New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday DEC 11

pennys protectorAs always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL).



S’bren doesn’t realize what a mess he’s stepping in when he steals me away. He just wants to resonate. Sweet, right? But his methods are all wrong and resonance doesn’t look as if it’s happening anytime soon for either of us. So I’m going to use this time away from the camp as an opportunity. We’re going to go exploring and not return to the beach camp until I’m good and ready. It’s one part punishment for him – being my guide – and one part adventure for me. We’ll have fun, swing from some vines in the fruit cave, and then return to Icehome when we’re good and ready. What’s not part of the plan? Falling in love. Matters of the heart are tricky when the khui gets the final say…and mine is totally silent.


untamed hungerUNTAMED HUNGER (THE INFINITE CITY BOOK 3) by Tiffany Roberts

VS Note: One clicked this! An intriguing series…

It should have been an easy job—deliver the ID chip, get paid, and get out. But when Drakkal sees a beautiful human in his client’s private zoo and instantly recognizes her as his mate, the situation gets complicated. The motto he’s long lived by—don’t be stupid—is cast aside as the beast in him demands he take this female and make her his no matter what he must do. And when she runs from him, the hunt is on.

After being impregnated by her dirtbag ex-boyfriend, abducted, and sold to be a breeder in a rich alien’s basement menagerie, Shay has to admit things aren’t looking great. But she’s determined to give her unborn child a decent life. Her first opportunity appears in the form of a gruff but insanely attractive azhera who forces Shay’s owner to sell her to him. Refusing to trade one alien master for another, she escapes him at her first chance. Yet Shay can’t forget the intense azhera and his heated stare—and soon realizes that he’s not going to forget her, either.

But Shay’s former owner also remembers, and he’s determined to retrieve his prized possession—and have his revenge on the azhera who took her.



Soldiers. Assassins. Pirates. Saviors.

The monarchy has fallen. The Alpha Queen has made her first move, and the peace and stability that ruled the galaxy for four generations is in ashes. Chaos reigns as old feuds and new conflicts plunge the Commonwealth to the brink of civil war.

Into this maelstrom is exactly where Mercy must go. If she has any hope of defending her people against the Alpha Queen and her forces, she must search out the origins of the Talented. Accompanied by a trusted few, she will go to the heart of the Commonwealth looking for answers. But Mercy’s enemies will not sit back and wait for her to find them, and she isn’t the only one searching for long buried secrets. She will battle mercenaries and slavers, corporations and Warlords looking to profit off of her people.
And most dangerous of all, a Wraith Squad hunts her, an assassination unit with one goal: to kill the last pirate Queen.

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deal breakerDEAL BREAKER (HEART OF THE NEBULA BOOK 2) by Heather Long and Rebecca Royce

Destiny declared I would be queen of a world I’d never known. Have you ever fallen for four perfect guys only to find out they were aliens and, wait for it, newsflash, so are you? Yeah, me neither. At least until I did. Just when I decided I’d rather skip the ride to the stars for life on Earth, my best friend died in my arms and I went a little crazy. I woke to darkness. I used to think getting up to go to work every day and paying my bills was hard work, but nothing could have prepared me for the challenges ahead. While my heart had chosen Reese, Briggs, Goran, and Dalton, vengeance consumed my mind. Vengeance for my best friend, vengeance for the men I loved and vengeance for me—because I hadn’t wanted this fight.
Destiny said I’d be queen? Fine, then destiny can bite my enemies in the ass.



Naughty or nice? For the women abducted from Earth and claimed as tribute brides for the Drexian warriors, being on the naughty list isn’t so bad. Not when being naughty is so tempting. It’s Christmas on the Drexian space station, and the abducted Earth women are in the mood for some holiday fun. They may have been taken from their homes and mated to bad-ass alien warriors, but that’s no reason they can’t throw a holiday party to make them feel like they’re back on Earth.

With the help of the station’s colorful wedding planners and stylists, the tribute brides are decking the halls and jingling the bells. And when it comes to their Drexians mates, the stockings aren’t the only things that are hung. Six steamy Drexian-human couples are all eager to steal more than a few kisses under the mistletoe. And they might even get to do some merry matchmaking while they’re at it!



I never expected to be stranded on an asteroid with four aliens. It’s a miracle we survived, but just because we’re still alive after the crash doesn’t mean it will stay that way. One of the Athions almost killed me. I don’t trust him and I don’t think I ever will.
The other Athion seems nice, but every time I look at him, I’m reminded of what his kind did to me. And the two Trads… well, things are confusing. I think I like them. A lot. But I’m not supposed to fall in love with the enemy. It would have been easier to have died in the crash. But now I’m determined to survive, no matter the cost.


alien chiefs bargained brideTHE ALIEN CHIEF’S BARGAINED BRIDE (THE HAASJI SETTLEMENT BRIDES BOOK 1) by Dominica Bolden

VS note: Some reviews mention this is short and also some mention an abrupt ending.

Mallory Delour would do anything for her little sister, Stephanie. So when a genetic disease threatens her sister’s life, Mallory is left with only two options:
She can go into crippling medical debt to delay the inevitable, or she can become an alien’s bride with the assurance that Stephanie will receive life-altering gene therapy.
For Mallory, the choice is easy….But for Alek’dar, it isn’t. When the humans approached him, he’d been wary. But, by taking them up on their offer, he can kill two birds with one stone—a bride for him and an alliance with the humans. Happiness hasn’t been factored into their decision but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t find it. Unless someone, or something, stands in their way.



VS Note: Listed as erotica.

A new job was exactly what Lori needed, especially after breaking up with her boyfriend. It gave her not only desperately needed funds but a chance to get away. When she signed on with Darvel Explorations, imagined luxurious, exotic alien worlds. Instead she ends up working as a laborer in a mine on what appeared to be a barren rock of a planet. She hates her job. More than anything she is becoming increasingly afraid.
The workers whisper that the new mining equipment disturbed something in the depths of the caverns, something that is attacking miners. When an accident leaves her to the mercy of one such creature, she has to decide if she can accept a monster from the depths.



For the human women on Arcavia, there’s plenty to celebrate during the holidays. Sure, the Grivath are a constant threat, but with a surprise wedding to plan, a baby on the way, and even a visit from Santa, the first Arcav Christmas is sure to be incredible. This sci-fi romance holiday novella features four couples from the previous five Arcav Alien Invasion books. You’ll love this novella if you’re looking for more from Harlow and Varian, Jaret and Amanda, Methi and Meghan, and Eve and Korva.  This novella is not intended as a stand-alone and will only make sense if you’ve read the other books in the series.


down among the deadDOWN AMONG THE DEAD (THE FARIAN WAR BOOK 2) by K B Wagers

VS Note: Not a romance but a December release of note. Has been optioned for a TV series as I understand it.

In a surprise attack that killed many of her dearest subjects, Hail Bristol, empress of Indrana, has been captured by the Shen — the most ruthless and fearsome aliens humanity has ever encountered. As she plots her escape, the centuries-long war between her captors and the Farians, their mortal enemies and Indrana’s oldest allies, finally comes to a head. When her captors reveal a shocking vision of the future, Hail must make the unexpectedly difficult decision she’s been avoiding: whether to back the Shen or the Farians. Staying neutral is no longer an option. Will Hail fight? Or will she fall?

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precious cargoPRECIOUS CARGO (FORGOTTEN CARGO BOOK 1) by Beva John

SYLVIA – I was abducted from Earth in 1969 and I’ve been in a stasis pod for over six hundred years until I was purchased by yellow lizard-like aliens.
RAAN – As First Merchandising Officer, my job is clear. I am to find the highest bidders for the abandoned cargo – seven vintage Human females – which are hot property in the Intergalactic Cooperative. I find the task distasteful, but there is one fascinating female I refuse to sell – the one with long straight hair and green eyes, wearing a short skirt and a strange blouse that is no more than two tiny triangles of cloth. Because she is MINE.
I will pay everything for her and fight anyone who tries to take her from me.



Exarch Tal-Amun is royalty among the Lexar, a race of giant, genetically superior humans charged with protecting the universe. When another alien species attacks an unauthorized human research base, the alien commander goes down personally to rescue the survivors.With them comes a human researcher with the body of a goddess and the stubborn soul of a female Lexar. She’s the woman he’s spent his entire life searching for, and earning her trust won’t be easy.

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trick mikayla laneTRICK (SECOND WAVE BOOK 7) by Mikayla Lane

Finally taken into the confidence of the Dranovians, Trick fle’ te’ Brazar is thrilled to be helping them find the most vulnerable of their lost brethren. He never expected his first try to net him more than another Dranovian for the coming war.
Lisa Edmonds had never been anything more than a throwaway foster child struggling to exist in a world that never wanted her. The moment she met the beautiful fairy-man, Lisa knew her world would never be the same again.
Fighting to be allowed to train with the Dranovians, Trick will battle the guardian of war and a host of daemons to keep his mate safe. But it will be something closer to home that will tear apart the new life Trick and Lisa are trying to forge. It will take everything within Trick, and the new family he welcomes, to save what matters most to him.


alien barbarians mateALIEN BARBARIANS’ MATE (PURPLE PLANET BOOK 2) by Zara Starr

The strange storms that have been raging all over the world have only intensified in the past months. Some say the end of the world is coming, but Mikaela doesn’t believe in such nonsense. Although she’d like nothing more than to curl up in front of the TV when it rains, she has her small dog to take care of. Taking Tremor out for a walk, a lightning suddenly strikes her. She wakes up in a completely different world with hulky, purple alien barbarians. When one of them tries to grab poor Tremor, she fights back. Hell no, they’re not taking her dog! And she definitely isn’t staying here! Not even if the guys are kind of hot and all seem to want her.


hope in a time of warHOPE IN A TIME OF WAR by Athena Storm

I claimed her by force. And yet she saved me… An angel who brought peace. I revel in war. In conflict. Death. And destruction. I fight for vengeance. In hopes it will soothe the sadness of my soul. At first I think nothing when I capture Faith Jorelle. But then I realize there is more to her. Her beauty – ethereal and fragile. Her spirit – passionate and free.
She enraptures me. And the predator becomes the prey…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)


captured by the alien captainCAPTURED BY AN ALIEN CAPTAIN (THE NOVANS BOOK 6) by Ashlyn Hawkes

Captain Stox is far too busy to even look at the human females, so when Overlord Nestrol insists Stox find one, Stox captures the first one he sees. He’s in for a rude awakening. Lara Barnes is a captain herself and is only on Kuria to oversee how the females are being treated. She is not going to tolerate BS. Will the two find a way to put aside their differences to perform their duties? Can love save them from killing each other?



Vera is the sole female engineer in her department aboard the Zynthar International Space Station. When alien shapeshifters take her and a group of women hostage, it’s a battle between life and death. Vera and the women are forced into servitude on an unknown planet full of shape-shifting alien wolves called Vilkas. Vera will do anything to escape, but the Vilka she works for is protective and loyal … and far too attractive.

Rayner is Beta of Clan Vilka on Kladuu. It’s a position he puts before all other aspects of his life, including love. But the more he gets to know his beautiful human servant, the more he recognizes the flaws in his clan’s way of life. Amidst the stirrings of a servant uprising, another serious threat lurks in the shadows, waiting to destroy all Rayner holds dear—including Vera. When Rayner’s duties to his clan and his Alpha fall in direct opposition to protecting Vera—to protecting his mate—he will stop at nothing to keep her safe. Even if the cost is betraying his people. Even if the cost is his life.



I’ll stop the traitor to protect my people … and my mate. When a traitor enslaves a peaceful ally, it’s my job to see them rescued and the turncoat brought to justice. I never thought liberating Valkredian allies would lead me to my mate. By the looks of it, Judy doesn’t belong among the Macurians, but the little human was raised from infancy by the King and Queen and she’s just as royal as any of them. The soul of a warrior beats within her and she’ll stop at nothing to save her people.

Nothing could make me want to leave … until I meet him. Dhimurs shows up like a conquering hero to save Macura from a traitor. Though I’ll sacrifice anything to save my people, I alone am not enough. This Valkredian warrior is just the person I need … on the battlefield and off of it. But as the bond between us grows stronger I’ll have to decide where I truly belong: with the Macurians who accepted me or the alien warrior who saved me. What will become of a human raised an alien princess if she leaves her kingdom for a chance at true love?


QUEEN OF CHAOS (LORDS OF SIDHE BOOK 2) by May Sage queen of chaos

The new regents’ rules have only just started, but none are likely to keep a crown on their heads—or a head on their shoulders—if they don’t forge lasting alliances.

Mel should have heeded her captor’s advice: never keep an enemy alive. She didn’t expect her friends would pay the price for her actions.
When the two women she loves most are taken by the fae, Mel has to carve a place among the savage lords of Sidhe and prove herself as brutal as any of them.
Even Caim. Caim’s darker instincts want him to tease, toy with, and own every part of the goddess fate has thrown in his arms, but to give in might mean losing her. To deny his nature would be losing himself. Surrounded by enemies, they have to work together.
Or divide and conquer.


shifters stormSHIFTER’S STORM (ICE AGE SHIFTERS BOOK 5) by Carol Van Natta

VS note: I can’t wait to read this! Pre-ordered. I love Carol’s books!

In a dying fairy fantasyland, can two shifters tell if the magic between them is real? 
While volunteering for hurricane cleanup, sheriff’s deputy and leopard shifter Chantal Hammond stumbles across two escapees from a fairy fantasyland. Unfortunately, when she tries to help, she ends up trapped. She quickly discovers she’s lost in a mini-world of trouble, and more captives need rescuing.

Prehistoric sloth shifter Dauro de Mar and his friends have cruelly been imprisoned in their animal forms for years. His plan to lead the escape is mostly wishful thinking until an intoxicating and magical leopard shifter arrives still in her human form. She’s their game changer.

It’s going to take Chantal’s and Dauro’s combined skills, magic, and courage to evade evil hunters and greedy fairies, and get everyone out of this mess. Especially since the fairy fantasyland is disintegrating. Can they fight off danger—and their sizzling attraction—long enough to win their freedom? Or will they be destroyed by the mother of all storms when this magical land dies?

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Fox is a demon-possessed immortal with many talents. –Ability to open portals—check
–Power to kill the most dangerous Sent Ones—check –Scare away any man who might want to date her—mate Now, the keeper of Distrust has been marked for death, a winged assassin with rainbow-colored eyes tracking her every move, determined to avenge the males she accidentally decimated. If only she could control the desire to rip off his clothes…
Bjorn is a fierce warrior with many complications. –Tragic, torture-filled past—check
–A wife he was forced to wed, who is draining his life force—check –Ever-intensifying desire for the enigmatic Fox—mate Never has he hesitated to exterminate an evil being. Until now. The sharp-tongued female with a shockingly vulnerable heart tempts him in ways no one else ever has, threatening his iron control.
But, as Fate itself seems to conspire against the unlikely pair, both old and new enemies emerge. And Fox and Bjorn must fight to survive. And learn to love.


dragon with benefitsDRAGON WITH BENEFITS (FORGOTTEN DRAGONS BOOK 4) by Terry Bolryder

Trevor is used to simple pleasures. Like a gigantic mansion. Or expensive sushi. But when he’s caught on video doing something ridiculous that a powerful gold dragon such as himself shouldn’t have been doing, he hopes it will all just blow over. Instead, it puts him face to face with the most beautiful, frustrating woman in the world. One that may just be his mate.

Petra didn’t know what to expect of the gorgeous, bronze-haired man from the video on the website she works for. But it’s definitely not the arrogant, standoffish welcome she receives when trying to get an interview. But hottie or not, the sexy jerk stands between Petra and her promotion. And even if she wants to kiss him more than she wants to interview him, she’ll do whatever it takes.

To Petra’s amazement, Trevor isn’t all he seems at first impression. He’s thoughtful, romantic, sensual…and making life complicated again. Meanwhile, Trevor is aware that his world says he can’t take a mate for his own, but he could never let Petra belong to anyone else.  Because even though he’s a double dragon, there’s only one single person in the world that he’ll ever want.


charmed im sureCHARMED I’M SURE (THE DEVIL YOU KNOW BOOK 2) by Christine Pope

Allan D’Alessandro thought he had his ticket out of Hell secured. Until his alleged “soul mate” bailed, leaving him only three weeks — three weeks — to lose his heart and be loved in return. For real. Or for real he can kiss the Hollywood glamor, the hilltop house, the Tesla roadster goodbye. And say hello to his old job as Asmodeus, object of his fellow demons’ eternal derision.

But there’s that aquamarine-eyed wedding planner who pulled off Lucifer’s nuptials without a hitch. She’s all about romance, right? Wooing her should be a piece of cake. Wedding cake, if he plays his cards right.

Belinda Carson has had to get used to letting men walk out of her life. She has no choice — any man who falls in love with a Carson witch is guaranteed a gruesome fate. So she uses her magic to create perfect weddings…just not her own. But surely there’s no harm in indulging in a harmless holiday fling with the sandy-haired Hollywood agent whose megawatt smile lights up her world. After New Year’s, they’ll go their separate ways. They’ve agreed. It’s all set. Except he’s dismantled all her defenses. And this time, her heart isn’t letting go.

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cursed fae kingTHE CURSED FAE KING (THE CURSED KINGDOMS SERIES BOOK  2) by A K Koonce and Rebecca Grey

Curses and crowns. That’s what it takes to make a crumbling kingdom. And the Northern Kingdom, it’ll soon be an empire of dusty remains if we can’t find our enemies hiding in plain sight. King Iri isn’t exactly my ally in all of this either. The prophecy and our marriage are all he’s focused on. It’s all he thinks he needs to keep his kingdom’s faith.
Faith isn’t strong enough for what we need though. It won’t stop whoever is behind all this from spreading death across his lands like wildfire. We don’t need faith at all. We need revenge.


last vampire book 6THE LAST VAMPIRE: BOOK 6 by R A Steffan and Jaelynn Woolf

Unfortunately, running away from your problems only works for so long. Since I got pulled into the secret underworld of demons, Fae, and vampires, it’s been one crisis after another. I’ve been dodging and ducking, rather than hitting back. Reacting instead of acting. Ransley Thorpe and I have been gradually backed into a corner, and we’re about to take the offensive. We may be punching way above our weight class, it’s true. But if the alternative is death or captivity at the hands of our enemies, do we really have anything to lose? The good news is, the soul-bond I share with my vampire lover means we can never be parted from each other—not even in death. With that reassurance in mind, it’s time to make sure Hell and Dhuinne come to regret the day they ever decided to take us on.
So… yeah. A half-crazy vampire and an ex-waitress are about to go up against the toughest the paranormal world has to offer. I figure it’ll either be totally badass… or the most epic smackdown in history.


emeraldEMERALD (JEWELS CAFE BOOK 9) by Jade Waltz

They say good things come in threes…. and for those who wait. Emerald used to believe that until her thirty-third birthday, when her life got turned upside down. Her pet Godzilla dies, she loses her job and to top it all off, her car breaks down in this weird town called Silver Springs. One sip from a pumpkin spice latte at the local cafe, Emerald is surrounded by three gorgeous males – Chryso, Maw, and Vesuv – who state they want to help and won’t take no for an answer.  Something about them calls to her but Emerald is afraid to explore what – especially when she was having the worst day of her life.
Will she stick around long enough to figure out what is going on between them? Or will she find a way home and never return to Silver Springs ever again?


night wolfNIGHT WOLF (WOLVES OF EVERGREEN BOOK 4) by Suzanne Roslyn

It was his job to help protect the pack until he found the one that would be his undoing. He found her beaten and left for dead in the woods. His woods, the one where his wolf pack patroled, and his spirit could be free. Trey never planned to shift back into man, not until he found her.

She called herself Jane Doe, claiming to have no memories of her life before coming to Evergreen, but Trey knows she is hiding something.  She’s connected to those woods as much as he is connected to her. Jane can’t risk anyone finding out her true identity, especially the man who claims they are meant to be together. While her heart disagrees, Jane must find her brother and save the members of her clan outside the shifter reservation.

She was his the moment he found her, but there is some else out there hunting for her. While the tracks take Trey on a chase for answers, his heart and his soul war to do what is right. Having to stand up for herself, Jane will risk everything when the truth is revealed. But will it be enough for Trey to hold on to Jane and protect her from the one she thought to escape?



Finch is in deep, with no surface in sight. He hadn’t expected a welcoming party when they whirlpooled into Atlantis—although “welcoming” isn’t exactly the right word. More like “mildly hostile.” As descendants of the powerful Primus Anglicus, the Atlanteans are not to be trifled with. But Erebus isn’t leaving until he gets what he wants—and neither is Davin. Caught in the midst of a political battle royale, Finch can only ride out the waves. And he knows he’ll be lucky to escape this underwater prison without leaving anyone behind. For Melody, being trapped in an ancient, unfamiliar city is a dream come true. She hungers to fill the gaps in her knowledge, and Atlantis is a delicious buffet, from love potions and Death Day celebrations to beautiful and dangerous creatures.
Navigating this new world isn’t so scary with her trusty bodyguard by her side, though she must protect her own heart. History has shown that the Librarian isn’t supposed to fall in love… but what if it’s already too late?


bringer of nightBRINGER OF NIGHT (SPECTR SERIES 3 BOOK 2) by Jordan L Hawk

The vampire spirit Gray and his human host Caleb have sworn never to drink from a human again. But when a woman from one of Caleb’s tour groups is murdered by what appears to be a vampire, Caleb is arrested as the prime suspect. Not only does she have a bite mark on her throat, but security camera footage reveals her murderer looks exactly like Caleb, down to the clothes he was wearing that night.
Can Caleb and Gray clear their names, not only to the police but to John? Or will the new life they’ve built in New Orleans come crashing down around them?

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VS note: I have no idea if this has a happy ending, not listed as a romance, but had an intriguing plot.

If, at the end of your life, you got to pick one day to relive, what day would you pick?
Walter Zawislak wants none of it. Not a day to relive, not a trip down memory lane through a life he wasted. His wife, Rosie, died twenty years ago, and without her he hasn’t done much living. So if it’s lights out for him, then just turn them off already and let him get some peace and quiet.

But Peter, the mysterious young man in charge of Walter’s afterlife, isn’t listening to Walter. In Peter’s eyes there is beauty in every day, even the bad ones. Even the really bad ones. Of which Water has had more than a few. But there are also days of bravery and heroism. Selflessness and grace. And Rosie…there are lots of days of Rosie.
Before it’s too late for both of them, Peter has to remind Walter that there’s more to life than dying.


tuffy clausTUFFY CLAUS by Linda Mooney

It’s another night on the job for Deputy Sheriff Barbara Mero, giving chase to a suspect in a stolen vehicle. But when someone beats her to the perp, she’s not sure whether to step in or not. Before she can stop him, a sledgehammer-wielding bearded biker on a red Harley delivers his own punishment, but with his parting words, Babs isn’t so sure he’s another bad guy.

After further investigation, Babs knows this vigilante “Santa” meant well, but there’s no proof he was even there. And after a few more run-ins with the red-cloaked badass, she’s torn between duty and justice, but in her heart she knows he’s the real deal.

You see, there’s a side of the story of Santa that doesn’t get told, and that’s where Dominik comes in. Being the twin to Kris, Dom’s job isn’t near as merry, though still necessary, answering the letters from the kids who want more than just toys. Those who want a better, safer life, food, and shelter. Basic needs a kid shouldn’t have to wish for on Christmas. Alhough he’s accepted his own lot in life, Dominik still has one regret. It’s a lonely life. There’s another side to jolly old Saint Nick, and he ain’t a saint.

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rescued by the faeRESCUED BY THE FAE (MATED TO A FAE BOOK 3) by Maia Starr

I have her trapped inside the Golden Prison. Aurelia’s life is on the line and saving her would mean betraying my king. …but I’m her prison guard! I have to keep reminding myself of that. My obsession with taking her innocence only grows with each passing day. She’s a dragon/human hybrid. It’s why the Fae King wants her in his possession.
Her blood would help him produce more Divine Faes. Aurelia is my fated mate.
It’s painful to watch her trapped in here. But it won’t be for too long. I’ll defeat my king by myself if that’s what it takes to save her life.


his unexpected mateHIS UNEXPECTED MATE by T L West

Living in a small wooden cabin at the edge of a forest and working to solve the mystery of recent murders, young Eli Bright learns the locals believe a man-beast is responsible.
As an outsider, he is watched very closely as he works with the young local sheriff, Stanley Blake. But Eli knows there has to be a proper explanation. Paranormal creatures don’t exist, right?

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sea monsters mateTHE SEA MONSTER’S MATE by Delaney Rain

VS Note: A November release.

Eric Baird made the decision to abandon modern conveniences and his prejudiced family for a simple island life. He has a small cabin and a lagoon all to himself and, though he’s sometimes lonely, he’s mostly relieved that he can finally be free. But one lazy afternoon swim takes a dangerous turn when a cramp has Eric struggling not to drown. Suddenly, someone saves him, and he’s ever so grateful…until he sees who it is.

Tyfodorus is a Cecaelia who has a rather human upper body and a definitely squid lower half. As if a mersquid in his lagoon isn’t enough to knock the socks off Eric, Ty lets him know they’re here to breed. Would Eric be the host to Ty’s six eggs? Pretty please?

Eric gets to know Ty and agrees, resulting in some amazing sex and six little highly intelligent, totally adorable hatchlings. As they adjust to living as a family in the lagoon, they also have to understand just how genetically compatible they are, deal with a shipwreck survivor, and make plans for their future together.


elemental faithELEMENTAL FAITH (WARLOCKS BOOK 3) by L M Somerton

When you’re a warlock, proving your worth can be fatal. Evrain Brookes had thought that being a warlock was about genetics—a freak offshoot of evolution that somehow allowed him to manipulate the elements. So when his godfather explains there’s a deeper purpose for warlocks being around, one that stretches back into the reaches of time, Evrain is intrigued.

Warlocks have been using their abilities to tweak the course of history for the better since records began but before Evrain can be allowed to fulfill his destiny, he has to pass a test. This challenge takes him and his life partner, Dominic Castine, back to Scotland, to the Isle of Skye. What they both face there will determine the course of their future.  Evrain has no way of knowing if he will prevail, but both their lives depend on it.


her prophecyHER PROPHECY (THE ROYAL SHIFTERS BOOK 5) by Alice Wilde

VS Note: A late November release.

Three shifter armies lost. A world descending into darkness. One woman to save them all…Time is running short in more ways than one, and we’ve lost nearly as much as we’ve gained… if not more. Black magic has already spread, slowly sinking its claws into the darkness and calling forth evil. If we don’t find a way to defeat Damien soon, the world and all its unsuspecting inhabitants will soon be in his grasp. The problem is, no one seems to believe me or, if they do, willing to help. Now that we’ve lost our human armies, we only have one creature left to turn to… a dragon.

Danger, betrayal, and heartache lie in wait for us at every turn, and even I am beginning to lose hope that we’ll ever make it back alive, let alone to save my kingdom. But I have to try, no matter the cost. I have to do it for them…My men. Their future. Our kingdom.



The Night King is dead, and his killer is on the loose. When Mera Maurea goes to Lunor Insul to investigate the Night King’s murder, she knows bringing her partner Sebastian Dhay is a mistake, mostly because he’s the victim’s freaking son. Things would be a lot easier if Bast’s relationship with his four brothers wasn’t so… explosive. As the culprit keeps attacking the Night Court, Mera and Bast will have to catch him before all remaining Dhays are dead. Everything is connected, and solving this case might just bring Mera closer to Poseidon.


together bound book 2TOGETHER BOUND (SENTRIES BOOK 2) by Elizabeth Noble

VS Note: From November

Todd Ruger is a sentry, a very good one, some might say the best. He was eleven when he and Nick were bound as master and slave. Todd spent the years Nick lived in the slave village waiting for the day Nick could leave and they’d be together, bit by bit building a life for both of them. He took his role of master seriously. It was his responsibility to provide for Nick, protect him and along the way he learned to love him. Todd loved Nick deeply and completely. They were more than a pair of sentries. Todd and Nick were friends, lovers, mates.

Eighteen months ago, Nick left the small village where he’d spent his entire life being raised and trained as a slave. Blessed with a unique skill set, Nick became a sentry. He took his place beside his master, Todd Ruger, defending society against the many paranormal threats that abound. They became more than master and slave, they became mates. Nick had found a home with Todd and together they became a family. Eventually, Nick’s special abilities and skills attract the attention of the second most powerful man in New Colorado Protectorate’s government, Vice Chancellor Clarke. Or, maybe certain people knew of Nick all along and just now had cause to use him. He believes Nick might be the answer to explaining Chancellor Shaffer’s sudden, unusual behavior.

Forced to go undercover the Chancellor’s Estate, Todd and Nick discover an ancient and deadly creature preying on residents of the estate. The same creature that is radically effecting Chancellor Shaffer. A creature only Nick can see in its true form. It hunts using specialized skills and has Todd and Nick in its crosshairs. Even if they defeat the creature and survive, they still face the possibility of being torn from each other when their lives are thrown into chaos by the thing they’re hunting.

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VS note: From late November.

Beware the King’s rage. Nate thinks the danger to his pack is over and all he has to worry about is the president’s invitation to the State of the Union address and officiating upcoming pack weddings. But when a Huntsman infiltrates the ranch, threatening his pack with destruction, Nate’s fury reaches new levels. The Progenitors warned Nate an Alpha’s anger kills. They didn’t tell him the King’s anger destroys.


claimed by the dragon kingCLAIMED BY THE DRAGON KING by Riley Storm

As the newest member of the Mage Council, Kyla Langston is sent on a mission to House Draconis to find out why the shifters have united. She’s not looking forward to spending any time with the savage brutes until she meets the Dragon King. He challenges everything she’s ever been told about his kind. Instead of running away from him, she wants to run right into his arms instead. Torn between two worlds, she doesn’t know how to honor the Council’s wishes while also honoring her heart’s desire.

Galen never asked to be King of House Draconis. As if dealing with the vampire menace isn’t enough, he’s also stuck contending with a gorgeous, but bristly, mage. Kyla is unlike anyone he’s ever known. She’s smart, cunning, and possesses all of the qualities he’d want in a mate. But he’ll never cross that line with her. Years ago, he promised himself he’d never forgive the mages for what they did, and nothing she can do will make him change his mind.

As the tension between the mages and shifters comes to a head, they must navigate generations of hatred and mistrust to come together to save their people. They barely trust each other, but as they work together to fight the vampires, their fiery relationship might be exactly what they need to save themselves from extinction.


freeing oberonFREEING OBERON (TUNDRA WOLVES BOOK 6) by Maggie Walsh

Oberon is a vampire living in the frozen Tundra with a pack of wolves that have treated him better than anyone ever before in his life, including his own family, but the move has been causing chaos, not only with his feedings and his sleep, but with his desires. Living with a pack of wolves who embrace their dominant and submissive sides is hard on a man who, deep down, craves submission, but is always forced to be the one on top.

While Oberon tries to deal with a dark past filled with torture, pain, and rejection, he has a hard time ignoring his dark desires when the sexy beta, Legion, is near. Legion does things to him that make Oberon feel ashamed, but the man pushes every button for him, causing Oberon to have to fight his cravings even harder…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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shadow reaper ann gimpelSHADOW REAPER (GATEKEEPER BOOK 1) by Ann Gimpel

The dead are restless, and a whole lot less cooperative than they have been. That was true even before I drew the short straw and ended up with Vampire duty.
Since then, Reaping has taken way more time. So much, I’m worried I’ll lose all the clients from the career that actually feeds me. I run a small private pilot school. It pays most of the bills and means I don’t have to keep regular hours. Death wants me to remain in one piece. She’s bailed me out often enough, she’s all but ordered me to find other employment. I just smile and nod after our little talks, and then I climb back into a cockpit. Our last toe-to-toe didn’t go so well. She went and assigned Vampires to me. That’s when Reaping turned into a million-hour-a-week job. I can almost hear the Reaper who was stuck with them before, laughing his head off.

I shepherd souls to the other side. Vampires have zero interest in leaving, but I have a quota to fill. Means I have to trick them, but it didn’t work for long. They’re onto me. Damn Death, anyway. She painted a target on my back, and now the Vamps are out for blood. In more ways than one.

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Being the only shifter of his kind, Special Forces Engineer Sergeant Garrison Stokes has never known the sense of family that comes with being part of a clan. With the holidays fast approaching, the dragon sees the rest of his Special Ops Shifter Force comrades getting ready to celebrate Christmas with their mates, and that only magnifies the issue.

So when he’s presented with a mission to investigate a mysterious case of shifter disappearances around Lake Tahoe, he jumps at the chance to get away from it all. But when he arrives, his inner dragon can’t pull himself away from what’s drawing him to the depths of the chilly lake.

The last of Maren Stone’s clan died off ages ago, and with no other dragons shifters left in the world, she’s lived in relative solitude. Protecting her territory on Lake Tahoe has been getting more difficult over the years, thanks to the sprawl of tourism. Now, rumors of the lake monster the humans believe her to be are growing, and she’s in more danger than ever before.  But one night, when she comes face to face with another dragon in the lake…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)



VS Note: From November

Dover Rees is a guppy tailed merman and the youngest child of the King of the Southern Silver Isles. Despite the lofty title, he fits in better with the other guppy tailed working class than with his royal siblings. Dover spends his days secluded in his creek, successfully avoiding the King’s court and all the judgmental nobles there. Then, the most wonderous and horrible thing happens. He hears the mating call and knows his alpha is waiting for him.
Ben Elliot is just a human trying to get by in a small tourist beach town. He has his art and a few good friends, and that should be enough, right? Wrong. Coming home to a quiet house and an empty bed starts to wear on him, but none of the omegas he knows appeal to him. Until a storm knocks him off his fishing boat and he’s rescued by a mysterious, blue-haired omega.
Together, Dover and Ben forge a bond strong enough to stand against the storm of corrupt lords, court politics, and a cursed king.


savage prideSAVAGE PRIDE (LION HEARTS BOOK 1) by Cecelia Lane

Running from a devastating betrayal, Hailey’s wound is salted when car trouble strands her in the path of a snarly lion shifter with a chip on his shoulder the size of Pride Rock.
She can’t decide what’s worse—his snarky, human hating attitude, or the fact that her judgement sucks and she is falling in love with the devil in sexy blue jeans. But refusing to trust will cost her more than her future happiness… it could cost her life.

Alpha lion Trent has no one but his pride, a group of misfits holding onto control by a claw under his leadership. He doesn’t need the complication of a stubborn, mouthy, human woman who looks him in the eye and sets off every instinct to claim.
Especially since his uncle is threatening to solve Trent’s Hailey problem with violence.
For Trent isn’t the only one who wants to see all humans kicked out of town and lions back at the top of the food chain. He’s just the only one who is starting to change his mind…the only one who realizes that the love of a mate is worth fighting, dying, and forgiving for.


samsonSAMSON – PRINCE OF TIGERS by Kathi S Barton

Allison Sheppard had come back to town to bury her siblings. Allie’s sister and two brothers had robbed the local bank. Samson Prince had killed two of them to protect the innocent people in the bank, her baby brother was sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial. Allie wanted to wash her hands of all of them.

It didn’t take Allie but a moment to realize that the entire town looked on her as a pariah, like she was responsible for what her siblings did. Not that she could blame them, but the silent accusations did hurt. The sooner she was finished with this mess, the better. She would leave this town and good riddance.

Samson only wanted to make the woman understand that they weren’t monsters, and he had no choice in the bank, but from the moment he was within two feet of her, her scent overwhelmed him. Allie was his mate, and this changed everything.


dragon embracedDRAGON EMBRACED (THE COVERT DRAGONS BOOK 8) by Viola Grace

Zzara has been learning magic forbidden to dragons. When the mage guild catches on to what her tutor has been showing her, they are both in trouble. Helping a dragon to learn magic is a high crime. If the dragon wasn’t the child of Magus Warrok, the dragon wasn’t allowed spellwork.
Zzara has few choices. Either she can remain in her friend’s home and put her in danger, or she can leave with the knowledge she already has mastered. It is a choice that forces her to make decisions she wanted to leave for another year.
Emory guards the blood dragon. He has been waiting for this moment for years. The moment the call came out for guards, he got clearance from the elders and made his way to the capital.
The blood dragon was shorter than he had imagined, but she had an intelligence and a will that never failed to surprise him. He had to remain on his toes when she was around, and keeping an air of mystery was his first line of defense.

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conquer the darknessCONQUER THE DARKNESS (GUARDIANS OF ETERNITY BOOK 15) by Alexandra Ivy

On the edge of the Mojave desert, out of the lights of Las Vegas, even a werewolf can expect a share of peace and solitude. For Ulric, the last surviving member of a pack hunted through centuries, it’s one of few places he’s willing to drop his guard. Until he spots Brigette, a beautiful wolf-woman he thought dead long ago. When he gives chase, he loses her—and discovers he’s being followed himself.

His pursuer is a zephyr sprite, Rainn, on the trail of a frightening prophecy she can’t predict or understand. All she knows is that Ulric is at its center. If he’s determined to find Brigette, she’ll do what she must to keep him with her.
When the search leads them to a place where Ulric’s ghosts and Rainn’s portents intertwine, a lurking evil waits to swallow them both. But as they fight for survival, their need for each other will become impossible to deny.

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capturing a unicornCAPTURING A UNICORN (CHIMERA SECRETS BOOK 5) by Eve Langlais

Will he betray or save the world’s only unicorn? Oliver is on a mission to expose the secrets of a clinic that dared to perform illegal experiments on humans. Against all laws and morals, there are doctors making monsters, and it has to stop. Humanity itself is at stake, which is why he must destroy the knowledge of their creation and eliminate any living threats.

Then Oliver meets Emma, a former patient, living within the ruins of the clinic. She’s sweet and gentle, pretty, too—despite the horn projecting from her forehead. It seems Oliver has found one of the monsters, and she’s like nothing he imagined. Will he go through with his plan to eradicate those changed by Chimera’s secret, or save Emma for love?

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ghosts gangsters garlandGHOSTS, GANGSTERS & GARLAND: WHEN HOLIDAYS ATTACK by Jana Denardo

Zia, Dolores and Kane all possess the magic to fight monsters but all they want now is a nice Christmas break. Partners in life and at work as monster-slayers for a group known as the Clipeum, they’ve been risking life and limb keeping humanity safe. They’ve won their hard-earned vacation their boss has set up for them: a week in a small hotel in upper Wisconsin. Their boss mentioned in passing it used to be a gangster retreat in the heyday of prohibition.

Married for some time, Zia and Dolores were surprised to have Kane in their life, first at work and now in their hearts. They’re looking forward to their first holiday today as a threesome and the ladies can’t wait to see their first pagan Yule celebration with Kane. All they want is some quiet relaxation. What they get is something entirely different.

Gangster ghosts, would-be witches, over-enthusiastic children, animated snowmen and a century old former gangster moll who has a little spark still in her add up to a not-so-restful Christmas. Zia, Dolores and Kane trade comfy clothing and relaxation for spellcasting and ghost wrangling. Still they might just be able to rescue themselves a Merry Yule from all the chaos.

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dragons kiss deb cookeDRAGON’S KISS (THE DRAGONFATE NOVELS BOOK 2) by Deborah Cooke

Her kiss could be his doom…When dragon-shifter Kristofer feels his firestorm ignite, he eagerly follows its spark to his destined mate. To his surprise, the heat leads him to a Valkyrie intent on claiming his soul. Even so, Kristofer has never met a woman as alluring as the fierce warrior before him. Trusting in the firestorm, he must convince her to fight with him instead of against him.

Trading the life of a dragon shifter for that of her sister Valkyrie is an easy choice for Bree…until she meets Kristofer. Experience taught her that dragons are evil, but in him she sees a bold and noble warrior. Finding his confidence as irresistible as his touch, Bree fears she is being tricked into abandoning her sister. But how can she take Kristofer’s life when his very presence makes her burn with desire?

When they’re compelled to join forces, Kristofer seizes the chance to convince Bree that they’re stronger together. Yet as a sinister plan unfolds, an ancient dragon is roused from his slumber. With danger closing in, can Kristofer convince Bree to surrender her immortality for their forbidden love? Or will Bree’s distrust of dragons prove justified?

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magic and misdeedsMAGIC AND MISDEEDS (STARRY HOLLOW WITCHES BOOK 11) by Anabel Chase

When a gaming tournament comes to Starry Hollow, everyone is thrilled with the influx of tourists–until a player ends up dead. Meanwhile, Ember makes an important discovery in connection with her mysterious ancestor and the Rose family deals with a visit from an old relative who gets under Aunt Hyacinth’s skin, which means everybody’s tip-toeing on eggshells to avoid her wrath. Thanks to the many distractions, Ember fails to notice that Raoul is involved in something over his furry head. Can Ember stop the madness and identify the killer before the end of the tournament or will it be game over?


boundary hauntedBOUNDARY HAUNTED (BOUNDARY MAGIC BOOK 5) by  Melissa F Olson

VS Note: Not a romance…

Months after her battles in Wyoming, Allison “Lex” Luther is still struggling with the aftereffects of the psychic attack she suffered—and with the new developments in her own magic.

Then Lex’s boss, the cardinal vampire of Colorado, passes along a strange request from her counterpart in Atlanta. Hundreds of Civil War spirits have abruptly vanished in Beau Calhoun’s territory, and he wants Lex to figure out why. In exchange, Beau can help her understand boundary magic, which runs in his family line as well.

Despite her trepidation, Lex journeys to the Deep South, where she discovers that ghosts are everywhere…and that her host’s intentions are more complicated than he promised. It seems his teenage descendant is being hunted, and both Beau and Lex fear the young woman’s boundary blood may have made her a target. With Atlanta’s history looming over her every move, Lex will have to face Beau’s ghosts—and her own—to prevent a boundary magic attack she never dreamed possible.



Ofelia Archer has a full life … which only gets fuller when a dead body lands in her backyard.
As owner of New Orleans’ premier supernatural speakeasy, Ofelia is always in the thick of things when the witch hits the fan. That’s no exception now … even when the local police start breathing down her neck.
Zach Sully has a colorful background. As a panther shifter, he keeps his true origins secret while walking the colorful streets of the French Quarter keeping law and order. A tourist murder draws him into new and uncharted territory, and a feisty witch is at the center of it.
Sully and Ofelia circle one another … warily … as they both try to solve a mystery that revolves around an outsider who somehow had ties to their little corner of the world. Eventually, they’re going to have to join forces … and it’s not exactly a comfortable meeting of the minds.
Chemistry is one thing. Trust is another. Ofelia and Sully will be forced to get over their inner misgivings and unite if they want to solve the crime … and stay alive in the process.
Welcome to a magical world, where the characters are colorful, the magic is fantastical, and the drinks are poured strong.  It’s Bourbon Street, baby, and you’ll never be the same again.


children of virtue and vengeanceCHILDREN OF VIRTUE AND VENGEANCE by Tomi Adeyemi

VS Note: Not a romance but a release of note…

After battling the impossible, Zélie and Amari have finally succeeded in bringing magic back to the land of Orïsha. But the ritual was more powerful than they could’ve imagined, reigniting the powers of not only the maji, but of nobles with magic ancestry, too. Now, Zélie struggles to unite the maji in an Orïsha where the enemy is just as powerful as they are. But when the monarchy and military unite to keep control of Orïsha, Zélie must fight to secure Amari’s right to the throne and protect the new maji from the monarchy’s wrath. With civil war looming on the horizon, Zélie finds herself at a breaking point: she must discover a way to bring the kingdom together or watch as Orïsha tears itself apart.

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savage faeSAVAGE FAE (RUTHLESS BOYS OF THE ZODIAC BOOK 2) by Carolyn Peckham and Susanne Valenti

There’s more to my brother’s murder than I realised…Shadows in the halls, mysteries lurking around every corner. Whoever killed him is covering their tracks well. And now I’m walking a dangerous line between getting close to the four kings for information and wanting to crawl deeper under their skin for my own desires. I can’t trust anyone. I can’t let my guard down. And I must keep the urges of my body separate from my heart. But I’m starting to break all of my own rules.  I just hope I’m not falling for my brother’s killer.



For eight years, Baojia and Natalie have pursued their goals: family, career, friendship and love–trying to carve out an ordinary life in an immortal world. And for eight years they’ve been mostly successful save for a world-bending adventure every now and then.
Except that their life was never ordinary. It was never going to be.

Natalie and Baojia might have made plans, but when ordinary life comes crashing down, they’ll have to turn to the family they have chosen–vampire and human–for help keeping their world together.
Five couples, four kids, three weeks, two paths… and a partridge in a pear tree? Return to the Elemental World for a Christmas reunion of old friends and forever loves.
For Natalie Ellis, it’s time to come home.

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over the broomOVER THE BROOM (WICKED WITCHES OF COVENTRY BOOK 9) by Sara Bourgeois

What happens when a dead body crashes your wedding day? Find out how Brighton and friends will handle this unexpected guest.



In the Faerie Games, it’s kill or be killed. And I’m going to survive, no matter what the cost. Who will win the next Emperor of the Villa competition? Will I tell Julian that we’re soulmates? And most importantly—will Julian, Cassia, and I defeat Octavia and make it out of the Games alive? I’ll do whatever’s necessary to survive. Because I’m Selena Pearce—raised by the leaders of Avalon, born of a powerful witch and a faerie prince, and gifted with magic from Jupiter. And I’m not going to let fear control me any longer.



VS note: From November…

My name is Tamsin Vale and my life is about to get real… Really complicated and ridiculously dangerous. Which is almost funny given at nineteen I already know too much of the darkness of the world and people, the secrets they keep. Or so I thought.

Turns out those quirky abilities I’ve been keeping secret expose me to a world I didn’t know existed. Sure, I knew I wasn’t human—but how exactly do I find out more without ending up in the wrong hands? And I’m not so sure I’m in the right hands now given some of the reactions to finding me. They say I’m the last fairy. I’m not sure I should trust them when their thoughts are mostly of power and how to use me. But I’m also not sure I have much of a choice. My powers are dangerous and I don’t know how to use them. They promise to teach me what I need to know and give me a chance at something I’ve never had before. A normal life. I don’t think anything about Artemis University and those who attend is normal, but it’s still better than the life I’ve been living if they keep half their promises.
I think hoping they’ll keep half is generous.



box set canva ad revised

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This Badari Warriors box set gathers the first three science fiction romance novels from this award winning series into one collection.



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