New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for JAN 11

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.

Still a little slow, as far as the volume of new releases but it looks like next week will be pretty busy!



He’s a member of the enemy Order, but his dragon staked its claim and he killed a Brother to defend me…Charlie – I’m a scientist. Logic has always gotten me through, but there’s no logic to love. Lusting over the alpha, domineering alien dragon man, sure, makes sense. But instant love? Fated mates? Impossible. Besides, he’s a member of the evil Order. The alien cult who wants to capture the surviving human females and use us for breeding. That’s not love. But I feel what I feel. And when the enormous Order warrior looks at me with eyes like bonfires of desire, I melt. Logic doesn’t matter anymore, only emotion. Tidal waves of emotion that threaten to drown me. Borsyk – I am loyal. My oath is my bond. Breaking it is not something I ever thought to do. My task was to capture a human female and return to the Order. But the moment I see her my oaths no longer matter. Loyalty does not matter. She is all that matters. Her soft curves and delicate, unprotected skin set my hearts racing. She is everything and I will never share her. She is mine. No other male will ever touch her. She is my treasure. I will take her away from every one else and stake my claim. My only loyalty is to her. She will be mine.      AmazonKU

REAVER’S KISS (THAXIAN MATES BOOK 4) by Elin Wyn and Starr Huntress

VS Note: A “revised and expanded” re-release. There wasn’t a blurb, only this snippet:

“What are you?” a deep voice rumbled, and I sat up in shock then froze. I was at the side of a clearing, tall, twisted trees lacing the sky with slender branches far overhead all around, deep shadows at their bases. A circle of dark sky above was filled with a giant full moon. I swallowed hard. To its side, I saw a second smaller orb. Two moons. That… that was different. I looked around again. “Who’s there? Who spoke to me?” …(more on ebook seller’s page…)      AmazonKU


Faced with tremendous medical bills following her mother’s death, Christine needs a second job. She knows Club Zoom only hires men, but she’s desperate, so she applies under the misleading name of Chris. The manager is reluctant to hire her, fearing she will end up chosen by one of the Eleadian males and leave him once again without nighttime cleaning staff. Nevertheless, he relents. Strogan spends several nights sitting in the control room, watching the female while she works. His gut tells him she’s his, but he refrains from descending until his Little mate falls off a ladder behind the bar one night. It only takes a moment in her presence to confirm the overworked female is Strogan’s Little. She’s injured and dripping with spilled alcohol, but there is no doubt. She is his, and she will never again have to work her fingers to the bone.     AmazonKU


Christmas is coming and the aliens of Kyven want a reindeer as a surprise for their humans. How were they to know that even a small reindeer herd needed a human to tend them? An out-of-this-world f/f alien holiday romance between a human woman and a beautiful alien female.

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VS Note: Seems to be a re-release or a rewriting? See Author’s Note at end of blurb.

Allie and Revik barely escape Dubai with their lives, and neither leaves that Dreng stronghold unscathed. Revik’s light and mind are compromised, as is the light of their daughter, Lily. Either or both could be turned with the flip of a switch, forced to kill or sabotage everyone they love. Both are tied inextricably to Shadow and the Dreng via their seer’s living light. All they can do is run. The forces of Darkness, led by Shadow, take chase. Meanwhile, Shadow and his followers continue to grow stronger, cover more ground, expand their sphere of influence. They can’t run forever. Allie knows they can’t. Revik knows it, too. He comes up with a plan––a crazy plan, one that might wipe out everything and everyone he and Allie hold dear. A plan that means sacrificing himself for one last shot at Shadow. Then Dragon appears, another broken intermediary with unbelievable power. He might just be the most dangerous seer Allie’s ever encountered––including her husband, who Dragon seems determined to hunt for reasons of his own…[SNIP] The main relationship in this book is heterosexual, however the series has an explicit M/M relationship, and most of the characters are bisexual. Every book ends on a completed arc. **NOTE: A different version of this novel was previously titled “Dragon” (same series name)     AmazonKU


When an alien research ship heads to Earth, Aliens and humans collide in unexpected ways…In Heat (Combustion 1) When Zoey temporarily moves in with her friend Justin, the last thing she expects is to find a hunk across the hall. Wyatt not only desires Zoey, he needs her to survive, but he wants a willing partner. When passion finally overtakes them, he knows he must tell her the truth, but will she accept an alien lover?     Dead Heat (Combustion 2) With her memory erased, Erica is caught between two men — a handsome doctor who claims to be her boyfriend and a sexy government agent. Erica soon learns that neither she nor the doctor belong on Earth. Passion flares between the visitors and the agent who has discovered them, but will he endanger their lives or save them?     Heat of the Moment (Combustion 3) When Jace is hired as engineer on a research ship headed to Earth, Tiana makes it plain she doesn’t approve of him. She’s not willing to believe he’s turned his life around. But as much as she wants him off the ship, she wants him in her bed even more. She can’t trust him. Can she resist him?     Amazon     Kobo

HERO COMPLEX by Jesse J Thoma

Being labeled a mad scientist doesn’t faze Bronte Scales. Accidentally gaining superpowers didn’t even seem that strange. It’s not until she realizes someone is out to get her and her do-it-yourself super tech invention, that she reluctantly becomes one part of a superpowered crime fighting team. Then things really get out of hand. And somewhere along the way she accidentally kidnaps a nurse—a smart, kind, and beautiful sort of nurse. Bronte’s screwed. Athena Papadaki doesn’t have superpowers, but she’s scary good at squeezing everything she can from each waking minute. That feels heroic until she’s kidnapped by a group of knuckleheads who need more rescuing than she does. Once she’s done saving the day, she’ll walk away and most certainly never think about Bronte Scales ever again. Nothing to see here. Can Bronte and Athena, and their unlikely friends, work together to defeat Bronte’s archnemesis? The fate of love, humanity, and the world might depend on it. No pressure.      Amazon     Kobo


She worships her gods. But no god can protect her from me. I am the demon Volikan. Battle hardened and cruel, my berserker rage is feared through all planes of existence. And yet I am ripped from the battlefield by my king to play house with a tiny human woman half my size. I am enraptured by her beauty. My body is drawn to her in a way it has never been in the countless eons I’ve been alive. I don’t know why. She’s tiny. She’s loud. And she’s not afraid of me. I will not succumb to her feminine charms. I will not be swayed to mate with her and trade in my flame swords for baby bibs. Then why is the only thing I can think about the softness of her eyes? Her smell. Her touch. And how much I want us to be a family?      AmazonKU


VS Note: Not romance per se but a release of note.

A girl who believes in UFOs; a boy who might have finally found his Prince Charming; a hopeful performer who dreams of being cast in her school’s production of The Sound of Music; a misunderstood magician of sorts with a power she doesn’t quite understand. These plotlines and many more compose the eclectic stories found within the pages of this dynamic, exciting, and expansive collection featuring exclusively Black characters. From contemporary to historical, fantasy to sci-fi, magical to realistic, and with contributions from a powerhouse list of self-proclaimed geeks and bestselling, award-winning authors, this life-affirming anthology celebrates and redefines the many facets of Blackness and geekiness—both in the real world and those imagined.      Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Not a romance but an LGBTQ scifi release of note. 

Orfeus the hunter is searching for redemption in the wake of destruction…Orfeus has always loved grand gestures. And what could be grander than risking her life to gain entry to the fabled Cloud Forest to find one of humanity’s greatest losses and make a gift of it to her beloved? But the cost proves higher than she could have ever imagined and now she is on the run, navigating a whole new world of danger with few allies and even fewer friends. Arcon, the Cloud Forest’s mechanized guardian, is determined to track her down, even if it means destroying everything in their way. Even if it means convincing Jean, a traumatized young trans man escaping a cult, to host them in order to complete their mission. Can Orfeus figure out a way out of the mess that she’s created and work with the Order of the Vengeful Wild and their allies to fix what she’s broken before their world is pushed once more to the brink?     Amazon     Kobo


Dr. Rome Tipper is a zoologist working with NASA in the year 2134. On her way back from Saturn’s Moon, Enceladus, Dr. Tipper’s ship is hit by a meteor and it pushes her off course. Where will she land? Russia. In 2134, Russia and the US have found themselves in the midst of another Cold War. Doctor Maksim Volkov is an engineer and a geneticist who lives 3,000 feet underground in a cave he has built. Why? The good doctor has his own secrets to keep. When the two meet up, sparks don’t fly, but over time the embers begin to burn brightly. When it’s time for Maksim to help Rome make the trip back to the US, via the Bering Strait, can they say goodbye?     AmazonKU

OVER THE MOON by S E Anderson

VS Note: Not a romance but an LGBTQ F/F scifi Wizard of Oz retelling.

Ding Dong, the Technowitch is dead. As an illegal clone of the murdered galactic princess, Dora’s face would get her killed the minute she steps off her dull farming moon. She spends her days tinkering with gadgets and gears, with Tau, her kitchen-timer-bot, for company. But when forces close in and threaten her family, her escape attempt lands her deep in the Outer Zone — and on top of the Technowitch of Night, crushing her in the process. Now a fugitive in two solar systems, Dora’s only chance of survival is to find her way to the mysterious Technomage on his Emerald moon. In a place where science has advanced to be indistinguishable from magic, she must accept the help of an unlikely trio: a cryogenically-preserved girl with no memory, an obsolete theme park droid, and a bioengineered beast with a penchant for the dramatic. As Dora realizes there’s more to the princess’s death than what the universe has been told, she must choose — save her family, or risk everything to right a centuries-old wrong.      Amazon


Two humans, a bunch of cats, a space ship…and murder. Han-Ja Gee has made a fine living on Trash Planet trading information and secrets with those who are willing to pay, either in money or in more secrets. He thought he knew everything…until a talking cat interrupted a business meeting. But cats can’t talk. Cats are so rare that only very wealthy people own them. If he can find and sell some cats, he can pay off the life-debt he owes and leave Trash Planet forever. Farah Shine Collins is the last human to awaken on the ancient generation ship, the Catamaran, two thousand years after it was supposed to reach a habitable planet. Her adjustment to this new world of sentient cats and a hardscrabble existence in a galaxy that barely survived a catastrophic war is not smooth going. And it becomes infinitely worse when she’s asked to partner with an information broker named Han-Ja, who is clearly trouble, in solving a murder on board the ship. A murder for which the primary suspect is Farah’s mother. A murder that not even mind-reading cats seem to know anything about. A murder that was only the first in a string of deadly attacks that threatens to tear the whole ship apart. Han-Ja just wanted to escape a brutal racketeer. Farah just wanted a place that she and her mother could call home. Neither expected to fall in love while locked on a murder ship with three thousand terrified colonists and almost as many angry cats. But if they cannot stop the killer, the collateral damage will be a lot more than their hopes and dreams. It will be their lives.     Amazon     Kobo

MATED BY TWO by Tammy Walsh

After human females are no longer capable of becoming pregnant, I enter a program to be seeded by an alien male. But when one of the other females pulls out, I’m left with two options: no mates or two mates. And since I’m determined to be seeded, I guess I’ll go for two…They’re from ancient warring species and stop at nothing to claim me first. And when they finally learn to share, they show me their passionate, protective, and possessive sides, each trying to outdo the other. When they touch me, I yearn for more. When they kiss me, I surrender in gratitude. When they undress me, I ache to scream their names. And when they make me fly, I soar higher than ever before. But after they discover we each share a part of the sacred Joisa tattoo, it can mean only one thing… That we’re destined to become fated mates. I discover my true desires, as well as the dark secrets they keep hidden away from prying eyes.     AmazonKU


If Jane Austen’s novels had never ever existed, would we have rom-com movies and women’s fiction? But the young writer is discouraged by a publisher’s rejection and ready to give up writing. And an unwelcome marriage proposal she has rashly accepted spells her doom. Someone must save history and Jane Austen! A stranger calls, claiming to be an interested publisher, and a desperate Jane agrees to go to his office. That office turns out to be 200 years in the future. And it’s not an office, but a bookstore in Pasadena, California where fans of Jane Austen gather every month to discuss her books. Jane greets her club only to find that superfans can be super picky. Discouraged by their critiques, Jane asks her time traveling escort for different adventures. Deadly, dangerous ones. And yes—romantic ones! Perhaps with one tall, blue-eyed superfan named Will Fleming. Her “publisher” had hoped to inspire Jane’s writing by showing her a book club devoted to her. But when Jane decides to chart her own course, history may have to save itself.      Amazon


Vesta returns to London, eager to solve the canine crisis once and for all. As she meets with a group of Her Majesty’s scientists and alchemists, their work renews her hope that the puppy population might be restored–even if it renders her clockwork companions obsolete. Despite Vesta’s frustration with their pace, her forthcoming marriage to Henry provides inspiration. Unfortunately, if the irresistible rogue cannot follow her father’s rules and reform his impetuous ways, her father might cancel the ceremony.      AmazonKU


VS Note: This caught my attention, teaming the concept of a cozy mystery with a dystopian future, so I was curious and one clicked. Not a romance.

In Silverdale, Washington the survivors of a worldwide apocalypse are preparing for the coming winter storms. But just as they’re stocking away the last of the fall harvest, they make a disturbing discovery – someone has pilfered the food supplies! Long-time neighbors Irene and Hilda Jo might be considered “frenemies.” Despite their differences, however, they’ll have to put their heads together to unearth the thief before winter buries them all.

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*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: This week I felt like highlighting HOSTAGE TO THE STARS from my backlist. The male main character Johnny first appeared in MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR as a secondary character and while he’s one of my favorite people for sure, my readers also clamored for him to have his own book. So once I got the right story, I was happy to put a lot of my research into Special Forces rescuing hostages here on Earth into the mix. I feel like it’s a little bit overlooked on my backlist (and it can definitely be read as a standalone) so here we go!


He rescued her from space pirates … but can he keep them both safe from the far greater evil stalking a deserted planet?

Space travel without Kidnap & Ransom insurance? Not a good idea. University instructor and researcher Sara Bridges can’t afford it, so when pirates board her cruise liner, she’s taken captive along with the mistress of a wealthy man, and brought to a deserted planet. When a military extraction team sent to rescue the mistress refuses to take Sara too, she’s left to the mercies of a retired Special Forces soldier, along as consultant.

Reluctantly reactivated and coerced into signing up for the rescue operation to the planet Farduccir where he once was deployed,  Sgt. Johnny Danver just wants to get the job done. But when the team leader leaves one captured woman behind, he breaks away to rescue her himself.

As Johnny and Sara traverse the barren landscape, heading for an abandoned base where they hope to call Sectors Command for help, they find villages destroyed by battle and stripped of all inhabitants. A lone survivor tells a horrific tale of the Sectors’ alien enemy, the Mawreg, returning after being pushed out …

Searching for evidence to give the military, Johnny is captured. He regains consciousness in a Mawreg cage–with Sara next to him. Death is preferable to what the aliens will do to them… And even if they do escape their captors, can they alert the military in time to prevent another invasion of the Sectors?

Standalone sequel to Mission To Mahjundar (mild spoilers for Mahjundar in this story.)

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


Sensual. Clever. Daring. There’s only one thing Kendrick yearns for—peace that has eluded the Dragon Kings. Zora may have been made in the image of Earth, but it’s a far cry from home. For too long the Kings have been on the defensive, betrayed time and again. When Kendrick has an opportunity to stop a foe, he takes it. Except he isn’t the only one tracking it. Soon, he finds himself face-to-face with an exquisite swordswoman who holds him enthralled…and sparks passion within his cold heart. As an Asavori Ranger, Esha has dedicated her life to protecting her people. She trains relentlessly to become one of their best warriors, forsaking everything else. When a treacherous new enemy invades their lands, she vows to destroy it. Esha’s rash decision has her crossing paths with that of a mysterious, handsome outsider. He’s trouble the Rangers don’t need, but she can’t walk away. He awakens desires long buried and dreams neglected. The temptation of their forbidden union is more than she can resist. She’s soon walking a treacherous path—one that could be the downfall for them both.      Amazon

THE WICKED IN ME by Suzanne Wright

No one really knows what they are. Only that they’re the first civilization. Aeons, they call themselves. They’re immortal. Powerful. Secretive. And they’ll come for her. Witch Wynter Dellavale knows that for certain. Because in unfairly trying to execute her, they started a chain of events they’re struggling to stop. Needing safety, she flees to Devil’s Cradle, the home of monsters. A place for the outcasts, the fugitives, the crazies. A place ruled by the Ancients, seven beings who were once banished by the Aeons. Among the Ancients is the infamous Cain, brother of Abel and embodiment of jealousy – who, on another note, wants her in his bed. There’s a heavy price for the safety the Ancients offer, but Wynter will have to pay it. She can’t take on the Aeons alone. And she has no intention of dying – been there, done that. Not that she’ll be the easy prey the Aeons are expecting. They have no knowledge of the … thing that lives inside her. You see, when witches are brought back from the afterlife, they don’t always come back the same. And they don’t always come back alone.

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Valkyrie Eynd Vespertine has learned a thing or two in the last hundred years of her life, and that’s to expect the unexpected. As one of the few Valkyrie females in the Midwest, she’s had her fair share of suitors and setups by her vampire parents, but what she hasn’t found is her truemate. After a trip away with family, she returns to Cleveland and finds herself in the crosshairs of a new coven enemy—another coven! When she crosses paths with the dangerous coven master, she’s rescued by an unlikely group of heroes—five polar bears who’ve oathed themselves to the bad guy. Spike Adair is the eldest of five polar bear shifters. Fifty years ago, he and his brothers oathed to a vampire master named Dargan. The magical tattoos are evidence of their allegiance. After they come to Cleveland to take out Mishka and his coven so Dargan can take over, they run into a snag. A female Dargan kidnaps is his and his brother Wraith’s mate. Rescuing her means breaking their oath to their master, but there isn’t anything that Spike and Wraith won’t do for the redheaded Valkyrie. Breaking their oath to Dargan turns out to be easier said than done. With the Cleveland coven at their side in battle, they have a chance to walk away with their mate and start a new life with her, but a demon from the Cleveland coven’s past has other ideas. Getting Eynd to fall in love with them won’t be the only challenge, but they’re just the males for the job.     Amazon     Kobo


After ditching her cheating boyfriend, Zya Rossi left Salem and all her meddling ancestors for a fresh start in Keating Hollow. While she managed to lose the boyfriend, unfortunately her ancestors followed her. While her dead aunts are trying to set her up with every eligible bachelor, Zya is just trying to make friends. She’s not interested in dating anyone. But when her best friend shows up on her doorstep with his three-year-old daughter in tow, suddenly she finds herself battling old feelings and trying not to fall in love with the one man she can’t afford to lose. Brody Saxon spent the last five years in France, using his magic to cultivate award winning grapes for an up and coming winery. Having never been the commitment type, after spending his days in the vineyards, he’d been quite content to spend his nights playing the field. But his carefree lifestyle comes crashing down when he suddenly finds himself the sole guardian of daughter he hadn’t even known he’d had. Now he’s in Keating Hollow, on Zya’s doorstep, praying his best friend can help him make sense of his new life. And maybe finally face the fact that he’s been in love with her for years. The problem? They’re both runners. Finding a way to trust each other is proving to be more of a challenge than getting his three-year-old to sleep in her own bed.     AmazonKU


November brings with it the annual windstorms, but another kind of storm is brewing. All over town, people are becoming unhappy with their partners. At Shadow Magic, we’re getting more requests than we can handle for love potions, Be-True charms, Reveal-Cheater spells, and anything you can think of to do with romance and its vagaries. Granny and I know that something sinister is afoot, but we aren’t sure what. Until Dagda Bruins—the chief of police—asks us for help. We discover a full-scale magical virus going on that’s causing broken hearts, fights between jilted lovers, and scandalous affairs everywhere. As we try to figure out what’s going on, one fight leads to murder, and the race is on to discover not only the source of this mayhem, but a cure for what’s ailing the lovelorn of Terameth Lake. And if we don’t move soon, the body count’s going to rise as tempers and infidelities escalate.      AmazonKU


I thought I had found a place to belong. But the werewolf king was lying to me–the one thing I begged him never to do. Turns out, I’m his mate. When I stalked out of his house–and out of his life–I figured I’d never see him again. But then I learned that Kyla had gone into the seelie realm to steal the sword tied to her fate. Alone. So now I’m sneaking in after her. And the werewolf king? He’s sneaking in after me. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to fight amongst ourselves. Because our enemies have been working together. And if we’re going to get out of here alive, save our realm, and burn HFE to the ground…we need to do the same. I’ll cooperate. I’ll work with Nathaniel to save our people. And I’ll keep my heart locked away where he can’t find it. Wish me luck.     AmazonKU


Snowflakes cursed by magic. A world sleeps in winter’s embrace – White as snow. Blood red. Darker than the shadows hidden below, fairytales come to life with unexpected twists of fate. Can Belle protect her happiness when winter brings an old foe? Will spring ever come to Sleeping Beauty’s cursed kingdom? Can Snow White escape her chilling fate? Crave the whimsy, wonder, and heartbreak that begins with once upon a time.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Benjamin Ward loves seeing his fellow enforcers find their fated mates. He wants that and has made it no secret that he would love someone to cherish and spend his life with. When his aura reacts to the adorable cutie cooking, his heart hurts when he realizes who his fated One is and what he’s been through. Benjamin takes a step back and tries to give the fox shifter space and time to accept him, but will it be enough? Elias Holmes had an amazing life, but that was taken from him when he was kidnapped one morning on his way to work. After months in captivity, he’s rescued with not much time left before he and the others would have been beyond help. Now that he’s no longer in captivity, it’s time to put his life back together. That’s difficult when the mountain is surrounded by large, intimidating alphas that scare both him and his fox. Benjamin and Eli discover they’re fated mates, but can Eli be what Benjamin deserves? Benjamin isn’t nearly as intimidating as the other enforcers, and he smells amazing. Can Eli trust him with not only his body but his heart?   AmazonKU


Tawny Granger’s brother has gone missing. Her family and friends have all told her not to worry, but she and her twin have a special bond. Everything inside of her is screaming he’s in danger. Alex Carter and Liam Zano have built a career teaching other werewolves how to fight. When Tawny asks them to help her search for her brother, they can’t turn her away. Not only is she their mate, they also make a very grim discovery—werewolf hunters might have come to Wildwood, Montana. When a snowstorm has the three of them finding shelter in the mountains, Tawny is undeniable drawn to these men. She feels the strong desire between them, but now is not the time to allow her emotions to take over. The werewolf hunters have targeted the entire Granger family, but what happens as a result of being hunted proves that she is MEANT for these wolves.      AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in Erotica.

It may be his maze, but I want to mark it—and him—as my own. You get to know a city best at night—that’s how I found out about the mysterious Witching Hour Ball. How I slipped inside amongst the revelers, only to discover the monsters there aren’t wearing costumes. And how I found myself enraptured by the surprisingly gentle Minotaur who cannot take his eyes off of me. Whose invitation to his maze will leave me tied up in knots—both emotionally and physically. But when he chases me down with primal need and claims me as his True Offering, I’m not sure I ever want to leave.   AmazonKU

THE FAMILY MARTELL by Edward Kendrick

Dorian and Cecily had been alive for several centuries, and married for well over one-hundred years. When they decided they wanted a family, they did what any sensible vampires would and adopted three human children. They waited until each was old enough to understand before revealing what they were, and then gave them the choice to be turned once they were twenty-one. Of course, being sensible children, they each agreed they wanted to become vampires as well. Griff, the oldest, is unrepentantly gay. Margie, the middle child, is straight and involved with Wayne, a human. Brad is the youngest and definitely bi. All three joined the family business, art thievery, which is how Griff met Nolan, his parents’ human partner, and quickly fell in lust with him. Soon after his turning, Brad meets another Fledgling vampire, Ewan, and Ewan’s very possessive Sire, Alexia. This causes problems on more than one front. Problems it will take the entire Martell family to solve … or so they hope.

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Apparently, I’m the granddaughter of the all-powerful Sea Witch of Nyxleia. Too bad dear old granny isn’t telling me what that means exactly, in terms of magic or powers. No, she keeps telling me to figure that crap out on my own and fulfill my destiny. Such love. But if that bombshell wasn’t enough, I’m now engaged to the four Pirate Kings and doing my best to keep my feelings and lust separate to learn more about them. I need to discover how they broke the Blood Oath that triggered the curse and determine if these bastards are worth the hard work and pain it’ll cost me to save their world. Otherwise, I might just try to find my way back to Earth instead. However, when some of their pasts come back to haunt us and show up on our doorstep, I have a choice—to finally give in and let them claim me, or risk finding my own way back home. Although my head and heart disagree about which is the right path. After all, trust isn’t easy for me. Are the Pirate Kings the ones to prove my track record wrong?      AmazonKU


The last thing Kaia Coll expected when she checked in at Hellscape Holiday Resort was for a dragon to fight a demon over her. Technically, it didn’t quite happen that way, but a witch can dream. Especially since the dragon is one good-looking man, and Portia Flemming keeps throwing them together! Dragon shifter Greyson Verlice’s idea of a company retreat isn’t three-legged races and building sandcastles. Especially not when the distracting witch, Kaia Coll, is always around. Greyson needs to focus on saving his company and thunder. Not ditch his colleagues to flirt with Kaia. But with the Verlice name on the line, Kaia might be exactly who Greyson needs. Kaia and Greyson are in trouble now that Lou and Portia set their sights on them. Add in a couple of Lou’s cocktails, and who knows what will happen with these two!      AmazonKU


Romance may not be all that awakens while two best friends renovate a mansion rumored to be haunted. If you kiss your best friend…Halloween-loving Ren needs a new job. The only problem? The sole accountant opening in her small town requires construction experience, which are skills she lacks. Luckily, her best friend Leo— sexy, grumpy and completely off limits— is a construction hotshot. Their relationship is perfect as is, and, despite the intense chemistry, Ren refuses to ruin it with romance. Leo agrees to teach her, with one condition— she must live on site with him… and somehow survive the temptation. You’ d better be sure…Skeptic, sword-swinging Leo has loved Ren since she mistook him for a hardware employee in the plunger section two years ago. While he took his time winning her trust, she caged him in the friend zone. He’ s done hiding his feelings, and living together— working, sleeping, playing— at the Gothic mansion he’ s renovating will convince her that best friends make the best lovers. It’ s meant to be forever. Ren resolves to resist Leo, even if he bends every rule. Discovering the mansion’ s secrets— and lingering spirits, no matter what Leo claims— offers distraction enough. But with her defenses splintering, one kiss is all it takes to shatter every boundary, one night of passion to believe in happily ever after… and one crumbling letter of unrequited love to awaken ghosts forgotten. If Ren and Leo can’ t piece together the past for two lost souls, they might lose more than their hearts.

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Rory has never been the kind of person who enjoys fights or violence, but when a member of his newfound family is kidnapped, he will not just stand by and do nothing. No, Rory will use his still new and not entirely welcome magic to help. And when that is done, Rory will once more put all his efforts into becoming a trophy mate to his handsome blue husband, and he will worship said husband from the tips of his horns to his paw feet. Inkiri has never been happier in his life. His human mate accepts him, and not just that, Rory loves him. And while Rory seemed afraid at first, he will stop at nothing to protect the people near and dear to him. All Inkiri can hope is that he will prove himself worthy for such an extraordinary mate. With his future life as trophy mate almost within reach, Rory might be forgetting something that he has to do, but that’s okay. There are people in his life now who will remind him of all the things that are important and of all the things that aren’t.

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Famous psychic, Iris Moon, seeks refuge in Grace’s Cove after her boyfriend betrays her and sells a fake story to the tabloids. With her business and reputation unfairly shattered, Iris hopes to find space to heal and figure out how to move forward. Little does she expect to find love. Kane Wallace, known to the world as bestselling author, K.L. Wallace, takes one look at Iris, stranded at the airport without a rental car, and knows she needs a hero. Never one to resist a damsel in distress, Kane convinces Iris to hitch a ride with him to Grace’s Cove. Fresh from heartbreak himself, the two commiserate over bad break-ups and fresh starts. With a budding friendship blooming, Kane drops Iris off and desperately hopes to see her again. Iris wants nothing to do with men. But much like a lost puppy, Kane keeps finding his way back to her. Soon, Iris finds herself falling for Kane, and is faced with the question of whether she can open her heart to love again. Together, can Iris and Kane learn that in every ending lies a new beginning?     AmazonKU


Without a High Priest, the temple is about to fall apart. Luckily for Ani and her fellow priests, the election is around the corner. Now all they have to do is make sure they pick a leader who has their best interests at heart. Succession Of The Temple is book 7 in the Apprentice Of Anubis series. It is a modern low fantasy series with a romantic (m/f) sub-plot and follows a new priestess in the Temple of Anubis, Ani, and her jackal familiar. It is set in an alternative world where the Ancient Egyptian Empire never fell, and set in alternate London.

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VS note: This is a rerelease with ‘added content’. The previous release was also under a different pen name.

What’s a wounded and lonely little cinnamon roll to do? Stripped of his psychic powers, Calico Winghorse flees his homeworld and travels to 19th century Earth via his inter-dimensional portal. As a mixed-blood phoenix trapped in human form, he opens a bakery in the San Francisco Bay Area and quietly nurses his wounds. But the unique method of his arrival draws the unwanted attention of Infinity Corporation. Representing this angelic-run company is Agustin Chavez de la Cruz, the Demon Lord of California. Even though Agustin is IC’s heir, he finds himself demoted from his duties to concentrate on his new assignment: take absolute control of Calico’s portal. But Calico refuses to sell at any price. He is also very busy ensuring that the good people of the city are getting their fill of baked goods. Before Agustin can formulate a more gracious avenue of acquiring the gateway, the demanding head of IC interferes, further complicating matters. So as negotiations stumble along, Calico and Agustin come to realize they both want more than a stuffy business arrangement. However, due to Calico’s injuries, the portal remains vulnerable to the darker forces that want it at any cost. Agustin will have to push both his angelic heritage, as well as his own psychic powers to the very limits to heal this sweet baker, who is also the portal world’s God of Space and Time.     AmazonKU


Nothing happened. Well, Astrid blacked out and woke up in a strange bed, which is not how she thought her twenty-ninth birthday celebration would go. She does not usually get that drunk. She’s in the bed of an orc professor, who says he slept on the couch and that they didn’t so much as kiss. She kind of wishes they would have. Look at him. Look at his arms—hulking arms encased in tweed, his powerful body barely contained by his tidy exterior. Add to that the awkwardness of the orc’s mother unexpectedly stopping by and making the assumption that Astrid is her son’s new girlfriend, and it’s like something out of a rom com. Not to mention Astrid is not getting any younger, so…A fake relationship? A mortifying meet-cute? It’s a guaranteed happily-ever-after. Right?   Amazon

THE LOST WITCH: A NOVEL by Paige Crutcher

1922. The town of Evermore off the coast of Ireland is under the protection of a Goddess. She has bestowed power upon village healer Brigid Heron to ensure the heart of magic within the Lough of Brionglóid—the lake of dreams—remains untouched. For the witches of Knight want to absorb its powerful energies and release the Damned from the Otherworld. Brigid has devoted her whole life to being Evermore’s guardian, immersing herself in witchcraft, and sacrificing her own dreams. Until Luc Knightly, a trickster god with his own claim on the lough, offers Brigid her heart’s desire in exchange for betraying her Goddess’s trust. 2022. A century later, Evermore is under siege. The witches of Knight wield chaos magic, opening the rift between the island and the Otherworld wider every day. Beings born from folklore nightmares prey on the villagers, consuming their very humanity. Ophelia Gallagher, Brigid’s descendent, and her fellow witch Finola McEntire do their best to keep the monsters and mayhem at bay. Brigid awakens in this world with no memory of how she traveled into the future, and why Evermore has been cursed. To seal the lough and stop the witches of Knight, she must work with Ophelia and Finola to help her remember the events of a hundred years ago. But the knowledge she seeks lies with Luc Knightly himself–mysterious, handsome, and powerful–and the one who once upon a time granted Brigid her dearest wish—a daughter. To save Evermore, Brigid may have to lose her daughter—again.    Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


In a world where magic means power, a “small” gift is a curse. Thea was not blessed with power. Her gift of devouring plants and absorbing their hidden abilities does not make her stand out among her peers. Until a young man from the other side of the river sees something in her that no one else has seen before. When his family mercilessly strikes at her pride, he makes a point to ease the sting.
Alistair is not like his family. He has no interest in magic or wealth. He can see through the veil of the world into the faerie realm, and that has no use in his family. He never understood the desire to write to the girl across the river, but she turns his world of grey into a life of color. At the first opportunity, he meets with her. The second, he falls in love. And the third, he knows he wants to marry her. Until the cities across the river go to war. Their lives are shattered, ripped apart, and thrown asunder. Then, ten years later, a chance meeting brings them back together. He needs a secretary. She needs a job. Neither realized they were about to be thrown into each other’s arms once again. And this time, he doesn’t intend to ever let her go.      AmazonKU


I just spent the last month pretending to be the pet cat of an elf king. Today, I discovered we’re enemies. In a supernatural society filled with vampires, werewolves, and wizards, I’ve always been an outcast with my ability to turn into a housecat. No one knew what I was. Turns out, I’m a shadow—a race of supernaturals that were wiped out by the elves centuries ago. Who explains this to me? Noctus, the elf king I’ve been staying with while pretending to be his pet “cat,” not knowing I’m the archenemy of his people. Talk about the most awkward ancestry results ever. Now I’m stuck staying with Noctus because he can’t let me go thanks to all of his secrets I unwillingly learned as a cat. At least he hasn’t killed me. Yet. If that isn’t bad enough, I’m being tracked by a creep obsessed with killing me because I’m a shadow, and he doesn’t mind doling out collateral damage during the hunt. So I’ve got a mysterious elf king holding me captive in his hidden home, a slew of new powers to learn with my revealed ancestry, and a psychopath on my tail. Wow, things are looking up. It’s time to find out if cats really do always land on their paws.      AmazonKU


It’s like a bad game of Telephone. Grant locates a murdered teen in McMinnville. He calls Jon. Jon locates the girl’s ghost. He calls Mack. Mack talks to the ghost who leads them to more ghosts. Who lead them to even more ghosts. And why are all the murder victims buried under trees? The boys are ready for this game to end, please. (Donovan especially.)     AmazonKU


Cambridge professor Emily Wilde is good at many things: She is the foremost expert on the study of faeries. She is a genius scholar and a meticulous researcher who is writing the world’s first encyclopaedia of faerie lore. But Emily Wilde is not good at people. She could never make small talk at a party—or even get invited to one. And she prefers the company of her books, her dog, Shadow, and the Fair Folk to other people. So when she arrives in the hardscrabble village of Hrafnsvik, Emily has no intention of befriending the gruff townsfolk. Nor does she care to spend time with another new arrival: her dashing and insufferably handsome academic rival Wendell Bambleby, who manages to charm the townsfolk, muddle Emily’s research, and utterly confound and frustrate her. But as Emily gets closer and closer to uncovering the secrets of the Hidden Ones—the most elusive of all faeries—lurking in the shadowy forest outside the town, she also finds herself on the trail of another mystery: Who is Wendell Bambleby, and what does he really want? To find the answer, she’ll have to unlock the greatest mystery of all—her own heart.    Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Her obsession stands before her, not as an extinct Australopithecus, but as a living chuchunya…an abominable snow monster who promises a lifetime of devotion in hiding…Dr. Vera Thompson – 
I am one reindeer sleigh ride away from academic notoriety and the corpse excavation which will catapult my career from junior anthropology fellow to tenured professor. Crossing the Siberian tundra is not for the faint of heart but with modern technology like a GPS, cell phone signal, and all-climate winter gear, I’ll reach the suspected Australopithecus body unearthed by the melting permafrost. One more day of dodging methane gas pockets under the ice and my life will change forever…Artyom – The hairless ones swarmed around my brother’s body like flies from the southern land. Tradition dictates his next of kin perform his last rites, so I follow the erratic driving of the hairless ones from a foreign land. If these invaders discover my chuchunya clan, I fear we are too few to defend our territory under the ice. I don’t understand why the sled driver throws his passenger into a ground popper, but the cruel deed activates my coupling (dushevnayasvyaz) instincts to heat my body to an inferno…the first sign of a soul bond…Stuck between loyalty to his clan’s secrecy and his biology, will Artyom trade injured Vera for Denis’s body? Will Vera choose modern conveniences in Ohio or stay in Siberia with the chuchunya who promises to cherish her? In such an unforgiving landscape, will Artyom prove his dushevnayasvyaz by pushing her toward an easier life, even if her leaving breaks both their hearts?      AmazonKU     Author’s Universal Link


Prince Taral only agrees to the marriage because he knows it won’t last. He’ll reject his new husband when he goes into heat, and then the marriage will be dissolved. He’s wrong. They bond instead. Taral is determined to keep his distance, but that proves to be a challenge when Sejun is so cheerful, so charming, and so intent on luring Taral into his bed. Tormented by his past, Taral grapples with his new feelings even as his marriage unexpectedly blossoms. When a diplomatic mission to a faraway country tests the limits of Taral’s grief and devotion, he’s forced at last to choose between old love and new.      AmazonKU


Did I swipe right on the wrong guy? This is a question Maeve has no choice but to ask herself as her boyfriend’s sins pile up. Besides the usual dirty socks on the floor, the dishes left sitting beside the sink, and having to clean up after him like his damned mother, now he’s brought home three solid black puppies. At the request of his boss, who’s been holding a promotion over his head since the beginning of their relationship. So fine. She’ll watch the puppies. They are pretty cute, after all. …If she can ignore the way they guard the bedroom door with glowing red eyes. What’s not cute? Galen’s shirts appearing in the hamper with the same two tears along the shoulder blades, the late-night walks, and the weird chanting in the middle of the living room. Determined to get to the bottom of her boyfriend’s sudden weirdness, Maeve concocts a plan, a series of tests to figure out what the hell Galen is exactly. Vampire? Werewolf? Something from Hell itself? She’s damned well going to find out, even if she has to use all the salt in the pantry.      AmazonKU


The Vampire Prince may have been a murderous psychopath, but at least he was honest. The Fae King? He couldn’t tell me the truth even if my life depended on it. And suddenly it does. Dear sweet Daddy is hiding too many secrets. Who is he really? Why does he want me so badly? And what are the monstrous things that are alive and well in the Dark Lands? They call to me at night. They’re getting bolder. A borderline and a peace treaty doesn’t mean anything to these violent creatures. They want a war. They want the Fae Kingdom and the Vampire Kingdom. And most terrifying of all…
They want me.      AmazonKU


Jewel wakes up in the hospital, with no memory of what happened to her or no reason why she was found on the highway—dead. As reawakening goes, this one is brutal, but even more confusing is her instinctive grasping for a missing necklace around her neck. Had she been robbed, beaten, and dumped? If so, why? She has few friends and even fewer family members left to care, but, unlike his name, Hurricane walks into her hospital room and becomes a safe harbor for a world gone nuts. Hurricane had been asked by Stefan to help Jewel and to take possession of a necklace, if it was deemed dangerous. Hurricane has seen a lot of dangerous and crazy things in his life, but Jewel’s current state is something new to him. As the dangerous storm heightens around them, Hurricane’s task—keeping Jewel safe, as she tries to regain her memories and her sanity—slips even further away.

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Darkness is rising. Ra retired thousands of years ago, when he decided that would be safer for his pantheon and the human world. He still believes that, but a series of natural disasters pull him away from peace. He worries that his enemy is breaking out of the underworld, and if that happens, it will only mean one thing—war. Ra will do what he can to prevent that, and in the meantime, maybe it’s time for him to see what he’ll be saving. Frey is a minor god in his pantheon, and he likes things that way. After exposing himself to Odin’s wrath by helping save Loki, he moves to Finland, hoping to find peace. He does, but he also finds Ra, one of the most powerful gods of the Egyptian pantheon, wandering around. Frey takes Ra under his wing, but they can’t ignore what’s happening outside their corner of the world even as they fall in love. Frey is having visions of a giant snake, and Ra knows exactly who it is. Together, they’ll have to find Apophis’s ally to stop the natural disasters, but even if they do, it’ll only be the beginning of the fight.     Amazon


“Blood is blood…and one way or another, we all bleed.” Drizella and Anastasia only know one thing for certain: they will never end up like their mother, Lady Tremaine. When their father left them as young girls, he took what was left of their family’s fortune and their mother’s dignity with him. A few years and one deceased stepfather later, the only version of Lady Tremaine that Drizella and Anastasia know is a bitter and cruel head of house. Anastasia and Drizella have promised themselves—and each other—that they’ll be different. They’ll find love, see the world, and never let their hearts go cold. But both sisters are all too aware of what it can mean when cast into disfavor with their mother, and fueled by Lady Tremaine’s tendencies to pit the daughters against one another, Drizella and Anastasia are locked into a complicated waltz of tenuous sisterhood. On the cusp of the royal debut party—their one chance to impress the Prince and live up to their mother’s expectations—the sisters at last get a glimpse of what life could be like outside of Lady Tremaine’s intentions: Drizella discovering a love of science and Anastasia sparking a secret romance. But never underestimate the power a mother whose greatest talents lie in manipulation, and the sisters may learn that even the cruelest of hearts can spill blood. This first book in the new Disney Villains Dark Ascension series by National Book Award-winning author Robin Benway explores the complex sibling rivalry between the two wicked stepsisters from Cinderella that turned them into the characters we know today.

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As a waterweaver, Nehal can move and shape any water to her will, but she’s limited by her lack of formal education. She desires nothing more than to attend the newly opened Weaving Academy, take complete control of her powers, and pursue a glorious future on the battlefield with the first all-female military regiment. But her family cannot afford to let her go—crushed under her father’s gambling debt, Nehal is forcibly married into a wealthy merchant family. Her new spouse, Nico, is indifferent and distant and in love with another woman, a bookseller named Giorgina. Giorgina has her own secret, however: she is an earthweaver with dangerously uncontrollable powers. She has no money and no prospects. Her only solace comes from her activities with the Daughters of Izdihar, a radical women’s rights group at the forefront of a movement with a simple goal: to attain recognition for women to have a say in their own lives. They live very different lives and come from very different means, yet Nehal and Giorgina have more in common than they think. The cause—and Nico—brings them into each other’s orbit, drawn in by the group’s enigmatic leader, Malak Mamdouh, and the urge to do what is right. But their problems may seem small in the broader context of their world, as tensions are rising with a neighboring nation that desires an end to weaving and weavers. As Nehal and Giorgina fight for their rights, the threat of war looms in the background, and the two women find themselves struggling to earn—and keep—a lasting freedom.

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Welcome to the Shop Where the Lost Things Go. If you ever lost a sock, you’ll find it here. If you ever wondered about a favorite toy from childhood… it’s probably sitting on a shelf in the back. And the headphones that you swore this time you’d keep safe? You guessed it….Antoinette has lost her father. Metaphorically. He’s not in the Shop, and she’ll never see him again. But when Antsy finds herself lost (literally, this time), she discovers that however many doors open for her, leaving the Shop for good might not be as simple as it sounds. And stepping through those doors exacts a price. Lost in the Moment and Found tells us that childhood and innocence, once lost, can never be found.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Sylvi Quine, the best rig driver on Layce, has braved the dangers of the Shiv Road to save her friend and learned the truth of her power over Winter. Now, she’s joined the rebels working to take down the Majority. Her magic could change the course of their fight, and she agrees to meet the king of Paradyia to offer an exchange: the healing powers of the Pool of Begynd for his army. The journey won’t be easy. To get there, Sylvi will have to navigate the Kol Sea, crossing through Winter’s storms and swarms of her Abaki––all while outrunning the Majority, who have sent their best Kol Master to track her down and bring her in, dead or alive. But she isn’t traveling alone. Mars Dresden knows Sylvi is the key to freeing Layce, and demands she train like it. Kyn, the boy with stone flesh and a soft heart, is bound to Sylvi in more ways than one, a connection that both hurts and heals. And Lenore, Sylvi’s best friend, insists the Majority pay for what they’ve done to her parents. Even though her crew believes in her, Sylvi’s still learning to use her power, and Winter’s whispers are constant . . .Will she be able to control Winter when it matters most? Or will this be the end of the rebellion?

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With one wish and a little luck, he has the perfect touch. Luca Rossi is a practical man in thoughts and actions. He’s always counted himself extremely fortunate but never would’ve believed there’s real magic behind it. As a divorced father, his priority is protecting and providing for his three children. And after his nanny quit, Luca desperately searches for a new one. Luca finds it hard to trust the care of his children to anyone until a blue-haired, blue-eyed man shows up on his doorstep and changes how he sees the world. Bluebell Boroson is an elf-witch and a wish agent who works for Santa’s Workshop. He gets great enjoyment from granting the desires in others’ hearts. After failing his last assignment and being put on desk duty, Bluebell is plagued by self-doubt. When he is given a second chance, Bluebell isn’t sure if he is up to the job. One, he has to pretend to be a nanny, and two, there’s a deadline to fulfill this wish request. Bluebell cannot fail, or he will have to give up a job he loves. When Luca and Bluebell meet, neither can deny their underlying attraction toward each other. But between misunderstandings and facing their own challenges, they never imagined that they could change each other’s lives with one wish and a bit of luck.      AmazonKU

UNRAVELLER by Frances Hardinge

In a world where anyone can create a life-destroying curse, only one person has the power to unravel them. Kellen does not fully understand his talent, but helps those transformed maliciously—including Nettle. Recovered from entrapment in bird form, she is now his constant companion and closest ally.
But Kellen has also been cursed, and unless he and Nettle can remove his curse, Kellen is in danger of unravelling everything—and everyone—around him.     Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo

WAKING FIRE by Jean Louise

Naira Khoum has only known life in Lagusa, a quiet village at the desert’s end. But to the rest of the world, Lagusa is a myth, its location shrouded in secrecy. While war rages to the north led by power-hungry Sothpike and his army of undead monsters called Dambi, Naira’s people live in peace.
Until the impossible happens—Lagusa is attacked by a Mistress sent to do Sothpike’s bidding with a hoard of Dambi under her control. The Mistress is looking for something, and she’s willing to let her Dambi destroy Lagusa to get it. Desperate to protect her home, Naira convinces her twin brother Nez and handsome refugee Kal to join the newly formed resistance with her. Together, they’ll have to figure out what the Mistress wants—before there’s nothing left of Lagusa to save.

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Whimsy is back in the hospital for treatment of clinical depression. When she meets a boy named Faerry, she recognizes they both have magic in the marrow of their bones. And when Faerry and his family move to the same street, the two start to realize that their lifelines may have twined and untwined many times before. They are both terrified of the forest at the end of Marsh Creek Lane.
The Forest whispers to Whimsy. The Forest might hold the answers to the part of Faerry he feels is missing. They discover the Forest holds monsters, fairy tales, and pain that they have both been running from for 11 years.    Amazon      AB     Apple Books     Kobo


A werewolf walks into a vampire bar… ouch. Vampire enforcer Angelo has enough problems already, and a tall, dark, and irritating alpha werewolf is the last thing he needs. With his cheating, murderous mate on the run, Jack’s looking for help from the local authorities—who assign Angelo to solve the problem quickly. They don’t have anything in common on paper, but sharing magical compatibility, a sense of humor, and a common goal can build a bond—whether mundane or otherwise. Even when another bond’s impossible.      AmazonKU


Never catch the eye of a High Fae Lord. And if you do. . .don’t run. That will only excite the beast.
HASANNAH – All I want is to be prima of the High Lord’s ballet company. With a secret edge over the competition, I’ll get it—as long as nothing destroys my focus, and I don’t attract the wrong attention. On this side of the realm gate, the rules are different and no one will save you. The wrong attention shows up at the worst moment, and High Lord Andreien snatches me off the street, whispering filthy promises I’m not stupid enough to believe. . .but my will is no match for a powerful Fae. I don’t know if he’s the catalyst to launch me into the glittering dance career I crave, or the monster who will drain my soul. I don’t know if I’m the monster. I don’t know if I have the strength to care. ANDREIEN – Her dark eyes lure me in and activate my bloodline’s curse the moment I see her. Guileless but cynical, sweet but sneaky. My fated match in a mortal, and she’s set me aflame. The skittish Muse requires gentle wooing, and for now I can hide my hunger. As long as she is obedient. As long as she doesn’t challenge that she is mine. But I should have known I wasn’t the only one who saw her, and wanted. I should have known keeping her alive, and at my side, would become a game of life and death.       AmazonKU


VS note: From DEC 13.

Belle Silver, pirate captain of The Enchantress, is on the run. In need of a safe haven, she seeks the help of the witch Morwenna who transports her through time to present-day Charleston, South Carolina. Belle is truly a fish-out-of-water as she navigates through the world of electric lights, cars and a modern-day Christmas. Christopher Plumb is not someone who could be mistaken for a pirate, but Belle Silver believes him to be his many times great-grandfather, a man who stole treasure from Belle and her father John Silver. It takes some convincing on Christopher’s part, but eventually Belle can accept him for who he is, a modern-day treasure hunter and owner of a pirate museum. He offers his assistance in helping Belle find a treasure that has been missing since the eighteenth century. Finding the treasure may be what she wants but finding love could be what she needs.   AmazonKU


World of Aquatica: When a jaded Navy SEAL turns to a friend for aid, he meets a man who wants to show him that there are still wonders in the world. When Britt O’Connor’s targeted by a group of mercenaries for reasons unknown, he realizes it’s time to cash in a big favor. Britt heads to World of Aquatica. He knows that’s where his ex-SEAL buddy, Price, has secretly holed up after Britt helped him flee the military police. Britt also knows that Price isn’t human, and he could use a little of the man’s paranormal abilities right about then. Getting there is easy. Getting inside and locating Price is a bit more difficult. Still, Britt manages it, only to discover that Price isn’t the only paranormal thing at the park. Vampires and shifters are real. In fact, not only does Price vouch for him, but Britt meets Gerard, a shifter who claims he’s the other half of his soul. When Gerard scents Britt as he’s on his way to meet with Alpha Kaiser, he immediately recognizes him as his mate and follows him. Discovering that Britt already knows about the paranormal, he declares that Britt is his mate, but Britt will need some convincing. While Britt can accept being attracted to the shifter, after all the depravity Britt has seen, how can he trust in something as fickle as love?

Amazon     NOTE: Other books by this author are on KOBO so possibly this one will be soon.

MOON WORLD (VAMPIRE FOR HIRE BOOK 29) by J R Rain and Matthew S Cox

Being trapped in an alternate dimension is not usually a problem for her. Unfortunately, the reality around her came from the mind of Quentin Arnbury, an author with a penchant for being wicked to his characters. Here, people don’t simply die… they die horribly. Worse, with Quentin incapacitated, his world is no longer following any script. Surrounded by nobility that embodies avarice and violence, it’s only a matter of days before the darkness attached to Quentin’s mind consumes his psyche as well as the world he created. Even if Sam can manage to survive in such a dangerous place, reality is unraveling around her. With time running out to free Quentin’s soul, Sam takes a dangerous risk: trusting a dark master.      AmazonKU


Altun Baruk’s shady past with the Aurora and her vengeful sister, Dee, have finally caught up with her. She needs the Edgeworths muscle to back up her magic, and a damn good artefact to use as bait, if she’s going to have any chance of stopping Dee once and for all. Julian Burbank is obsessive and curious by nature, and there’s something about Altun that he can’t get out of his head. Julian likes to be neutral when it comes to other people’s fights, but when Dee firebombs his office, all bets are off — and working closely with Altun again is a just delicious perk of the job. Julian loves a challenge, and he won’t stop until Dee is in the ground and Altun is in his bed. Julian and Altun both know a good deal when they see it, but working together and fighting their growing feelings for each other will be the toughest one they ever make.      AmazonKU


After years in a forced marriage to the alpha of the Moon Falls pack, I escaped with my life—but barely. Now I’m broke, on the run, and being hunted, but at least I’m free. I need a job, a place to live, and time to heal—and when I end up in Penfell Heights, a tiny fishing town with suspicious townsfolk and protected by a motorcycle club made up of bear shifters called the Blood Brotherhood, I think maybe I’ve found exactly that. Flint, the club alpha, seems willing to offer me that same protection. Why, I don’t know exactly, but it can’t be out of anything other than the kindness of his heart. After all, he’s a bear shifter and I’m a wolf—and I’m not looking for love, or anything else. It doesn’t matter if Flint’s handsome face and huge—muscles make me feel things I’ve never felt before, or if he calls to me in a way that not even my wolf alpha ever could. It doesn’t matter if he makes my heart race. I’m on the run. Penfell Heights is supposed to be a stop on the way, not my forever. But fate might have different ideas. And when my past catches up to me, it might be Flint who turns out to be my savior, after all.      AmazonKU


VS Note: A ‘revised and re-edited’ re-release. From DEC 26.

Young heir Sinclair Davis is the only vampire at a werewolf university. Surrounded by a pack of unwelcoming shifters, his first meeting with their alpha ends in blood. Alpha wolf Mitchel Edgehill is furious when the university sends a vampire to be housed among his pack. But what can he do? The paperwork’s been signed. They’ll have to find a way to coexist. As violence escalates between species, the uneasy truce between Sinclair and Mitchel turns amorous. Though desire burns between them, their union is forbidden. When the pair attend a peace conference, a terrorist group attacks, and Sinclair is kidnapped. Can the alpha wolf work with vampires to save him, or will war break out after all?      AmazonKU


Double, double toil, I’m in so much trouble. Fire burn, and cauldron crumble…Pepper O’Malley, headmistress… No, no that’s not it. Keymaster, yes I am the keymaster… No that isn’t quite it either. I think I’m getting close. Peace keeper! That’s the one. New Peacekeeper of the Philadelphia region, and I’ve already fallen prey to one slimy criminal that remains elusive. Pulling myself out of his terror trap might just be my greatest accomplishment. At least for the afternoon. While terror continues to…well, terrorize the city, witches show up on my doorstep with a bogus job and more curiosity than their familiars. They want something from me, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. I better figure it out soon, because it’s not just my life on the line anymore. Five very stubborn, very delicious males refuse to leave my side. Unfortunately, they aren’t afraid to put their life on the line for me. I just have to make sure that never happens. As it is, the Fates have other plans.      AmazonKU

IMMORTAL LUST by Sierra Dafoe

For years, Raymond du Sable has chased rumors of a woman shrouded in legend, a woman of unearthly, hypnotic beauty. Finally, on Crusade, he finds her. She is Cytharea, daughter of Aphrodite, irresistible to mortal man — and Raymond’s key to grasping the throne of France. To transport her there safely, Raymond hires a Templar Knight, Gerard d’Amiers. Sworn to chastity, Gerard has a deep mistrust of women, born of the infidelity of his boyhood love. Yet Cytharea stirs him in a way no woman ever has. And Cytharea herself is battling a deadly imperative — she must feed from the sexual energy of a man soon, or die. Together, Gerard and Cytharea discover a passion so overpowering it shakes the very foundations of Gerard’s faith. Upon reaching France, he must abandon every vow he’s ever made or lose Cytharea to the abusive ambitions of a madman.     Amazon     Kobo

DEMON’S NANNY by Lola Gabriel

Maddox Lee—the hot-as-sin demon shifter who runs the city—hires me as his assistant. I need this job. I have no memory of my past, but I can’t let that hold me back any longer. This new job opportunity allows me to finally move forward with my life. Then, Maddox’s life takes an unexpected turn, and now he is expected to raise his infant nephew. What does a demon-shifter bachelor with power and wealth know about babies? Absolutely nothing. Maddox makes me an offer I can’t refuse to help him raise the child. I’m not qualified for the job, but I keep that information to myself. He’s hot then cold. Demanding then thoughtful. His mixed signals are an emotional roller coaster ride that I can’t escape. When his body brushes against mine, I lose all my inhibitions. Keeping it professional isn’t an option. I think my life is finally heading in the right direction. And then I get some information about my past, and nothing will ever be the same.    AmazonKU


Jasper Ferguson Conrad, much to everyone’s consternation, is the crown prince. He wasn’t raised to be king, and no one is sure if he’s up to the task, including himself. He certainly doesn’t want to be the kind of demanding, arrogant king his father has always been. When a witch turns him into a frog and he finds himself on the run, he has to count on a near stranger—a man he may have wronged in a fit of pique—to protect him from a huge, frightening world. He needs to break the curse and find his way home, but who can he truly trust to help him get back where he belongs, especially when his own future subjects may be plotting his death?      AmazonKU


After my human death, I found a new and purrfect life as the feline familiar to a witch. But my safe haven is about to crumble. Winnie, my witch, is performing more spells, draining both our magic reserves and acting suspiciously as she works on a secret project. Since curiosity kills cats, I escape into the arms of Charlie: the handsome and grumpy hacker next-door that I want, but can never have. When supernatural visitors show up asking him for help we are introduced to realms beyond our world. A faei, his demon lover, and the irresistible titan, Zaide, who I’m instantly drawn to, are looking for something…and it might be closer than they think. As the mysteries of Winnie’s project unfold, I’m horrified by what I discover. I go against my witch, and lose my fur to help Charlie and his new friends. But with my human body comes the haunting memories of my human past. I only hope the men I’ve come to care for will help me remember how good being human can be.     AmazonKU

THE WOLF IS MINE (SWAT  BOOK 13) by Paige Tyler

The stakes are higher than ever for the Special Wolf Alpha Team…Werewolf Connor Malone is looking for a missing and endangered teammate. Things get much worse when he and his SWAT team realize they’re up against a powerful creature they might not be able to defeat…Then Connor encounters Kat Davenport, a powerful witch who needs the SWAT team’s help to defeat the wicked warlock who cursed her. And when she and Connor are thrown together again, there will be no denying the connection they already share, and the white-hot chemistry that sizzles between them.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: A re-release.

But in her pursuit of Gregor, the vampire she’s determined to kill, Briar falls in with a gang of do-gooders who are after him, too. Their reluctant leader, Reaper, the vampire hit man with the heart of gold, keeps trying to see good in her. She keeps telling him he’s mistaken. There isn’t any. Briar tells herself that Reaper and his gang of misfit vamps mean nothing to her, that she’ll be gone as soon as she’s achieved her goal and watched Gregor die slowly for all he did to her. Even after repeated, mind-blowing sex with Reaper, she insists there are no feelings involved. And when she has to share blood with the odd little vampire Crisa to save her life– an act that always creates a powerful bond between undead beings–she still denies caring. But when their lives are on the line, Briar finds herself risking her own ass to save them. Also, she learns to love stilettos.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Re-releases.

Come to Hot Tin Roof, a club where shifters come to play and meet their mates. In Faster Bobcat, exotic dancer and cat shifter Aleksy never dates clients. or shifters. Until he meets, Rafe, who he just can’t resist. In Bouncer Bear, Trey feels totally out of place when he hires on as a bouncer at Hot Tin Roof. Until Sammy and his boyfriend Jordan welcome him into their world, and show him what it’s like to submit to their demands. Finally, in Silver Fox, Noah is a bored were-cougar until he meets assertive silver fox shifter Toland, who teaches him all about how he can find what he needs when he bends completely to Toland’s will.      AmazonKU


Willa von Stein thought she was magicless, but after a powerful spell broke a decades-long curse, her once very safe, very quiet life was shattered. Now she’s not only a witch, but also a vampire princess. Yes, seriously. But adjusting to her new set of fangs and impressive magic isn’t exactly easy when her vampire uncle is out to destroy her and her newfound family. In order to survive, she’ll need to master her new powers – and fast. But Willa isn’t alone. Killian Constantine, vampire Warden of Charleston, may rule over the city, but Willa rules his heart. He’ll do anything to protect her. But between vampire riots, blood magic sorcery, and supernatural unrest, protecting both Willa and his city is becoming harder and harder to do. In every shadow, Willa and Killian find enemies new and old. Despite every precaution, Willa becomes a pawn in a ruthless war. In order to protect everyone she loves, she’ll need to use mysterious, ancient magic. But if she fails, there will be deadly consequences.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: From DEC 18.

After discovering her entire life was based on a lie her mother told, Katya and Alpha Ezra must navigate through the lies to break a curse on her bloodline bestowed by the Moon Goddess. Yet as tensions rise and relationships blossom, Katya finds herself at another crossroads when she learns she is not only cursed but everything goes back to the moon goddess and the tricks she has played. Beta Mateo after killing his mate to save Katya finds himself caught in the middle between his best friend and his Luna, temptation becoming too much and his love for both his Alpha and Luna, Mateo finds himself caught in the middle only to find out he may be the key to breaking a curse but at what cost? Will Ezra forgive and accept and allow him in to break the curse on his Luna? Will Katya choose the beta, but what happens when they realize the key to breaking the curse is choice? Will she choose Mateo as her second mate or remain loyal to her true mate?      Amazon


VS Note: From DEC 17.

It’s been seven months since I made the impulsive decision to mate my monster, and I don’t think I could be happier. Malphas is a sweet soul in a delicious seven-foot frame, and even if our relationship is the definition of instalove, I don’t regret a second of being with my shadow demon. I know he misses Sombra, though. And while we’re planning on visiting his realm in the new year, I’m hoping to distract him with the upcoming holiday season. Mal marvels over the little things I take for granted every day. How will he react to snowflakes, tinsel, Christmas trees, and the legend of Santa Claus? Or, as he thinks of the big guy in red, Santa Claws? Despite not being the biggest fan of the holidays, I want him to enjoy our first Christmas together. Sharing with him my family’s traditions, creating some of our own… even figuring out the perfect gift for him. I can’t wait to surprise him with what I got Mal—though I’m pretty sure I’m the one who ends up the most stunned when I discover that mating on the night of the gold moon has consequences that no one warned me about…Santa Claws is a Christmas-themed holiday novella that is an extended epilogue to Mated to the Monster, Mal and Shannon’s story. Written for mature readers, it’s better if you read their full-length story first!    AmazonKU


The Witch – This must be a mistake. There’s no way the Goddess chose me to be a demon’s bride.
I barely have any magick, and certainly not enough to repair the bargain between witches and demons that’s kept both our realms stable for centuries. But Eren is…nothing like I expected. Something about him calls to me. Tempts me. And he looks at me like no one else ever has, like I’m strong and worthy. Like he wants to keep me, cherish me…and sink those wicked, wicked fangs of his into me. The Demon – Allison Hawthorn is mine. My fate. My bride. My mate. Mine to keep. The magick that witches have brought to the demon realm for centuries is failing, and as High King, it’s my responsibility to see it repaired. I just never expected…Allie. My soul recognizes her immediately, and in a life stained by grief, I’ve ached for her before I ever met her. Now that she’s here I’ll do anything to protect her, even as the fast-failing bargain threatens both of our realms, and will separate us forever if we can’t figure out a way to renew the magick.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From DEC 11

Be good for goodness’ sake…My name is Holly Nash. And I hate Christmas. Okay, so maybe I just hate retail work… and the general public… and feelings, but I don’t think I deserve a spot on the Naughty List for it. I certainly don’t deserve to be hand-selected as a holiday sacrifice either, but apparently, Christmas cheer isn’t the only thing keeping Santa’s magic going. Now, I’m trapped in the South Pole, and if I can’t find a way to break down Krampus’s walls, literally and figuratively, I’m in for so much more than a lump of coal. Even though he was pulled from the darkest depths of folklore I still can’t help but feel him pulling on my heart… and pulling me into his bed. With my life on the line, can I fix the South Pole’s bloody history? Or will I be just another Christmas corpse? You better watch out… because Santa isn’t the only one coming to town.      AmazonKU

TAINTED ROSE (THE STARLIGHT GODS BOOK 2) by Avery Phoenix and Yumoyori Wilson

VS Note: From DEC 13.

I failed…I, Ryder Carter, was destined to do great things as the future Heir of Realm Five Minato. With my grand duty to walk along the side of my fellow star knights, we desperately searched for the woman who would lead our galaxy to salvation. We finally found her, in rough shape, but she was alive. Two rotations was all we needed to watch her blossom into a beautiful rose — one with delicate petals filled with purity and life. Our mission was to guide her home, to where she truly belonged, as our Princess and the woman I’d loved with all my heart. But I failed… My once perfect rose was now damaged by my failures. Could she ever forgive me, her star knight, who’d sworn to protect her? Will I get a chance to tell her how much she means to me…to us? Only the Starlight Gods can tell what the future holds, but I pray with every ounce of my being that they bring her back to us. Please…bring my Firefly back to me.      AmazonKU


The demon prince is possessive, jealous, and determined to protect what is his. Can the prince ever see me, a former fae slave, as his equal? Or will he always see me as only a possession to protect? The longer Leo and I are in the demon kingdom, the more obvious it becomes to both of us that it’s not safe for me to stay there with him. Demons want to take me from him at every turn, and rival factions are eager to use me as a pawn to hurt the prince. When it seems impossible for us to be together, will the prince abandon his title, throne, and kingdom for me? Or should I seek out the fae city and find a new home with my own kind? Despite all of the forces working against us, deep down I know that the only home I’ve ever wanted was with him. Unfortunately for me, there are demons who will refuse to let that happen.      AmazonKU


Hell hath no fury like a demon lord protecting his child…A Prince of Hell is after my unborn baby. And since I found out that I’m half demon, I suspect that my mother is involved somehow—except I have no idea who she is. Caezar, a sinfully sexy demon lord and father of my child, has vowed to protect us. Only Caezar has his own problems trying to earn his place in the demon world again.
The King has ordered Caezar to begin collecting souls again but when the King suddenly becomes ill, Caezar suspects that Ortega, the Prince of Hell, is behind it. If we can’t stop Ortega and find answers about my mother soon, who knows what sort of evil plans he has in store for us and our child. The one thing I do know is that Caezar will go to hell and back to protect us.      AmazonKU


Some monsters choose to hide in the spotlight. I never considered myself a groupie until I discovered Rhage, a masked metal band that’s quickly taking over the rock music scene. Now, the lead singer, Sebastian Alex, is all I can think about. When I get the chance to meet him backstage at a concert, I don’t expect to catch his attention, but that’s exactly what happens. He notices me, and doesn’t let me out of his sight. As excited as I am, I’m also terrified. There’s something dark and mysterious lurking beneath the mask he wears for the world, something sinister and dangerous that he’s hiding. Is unveiling his secret worth risking my life, or is the mystery better left unsolved?    AmazonKU



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