ABCs of SciFi Romance Illustrated By Amazing Book Covers

I did a series of videos for Tiktok, showing a fun collection of SFR books related somehow to each letter! I’m sharing the links today – you can click and watch the video even if you aren’t on Tiktok yourself.

I had a lot of fun, hope you find some you like!

A is for Aliens

B is for Babies

C is for Cyborgs

D is Dragons

E is for SFR taking place on Earth

F is for Fairy Tales Retold, Fiancees and Fake

G is for Gladiators

H is for Hunters of all types

I is for Titles Beginning with I and also Ice

J is for Names starting with J

K is for Kings

L is for LGBTQ+

M is for Maid, Mate, Marked and maybe a few more M words!

N is for Nannies and Names starting with N

O is for Omegaverse

P is for Pirates

Q is for Queens


R is for Reverse Harem

S is for Savage and Saved

T is for Taken (as in Alien Abductions)

U is for titles containing “Un”

V is for one major word in the title


W is for Warriors

X marks the spot – SOME of Veronica’s Favorite SciFi romances!

XYZ We reach The End!




Just one of the slides for XYZ:


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