Pets In Space 5 Author Leslie Chase Talks Holographic Cat Inspiration

VS: I was thrilled to have Leslie Chase as a Pets in Space® 5 author this year because I really enjoyed her scifi romance novel Auric (Crashland Colony Romance Book 1) when it came out in 2019 and thought her holographic pets were an ideal addition to an anthology about unusual animals. Fortunately she made time in her writing calender to join us! She’s visiting the blog today to share a little more about ‘Glitch’, her pet for the anthology:

Leslie: I’m very excited to be part of the Pets in Space® 5 anthology; this is my first year as a contributing author, but I’ve enjoyed the previous anthologies. Not just the stories, but the fact that it raises money for – a wonderful charity I’m proud to support.

That, and I get to work with a wonderful group of authors and have fun writing a story about a cute and lovely pet 😊

It’s the pets that make these anthologies, I think. And I do love writing about them: in my Crashland Saga, every human has a holographic pet, so all the stories feature at least one. My Salvaged Hearts series feature Munchkin, the rescued ship’s cat. The chance to write for an anthology of stories featuring pets was a wonderful opportunity.

Glitch popped into my head as soon as I started thinking about writing a Pets in Space® story. A hologram cat with static for eyes and a tendency to get in trouble, I loved him straight away. Which made writing a story around him easier than usual! It’s set on Crashland, like a lot of my recent books – a planet on which humans crashed along with the alien pirates attacking them. Glitch would be the companion hologram of the human heroine, helping her with her work… and her romance.

Glitch is a bit different from the other holograms, though. He’s damaged, hence his name, and sometimes appears or disappears, or fades into static. Molly, his human, loves him despite his imperfections, and no matter what other people think of Glitch, she’s not going to replace him.

Which is how he’s on hand when Molly meets her alien mate, and how he steps in to help when love at first sight doesn’t go a smoothly as people expect.


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GLITCH (Crashland Colony Romance Series)

She swore she’d never forgive the alien pirates who stranded her. But that was before she met Karnac.

Famous last words….

I made a promise to myself never to forget what the alien Prytheen stole from me. When one of them tells me that we’re fated mates, it doesn’t change anything. Nothing could make me change my mind! Not the fact he gets along with Glitch, my holographic cat. Not the fact that he has a killer body and a smoldering gaze that leaves me short of breath. I won’t let my guard down.

Karnac is an alien pirate. Unfortunately, he is also the second part of the technical staff at the Crashland Colony broadcast station. I patch the human stuff, he takes care of the Prytheen tech. My promise to keep everything professional between us goes south when Glitch spots disaster heading straight for the colony.

It is amazing how a life or death situation can change your perspective. Maybe having a crude, arrogant, domineering Prytheen pirate of my own wouldn’t be such a bad idea?

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