Cover Reveal: Heather Massey’s ‘A Villainous Affair’ New Steampunk Series

Veronica: It’s my pleasure and honor to host the Exclusive Cover Reveal for the new series A Villainous Affair by Heather Massey. Heather was one of my first friends in the scifi romance community and has always been so supportive and helpful to me and to the SFR genre, so I was thrilled to have the chance to share her new covers and the details of the forthcoming books!

A fugitive man and woman stand back-to-back in a moonlit Victorian London. Airships fly above in the cloudy sky.

From Heather:

Series summary

Supervillains, steampunk, and social justice rebels collide in an epic adventure about an unlikely pair of thieves who join forces to battle mobs, evil scientists, and a fascist regime for control of a powerful aether invention. The outcome of their revolutionary mission will determine the fate of Victorian England—and beyond.

Meanwhile, this dynamic duo of the London underworld struggles to keep their fake marriage strictly professional at a time when they’re focused on achieving wide-scale social reform. But even their combined power of brains and brawn may not be enough to shield them from the siren’s call of love.

Heather Massey’s fantastical steampunk romance quartet mixes BIRDS OF PREY girl gang energy with the political panache of V FOR VENDETTA. It’s seasoned with high-octane action, fashion glow-ups, underworld intrigue, and infernal devices.

Inspired by lady supervillains, social justice movements, and the magic of science, A Villainous Affair will delight fans who love the worldbuilding prowess of Meljean Brook, the Victorian underworld characters of Sarah MacLean, and the resistance romances of Alyssa Cole.

A young, dapper man in a Victorian suit and top hat manipulates gears that are swirling in the air using the magical power of aether energy.

Description for A Tale of Two Thieves – A Villainous Affair #1

Welcome to the world of A Villainous Affair, a sensational steampunk romance saga about villains and heroes, rich and poor, science and justice, and the breathtaking power of love. 

The tale begins with an unlikely pair of thieves who cross paths on one fateful day in a poverty-stricken metropolis…. 

Once upon a time in Victorian London, lowborn thief Ruby Darling rescues Nathan Harlow, a gentleman fugitive inventor on the run from his murderous uncle. Nathan must prevent his groundbreaking aether device from falling into the wrong hands, while Ruby craves wide-scale social reform to help the country’s destitute people. To ensure mutual success, they strike a deal—her protection in exchange for his technical wizardry to achieve her goal of conquering England.

But Ruby has one condition—their partnership will end as soon as they overthrow the Crown. With millions of lives at stake, she can’t let friendship or romance derail her mission. Nathan agrees even though he’s already hopelessly in love with her. A new identity will help shield him from the authorities, so he proposes a fake marriage. Impressed by his sensible idea, she agrees.

Ruby is dirt poor, so first they need to amass a fortune and build a criminal empire. Meanwhile, the League of Vigilance—a citizen anti-crime force led by the intrepid, poleaxe wielding Eleanor Marson—is on the hunt to capture Nathan and return him to his uncle’s evil clutches.

The stage is set for a thrilling adventure as Ruby and Nathan Darling embark on a fantastical journey to gain unrivaled power in the underworld and beyond. Yet navigating their unconventional relationship proves just as challenging as their wildly ambitious mission, with many treacherous waters ahead of them.

A Villainous Affair is a serial story in novel form with several point-of-view characters and best read in order. Books One-Three end with a cliffhanger. Happily Ever After guaranteed.

A dark-haired woman in a black and red day dress reclines on a settee in a luxurious Victorian room. She stares at the viewer with a sinister gaze.

A Victorian man and woman in a clinch make loving eye contact in front of Buckingham Palace. They’re wearing fancy clothes and the woman holds an aether pistol, ready for action.

Main tropes: friends-to-lovers, cross-class romance, grumpy-sunshine catnip, brains and brawn, unrequited love, found family

Release date for full series: April 30, 2021 

About the Illustrator 

Elizabeth Peiró is an illustrator from Barcelona. Obsessed with fantasy, she loves to create colorful art set in whimsical worlds. Her piece, “The Tinkerer,” won a spot in the book, Infected By Art, Vol. 9. Peiró is a mentee of renowned fantasy illustrator Donato Giancola.

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About the Author

Heather Massey (she/her) is a geek mom who’s the proud parent of a terrific daughter and married to the love of her life. Heather is best known for her sci-fi romance blog, The Galaxy Express.

Though she’s neither an award-winning nor bestselling author (thank you for not judging!), her stories provide quality entertainment by way of fantastical worlds, action-adventure, and larger-than-life characters who fall in love while battling evils such as classist jerks, corporate greed, the patriarchy, and corrupt politicians.


Twitter: thgalaxyexpress

Blog: The Galaxy Express (Note: this blog has been retired, but it’s still a great resource of all things SFR.)



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