he used to call family. In St. John’s, he found a place he could settle down. A place the Hunters would never find him.  But his haven turns out to be anything but safe when a beautiful shield maiden walks into the pub where he’s slinging drinks. Now, evil threatens the entire world and the local coven likes to interfere—with everyone and everything. And it’s really too bad that shield maiden is a vampire. Or…is it?

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immortal bloodlinesIMMORTAL BLOODLINES (VAMPIRE MATES) by Jessica Cage

Love is a thing that chooses us. We are at best victims to it.
No matter how much we may want to convince ourselves otherwise. Noah never gave it a second thought until he met her.
The Johnston vampire bloodline must remain pure. Liam, Noah’s father has made that perfectly clear. But the woman who captured Noah’s heart is far from his father’s list of approved mates. Unfortunately for Noah, walking away from Skye isn’t a simple thing. When a vampire finds his mate, it’s a bond that lasts forever.
As next in line to lead his nest, Noah must decide if he is willing to risk losing it all for love.

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imortal hexesIMMORTAL HEXES (VAMPIRE MATES) by Amelia Hutchins

One vampire.
One witch.
A love that should have survived the ages.
Avery lived by three simple rules. Never be outside after dusk. Never give up fighting to survive. Never give in to the one man who ruled her heart and shattered everything they shared when he walked away from her.
Conner has one mission: to capture the witch who killed his father and make her pay for her crimes. The problem is she’s the only woman he’s ever loved. The same witch whose innocent kiss made his immortal heart quicken with her freely given love. He walked away to save her life, and in return, she took everything from him. She left his world in ruins, and his heart a shattered mess.
Can he ignore the attraction that still burns between them and get justice for those she murdered in cold blood? Or will her past be enough to convince him to forgive her?

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immortal biteIMMORTAL BITE (VAMPIRE MATES) by Andie M Long

Since his turning, Caleb lives in his remote country estate with a skeleton staff. His beloved rose garden occupies his time; a tribute to his past lost love, along with a sharp reminder that the thorns that would scratch a human leave no lasting mark on a vampire.
Artist Vivienne dreams of a garden and a stranger, feeling compelled to sketch roses over and over. When the name Tetburn Manor whispers on the edge of waking, she finds the house and gardens that match her dreams and sets off to sketch them, wondering if the house can lift her constant melancholia.
Caleb watches Vivienne as she herself blooms while she paints his garden standing outside of his estate. Should he listen to his heart and let her in?

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Unlike many high school heroines in fantasy books, I always knew I was not ordinary. Far from it.
Since I was two, I have been seeing angels and demons. Given the gift of battle as a warrior, my role as a slayer often interferes with my role as a normal girl. So no, I was never a typical girl who had just found out she was heir to some magical family or something like that. I’ve been “gifted” practically all my life.
So when my ordinary family moved us to San Francisco to a new school where my father teaches, I didn’t think much of the school. Shadowlight Academy, the most exclusive and posh prep academy for the super rich. I thought I would be there to slay the evil like an undercover superhero amongst the ordinary.
I just didn’t think the ordinary would all be extremely unordinary. Especially the three most popular kids in school, known as the Beautiful Ones. Then there’s the hot brooding rebel boy who didn’t seem to fit in, too. Everyone here has secrets, and I am determined to find out what, before it kills me…the entire Academy and even the world.


prickedPRICKED by Scott Mooney

Briar Pryce has the power to change the emotions of others by handing them a rose. It is a talent that has done surprisingly little for her, besides landing her a dead-end enchantment delivery job and killing any chance she had with her childhood-crush-turned-roommate. Worst of all, her ability might be responsible for getting her best friend transformed into a cat via a cursed muffin basket. Needless to say, Briar is nowhere near happily-ever-after. But that’s just life as a twentysomething in the Poisoned Apple, New York City’s lost borough of fairy-tale wonder and rent-controlled magic.

When Briar reluctantly agrees to help find a princess’s kidnapped boyfriend in exchange for reversing the curse on her friend, she gets the heroic quest she never really wanted. Unfortunately, the life of a noble heroine is not all it’s cracked up­­ to be – the hours blow, and Briar suspects that the Royal family employing her might be evil, Republican, or both. To complete the suckage, a killer smoke magician is stalking Briar as she searches both the Poisoned Apple and Manhattan for the missing boy. As tensions between the Poisoned Apple royalty ignite and civil war looms, Briar must figure out how to write her own happy ending–or she’ll just be ending.

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of ice and shadowsOF ICE AND SHADOWS (OF FIRE AND STARS BOOK 2) by Audrey Coulthurst

Princesses Denna and Mare are in love and together at last—only to face a new set of dangers. Mare just wants to settle down with the girl she loves, which would be easier if Denna weren’t gifted with forbidden and volatile fire magic. Denna must learn to control her powers, which means traveling in secret to the kingdom of Zumorda, where she can seek training without fear of persecution. Determined to help, Mare has agreed to serve as an ambassador as a cover for their journey.

But just as Mare and Denna arrive in Zumorda, an attack on a border town in Mynaria changes everything. Mare’s diplomatic mission is now urgent: she must quickly broker an alliance with the queen of Zumorda to protect her homeland. However, the queen has no interest in allying with other kingdoms; it’s Denna’s untamed but powerful magic that catches her eye. The queen offers Denna a place among her elite trainees—an opportunity that would force her to choose between her magic and Mare.

As Denna’s powers grow stronger, Mare struggles to be the ambassador her kingdom needs. By making unconventional friends, her knowledge of Zumorda and its people grow, and so too do her suspicions about who is truly behind the attacks on Zumorda and her homeland.

As rising tensions and unexpected betrayals put Mare and Denna in jeopardy and dangerous enemies emerge on all sides, can they protect their love and save their kingdoms?

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midnight beautiesMIDNIGHT BEAUTIES (GRIM LOVELIES BOOK 2) by Megan Shepherd

Ever since she discovered her affinity for magic, seventeen-year-old Anouk has been desperate to become a witch. It’s the only way to save her friends who, like Anouk, are beasties: animals enchanted into humans. But unlike Anouk, the other beasties didn’t make it out of the battle at Montélimar in one piece.

With her friends now trapped in their animal forms, Anouk is forced into a sinister deal involving a political marriage with her sworn enemy, a wicked plot to overthrow London’s fiercest coven of witches, and a deadly trial of fire to become a witch. The price for power has always been steep in the world of the Haute. Now, it will cost Anouk everything.

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magic of the nileVS Note: For my backlist feature this week, I’m highlighting MAGIC OF THE NILE, which is the sequel to my newly re-released PRIESTESS OF THE NILE.  MAGIC tells the story of the grown up Tyema (a supporting character in PRIESTESS) and I really enjoyed writing this one, complete with appearances from Sobek the Crocodile God. I think I developed a slight crush on my own charioteer hero Sahure!
The blurb:She’s a priestess, he’s a proud warrior … is love enough to bridge their differences?
When the high priestess of an Egyptian temple falls in love with a captain of the royal guard, their bond is tested by the intrigue and peril of their duties to the gods and Pharaoh.Tyema serves Sobek the Crocodile God as High Priestess of his Nile river temple. But despite her beauty, grace, and the power she wields, the shy priestess lives as a recluse in the remote temple grounds. For though Sobek rescued her from a childhood of abuse and neglect, and healed her crippled foot, her dark past haunts her still.
When Sahure, a dashing captain of Pharaoh’s guard, arrives to ask her help for Pharaoh, Tyema’s wounded heart blossoms. The captain is captivated as by her well … until Pharaoh orders him to the dangerous frontier, far from Tyema. He rides away, bound by duty and honor, leaving Tyema with even more secrets to bear.Heart-broken, Tyema returns to her lonely life … until the Crocodile God reveals other plans for his priestess. For Pharaoh’s life is threatened with black magic, and only one who wields the power of a god can unmask the sorcerer. Tyema must brave court life, and somehow withstand the pressures of swirling gossip, intrigue and danger. And she must hurry, before ancient evils overcome all her efforts.

But when Sahure returns, is he there to help or to hinder? Will love lead them to common ground, and a future together … or will their differences tear them apart forever? Find out in this exciting sequel to PRIESTESS OF THE NILE!

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  1. Some interesting books again, thanks. Can I give a shout out for Fire on the moon by Rebecca York? Release date tomorrow Thursday 15th, so not read it yet. But I’ve been a fan for a while and this is about her her Marshall family of werewolves, in the Decorah security series.
    Saw that pets in space 4 is on pre order. So have pre ordered


    • Thanks! I’ll make a note and formally include the Rebecca York book next week – I always appreciate hearing about good books to include! Thank you also for pre-ordering PISA4 – I’m excited about this year’s lineup and stories (well, I’m excited every year LOL). I had fun writing a new Nebula Zephyr story for sure.

  2. So glad to see the re-release of Priestess of the Nile. I missed it first time around. I happily one-clicked it.

    • Thank you so much! I’m honored and I hope you’ll enjoy the story. I had so much fun writing that first book and never dreamed I would actually become a published author when I sent it off to the slush pile at Carina. I still say Sobek the Crocodile God is my lucky charm 🙂

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