New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 16

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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Things were improving between us… that is, until he got the bright idea to kidnap me. I never thought I’d be tricked into an arranged marriage with an alien warlord. Still, it’s been easy enough to keep my former gladiator husband at arm’s length. But once my translator starts working, the hulking himbo decides he’s tired of waiting and freaking kidnaps me. I wake in a picturesque seaside village, and the big lug is only too happy to inform me that it’s all part of his plan to give us time to fall in love. Strangely enough, it turns out he was listening when I told him I loved historical mysteries, because he’s brought me to Sueva’s own unsolved mystery: a once thriving town where all occupants vanished without a trace. My overthinker brain is all too easily sucked into the riddle— and maybe even the idea of Alvez. Except… the reason the villagers disappeared? It’s not stuck in the past, and we’re in trouble. If Alvez and I want to escape the same fate, we’ll have to rely on each other… and I’ll have to stop over analyzing my feelings about him.      Amazon KU


I landed on Brexos with fire in my heart and vengeance running through my veins. On that strange planet, I met its unofficial ruler—an alien who infuriated and captivated me in equal measure. Autocrat. Dictator. Control freak. Malakaz. We agreed to ignore this thing between us. Agreed to dismiss our chemistry and focus on all of the reasons we despise each other instead. But then I was taken. And for the first time in his life, Malakaz defied logic, ignored common sense, and came after me himself. I have to escape before Malakaz falls into their trap. And before the Grivath king goes through on his sick threats. Because he won’t kill me slowly. No, if I can’t get out of here my death will be broadcast across this galaxy and used to dissuade anyone fighting back against the Grivath. I’d never let Malakaz know it, but some days, the sound of his low voice in my ear is the only thing keeping me going. Because that future he talks about? I can almost imagine it. Can almost imagine being happy. With him. I just have to make the Grivath pay first.      Amazon KU


After a fateful meeting on a besieged space station, everything changed. What followed was an episode of crazy, post-danger intimacy with two insanely hot men. I thought they were alphas. It turned out they were something much worse—deltas. “Alphas are territorial toward omegas under their care,” Doctor Lilly said when explaining my fate to me. “Deltas are worse.” I read the information pack she gave me, filed an intergalactic restraining order, and fled. When they turned up at my practice seeking therapy, I convinced myself that everyone had gotten it wrong. They hadn’t. Now the two insanely hot delta males are determined to claim me as their mate.     Amazon KU

MIMIC by Yolanda Olson and C A Rene

The world died before I had a chance to take a breath. There’s a small number of survivors scattered around what was once Los Angeles. At least, that’s what I think this piece of land used to be called. I can only go by what I’ve been told, and the one person that guided me and kept me safe died seven years ago. With her last dying breath, she told me that I’m special. That I can fix this, and so I hunt. Scavenge for the scraps that haven’t been turned to poison, for the animals that can provide a meal for the ones I’m hiding in my home. But that’s a dangerous thing now. I’ve stumbled across a family that hunts more than just animals. Anything they see as a threat, they’ll take down. Find the cure or watch what’s left of humanity die. I have to take this burden on my shoulders because I promised her that I would. I just didn’t know how difficult things would get until I saw them. Because he has something I want, and I won’t stop until I take it from him.     AmazonKU


VS Note: I’ll have to reread book one before diving into this one. I do remember the first book frustrated me but I HAD to know what happened so I kept reading. Sometimes I love his books and other times not as much…Not romance but a scifi release of note.

Five years ago, ordinary Americans fell under the grip of a strange new malady that caused them to sleepwalk across the country to a destination only they knew. They were followed on their quest by the shepherds: friends and family who gave up everything to protect them. Their secret destination: Ouray, a small town in Colorado that would become one of the last outposts of civilization. Because the sleepwalking epidemic was only the first in a chain of events that led to the end of the world—and the birth of a new one. The survivors, sleepwalkers and shepherds alike, have a dream of rebuilding human society. Among them are Benji, the scientist struggling through grief to lead the town; Marcy, the former police officer who wants only to look after the people she loves; and Shana, the teenage girl who became the first shepherd—and an unlikely hero whose courage will be needed again. Because the people of Ouray are not the only survivors, and the world they are building is fragile. The forces of cruelty and brutality are amassing under the leadership of self-proclaimed president Ed Creel. And in the very heart of Ouray, the most powerful survivor of all is plotting its own vision for the new world: Black Swan, the A.I. who imagined the apocalypse. Against these threats, Benji, Marcy, Shana, and the rest have only one hope: one another. Because the only way to survive the end of the world is together.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


YVETTE – Of all the muscular purple warriors, I get stuck with the grumpy one. Stuck in the cliffside lodge for months, I’m going stir-crazy while all the other women get to explore with their mates. Even Judy has her biker beau. I need to get out of here, so I ask Bre’k to take me foraging. I’m not surprised when, yet again, he says no. At the clubhouse, after a freak storm cut the power to our lodge, one of the men offers to take me foraging. All of a sudden, Mr. Grumpy decides he wants to take me out after all! What kind of I-don’t-want-you-but-he-can’t-have-you-either bullcrap is this? I don’t think so, Grumpy. But, to stop a fistfight from breaking out in Gabby’s kitchen, I agree—for one trip. Too bad the mate bond has other ideas. BRE’K – She’s the sunshine that brightens our ledge. Yvette was terrified of all hunters when she first arrived on the ledge. Not wanting to scare her, I learned to limit myself to human noises. No growling, no snarling, and absolutely no purring. Desperate to keep her safe, I offer to look for the items she needs instead of taking her out foraging. I didn’t expect another male to offer to take her instead! After shutting him down, the goal is simple: get her items, then get her back in one piece. Too bad my purring chest, mouthy shuttle, and a badly-timed mate bond decide to complicate things.   AmazonKU


Being eighteen is difficult, especially when you’re a cyborg and heir to the entire kingdom of the Moon. Disillusioned with royal life, Princess Andromeda dreams of nothing but freedom and adventure outside the protective dome of royalty. But when her parents arrange her marriage to an Earthen prince, she is forced to put her kingdom before her dreams of independence. While traveling to Earth, Andromeda’s ship is attacked by galactic pirates led by her father’s sworn enemy, the Lord Captain Bran. Taken prisoner, Andromeda realizes that her captors are unaware of her true identity and sees an opportunity: To best her enemies, she may have to join them.     Amazon     Kobo

BABY FOR THE GRIMLOCK GENERAL (ALIEN BABY PACT BOOK 1) by Aurelia Skye, Juno Wells and Kit Tunstall

She’s been drafted to be a surrogate for the alien. Violet Jones discovers she’s been matched to a Grimlock general. She’ll accompany the huge alien general to his home world. She only has to give him a year to woo her and act as his surrogate before she can walk away. At first, she’s sure she can’t give the massive alien what he wants, but he’s completely contrary to what she expects. He’s tender, caring, and obsessed with ensuring her pleasure and ability to accommodate him. Soon enough, the idea of leaving him seems crazier than the possibility of staying. Seven years ago, the Faction agreed to save Earth from the Vorathan invasion in exchange for Earth women giving them one year of proxy rights to act as a surrogate, since the aliens of the Faction faced a dwindling population. With the Vorathans feared throughout the galaxy as bloodthirsty, vicious marauders, the Earth’s government agreed. That doesn’t mean the women did.      Amazon KU


Claim. Mate. Breed. After human females are no longer capable of becoming pregnant, I enter a program to be seeded by an alien male. But when the facility is attacked, I discover my mate is none other than Ezal, a powerful alien prince and heir to the Krev throne. I rebel against his tyrannical rules but he’s determined to protect and seed me, no matter the cost. And when I discover he’s tormented by inner demons and consumed by the need to control, we embark on a passionate love affair. When he touches me, I yearn for more. When he kisses me, I surrender in gratitude. When he undresses me, I ache to scream his name. And when he makes me fly, I soar higher than ever before. When Ezal warns me to keep my distance, it only makes me want him more. I discover my true desires, as well as the dark secrets he keeps hidden away from prying eyes.      Amazon KU


My happily ever after has never seemed so far away. Life on Strafor has been agonizing, and the only two people who’ve made it manageable are now bonded to me for life. I’m still struggling with that concept, and with being in a polyamorous relationship, but I could do a lot worse for myself. Wen and Olo are two of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, and they’ve saved me time and time again. I owe them everything. Too bad my little honeymoon doesn’t last. My “owner” has come to reclaim me. I truly feel like our triad could have had something, but now, I may never know. But it turns out Wen and Olo aren’t letting me go without a fight. As flattering as that is, I’m scared for them, terrified. If they get hurt, it’ll break me. And if I lose them, I’ll break this whole world.     Amazon KU


VS Note: One reviewer states the romance is a “strong undercurrent”.

A menace stalks the streets of Victorian Buffalo. Costumed like a medieval physician, it brings panic, sickness, and death to a city already in turmoil over automaton rights. Fresh off a boat from Poland, Kasper Czak can’t let politics or mysterious figures deter him. He’s willing to work anywhere for an honest wage, including as caretaker at the Lost Waifs Orphanage. Tori Anderson, a young woman with a withered arm, also works at Lost Waifs, where there’s never enough time, hands, or money for their young charges. Locked down at the orphanage with ailing children, cranky steam units, and the handsome Kasper, Tori wonders if she’ll survive. But when she comes face to face with the plague doctor, she discovers her true strength.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

STAR SEASON by Jove Chambers

A female rebel – I work for the resistance, and I need to get to a wrecked ship on this planet’s pole. I must retrieve schematics vital to our struggle against the evil alien overlords who terrorize our galaxy.
I’ll do anything for the cause. So, when this alien guide tells me that taking me up to that part of the planet will trigger what he calls a rut—a maddened mating instinct that his kind has left in their primitive past—and that he’ll lose control and, uh, take me, well…Acceptable risk. An alien guide – I should not take her up to the pole. It’s too dangerous, and I don’t want to risk violating her. I know there’s a good chance I’ll lose control. The thing is, this human girl, I’m reacting to her in a way I’ve never reacted to anyone. The way she smells is phenomenal. I know what the right thing to do is. So, why can’t I seem to stop myself from doing the wrong thing? Author’s Note: This is dub-con confetti, ladies! Just handfuls of raining dubious consent, all over your face. You’re welcome.     Amazon KU


VS Note: Reviews are mixed on ths series to date but the author does state the stories are ‘humorous’ and of course not everyone finds the same things amusing. Listed in Erotica.

Can Tavark rescue Zoe from the evil King Sloid and the dreaded Noids before they ruin his chances of prolonging the Disiac race? Zoe’s life is about to change forever. Her Mom is suffering from an overpowering Alzheimer’s disease, and her care home fees are extortionate. To continue the payments, Zoe must gain a promotion to sales director by convincing her CEOs that her new strategies will increase profits. So she does not need distractions today, especially tingly, toe-curling erotic dream distractions about a gorgeous blue alien whose …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU

TO EACH THIS WORLD by Julie E Czernada

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note this week.

Biologist Julie E. Czerneda’s new standalone science fiction novel, To Each This World follows a desperate mission to reconnect with long lost sleeper ships, sent centuries earlier from Earth to settle distant worlds. A trio of Humans must work with their mysterious alien allies to rescue any descendants they can find on those worlds. Something is out there, determined to claim the cosmos for itself, and only on Earth will Humans be safe. Or will they? The challenge isn’t just to communicate with your own kind after generations have passed. It’s to understand what isn’t your kind at all. And how far will trust take you, when the truth depends on what you are?

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Can you bribe an alien with a pumpkin pie? Kayla Chang would’ve been just fine staying on Earth without ever encountering a Xithilene warrior, but when her big sister Sam goes missing after traveling to Xithilene to meet her prospective mate, Kayla is almost certain that there’s trouble in paradise. When no one else will listen to her, she takes matters into her own hands. Fleet Captain T’xith of Vastiss has transported countless humans to his home planet, but hardly any of them ever seem to notice him. Even his crew doesn’t know the real man behind his rank. A soldier trying to navigate his new peacetime identity, T’xith feels as if he’s approaching a crossroads. He just never expected it to arrive in the form of a determined human woman. When Kayla shows up on his bridge requesting assistance, he has a decision to make. Helping Kayla will mean returning to a place that he promised himself he’d left behind for good, but if he doesn’t confront those bitter memories, they’ll have no chance of finding Sam. A trip deep into the remote jungles of Lisseethi pushes T’xith and Kayla even closer together. Add in a flower laden treehouse in the middle of a secluded forest village, a convenient lie about how Kayla might be his mate, and Christmas on the horizon, and they just might have the recipe for a real romance. T’xith and Kayla just need a little holiday magic to discover what really matters—and how to make a love between two planets work.   AmazonKU


VS Note: Reviews/ratings are mixed. This is not listed as a romance although there appear to be romantic elements but it is charting in SciFi romance.

It’s a mission fraught with danger and shrouded in secrets, but if it means a chance to salvage his disgraced military career, Captain Bradley Decker is on board. Armed with a sexy android first mate and a bumbling engineer, Decker sets out to find planet Seryph and uncover the remains of an abandoned colonization project. But the closer they get to their goal, the more they realize this mission is not what it seems, and Decker will have to decide if saving his career is worth risking the fate of the galaxy. Meanwhile, on Seryph, the threat of war hangs over the territories. Gemini Flynn wants nothing more than to escape her gilded cage, but leaving her home doesn’t go quite as planned. Marked as a target by an evil cyborg general, Gemini must convince the fierce warlord Jarrett Banther to protect her before she becomes the general’s next victim. But if help doesn’t show up when she needs it, will Gemini be strong enough to save herself? At this point, it will take a miracle to survive. Emissary is book one in the epic sci-fi saga Forgotten Planets. If you like political intrigue, military subterfuge, aliens, and blaster battles, all topped with a healthy dose of steamy relationships and comedic relief, download Forgotten Planets today and jump into the fight for the galaxy.      Amazon KU


Agatha – I don’t think twice about diving headfirst into a dangerous rescue mission, especially when it’s for the people who saved me. I’ll kick in teeth, swap uniforms, go undercover as a gladiator trainer. Nothing can throw me. Except him That man in the uniform has his eyes trained on me. And I’m caught off my guard. He’s a little older and he looks like a freaking gargoyle, but each look gives me shivers. I need to rescue these kids, escape. But it’s hard to think of a plan, when those gray eyes are always watching. Not everything is what it seems, and when changes come one after the other, I don’t roll with the punches, I might just fall straight into his arms. Sunder – There’s only one thing on my mind. Rescue my son. I’ve got a meticulous plan for that and I’m not about to let anyone mess that up. The stern faced, straight-laced teacher is the last thing I want to deal with, but she’s between me and my son. I shouldn’t find her attractive, she’s on a Crimelord’s payroll. Yet I can’t keep my eyes of her. She’s an unlikely ally I can work with, and beneath that stern exterior? She’s hiding a fire I shouldn’t want to tame, but I can’t seem to stay away.      Amazon KU


I’ve had dreams about her. I’ve never seen her but I can’t get her out of my head. She shouldn’t exist. This shouldn’t be a thing. But it is. She’s mine. My soul has marked her as such. I’m Kaze, the newly minted captain of a warship. I’m a warlord from another planet. A human cannot be my soulmate. So why is fate bringing us together? And why are my senses telling me she’s on a slaver ship? Lyric. That’s me. A human slave, captive on a slaver ship, held since I was a young girl, facing the most desperate time as one of my captors tries to take away my maidenhood. That’s right. I’ve never been with a man. I’d like to keep it that way if I can avoid the cretin who’s trying to change that. Until an alarm sounds. The ship’s being attacked. I’ve had a life full of turmoil and it looks like it’s getting worse.      Amazon KU


VS Note: Not a romance. Steampunk with – as one reviewer puts it – “a smidgen of romance”.

With the Engineers Order’s approval and an unexpected addition to the team to help them, airship engineer Jasper Kendall Asher and aeronaut Ivy Blackwell are ready to see their airship come to life. Or so they think – until a series of unsettling newspaper articles make their workers quit one by one. To make matters worse, a powerful contender for the title of England’s representative to the Engineers World Gathering not only challenges their project, but also throws Ivy and her airship into an unwanted race against time from London to the Australian colonies and back. When unforeseen events change the journey’s course, relationships and loyalties are put to test. With scarce resources and only a few months left until the most anticipated engineering event in the world, Jasper must find a way to protect his work and his place at the Gathering. Opening a case with Her Majesty’s Office of Classified Affairs seems a good idea for this purpose. So long as he follows the right trail.      Amazon     Kobo


Titans never got the mates they were promised. Solcrue and CSP have figured out CyberTitans can’t resist trying to rescue human females. If the Solcrue capture and decommission enough cyborgs, they will attain total dominion over the galaxy, which means humans will be forced to serve them forever. CyberTitans and humans have to work together if they want to survive.Redline: I assume it’s a trap. The escape pod that rockets across the sky is a Solcrue vessel. My scanners tell me the occupant is human. Savage warned me to be careful on our private channel, but my programming won’t listen. There’s a human in need of help. Everything I do is at maximum throttle. I race through the forest to the crash site only to discover I’m too late. Solcrue have found and captured the escapee. She’s in bad shape yet still stuns me into a full stop. The female fights hard, relentlessly…with everything she has. I’m overheating. I don’t think it’s because of the run this time. I’ve finally found someone else like me. Aniah: I thought with the alien Solcrue distracted by hunting CyberTitans that I had a chance of escaping the warship I was forced to serve on. But I’m not a pilot. When Solcrue shot at me, the pod’s autopilot failed. Now I’m stuck on a mostly deserted planet with a blazing headache from the crash, cyborgs, and Solcrue, none of which I like. It doesn’t take long for ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)      Amazon KU


I never intended to fall for an alien, but after a steamy session with the Warship’s Admiral, I didn’t stand a chance. We didn’t even know aliens existed before several giant ships surrounded Earth and requested ten thousand women. These women were to serve as companions for the advanced alien species called the Tal. I never thought I’d be chosen, but six months later, I woke up from cryogenic sleep in deep space. Admiral Arrens was the first to greet us when we finally arrived at the Warship. None of the Tal were what I expected, especially him. They were huge and muscular weirdest of all: kind. I just wanted to get through the five years I was supposed to serve on the ship, but how was I supposed to resist someone like the Admiral? My only problem was, did he want me back? Or was he only going along with our little relationship because his leadership told him to?     AmazonKU

DEFYING GRAVITY by Charles Payseur

Gravity has it pretty together. He’s got a nice apartment with neighbors who don’t mind him flying in and out at all hours and a superhero career that, while maybe not out of this world, keeps him busy and with enough of a following to crowdfund his living expenses. Until, of course, a strange man shows up hoping to be his sidekick. Bruce doesn’t seem like a bad guy (and he certainly looks good in tight clothes), but after he shows up Gravity finds himself suddenly getting trounced by villains he used to have no problem with. Is he just distracted by his growing attraction to Bruce, or is there something else going on that might explain why every villain suddenly has no problem defying Gravity?

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Love like you stole it. Jack Renfro lost his leg in a racing accident ten years ago. The cybernetic replacement he received from the Moon techies have increased his strength, stamina, and fortitude making him prime for racing. But the racing dome doctor says no, Jack’s implants are poisoning his blood and his body. If he doesn’ t get them fixed racing will be the least of his worries. Enter moon tech, Shannon Moore, a survivor of the Humans First Terrorist cell purge. She’ s known for her cybernetic work but finds the racers and their philosophies disgusting. Especially since she was born on Mars and is spying on behalf of the MacIntosh gang in exchange for her getting her betting debts paid off. Too bad close quarters make Shannon realize her and Jack have a connection far deeper then simply saving Jack’s life, and his Full Throttle partners are supporting a town not tearing it apart. When Shannon’ s secret unravels will the newfound relationship she and Jack have survive?   AmazonKU


She swindled money from people, which he abhorred. He kept meddling in her personal affairs, which infuriated her. But when their hands made contact for the first time, sparks flew in different ways. All her life, Aeryn was a con artist trying to make ends meet. She was a fake psychic, a fake real estate broker, a fake wife-to-be. When something real finally comes into her life in the form of a gorgeous skydiver, she’s scared to death. Kylo wants to revive his long-lost shifting ability since his space pod crashed on Earth. The curvy, strong headed fortune teller is the only one who made his dragon self resurface. But that isn’t the only reason he couldn’t stop fantasizing about her. When he finally moves on, his mission is to abduct her and bring her to his planet. Will they keep fighting their destiny or will they capture each others hearts?      Amazon KU


Who would fly across a galaxy pursuing love with aliens? 5 human women, that’s who! Ava: I’m about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Out of billions on Earth, four other women and I have been chosen to be the first ever women to be matched to an alien. We are about to cross the universe to meet alien mates chosen for them in an intergalactic match making scheme agreed by Earth with Vysarians, in exchange for their intellectual knowledge. Only things don’t go quite to plan. As we are entering Planet Vysarian’s atmosphere, something hits our ship. We all escape in our individual emergency pods, but that’s just the beginning of our battle to survive. I’m the first to meet the planet’s inhabitants, but the extraterrestrial I meet looks nothing like the grainy photos of the handsome alien that were shown to me. Is this her dream, or a nightmare? Aphis: My brothers and I crashed onto our neighbouring planet, Vysaria. Only, Vysaria is no longer only inhabited by Vysarians. My brothers and I were captured by the cannibal species, Badligons. I escaped, but I have just days to find a buried capsule and free my brothers before they are eaten. But I discover a female instead. I’m shocked. Females are rarer than gems. What’s even more astonishing is, she said she travelled here with four more females. I’ve promised to help her if she helps me find the capsule. That is, if I can concentrate on the job at hand, because she’s captivating.     AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: The backlist highlight this week is another one of my alien empath novels! I couldn’t resist the question of what such a person would do if she’d escaped the interstellar crime mob, was in hiding and confronted with a situation where only she could save another person’s life…but in so doing would blow her own cover. The risks for her are huge…but can she leave the handsome stranger to die?


Empathic priestess Carialle has escaped the evil Amarotu Combine, but she’s hardly out of danger. Not when she risks everything to rescue a drugged man from a crooked veterans’ clinic. By lulling the clinic staff to sleep, she reveals her powers. And once again, criminals are after her and her rescuer.

Marcus Valerian, a wounded Special Forces veteran, never expected to have his life threatened by the clinic that’s supposed to help ex-soldiers like him. But when he wakes from a drugged state to find a lovely woman urging him to run–he does. In his family’s remote fishing cabin, he suffers the agony of withdrawal, soothed only by her powers.

In their idyllic hideaway, the two also discover a nova-hot attraction flaring. But can they stay alive long enough for it to become more? Not if the Combine has anything to say–they are not giving up until Marcus is dead and Carialle is their weapon

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


This oversized elf is on a mission to save Christmas. The unthinkable has happened. Krampus has escaped his prison and is out for revenge. It’s up to Leif Blitzen, member of the Yule Squad, to locate the dangerous prisoner before anyone is harmed. His mission takes him from the North Pole to a small town with an interesting shop and an even more intriguing owner. Bella might be almost forty but that hasn’t diminished her love of the holidays. Filled with unique gifts and antiques from all over the world, her Christmas store keeps her spirit bright all year round. However, it doesn’t make her a sucker for the man with pointed ears who claims he’s Santa’s elf. Once Leif shows proof he truly does work for the man in red, Bella is ready and willing to do anything to help him against the coming evil, including offering herself as bait for a trap. What they don’t count on is Krampus coming early and taking her hostage. Now, Leif will do anything to rescue Bella—risk his own life, forsake Santa—because there’s only one thing this elf wants for Christmas. Love.

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The only one who can save Sera now is the one she spent her life planning to kill. The truth about Sera’s plan is out, shattering the fragile trust forged between her and Nyktos. Surrounded by those distrustful of her, all Sera has is her duty. She will do anything to end Kolis, the false King of Gods, and his tyrannical rule of Iliseeum, thus stopping the threat he poses to the mortal realm. Nyktos has a plan, though, and as they work together, the last thing they need is the undeniable, scorching passion that continues to ignite between them. Sera cannot afford to fall for the tortured Primal, not when a life no longer bound to a destiny she never wanted is more attainable than ever. But memories of their shared pleasure and unrivaled desire are a siren’s call impossible to resist. And as Sera begins to realize that she wants to be more than a Consort in name only, the danger surrounding them intensifies. The attacks on the Shadowlands are increasing, and when Kolis summons them to Court, a whole new risk becomes apparent. The Primal power of Life is growing inside her, pushing her closer to the end of her Culling. And without Nyktos’s love—an emotion he’s incapable of feeling—she won’t survive her Ascension. That is if she even makes it to her Ascension and Kolis doesn’t get to her first. Because time is running out. For both her and the realms.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

TREAD OF ANGELS by Rebecca Roanhorse

The year is 1883 and the mining town of Goetia is booming as prospectors from near and far come to mine the powerful new element Divinity from the high mountains of Colorado with the help of the pariahs of society known as the Fallen. The Fallen are the descendants of demonkind living amongst the Virtues, the winners in an ancient war, with the descendants of both sides choosing to live alongside Abaddon’s mountain in this tale of the mythological West from the bestselling mastermind Rebecca Roanhorse.

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Seattle native Matti Puletasi has the strength of a bear, the stamina of an ox, and a magical hammer inherited from her dwarven mother. She’s happy renovating homes and occasionally thumping bad guys until she learns of a mysterious artifact hidden under the house she’s working on. Everybody from humans to orcs to werewolves wants it, and they’re willing to kill to get it. Things go from bad to worse when someone frames her for murder. The only person interested in helping her is a haughty elf assassin from another realm. He’s handsome, powerful, and deadly, but he’s got an agenda of his own. She dare not trust him—or be attracted to him. But if she can’t clear her name, the assassin will be the least of her worries.      AmazonKU


As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Selena finds herself soothing the nerves of her friend Josie, who’s now Globe’s newly minted mayor. Popular television preacher Aaron Galloway is bringing his traveling prayer gathering to town, and Josie is worried Selena’s New Age shop will attract negative attention. Josie’s concern is touching, but Selena can’t imagine her humble little shop being any more than a blip on the faithful’s radar. Still, she does a quick Tarot reading, just to be sure. To her dismay, the cards warn there’s trouble brewing. What kind and how deep it goes is anyone’s guess. Until Galloway falls over dead of arsenic poisoning — and Josie is accused of murder. Holiday plans are put on hold as Selena races to prove Josie’s innocence. And as she begins unearthing something rotten under the megachurch’s squeaky-clean veneer, the real killer is getting nervous…and determined to mow down anyone who gets too close to the truth.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Two women from different times, whose hearts beat with a single passion. In the 21st century, burned-out ex-cop Britt Halliday sets out on a tour of the west, hoping to reconnect with the stories of her childhood heroes. Outside of a ghost town in northern Wyoming she rushes to the rescue of a woman pursued by armed men, and finds herself whisked back into the real world behind her youthful fantasies. In 1887, Dr. Agnes Sheedy struggles to find a cure for the malady that ravages the mining town of Pigeon Point. The residents believe they are cursed, but Agnes’ crusade draws the ire of powerful enemies. Escaping an attempted abduction, she flees into the arms of a mysterious woman who appears out of a storm, on a railroad trestle that shouldn’t exist. One timeless love to protect Pigeon Point — and the world — from a gathering darkness.     Amazon KU


It was meant to be a joke – trying out a demon summoning spell from an ancient spell book. Callie didn’t expect it to summon one demon, let alone four. Now she can’t get rid of him. Grant Steel isn’t sure what’s worse – that Callie is a better Latin scholar than he is, or that he’s forced to protect her. But when a family wedding looms and Callie needs a date, she has no choice but to make a deal with Grant. If he pretends to be her fake fiancé for the week of the wedding, she’ll help him find a way to be free of the curse binding him. A lot can happen in a week.     Amazon     Kobo


She’s part Fae with sunlight in her veins. He’s a vampire with a soul. But as Avery’s fledgling power grows beyond control, a Dark Lord with a claim to her immortal soul may be the only one who can help. As Avery’s circle of friends grows, so does her power and desire to uncover who she really is. But with each secret she unravels, a new threat presents itself. With a potential war looming, headed by the Therians who want to take back what was stolen from them, even if it means destroying everything and everyone in their path, Avery is afraid she won’t be strong enough to protect those she loves. Oden, the Dark Lord of Nightmares, seems to be the only one who can help her find control. But the deeper she sinks into his domain, the further she drifts from the one she truly loves…Set against a backdrop that straddles the line between the mortal world and the land of Faerie, A Court of Blood & Bone is a dark and fantastical tale of power, war, and love as Avery finds her way in a dangerous world she feels bound to protect. If only she can learn to control her chaotic magic.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Author states series is best read in order.

There’s no rest for the, erm… Well, for me. Or for Tae Frost. The world is spinning into chaos, calling out for a hero. Can I rise to the challenge, or am I doomed to linger in this darkness? I have to hold on to hope. I have to be strong. For Tae. For Fizz.  For the whole of my heart.     Amazon KU


The god of death is coming for me. He watches me through the eyes of a violent wolf—one who believes I’m his fated mate. He’s cruel and vicious… to everyone other than me. I know I should run, but I can’t deny the longing for him stirring deep within me. Just when I allow myself to trust him, he reveals his true nature. Enveloping me in his deadly embrace, he seeks to claim my soul. Despite my aching desire for him, I’ve made a vow to myself. Only I will be the one to determine my fate.   AmazonKU


I should have known the gifts Athena sends always have a price. I just didn’t expect the yuletide godsend’s arrival to herald a test of Archie’s loyalty—and of our family’s ability to unravel what the goddess is really up to. Opening the door to yet another gift from the goddess Athena, I’m not too worried. After all, she sent me my familiar, Archie, and I really love that owl. Most of the time. But when the unwrapped toy soldier strides up to my owl, points, and announces he’s here to test Archie’s competence as a witch’s familiar, I know we’re in trouble. As the yule celebration becomes a trial of wills, we grow increasingly suspicious. Did the goddess really send this toy to Archie for a divine trial, or is something else going on? While my sisters and I work to unravel the cryptic clues unlocking the riddle of the toy soldier’s arrival, ominous forces gather. In a desperate race against time, we’re faced with an impossible choice without knowing where those choices will lead us—or how we will survive it.     Amazon KU


VS Note: 10 short stories plus a New Year’s novella with two new characters.

The Creature Cafe Christmas Anthology has a short story for each novella in the Creature Cafe Series, with everyone the Barista has matched, along with a bonus novella with a new couple. Each story will have content warnings listened before hand.     Amazon KU


I’m Everly Abbott, and I work for one of the most dangerous vampires in the world. He’s known as Alexius, the Hunter and he’s also one of the oldest. We’ve been invited to a gathering of ancients like him, and we can’t pass on this opportunity. We’re hoping to gather information, anything that might draw us closer to the group behind Jacob’s murder, the events in Alaska, and the threatening email I received. However, we’re not the only ones attending with our own agenda. Ancient political rivalries and dangerous schemes wait for us in upstate New York. Even our host, Isaiah, Master of the Tribunal, is on edge. He has good reason to be. A gathering of ancient vampires can be a grand affair. It can also be a deadly one.      Amazon KU


When men fail, our monsters will satisfy…A primal growl. The rustle of fur. Eerie eyes peer out from the darkness. There’s no use resisting. They’ve been waiting, patient in their hunt. Now, they’ve come to corner you. Take you. Claim you. But beware… No man can compare to the savage love of a monster. Thirteen exceedingly sexy short romances that will give you goosebumps in all the right places. Reticent Desire Publications and the monster-loving readers’ group, Monsters, Demons & Knotting, oh My! is thrilled to present this limited-edition anthology featuring steamy encounters with creatures both paranormal and alien.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Cruel tyrant Taxian-jun killed his way to the throne and now reigns as the first ever emperor of the mortal realm. Yet somehow, he is unsatisfied. Left cold and bereft, abandoned by all he held dear, he takes his own life…only to be reborn anew. Awakening in the body of his younger self–Mo Ran, a disciple of the cultivation sect Sisheng Peak–he discovers the chance to relive his life. This time, he vows to attain the gratification that once eluded him: all who defied him will fall, and never again will they treat him like a dog. His greatest fury is reserved for Chu Wanning, the coldly beautiful and aloofly catlike cultivation teacher who betrayed and thwarted Mo Ran time and again in their last life. Yet as Mo Ran shamelessly pursues his own goals in this life he thought lost, he begins to wonder if there might be more to his teacher–and his own feelings–than he ever realized.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Sometimes being naughty is very, very nice…Pamela has turned her life around for the sake of her son and the Maverick Pride, but is this reformed bad girl ready for more than one night of naughtiness? Her only focus is to provide her cub with the best life possible and she’s worked hard to mend her past mistakes. Forging relationships with her Pride mates is no small feat, but totally worth it. Especially when the Nari chooses her to represent the entire Pride at Uncle Uzzi’s Magical Holiday Ball. Javier Auberon is an Andean Bear Shifter who’s recently moved to the states from his South American home. Spending the holidays with his favorite honorary uncle, the owner of the renowned Magical Matchmaking Service, Uncle Uzzi himself, is a no-brainer. Javi’s Uncle Uzzi has been trying to get him to use his service forever, but the Bear had no idea he’d arranged for his fated mate to be at his famous holiday party. Can Javi make all of Pamela’s Christmas wishes come true?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Nothing can surprise this six hundred-year-old Dragon, except maybe her. After the fall of the Blackthorne Clan, Devine and his brother, Nicholas, find themselves in Falk Clan territory. Once they’d cleared up the little—okay, more like huge—misunderstanding, the two brothers are invited to stay with the Falk Clan to adjust to the modern world. What choice do they have? Vulnerable and without a home, Devine Graystone still had his brother. As the last of their line, they had a duty to carry on. But finding a mate in today’s world seemed an impossible task. Would loneliness be this QuartzDragon’s fate? Sunny Daye was as bright and perky as her name. But when a girl had hippie Werewolves for parents, she had little choice in the matter—uber cheerful was her norm. Always looking for the next adventure, she’s stunned when it comes walking through her shop door in the shape of a seven foot tall Dragon. Can this curvy Werewolf tame a cranky Dragon and change his outlook on life?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Cora has lived a quiet life up until a few days ago when she learned she comes from a long line of witches and her family is relying on her to complete the Trial of the Six Crystals and redeem the forgotten Lightheart name. The only problem is, Cora has no idea what it means to even be Magical. Thankfully, Cora has a crew. With the help of her cat Hades (who can now suddenly talk and has a lot to say) (like, a lot) and her new mentor Ali Kazam (who happens to also be her estranged aunt), as well as her best friend Ashley and her good friend (and crush) Lucas, she won’t feel alone. Between the five of them, Cora feels not only supported but like she can maybe take on this new challenge. Maybe being Magical isn’t so scary, and maybe this Trial of the Six Crystals isn’t so daunting, and maybe Cora really can do it. But right when she starts to feel comfortable, in comes Petrov Blackwell, an evil warlock with his own goals for the Six Crystals. Not only does she have Petrov and the crystals to deal with, but a death occurs. A man has fallen to his death. Was it accidental, suicide or murder? Cora and Ashley fancy themselves as Nancy Drews…even when they were youngsters, so this mystery draws them in. Could the death have anything to do with said crystals?      Amazon KU


VS Note: I pre-ordered this because the author is an autobuy for me.

Agent Dash Cooke likes simple assignments: annihilate the dangerous monsters and move on. He likes a simple life too: a furnished apartment that he switches out for a new one every few years and no messy personal connections. Then his boss gives him an assignment that’s not simple at all. Reports claim that a beautiful old house in Sacramento is haunted by a poltergeist, but Dash soon discovers a very different type of spirit. Henry will be destroyed if Dash evicts him. And suddenly Dash’s life has become very complicated indeed.      AmazonKU


What happens when Loki falls for the one woman immune to his charms? Val has spent the last hundred years doing two things, protecting Princess Sutrelle of Muspelheim from her father, and hating the Norse Gods who forced her and her Valkyrie sisters to fight in Ragnarök. When she meets the God of Mischief at a Speed Dating event, the last thing she intends to do is fall for the man-whore, woman-using, Trickster God. But getting away from Loki isn’t as easy as she had hoped because despite him being irritating, vain, and stubborn, he’s also kind, understanding, and hotter than Hell itself. Val has a decision to make—let go of the past and embrace what could be a fantastic future with a sexy, rich playboy God, or settle for someone that the Fates didn’t have in mind for her and save her heart from the possibility of the heartbreak of a lifetime.     Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo


Alpha dragon shifter Cooper Dawson didn’t plan on visiting Hellscape Holidays Resort. It’s not his fault he crashed on the beach, barely clinging to life after a battle. Saved by a witch, he owes her a life debt. The problem is, Cooper can’t stop thinking about her, and once Portia and Lou get involved, he might leave the resort with a whole other kind of life…Lone witch Alice Gatlin is in big trouble. She has pissed off one too many witches, and now, someone wants her dead. The only safe place for her is Hellscape Holidays Resort. Portia and Lou leap into action to help Alice. Their plan to save Alice from the assassins? Marry her off to the billionaire dragon she just happened to save! Married in Hellscape Holidays to fulfill a life debt, Cooper and Alice won’t know what hits them when love comes to the devil’s playground.        Amazon KU


Join a coven. Catch a killer. Get a makeover…? When his cousin is murdered, recently outed 16 year old Dane Craven, is forced to return to his unbearably small hometown of Jasper Hollow. It would be easy enough for him to keep his head down if it weren’t for three inescapable facts. One, Dane is a witch with fiery powers he can barely control. Two, he’s been claimed by a coven of fashion forward ‘mean girls’ desperate to give him a makeover. And three, Dane is pretty sure he’s responsible for the death of his cousin. Being the gay best friend to a trio of teenage witches was never high on Dane’s list of aspirations, but fortunately for him these girls have the necromantic powers he needs to figure out who killed his cousin. Plus, he could do with some new clothes. While on the hunt for his cousin’s killer, Dane discovers life in Jasper Hollow isn’t all bad. There’s the cute boy who works at the local coffee shop and enjoys long walks in the woods, for one. But when the rabbit-faced killer comes for Dane, he’ll be forced to come to terms with who he is and where he belongs before it’s too late for him and everyone in Jasper Hollow.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The huge sasquatch says I belong to him. When I need a place to lie low for a while, my late grandfather’s mountain cabin seems like the perfect solution. That is, until I discover there are actual Sasquatches living in the forest. And my hover-truck just broke down. Awesome. Guess I’m getting kidnapped by a Sasquatch.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: I had to go look up bugbear and the classic definition is a sort of hobgoblin/boogeyman.

Dan is a shift Manager at Hauntings&Company, and every Friday he goes to Mumford’s with his best friends for beer, wings, and games. And every Friday he sees the beautifully sad woman walk in with a large group of other businesswomen. One day he strikes up the courage to go out and say hi to her. Before he knows it, he’s giving her a piggyback ride through town, fueled by her laughter and beaming smile. If only he knew that the broken-hearted woman was the heiress to a fashion empire business full of old money. Cassandra hasn’t had fun in a long time. Between managing the King’s Fall shop for her family’s fashion empire, a failed engagement to a trash man her parents set her up with, and an overwhelming pressure to be perfect, she swore off love and fun. But then a goofy, adorably cuddly Bugbear shows her that it is possible to order your cake and eat it too.   AmazonKU

THE SYREN’S MUTINY by Jessica S Taylor

It’s frightful bad luck to have a woman aboard.” Brigid knew the superstition, but when her father tried to marry her off, she had no choice but to stowaway on a ship bound for Bhodheas. When she’s discovered and discarded, her fate seems sealed…until she’s saved by the ocean and its queen. Transformed into a syren and given new life, Brigid now has the power to seek revenge on those who wronged her. Caelum has spent his entire life trying to help those who couldn’t help themselves. After years suffering the cruelty of his pirate father, saving others from a similar fate was ingrained in him. But when he’s unable to save a young girl from being thrown overboard for hiding away, he’s devastated. Until one day, when he’s thrown into the water by unforeseen forces, he comes face to face with the past, and maybe, with his future. But there’s a darkness lurking on the seas they both call home. And Caelum and Brigid have no idea just how intertwined their stories really are.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Declan – It’s really hard to pretend like life is normal when you’re staring a monster in the eyes, though he’s both tempting and irritating in his human form. I put my days as a hunter behind me, unable to cope with the death and pain anymore, to become an upstanding citizen and for what? To assist Lake, a man who claims he’s not a monster but keeps talking about me like I’m edible and–even worse–wants to woo me? Between my old organization trying to pull me in and Lake proving that things aren’t quite what they seem, I’m dragged back into this world of fighting the things that humans fear the most. Lake – The human is exquisite. The first moment he told me he was going to hunt me down, I felt my heart burst. He’s beautiful, sassy, angry, and going to be mine (even if he thinks he can refuse my charms). But what Declan doesn’t know about me is that there’s a reason I’m hiding as a human among monster hunters. And while he definitely doesn’t know why, he’s willing to work with me because the people around us strangely want Declan and me dead at the end of this (I mean, who would want to kill us? We’re amazing). But honestly… what’s more fun than dragging a hunter off to the dark side?      Amazon KU


Ash has been in love with his best friend since the moment they met, but he’s never done anything about it for fear of ruining their friendship. When Ellie is nervous about an internship interview, Ash takes things into his own hands and makes her croissants filled with hope magic. Can a shared moment in the kitchen finally take their friendship to a romance?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: A re-release.

As a soldier, Cole Granger fights to restore peace to a world divided by war and evil. His extraordinary talents are enlisted to prevent the president’s horrific premonition from becoming reality. Nothing—and no one—will stop him from fulfilling his duty. Especially the mysterious young woman who claims to be his comrade’s sister. Enemy or ally, he can’t yet determine. But one thing he knows for certain is that he must keep her close. Very close. Megan Fox’s quest to uncover a family secret leads her to the center of vampire riots in West Virginia. To find the answers she needs—and clear herself of suspicion—she must join forces with Cole. They work undercover to bring justice, but they can’t disguise the potent attraction and need that draw them together. Yet trust doesn’t come easily for Cole…and when Megan unearths the grim, dark truth, can she trust him to believe her?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Immortality favors the gods of the blessed. For the goddess of the broken it’s an unending hell.
Tempest abandoned the land of the gods long ago. No longer willing to feel the damage from or fix their lies. The man she found left for dead bore one of the most broken souls she had ever felt. But to bring retribution on those who had wronged him means entering the very world she had spent her life avoiding. The goddess of the broken may be broken herself, but what could she be if she wasn’t?     Amazon KU


Lee, a librarian bored with his daily routine, knows better than to play nice with the mosquitos who rule his district. After mouthing off to one of these vampire flunkies, he loses the carefully crafted order of his life. Next thing he knows, there is Ira, a millennia-old vampire new to Lee’s side of the world with questions for which Lee has few answers. From the moment Ira steps into Lee’s library, the delicate balance of Lee’s life is threatened. Following the rules and keeping his head down gives him a measure of safety that helping Ira challenges, but he can’t deny his unwelcome attraction to the ancient mosquito. What game does Ira play? Lee’s curiosity, coupled with Ira’s irresisti-ble charms, promises an escape from routine Lee isn’t sure he is strong enough to deny. He might be able to help Ira uncover the answers he seeks—if they can learn to trust.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The Bachelor meets the Hunger Games. Ten women. A deadly contest. Only one can win the Sun King’s heart. Lor has endured twelve long years of torment under the Aurora King’s rule. Her only desire is to get free and pay him back for every moment of misery she’s endured. When a surprise release finds her in the hands of the Sun King, Lor is thrust into the spotlight as she competes against nine other Tributes for the role of queen. If she wins his heart, she’ll earn her freedom and finally get her revenge. But Lor doesn’t belong in the Sun Queen Trials. Not only does she not understand why she was freed, she isn’t a citizen of the Sun King’s court. The other Tributes resent her presence and will stop at nothing to ensure Lor is wiped off the gameboard, permanently. Now Lor must win, because if she loses, she dies. Or worse, she’ll be sent back into the hands of the Aurora King.   AmazonKU


Sigyn: We survived Ragnarok and tried to usher in a new era. Now the realms consist of two minuscule factions encamped in the remnants of Asgard and Vanaheim. But the gods are greedy. Anyone not under Asgard’s control must fall. When they come, they’re going to win. The realms are empty. There’s no one left to help us. No one except the dead in Helheim. Loki: When I died, I took everyone with me. Almost everyone. I’ve waited for Sigyn every day, but she never comes. Never dies. Everyone down here knows what I did. Who I am. And I must live—exist—with the weight of that guilt, those scars. She’s going to come back someday, and I’m going to be alright. Be better. I’d do anything for her. I’d do anything to be with her. If only she’d ask. Epilogues for Lost Gods is a story about grief and healing, and is the final chapter of The Goddess of Nothing At All     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

SUSURRUS by Warren Rochelle

Varon Cambeul has made it to the top: Royal Magician of the Kingdom of Lothia, at the right hand of the king, who is his lover. He has always kept the promise he made to his mother and his apprenticeship master: he has used his magic for good. This promise is tested when the king asks him to make a curse that will be cured by the king so everyone will love him. Helping the king is using his magic for good, right? But is Varon doing this because he has fallen in love with the king? What about those who will suffer from the curse and slowly be transformed into ghosts, people like Theo and Russell in the town where the curse is released? Can Varon undo this great wrong? Can he save Theo and Russell and the others as they turn invisible? How can he love someone who is not doing good?

Amazon     Apple Books     Susurrus


From award-winning editorial team Sheree Renée Thomas, Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, and Zelda Knight comes an anthology of thirty-two original stories showcasing the breadth of fantasy and science fiction from Africa and the African Diaspora. A group of cabinet ministers query a supercomputer containing the minds of the country’s ancestors. A child robot on a dying planet uncovers signs of fragile new life. A descendent of a rain goddess inherits her grandmother’s ability to change her appearance—and perhaps the world. Created in the legacy of the seminal, award-winning anthology series Dark MatterAfrica Risen celebrates the vibrancy, diversity, and reach of African and Afro-Diasporic SFF and reaffirms that Africa is not rising—it’s already here.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


I was incapable of imagining what I had never seen…Kaori and Kairi are the first twins to survive infancy on the ancient island of Mu, where gender is as fluid as the crashing waves. One was born of fire, the other of water. But there’s a reason why none have survived before. A prophecy that has haunted the elders since time began. A rivalry destined to sink the entire island beneath a twin catastrophe of volcano and tsunami. As hatred spills from the forbidden twins like the deadly poison of sacrificed sea snakes, they must decide what matters to them most…The fight for the island – for tradition and duty. Or the fight for freedom – for love and light. The Mu Chronicles is a visionary YA fantasy trilogy exploring the origin of gender and desire in an epic queer fusion of Japanese folklore and Egyptian mythology.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


There’s only one person I trust…It’s no secret that I’m hard to handle. People get annoyed by me. Sometimes they’re amused, but not for long. It’s not easy to deal with a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and I stretch everyone’s patience. Everyone except Wil. He was there at the beginning, when I left my old life behind, and he’s stuck with me since. He’s been my friend when no one else wanted to. Patiently taught me how to fit in. He’s the one person I know I can rely on. He’s the only man I can see myself ever being with. The only man I would want to spend eternity with. But when my past rears its ugly head and the stuff of my nightmares rises from the dead, the hope of a happy future rapidly fades. I need him more than ever, but I can’t risk him. I can’t let anyone use him against me. Torture doesn’t have to be physical to hurt. And I’m not going to let myself be hurt again.   AmazonKU


When psychic travel agent Leda Foley is approached by a man searching for his sister, she quickly agrees to help. The missing woman disappeared with a vintage orange car, a fat sack of her employer’s cash, and a grudge against her philandering husband—a man who never even reported her missing. Meanwhile, Seattle PD detective Grady Merritt has temporarily misplaced his dog. While he’s passing out bright pink “Lost” flyers at the Mount Rainier visitor’s center, the wayward pooch appears—with a human leg in his mouth. Thanks to DNA matching, Grady learns that the leg has something to do with Leda’s new client, and soon the two cases are tangled.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


The stunning sequel to Daughter of the Moon Goddess delves deeper into beloved Chinese mythology, concluding the epic story of Xingyin—the daughter of Chang’e and the mortal archer, Houyi—as she battles a grave new threat to the realm, in this powerful tale of love, sacrifice, and hope. After winning her mother’s freedom from the Celestial Emperor, Xingyin thrives in the enchanting tranquility of her home. But her fragile peace is threatened by the discovery of a strange magic on the moon and the unsettling changes in the Celestial Kingdom as the emperor tightens his grip on power. While Xingyin is determined to keep clear of the rising danger, the discovery of a shocking truth spurs her into a perilous confrontation. Forced to flee her home once more, Xingyin and her companions venture to unexplored lands of the Immortal Realm, encountering legendary creatures and shrewd monarchs, beloved friends and bitter adversaries. With alliances shifting quicker than the tides, Xingyin has to overcome past grudges and enmities to forge a new path forward, seeking aid where she never imagined she would. As an unspeakable terror sweeps across the realm, Xingyin must uncover the truth of her heart and claw her way through devastation—to rise against this evil before it destroys everything she holds dear, and the worlds she has grown to love . . . even if doing so demands the greatest price of all.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Felicia, Lizbeth Rose’s half-sister and a student at the Grigori Rasputin school in San Diego—capital of the Holy Russian Empire—is caught between her own secrets and powerful family struggles. As a granddaughter of Rasputin, she provides an essential service to the hemophiliac Tsar Alexei, providing him the blood transfusions that keep him alive. Felicia is treated like a nonentity at the bedside of the tsar, and at the school she’s seen as a charity case with no magical ability. But when Felicia is snatched outside the school, the facts of her heritage begin to surface. Felicia turns out to be far more than the Russian-Mexican Lizbeth rescued. As Felicia’s history unravels and her true abilities become known, she becomes under attack from all directions. Only her courage will keep her alive.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

LOVE AT FROST BITE: NICK (MATED TO HIS REINDEER) by Lorelie M Hart and Colbie Dunbar

Alpha reindeer shifter Nick has one last delivery before he can head home to see his family for the holidays. Or, that’s his plan until Mother Nature swoops in and thwarts it when “chance of a dusting of snow” turns into so much more. Unwilling to give up on his plans, he opts to risk it and make the trip anyway, which is fine and dandy until they close the highway. He heads to a local B&B, only to have his car get stuck at the side of the road. At least he’s got hooves if he needs them and won’t freeze to death. human omega Beckett volunteers to work over the holidays. He always does. Why take the time off when he is both alphaless and childless? Christmas is for kids, anyway. When the storm is reclassified as a blizzard, Beckett heads home to discover a car abandoned in front of his place. Only it isn’t as abandoned as it looks and he finds himself inviting the smexy stranger to stay at his home until a tow truck arrives. Little does he suspect the man is going to make all of his Christmas wishes come true, even those he doesn’t know he has.      Amazon KU


Five years ago, Nora Wilder disappeared. The older of her two daughters, Zadie, should have seen it coming, because she can literally see things coming. But not even her psychic abilities were able to prevent their mother from vanishing one morning. Zadie’s estranged younger sister, Finn, can’t see into the future, but she has an uncannily good memory, so good that she remembers not only her own memories, but the echoes of memories other people have left behind. On the afternoon of her graduation party, Finn is seized by an “echo” more powerful than anything she’s experienced before: a woman singing a song she recognizes, a song about a bird…When Finn wakes up alone in an aviary with no idea of how she got there, she realizes who the memory belongs to: Nora. Now, it’s up to Finn to convince her sister that not only is their mom still out there, but that she wants to be found. Against Zadie’s better judgement, she and Finn hit the highway, using Finn’s echoes to retrace Nora’s footsteps and uncover the answer to the question that has been haunting them for years: Why did she leave? But the more time Finn spends in their mother’s past, the harder it is for her to return to the present, to return to herself. As Zadie feels her sister start to slip away, she will have to decide what lengths she is willing to go to find their mother, knowing that if she chooses wrong, she could lose them both for good.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Victorian novelist Miranda Hastings is in London for a modern-day Christmas with the man she loves, and they want to see everything. Luckily, they have friends who are going to make sure they get their wish. They’re sent on a whirlwind holiday adventure, following their friends’ mysterious messages…until an encounter with a ghost who was part of an infamous gang of highwaymen. Murder, mystery, and a ghost in need? Now that’s Miranda’s idea of a holiday treat. Note: this is a holiday novella not a full-length book. This novella is also included in the paperback and audiobook compilation “Christmas at Thorne Manor”     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


It’s four days before Christmas, and Hackle County health inspector April Islip is up to her ears with super-spreader investigations. On top of that, her boyfriend Clay Nolan is adding to her stress by insisting she avoid confrontations that could send her through time. When an altercation at a suspicious gathering catapults her to 1972, April must face her family’s messy past and the real reason she avoids celebrations.      Amazon KU

A KISS FOR SANTA by Mia Monroe

One night every year, I deliver gifts to all the good people around the world. I have everything I could want—a beautiful private home, loving friends and family, and the most amazing job in existence. All my needs are more than met, and the other 364 days of the year are mine to spend how I wish. The only thing I don’t have is a love of my own. I’ve been hopelessly in love with Luca Vincent for years, watching him from afar, but he has a full life and it would be selfish of me to woo him away. Which is a problem because I have to be married soon or lose my Christmas magic to my brother. Neither of us wants that to happen, leaving me with two choices—let the Council arrange a marriage or find my own husband fast. With my looming deadline and Luca’s holiday cheer slipping away, I know the time to act is now. Somehow, I have to convince him to come back to my home with me. I’ll use every tool I have and plenty of holiday magic to make him mine. Maybe this Christmas, I’ll find a Kiss For Santa under the tree.   AmazonKU


Xae had spent over 200 years searching the Earth realm for his fated mate. At the very first time his eyes fell upon her, he knew it was her and he vowed to never let her go. It was because of this that he followed her and after she was kidnapped by some monsters who broke the sacred vow, he rescued her. But it might not be love at first sight for her. Will Xae’droth finally win her over and bring her home to rule with him? Or is he destined to spend eternity with only his succubus Lilith to keep him company?      Amazon KU


Am I a princess of the waters or is this my final siren’s song? As death and betrayal sweep across our ship to clash with the South Pacific tribes, their solution to our troubles is a tournament. The games for my hand are in play, but when the mate-song hits, it’s from an unexpected source. I’m in hot water and my body knows it. Midsummer looms high and time is running out to finalize peace. I know who my mates are, but are we destined to harmonize? Their attempt to bend the treaty may snap the ties that bind us. There’s only one who would dare to alter a contract. Our destination is inevitable with my last mate held where it all began—the Sea Witch’s lair. The sea witch has a lot to answer for, but so too do the rulers of the seas. I’ve played their part, been their bait, and lured the sea heirs in their game. Will the pod I formed shatter under pressure?      Amazon KU


Animus – No one gets Animus. In the eons he’s existed, Animus has been rejected by whole world. Mortals don’t revere him and his fellow spirits belittle him. Furious and hurt, Animus concocts a dastardly plan to get back at them all. Shifters are strongest when protecting their loved ones. What better way to incite that power by capturing one of their own? But there’s one big risk Animus never calculated: falling for the mortal alpha he kidnapped. Leveret – No one gets Leveret. He’s not like the rest of his family. He’s different. And that’s okay. What’s not okay is that his family expects him to be mateless forever. Just because he doesn’t express himself like everyone else doesn’t mean he wants to be alone. So it’s actually a nice change of pace when he gets whisked away by the dark spirit everyone’s so terrified of. Leveret thinks he’s pretty cute. Fated: Hare and the Spirit is ampreg book with an autistic hare shifter, a scorned spirit,sweet fluff and hurt/comfort, and an HEA as usual! This is the final book in the Pack of Heirs series and best enjoyed in series order.      AmazonKU


Gwyneth Camm has just inherited her great-aunt’s house in Salem, Massachusetts, along with an extensive collection of gothic romance novels. As a PhD student who prefers “serious” books, Gwyn has always avoided pulp fiction. Now, in honor of her beloved Aunt Ethel, she gives one of the gothics a try…and promptly falls asleep. When she wakes, she finds herself inside the story, thrust by forces unknown into the heroine’s role. There’s magic afoot, and the only way back to her own life is to play her part and solve the mystery. When fiction becomes fact, anything can happen.

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Can a good girl witch princess and a bad boy bodyguard fight their way from enemies to lovers and stop a killer? Good girl Prys Bane is the ultimate witch princess—titled, rich, beautiful, and from the best royal bloodlines. But the STEM genius would rather hide with her statistics and crush on a forbidden bodyguard than marry a proper prince. Better to guarantee that no one discovers her true magic—powers more suited to a storybook villain than any princess. Bad boy John Donovan has pretended to be a bodyguard while hiding his supernatural double agent status from everyone—even his own sisters who see him as the villain. Crushing on Prys seemed safe until he learns she’s not only the witch magistrate investigating a murder where his sister is the chief suspect, but Prys is also the matchmaker hired to force him into an arranged marriage. When John and Prys are pulled into a deadly mystery that comes closer and closer to the couple by the hour, they must work together. When Prys discovers John’s kink, these enemies quickly become lovers whose passions ignite. Can this princess and her antihero find happily ever after or will the killer be a best friend whose betrayal neither can survive?     Amazon     Kobo


The only thing more dangerous than the Wildness is the dark fae lord that controls it. Too bad by the time Aurra learns this, it’s already too late. Abused, mistreated, and neglected by the human parents who kept her true nature a secret, no one is more surprised than Aurra when the fae show up on her doorstep to sweep her away to a new life. Shiel, Zev, and Finch—three golden-haired warriors from the Western Court. They swear to protect Aurra at all costs, to carry her to safety where she can learn what it is to be fae. More than just any fae, however. They say she’s the true heir to the kingdom, a changeling switched at birth to protect her from the fae lords who would want to control her and the humans who would want to harm her. They warn her of the sweeping Wildness, the vast fae forests ruled by a lord perverted by a glamour so powerful that no one dares contend with him. Icarus—Lord of the Wildness. The Dark Fae of the Forest. There’s a problem with their warning, however. That dark fae lord, that winged creature of terrible beauty, already knows Aurra … intimately. Only one thing is certain in Aurra’s new world. No one is to be trusted, not even herself.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 26.

The fall season is in full swing, the streets of Conflict, Oregon festooned with displays for the annual Scarecrow Festival. But tattoo season is over at the Graphomancy tattoo shop, and apprentice Jen finds a side gig at the local haunted attraction to make ends meet.
Local crime writer Andy Cooper talks Jen and her witch-mentor Lilith into investigating a clue at the Luxe Theater. What starts off as no big deal suddenly blows up. Renovations have uncovered the lair of serial killer Peter Piper, and they aren’t the only ones aware of the evidence. Police are onto them, as well as the FBI. Worst of all, it seems the serial killer has come out of retirement—and he’s after Jen and Lil.      Amazon KU


One life-altering kiss sets our whole world on fire. Harlow – I’ll tell you what isn’t on my agenda for this century: finding my fated mate only to have him reject me. In fact, having a mate and tying myself down for eternity isn’t even a blip on my radar. But the moment I meet Bailey, there’s no denying he’s meant to be mine. Everything about the gentle Welsh giant calls to me, consuming my thoughts. The problem? He doesn’t feel the same way. One life-altering kiss has him running in the other direction, leaving me to watch over him from the shadows. When the opportunity arises to build a friendship, I grab it with both hands. Surely being his friend is better than nothing, right? It will have to be, especially with a clan of mages sniffing around and looking for trouble. Not unusual since I am an estranged son of Lucifer. But now that I have my mate to consider, things are a lot more serious. How can I truly protect Bailey when he doesn’t even know I’m a demon? Bailey – I learned a long time ago that relationships aren’t for me. Nobody wants to commit to a bigger guy, especially one who craves a different role in the bedroom. When Harlow sashays into my life, I can’t help but wish things could be different. Sure, he seems interested, but history has proven that eventually, everyone leaves me. There’s no way a vibrant firecracker like Harlow wants to be anything more than friends. But the closer we get, the harder it is to keep him at arm’s length. He tells me he wants a relationship, but how can I believe him when I know he’s hiding something from me?   AmazonKU

A VOICE IN THE AIR by Daryl Devore

VS Note: I’ve enjoyed the snippets the author has shared from this; put it on my TBR.

Leading an army of faeries and pixies into battle against mountain trolls was not what Cadi expected when she accepted the task of rescuing Ewen – the son of the Overseer of the Faeries. Squire Ewen followed his liege into battle with a head full of romantic notions of knights, heroics, and damsels in distress. Being captured by a troll, thrown into a cave, and awaiting a hideous death was not how he had foreseen his adventure to play out. Can Ewen stay out of trouble long enough for Cadi to rescue him? Will Cadi overcome her doubts and fears and bring her beloved Ewen home to Plucks Ridge?
Or will the petty evilness of The Scorned One defeat all and destroy the magickal realm?      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


My fortune’s been down, lately. Right until I met the dragon shifter. My family’s not well off. They’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet, but a lot of bad luck fell on them. They try their best though, and I want to help them. For me, that means risking it all. Going into the fight pits. A forbidden place of supernaturals, feral fighters, and people like me betting on the outcomes. A place normally off limits to humans. One person catches my eye. One name among the others. An alpha fighter with a cursed form, with a craving to win fights. A man with a heart of gold lurking under that toughness. A man, who, of course, my parents would love to have over for Thanksgiving.     Amazon KU


Against enormous odds, Clio Fathom has advanced to the next round of The Queen Trials, along with dozens of other women and girls… some of whom are already making plans to kill her. But first comes The Wishing Round, where three winners will receive the ultimate prize: the chance to make one wish, which King Ergondy is bound by duty to grant… whether he wants to or not. But not everyone is allowed to play in The Wishing Round, and those that do will learn…. be careful what you you wish for. It just might come true.     Amazon KU      AB


I was an alpha. A loving mate. A girl swept up in a cruel world.  escaped, but not without casualties. A determined force of nature, I’ve learned how to use my gifts. I’ve got an army of wolves willing to fight under my command. They call me their queen. My loved ones are in trouble, and it’s going to take everything I’ve got to bring them home. I’ve accepted my fate. Once a curse, now a leader. Once fear, now forever.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From OCT 21

Time-travelling to the Bronze Age Mediterranean was never part of Adrienne’s plans. Adrienne has been doing her best to adapt to life among the Minoans. But the language barrier is nothing compared to the cultural divide – and the ensuing misunderstanding that results in Adrienne falling for a man already promised to another. When Adrienne discovers that the famed Oracle on Crete might know how she can return home, she agrees to leave her newfound friends behind and embark on a dangerous journey. Will the Oracle give her the answers she seeks … or will she find her destiny is already written in the stars? Burn the Stars is the second book in the Dying Gods series. It is a slow burn historical time-travel reverse harem romance suitable for readers 18+. Contains mm. Author will be donating all pre-order proceeds to the Center for Reproductive Rights.     Amazon KU

HUNTED BY THE WOLF by Raven Willow

I thought he was just a myth. Then he took me as his mate. When her video blogging efforts brought her to Black Wolf Falls, Violet Batten didn’t truly believe she’d encounter the beast local legends claim prowls the forest… and she definitely didn’t expect to be dragged off into the woods to be mounted, rutted, and claimed as his mate. She could pretend it was all a dream if it weren’t for the wolf pelt he wrapped her in for warmth. Or the marks he left with his teeth…Maybe she could have gone back to her life and forgotten all about that night spent pinned beneath him, writhing in helpless ecstasy and screaming her surrender into the starry night. But the babies he put in her belly made her his forever.   AmazonKU


Born into the British nobility and married to a lord, he has never had to work a day in his life. Instead he drinks, parties and sleeps around. Much to his husband’s disgust. But Eban is a vessel, a person who grows and absorbs magic within them, and his husband is a mage. As with all mages and vessels, his husband takes his body, to take his magic. This arrangement, combined with Eban’s dazzling beauty, ensured that Eban’s husband tolerated his bad behavior. Until now. Alpha wolf shifter Bastion is happy to be paid a ton of money to keep a spoiled brat in line. Keep him safe. Stop him sleeping around. Make him behave. Easy money. He knows the brat seduced his last bodyguard and that he has been hired as no human would sleep with a dog, not even the reckless Eban du Fray. Bastion can take the insult for the money. Bastion expects to find a vain, selfish brat, bored in a loveless arranged marriage. He doesn’t expect to uncover something far darker, or that beneath Eban’s dazzling exterior is a soul that shines far brighter. But he can’t let himself fall in love. Eban is married to a powerful, dangerous man who is not going to let him go. Falling in love with Eban will only lead to tragedy and heartbreak. Bastion must resist, must stay strong. Or will he sacrifice everything for the man who is carelessly stealing his heart?       Amazon KU


We vowed to escape together. I broke that promise. Now the men I loved just might break me. There were six of us. Caged, turned into monsters, and tormented with brutal tests of our horrific emerging abilities. We had only each other to count on… until our escape attempt ended with one dead, the others recaptured, and me dragged away into a different nightmare. Now I’ve finally fought my way back to rescue them. Except the men I set free are hardened, beastly versions of the devoted boys I remember. They see me as a traitor and a murderer—but they refuse to let me go now that they have me back. They have no idea that the greatest threat may be the new darkness that’s woken up inside me. I don’t know how to control it. And if these men break me, I could destroy us all.    AmazonKU


Raven has come a long way since joining Keystone. She embraced her Vampire side, learned to work with others, and even fell in love. But how far is she willing to go for the greater good? When Viktor receives an anonymous tip regarding the whereabouts of the most notorious oligarchs in the Breed world, Keystone’s courage is put to the test. The stakes are high—one wrong move could have catastrophic consequences. In a shocking turn of events, Christian’s recent disappearance reveals secrets that could ruin him. The past is finally catching up, and Raven is faced with her greatest decision yet—one that could seal her fate forever. Will Keystone deliver the justice these men deserve, or will the cost be greater than the reward? Find out in this powerful conclusion to the Crossbreed series. The hardest demons to conquer are often our own.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


The Human Nurse – After my ex-fiancé lied to me and cheated on me, I left Louisiana for good. I moved far away from my home, all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska. Starting over was tough, but I was committed to my new life. I knew I could be happy without a man. But I wasn’t single for long. I met Knox when he brought his nephew to school. That gorgeous man was hot, and he was a loyal uncle, stepping in to help with his niece and nephew while his sister-in-law had a baby. He asked me out, and I said yes. In spite of my reluctance, I fell for him. But every now and then, I noticed that there was something off. I couldn’t put my finger on it. My gorgeous boyfriend had secrets. I just didn’t know what they were. Then I found out in the worst way possible. I was attacked by Knox’s enemy, and my boyfriend transformed in front of my eyes. He was not a human, but a wolf shifter. I could accept that, eventually, but I could never accept his deception. Now that he’d lied to me, could I ever trust him again?  The Wolf Shifter Playboy – My pack never had any faith in me. And neither did my parents. When I asked for permission to …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)   AmazonKU


Ara Starrin’s entire life has been a lie. Hidden in the shadow of her controlling father, General Evander of Auryna, Ara has never tasted true freedom. For most of her life, she’s been locked away in his estate as he is determined to protect her from the bloodthirsty Fae across the border. But as her twenty-sixth birthday comes and goes, he decides it’s time for her to marry, against her wishes and completely unbeknownst to her. Ara’s fate is sealed the moment he announces her engagement. Rogue Draki’s entire life has been a painful truth. Raised at the hands of his father, the merciless king of Ravaryn, Rogue has never tasted an ounce of kindness. Now that his father is dead, the crown has been thrust upon him, and it is his responsibility to save his people from the wrath of Auryna. It is for that reason he crosses the border into Auryna to spy on the court in the Capitol—for secrets, leverage, anything. Rogue’s fate is sealed the moment he lays eyes on Ara Starrin.   AmazonKU


Titan is second-in-command of the fallen sentinel angels, a fearsome group of earthbound angels who are tasked with protecting heaven from the demon charmers. The eternal struggle has cost many lives, one of which Titan still blames himself for six months later. But when a mortal woman becomes a target of his enemy, he saves her—only to discover she looks just like the woman he lost months ago. Not a day goes by that Rose Meyer doesn’t spend looking for her twin sister. With a newfound lead at her fingertips, she heads out in search of clues to her sister’s whereabouts. What she finds, however, is a frightening magic user intent on killing her—and a hulking angel of gleaming metallic titanium who shuttles her out of the kill zone. And refuses to let her out of his protection. Her touch has sparked a celestial power in him that has been lost since he and his brothers fell. But as Titan’s power grows, so does the mysterious bond between him and the woman occupying his every thought. When they learn that Rose unknowingly possesses what the demons are searching for, their deep connection is tested as tensions run high. Because this elemental angel refuses to put her in harm’s way. Even if it means shattering his heart in the process.   AmazonKU

THE SEVENTH SONS by Edward Kendrick

On his twenty-first birthday, Andre discovers something both amazing and terrifying. As the seventh son of a seventh son, he is now a werewolf. One of the relatively few in the world. If it hadn’t been for Mario, who was also a seventh son werewolf, being there for his first shift, Andre doesn’t know how he could have handled it. Now he has to tell Donal, the man he loves with all his heart, what he has become. It won’t be easy, but he hopes his long-time lover will be able to accept it — and him — when he learns the truth. Much against his will, Mario is left to watch over Andre until he gets a handle his new life. The only saving grace? He can spend his time at the same PI agency where Donal works. When they get a new case, Mario has no idea it will change his life forever … if he lets it happen.

Amazon     Kobo


WIN A WILDERNESS LODGE! Ready for the chance of a lifetime? Enter now to become the new owners of the Timberwolf Lodge, located near Jasper, Alberta. You’ll have one year to meet the requirements, and the lodge will be yours! Small print (very, very, very small print):
Warning: Lodge may contain werewolves, fated mates, and tons of shifter pack drama. Good luck and have fun! Don’t die! The learning curve just grew fangs and claws…The out-of-the-blue opportunity to take over a wilderness eco-lodge in the Jasper wilderness is the fresh start Cassidy Rundle and her friends have been looking for. Except the roof of the grand Timberwolf Lodge needs fixing, the rental cottages need to be overhauled, and the seemingly incompetent caretaker who comes with the place is sexy enough to make Cassidy’s brain stutter. Still, she’s determined to ignore all distractions and make this work. When Jace Carter discovers his auntie has given him the Timberwolf Lodge property, but not the building, he expects mayhem to follow. Now he’s back home, dealing with memories, multiple cousins, and an outstanding death threat from the local Alpha. (Who is also a cousin. Go family!) But nothing can compare with discovering his new “boss” is a petite woman with enough attitude to take on a bear—and she’s his fated mate. Cassidy wants to reach for her dreams? Jace will be there to make it happen, even if that means taking over the Jasper pack leadership. Once he explains shifters to his very human mate.

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When Ros’s best friend offers her an all-expenses paid vacation to a cabin in the Northwoods, Ros jumps at the chance to get away from it all. Her apartment’s flooded, she lost her job, her boyfriend ran off to France, and it seems like her luck can’t get any worse… and that’s when the fire condors show up. The flaming deadly birds of legend have set up shop on the deck, and Ros’s only chance to get rid of them lies with an animal rescue specialist named Teagan Howell. She didn’t expect the fire condor deck party, and she sure as heck didn’t expect Teagan, big, blond, and with a smile that could melt winter itself. Eagle shifter Teagan was ready for trouble, but he wasn’t ready to find Ros, his true mate. Now all he has to do is tell her about shifters and how he’s completely hers before the fire condors set the Northwoods aflame.      Amazon KU


He’s waited years to claim her. When the time came, she slipped away …I was a Kilseleian princess until the hordes conquered and took over my father’s crown. Now I’m in the Summer fae Court, hiding from Father’s enemies, trying to figure out what to do with my life. Turns out life has a plan for me already. He’s tall, handsome, furry, and goes by the name Lenox. The attraction between us is undeniable, but then, at the public gathering, he takes me down in the dirt and bites me. He says the bite is a marking telling others I’m his mate, and now he wants to take me away from the only place that’s safe. He wants me in his lycan clan. And nobody gets in the way of a lycan and his mating claim. Not even the reluctant mate.      Amazon KU

FEMMES FATALE by Erik Scott de Bie and Amanda Cherry

This woman hurt Jaccob, and she’s Lady f***ing Vengeance. Vivienne Cain has come to Cobalt City for one reason and one reason only: to confront the villainous sorceress who broke her friend’s heart. Getting hired by said villain to purge her shiny skyscraper of an invading demon was not on her agenda, especially not given her messy past with possession. Nor did she anticipate exactly how hard it would be to resist a redhead bombshell in a green silk dress…The other other woman…? Of course Ruby Killingsworth is ready for her once-flame Jaccob “Stardust” Stevens’s dangerous goth booty call. But she isn’t prepared for exactly how good she looks in leather, nor for the demon that has made her tower its new feeding ground. If she’s going to get her tower and her empire back, she’ll have to make a deal with Lady Vengeance, one that involves both business and pleasure. Self destruction be damned… she wants this. It will take every ounce of knowledge, skill, magic, and trust the two can conjure to defeat their supernatural adversaries and save Cobalt City, the world, and each other. Femmes Fatale is the sexy, sapphic story of two women battling their demons, both within and without.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


More monsters? That’s the last thing I need. I’m having a hard enough time trying to figure out how to juggle my life working my day-job as a website tester from home, raising my two children, and figuring out how to once again resume dating as I train to become a full-fledged member of the monster-hunting squad headed up by the gorgeous, enigmatic Anson Bentley. So when I come up against werewolves running amok in my neighborhood big-box store? It’s more than I can deal with alone. But if I’m going to survive—and more to the point, protect the people I love—I have to keep a handle on the creatures attacking us. No matter how much they worry me.

Amazon      Apple Books     Kobo


Samantha – When the Dark Wolf God threatened my pack, I defied him. His retaliation was quick and brutal. The ruthless god tore me from my life and imprisoned me in his kingdom. He’s convinced I have magic that will free him from a curse. He’s as powerful as he is sexy—but he’s also wrong. I’m just a wolf shifter, right? Cadean, the Dark Wolf God – I know the little wolf’s secret: she has the power to save me, or bring me to my knees. I need her help to protect my kingdom from the fae, but she thinks I’m a monster. The truth is far worse: I’m a brutal beast that will defend my people, no matter the price.  Could the woman who wields the power to undo me be my mate? If so, I’ll destroy the world just to keep her safe.      Amazon KU


It’s time…Time to end this once and for all. With my mates by my side, I know we can get through anything…even if the world burns around us. It all started with King, and it will end with him too. Even if that means I have to hunt him to Hell to finish this. One way or another…One thing’s for sure. King’s reign will end…That I can promise you.      Amazon KU

VS: And finally, something different in nonfiction. Being a huge LEGO fan myself, I pre-ordered this one.


It’s estimated that each year between eighty and ninety million children around the globe are given a box of LEGO, while up to ten million adults buy sets for themselves. Yet LEGO is much more than a dizzying number of plastic bricks that can be put together and combined in countless ways. LEGO is also a vision of the significance of what play can mean for humanity. This book tells the extraordinary story of a global company and a Danish family who for ninety years have defended children’s right to play—and who believe grown-ups, too, should make the time to nurture their inner child. The LEGO Story is built on Jens Andersen’s unique access to LEGO’s own archives, as well as on Andersen’s extensive conversations with Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, former president and CEO of the LEGO group and grandson of its founder, Ole Kirk Christiansen. A riveting cultural history of changing generations’ views of childhood and the importance of play, The LEGO Story also a fascinating case study of how innovation and creativity helped leaders transform LEGO from a small carpentry business into the world’s largest producer of play materials and one of the most beloved brands in the world. Richly illustrated with never-before-seen photos from the family’s private archive, this is the ultimate book for fans of LEGO, revealing everything you ever wanted to know about the brand.

Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo



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3 comments on “New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for NOV 16

  1. I’ve just realised this was from mid October and was covered in a previous post. Only just started it as I was on holiday in October and a bit behind on my reading. Mea culpa, a senior moment. Lol. It’s a great read though

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