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I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

People were wondering what happened to Fallyn last week. Seems she had to go off and buy a spaceship…

The excerpt:

Her hopes for finding a suitable ship in her budget thoroughly dashed by the first two dealers she’d visited, Fallyn forced herself to take the spaceport shuttle to the third one. After this I’m going back to the hotel and crash. Check out the others tomorrow. She stretched her tired legs and leaned her head against the metal side of the groundtram as it made its way along the appointed route. After a moment she straightened with a curse because the vibration made her headache worse. What she wanted to do was go to the cheap hotel room she’d rented and allow herself to collapse. To regroup. Gather herself to try again tomorrow.

It had been a lot to take in today, leaving the military and suddenly becoming a civilian again. When she’d walked out of the main gate at the base in her utilities and tee shirt with no insignia and no one saluted her and the door closed behind her unceremoniously, she’d had to steel herself not to do an about face, rush to the Survey Command Office and plead to undo the entire thing.

The military had been her home and her family for the past twenty years. Increasing responsibilities and advancing in rank had been her goals since the day she enlisted.

Fallyn rubbed one hand over her heart, where the mate bond was anchored. No, Reede is my home and my family now, and I’m part of his people. She had to do whatever it took to find him in the vastness of the Sectors and help him reach the Mellureans to plead for the help the Badari needed so desperately.

She eyed the advertising holos crowding the entrance to the third used spaceship lot without much enthusiasm. Her needs were so specialized and her budget so limited, even considering her entire veterans’ land grant benefit, she’d need an outsized dose of luck to find a ship. There was the decommissioned commuter shuttle she’d seen at the first used ship lot, but it was a clunker without much to recommend it other than an engine and good life support.

Forcing herself to walk through the gate, ignoring the loud holos, many of which featured the dealer holding various alien animals and singsonging his sales slogan. Really? How did any of this silliness lure customers?

VS: We’ll keep going with this scene for a while…I had so much fun writing it.


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

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  1. A great scene! And I can feel her frustration since she needs to find the perfect ship and doesn’t have much time.

  2. I was really surprised that she left the military! Now she won’t get her military discount when she needs it most. LOL But seriously, I hope she can make a deal and quickly. Sounds like we have some interesting snippets ahead!

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