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Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking snippets from my newly released novel STAR CRUISE STAR SONG.

The excerpt – This is Addy’s first day aboard the spaceship and she just prevented a disaster with the antigrav. She and the technician responsible have been summoned to the Chief Engineer’s office where they encounter the Fourth Engineer, who was on duty:

The technician was white faced and trembling as he and Addy rode the gravlift up the sublevels to Level Twenty and then made their way to the Chief Engineer’s office. An officer who Addy assumed was the Fourth Engineer waited outside the Chief’s office, red faced and angry.

“I don’t know what the seven hells this is about, Ensign Tryndall, but you have a lot of nerve interfering with routine maintenance protocols before you’ve even been accepted into the department by Takkei,” he said in a blustery raised voice.

Addy reached for her inner calm. “The gravlift was close to malfunctioning, sir, and I regarded it as my duty to warn the ship—”

“I was the officer on duty,” he said, cutting her off. “You should have come to me. And as for you, Bradberry, This isn’t the first time you’ve been careless.”

“I was following the new protocol you gave me, sir,” the man protested.

The office door opened with a bang and the Chief Engineer stood there, glaring at all three of them. “In my office, now,” he said. His voice was quiet but steely.

Addy was the last person in the room and she took a seat at the small round conference table with the others, facing the chief’s desk. The fourth engineer started to talk but Takkei cut him off. He nodded at Addy. “Care to explain?”

VS: This is going to be awkward (Addy has secrets)…and what a way to meet your new boss!

Here’s the official blurb:

Addy Tryndall is a fresh graduate from a highly respected engineering college in the Sectors, on her way to a plum job on the Nebula Zephyr cruise ship. She knows she’ll be on probation but she’s determined to succeed and nothing is going to distract her.

Ryder McRhodes is a has-been interstellar rock star, on his way to reunite with his fellow band members to see if the lightning of mega success will strike twice for them. He isn’t sure he wants to be in the spotlight again and he hasn’t been able to write music since the band broke up.

Addy has secrets. Ryder needs a muse to unblock the creative flow…could her tightly guarded past be the answer  to his problem?  When the two are thrown together in an attempt to avoid the interstellar paparazzi he’s intrigued. She’s wary.

And someone is sabotaging systems on the Nebula Zephyr. Addy unwittingly finds herself in the middle of the situation while juggling her increasing attraction to Ryder and her challenges on the new  job. Can she trust him with her secret? Or will he break her heart?

The danger on board comes ever closer to Addy as the cruise continues…

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12 comments on “Care to Explain Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. I have a good feeling for Addy, especially if she was in the right. I think the Chief Engineer will be praising her when all this is over and scolding the Fourth. Good job, Addy!!

  2. I think Addy is going to acquit herself admirably and the Fourth Engineer is going to have his butt handed to him. Can’t wait to see that happen! Quick question: Is the Chief Engineer Takkei or are they two separate people? I couldn’t quite tell.(and I’m sure that’s just me).

  3. What a way to get into the bad graces of your fellow coworkers…. Poor Addy. But, in the end, there should be a record of the orders that inspired her to step in.

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