Could You Find a New #SciFi Romance Read on My 50+ Book Backlist?

My first two books were published in 2012, one by Carina Press (a Harlequin imprint) in January and the other I self published in March of that year. Ten years plus now as a published author and I’ve loved every minute of the ride! And I’m sure not stopping now…

It took me three years to have enough books out and enough lovely readers to be able to quit the day job at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on the business side of the house and go fulltime as an author. I was so thrilled and I’ve never looked back on the decision with any regrets. JPL is a fascinating place to work but I’d been there a loooonnngggg time, my children were grown and out of the nest and it was TIME to live the dream.

Most of my books are in connected series. The award winning Badari Warriors stands at 17 books so far. I’m busy writing book 18 and I can see another 4 or 5 to come. Even once the main series arc is complete, I can’t ever leave my Badari behind so I’ve got ideas for spinoffs. This series involves genetically engineered soldiers of the far future, who have alien predator DNA, and were held as prisoners by the alien scientists who created them. The Badari find human fated mates among the other doomed prisoners they rescue from the scientists….For the most part each book focusses on a different couple, although the other characters do appear.

I have written a spinoff series, the Badari Gladiators, which has two books released so far. The third book will be coming out in July as part of a new charity anthology. I know who my fourth book in the series would star but haven’t thought too much about it yet.

Then there’s the Wreck of the Nebula Dream trilogy, which starts with my “Titanic in space…” novel (coincidentally my first published scifi romance), for which one reviewer gave me possibly my favorite review of all time:



I also have an eight book Star Cruise series (you’ll note one book, Return Voyage, is a Wreck sequel and included as a Star Cruise book…), set on my “love boat of the stars,” the Nebula Zephyr.

Another favorite is my four book alien empath series, about men and women kidnapped from a medieval-style world and sold to the interstellar crime syndicate. Their powers can be used for good or evil, as it turns out. Each book focusses on a different empath and what he or she does to escape and who helps them. One of the books, Star Cruise Stowaway, is also a part of the STAR CRUISE series.

I’ve always enjoyed scifi medical romances. So far I’ve written two books in my Haven Colony series, about a woman who’s the only doctor on a frontier colony planet. I have a third one pretty well plotted out in my head so maybe at some point in the next year I can get this one written.

I also have standalone scifi romance novels set in the same overarching Sectors interstellar civilization.

Did you know I also write paranormal romance? I have ten books out in my award winning Gods of Egypt series!

And I’ve dipped my toes into fantasy, with my Magic of Claddare stories. I’d love to write more of them but there’s only so much time…

All my books are available wide as ebooks and I’m slowly getting them back up as paperbacks on Amazon only. There are series pages for most of them here on the blog, with the blurbs and buy links. (And of course my Amazon Author Page lists all my books.)

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