Veronica Takes a New Quiz

Depositphotos_50887641_l-2015 gold and white nightstand

DepositPhoto – I always wanted the gold and white bedroom furniture when I was a kid. Maybe without the candelabra! (I have cherry veneer wood right now.)

Found a fun new ‘quiz’ in last month’s COSMO magazine, where they ask celebrities questions about their nightstand. Seemed to lend itself to some fun answers so here goes…

My overall nightstand vibe:  Messy (and there are dust bunnies underneath it)…

Got any snacks? I don’t usually eat in bed but occasionally I’ll have a sliced Granny Smith apple (love the tart taste!).

What’s currently on top: My kindle, my phone, my iPod, two pairs of reading glasses, the TV remote, a pink sparkly peacock and a little music box that plays Papageno’s song from The Magic Flute. (My Dad sang that part once in an amateur opera production.)

Sleep mask: No.

I wouldn’t want my Mom to find: Well, I am a romance author and I do write steamy scenes for my characters so I have some interesting research materials stacked to the side…

The product I always have: Cherry flavored Chapstick, TheraTears eye drops for dry eyes and a Clinique face cream.

jake contoertionistBooks by my bed: The kindle is stuffed with scifi romance, Regency romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, science fiction, nonfiction…there’s also a towering stack of ancient Egyptian research books because I write novels set in 1550 BCE as well. And a big pile of laundry to put away at the foot of the bed, and of course Jake the Cat is wherever he wants to be….

My alarm sitch: When I left the old day job so I could be a fulltime writer I swore not to EVER wake up to the alarm again, unless I had a plane to catch. So, no alarm set. I do keep a clock by the bed.

Adding to the magazine’s questions, in the nightstand drawers, I have: Top drawer – kind of a junk drawer, with extra reading glasses, batteries, hair clips, a combination pulse/blood oxygen fingertip monitor (When I have an anxiety attack I’m always concerned I can’t breathe and the blood O2 reading helps me keep control that yes, I can. The pulse measurement is handy if I think I’m having an AFIB incident), pens, pads of paper for writing down those middle of the night ideas I won’t remember in the morning…Bottom drawer: SOCKS! Of all kinds and colors and patterns.

red pandas2 better shotAnd extra bonus, on a nearby set of drawers, I keep these red pandas and a red panda-inspired dragon (his wings are kind of obscured – sorry), both of which my DD2 gave me because I looove red pandas. And my Dad gave me the small wooden box after a business trip to Spain when I was about eight. Inside I keep one tiny tail feather from a baby bird we rescued that same summer.

Happy Friday to you!

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