New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for APRIL 12

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

‘AB’ denotes audiobook and the Amazon buy link.



VS Note: I’ve been waiting for this one! Had it pre-ordered.

He’s a pilot in search of a mission. She’s a doctor lost in time. Can they fix each other before time runs out. Az, the robot formerly known as AzumC, is finding his return to mostly human form as challenging as his other crewmates. A ship would help. A pilot needs a ship. Luckily, the Garradians have a ship and a mission for him and his AI, Woolly: The Garradian Rescue Service. The pirates are a problem, but an even bigger problem is the mysterious woman who appears on his ship. Dr. Jacklyn Lee knows who she is and what she does. She doesn’t know where she is or how she got there. She does know one thing: if she gets sent back, she will die.    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


What if home is a person, not a planet? After getting transported to an alien planet, shepherd Heather has trouble adjusting to her new surroundings. When a chance to visit Earth for supplies comes up, she jumps on the opportunity, hoping it might help her understand what home really means to her. Daring pilot Atina from Kyven loves nothing more than to soar through the galaxy without ties to anyone or anywhere… until Heather steps on board of her spaceship and shows her what she’s been missing. Despite being from two vastly different worlds, they sense a connection between them – but will their love be enough to overcome their challenges?

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VS Note: Cliffhanger.

On Alien Love Island, the days are hot, but the nights are scorching…So about getting voted off this reality dating show… Maybe now I don’t want to. Except the island’s mysteries keep coming. And despite the raw attraction I feel toward Maxx, and the blossoming warmth in my heart for him, I think he might be hiding something from me.

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VS Note: Gee, I wonder why they didn’t ask me to give them a story (I worked at JPL for a lonngggggg time and first became published while there) – OH! Because it isn’t romance LOL. But interesting.

Fact ignites fiction in this first-of-its-kind anthology of speculative tales by Caltech and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) scientists, engineers, technologists, and students. Experts at the frontiers of their fields, along with renowned Caltech alumni such as David Brin, S. B. Divya, and Larry Niven, present stories about alien astrobiologists, AI parenthood, a quest to preserve our histories beyond the heat death of the universe, a heist to steal engineering secrets from an ancient monk-scientist, the recovery of a long-lost phase of the human life cycle, the demise of Earth’s first intelligent species—billions of years before the rise of humanity, and much more!     AmazonKU

XUREK (MONSTER ON BOARD BOOK ONE) by Ava Ross and Alana Khan

It’s the intergalactic cruise of a lifetime, a chance to meet aliens and travel to exotic locales. On a lazy river excursion, I’m stuck sharing a float with Xurek, a cocky orc commander in the interstellar military. Leave it to him to insist on taking an axe on an inflatable float. The more anxious I become, the calmer he gets, which only irritates me more. I should ignore him, but I can’t. He’s too hot for his own good. It’s his fault when we capsize. I swear. When we miss our shuttle back to the ship, we’re stranded on this forsaken planet. Our only hope lies in a village on the opposite side of a dangerous jungle. Finally, his axe comes in handy—which he mentions at every opportunity. If I seek shelter—and a bit more—in his arms during the night, who can blame me? What we’re doing will end once we escape this planet. Right?      AmazonKU


A forced bond, an undeniable attraction, and a planet full of prisoners who want them dead. Sera Kain has a mission, one she can’t complete with a pilot. Using her background as a logistics and data controller, she’s found the one man that might be willing to help her find her missing uncle with a little incentive. Markus Engle resigned from military life to escape the destruction left by human expansion through the universe. He wants only a life of leisure and enjoyment on the pleasure planet of Kafgar. When Sera walks through the door of his business everything changes because he can’t tell her no. Not when her scent activates the military DNA modifications that make denying her impossible. It’s a simple rescue mission on the prison planet, Earth, with Sera guiding the way. Only the snatch-n-save turns into an ambush and the pair find themselves trapped without a ship and no way out. To escape alliances will need to be formed and bargains made with the worst Space Force has encountered. For Markus and Sera, their future is fated, but making it off Earth alive to enjoy it will be damn near impossible. Author note: This is a sci-fi fated mates romance featuring a pansexual hero, a fish-out-of-water heroine, and a ragtag crew of humanoid aliens and science experiments.



While we live, the enemy shall fear us. Since she was born, Kyr has trained for the day she can avenge the murder of planet Earth. Raised in the bowels of Gaea Station alongside the last scraps of humanity, she readies herself to face the Wisdom, the powerful, reality-shaping weapon that gave the majoda their victory over humanity. They are what’s left. They are what must survive. Kyr is one of the best warriors of her generation, the sword of a dead planet. When Command assigns her brother to certain death and relegates her to Nursery to bear sons until she dies trying, she knows she must take humanity’s revenge into her own hands. Alongside her brother’s brilliant but seditious friend and a lonely, captive alien, Kyr escapes from everything she’s known into a universe far more complicated than she was taught and far more wondrous than she could have imagined.     Amazon      AB      Apple Books      Kobo


When ex-cop Jane Mwanda is hired by a powerful woman to retrieve her runaway daughter, she tracks the girl to a planet controlled by the notorious Rell Syndicate, where she’s promptly locked up by sexy henchman Tian Wei. The good news? Jane’s pretty sure the girl she’s been sent to rescue is in the same facility. The bad news? They’re both a hair’s breadth away from being sex-trafficked. Jane doesn’t know what to think when Tian Wei liberates them, considering she’d written him off as syndicate scum. She’ll need his help if she expects to keep the girl safe and escape the Outer Rim, where violence is currency and everyone is on the take. Problem is, she has no idea if she can trust him.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


She thought Cupid’s arrow would never find her… love sent a missile instead. Being the onboard matchmaker for an interstellar dating cruise isn’t the most exciting job in the world, but that’s fine. Joy likes things to be calm and orderly. Then the ship gets attacked, and her captain orders her into an escape pod with two VIPs and instructions to keep everyone alive. Crashing on an unknown planet is one excursion she never planned for. The wildlife is dangerous, the terrain is treacherous, and the only help available comes in the form of a tall, horned alien with the sex appeal of a rockstar and a stubborn streak wider than the Milky Way. He’s certain she belongs to him. She’s convinced he’s crazy. She’s got a long list of reasons why it could never work, but the big, sexy alien has his charms… and he’s willing to use them all to get what he wants. Her.
After years of helping others look for love, this might be Joy’s chance to find it for herself… but only if she’s willing to take the risk.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Cliffhanger.

She might run, but I will catch her. And then I will claim my mate, forever. My Twilight Girl fell from the sky with others of her strange, soft clan. I’ve slain the ones who dared to hurt her, have hunted food for her, held her when she was injured. Her every breath, every look only drives me harder, sets my blood burning. When I’m near, I can scent her aroma, see the glazing of her eyes when we touch. And yet, she turns from me. Soon the night of the mate hunt will arrive. In exchange for the safety of the other women, she will run, pursued by the chosen males of my tribe. But it does not matter. No one will touch my Twilight Girl. No one but me.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in Superhero Fantasy

My name is Huff, and I used to be a wimpy nerd, but after an unfortunate event, I now have the strength of a hundred men along with other interesting abilities. Even my, eh-hem, man part is pretty special—a recent discovery. “I can’t believe it can do that!” No one knows exactly how this happened, but now I have enemies. Some want to reverse engineer me, and others want me dead. The only thing keeping me from losing my sh*t is River, the girl I’ve loved since the second grade. I’d do anything for her. Anything. But every time we try to move out of the friend zone, something gets in the way. This time, that something is me. I just might be deadly in bed.

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VS note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

They’re the galaxy’s most wanted—and our only hope. When Elza became a space princess, she thought she’d be spending her time at the palace, wearing gorgeous couture and soaking up everything there is to know—but instead, she’s on the run, with everyone hunting for her and her friends. Rachael followed her best friend Tina on the adventure of a lifetime—but now Tina’s gone, and Rachael’s the only one keeping her friends together, as they go on a desperate quest to save everyone from an ancient curse. Rachael, Elza and their friends have found one clue, one shining mysterious chance to stop the end of the world. And that takes them back to the second-to-last place they’d want to be: enlisting the aid of Captain Thaoh Argentian, the woman who stole Tina’s body (and who now seems to be relishing a second chance at teenage chaos and drama, instead of living up to her legacy of an intrepid heroic commander). With only a ragtag band of misfits, crewmates, earthlings, friends, lovers (and one annoying frenemy), the Unstoppable Crew are up against the universe–and they soon find that in order to survive, they may have to cross a line they vowed never to cross.

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Amara Rodriguez lives in a world divided. When the Asenescence corporation discovers a cure for aging, the world splits in two. Old Bloods, who’ve taken the Remedy, live out their long lives in luxury within the corporate enclave of Hydra, while New Bloods live out their fleeting lives in poverty outside its borders. Amara, a New Blood artist, doesn’t think much about politics. Not until her mother joins the ranks of New Blood women disappearing with alarming frequency. To find her mother, Amara must join the resistance movement as a spy. The stakes rise even higher when she falls in love with stunning but sheltered Old Blood Stella, who happens to be her espionage target’s daughter. Even worse? Amara’s already in love. With her childhood best friend, Rake, a charming rogue from the streets she used to call home. Can Amara unravel the mysteries of the enclave, as well as her own heart?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: This series has apparently been released in France and has overall good reviews.

When one of the ships of the Intergalactic Confederation crashes during a scientific exploration mission on a world that has not yet been catalogued, only a few members of the crew survive the crash. They discover the Erians, a winged people with no technology. Sarah is human and a flight surgeon. She crosses paths with Nixx, the Erian leader of the Western Lands. He has no use for a woman. Even less this one who belongs to another species and has nothing in common with the Erian females. But the Winds seem to have decided otherwise. Will these two beings be able to overcome their physical, social and technological differences to adapt to this forced cohabitation? Will they succumb to this insane attraction?     AmazonKU

FALCON (CYBORG RANGERS SERIES BOOK FIVE) by Christine Myers and Clarissa Lake

Cyborg Ranger Falcon Rader fought almost a hundred years in the interstellar war that left Earth ravaged. He did it all for the promise of a genetic mate, the only female with whom he could breed and have a family. Five years after the war ended, his mate was found, and she had consented to meet him after making him wait a whole week. Raya Monroe joined the Genetic Mate Project because she had no prospects for a husband after five years of living alone. When she saw he looked so much younger than her, she was reluctant to meet him, fearing rejection. Falcon was so attractive she finally agreed. She could hardly believe he wanted her for his mate, but he reassured her and asked for a kiss. Passion ignited between them, hotter than either one expected. Neither Raya nor Falcon could find a reason not to indulge in their desire. They were committing to make a life together, after all. While Falcon and Raya get along well, he regrets being obligated to root out the city gangs in his territory. He’d rather be with Raya at the farm.
In rural Kansas, they thought they avoided the dangers of the ruined cities, but not quite, as it threatened the couple’s life together.      AmazonKU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

A man awakens in a clearing in what appears to be medieval England with no memory of who he is, where he came from, or why he is there. Chased by a group from his own time, his sole hope for survival lies in regaining his missing memories, making allies among the locals, and perhaps even trusting in their superstitious boasts. His only help from the “real world” should have been a guidebook entitled The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England, except his copy exploded during transit. The few fragments he managed to save provide clues to his situation, but can he figure them out in time to survive?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

OWNED BY TWO by Tammy Walsh

After human females are no longer capable of becoming pregnant, I enter a program to be Seeded by an alien male. But when I’m forced to pull out, I’m left with no way to become pregnant… until my path crosses another alien male desperate to mate. And when my original male tracks me down and refuses to give me up… well, you know what they say…Two’s company, three’s a thrill! When they touch me, I yearn for more. When they kiss me, I surrender in gratitude. When they undress me, I ache to scream their names. And when they make me fly, I soar higher than ever before. But after they discover we each share a part of the sacred Joisa tattoo, it can mean only one thing… That we’re destined to become fated mates. I discover my true desires, as well as the dark secrets they keep hidden away from prying eyes.     AmazonKU


First they will tame her. Then they will master her. When she felt the touch of her mates for the first time, Cara was already…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page).   AmazonKU


Jade is a force to be reckoned with on the tow ship, with an optimistic and bright personality that shines through in every situation. But don’t let her petite frame fool you – she doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit and can be tough as nails when she needs to be. Unfortunately, a lot of people mistake her size for weakness and try to take advantage of her. Enter Qil, a member of a brutish race of aliens known for their violent natures and retractable armor-like scales. He’s tall, with broad shoulders and spikes that can jut out from his body. Normally, his people keep to themselves on their own planet, but Qil is on the run. He killed his own clan chief for being involved in horrible black market deals, including the sale of his own people. When Jade and Qil’s paths cross, it’s clear that they are from two very different worlds. But as they work together to uncover a dangerous conspiracy, they begin to realize that they may have more in common than they thought. Will their unlikely partnership be enough to take down the powerful forces working against them, or will they be crushed by the weight of the secrets they uncover?     AmazonKU


Derrick – When the bombing started I was one of the first to step up and try to help. I thought as a firefighter not only would I know what to do but it was my responsibility to help. It’s been years since the collapse though and now I find myself the leader of over a hundred survivors and it’s not that easy. I am tired, burnt out, and frankly a little lonely. Entire Cy, a gorgeous alien and, after a one-night stand, I find out my star-tied mate. Only he doesn’t seem to want to be mates, he seems perfectly happy just being a jerk. Cy – I’ve come to realize nothing in my life will ever be simple or easy, why should finding my star-tied mate be different. Derrick is perfect in so many ways but he and his human barracks are everything I have been running from. I don’t trust the humans and I have spent too many years following someone else’s orders to get locked away in another camp. I can’t seem to leave Derrick alone though, even if I know this will never work.   AmazonKU


While my friends have been forced to marry cyborgs, my father has prepared me to take the throne alone—no husband needed. Unfortunately, that quickly changes when my father falls victim to an assassination attempt. To hold on to power, I need a husband, and I need him now. Preferably someone who is big, strong, and—ideally—ruthless. The cyborg named Killer seems like the perfect candidate, but he hates humans with every fiber, screw, and circuit board of his being.

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Wiping Terra’s debt off the books comes with conditions, like a hulking alien in her home… and in her bed – Terra Cooper’s boyfriend did her dirty – he stole her intellectual property and left her drowning in debt. Now she has the offer of a lifetime to wipe out all her debt. What sane person would refuse? Of course, she has to accept the hard truth: one, that aliens are among us and two, her huge paycheck means she has to pretend to be married to one. No big deal, right? Wrong. Reade Ammon has his own problems – Arrogant, playboy son of Lord Governor of the Planet Centuria, Reade just wants to lay low after a business deal went very bad. Agreeing to a fake marriage with an Earthling will protect him, even though hiding on Earth instead of defending himself is torture. But when things go wrong, he must call on his warrior nature once more, only to discover the human has more fight in her than he thought. Maybe this human is more interesting than he gave her credit for.     AmazonKU


KILIAN – We’re flying fast, tailing one of our stolen crafts in deep space. From my cockpit, I glance to my left. A squad of spacejets is lined up next to mine, chasing that one woman who could change everything for us. For my people. For me. However, a small detail in this game of catch complicates matters. This savage girl is the daughter of Planet Pallamir’s leader, Alpha Hayden. The enemy we’re at war with…WREN – I was doing fine, going about my mission like I always do. That was until some flakey stalker started to attack my spaceship. Then things went majestically downhill. My escape led to our mutual crash-landing onto a barren planet. In no time, I was tied to a bed wearing a pair of gray sweatpants. Please don’t ask why. What happened next? Well, I can’t mention this here. And as if to thicken the plot, my kidnapper is Pallamir’s top target: Alpha Zion, the rebel leader. Strangely, he calls himself differently. And right now, he’s in a mood.      AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: Continuing on with my “Titanic in space” backlist theme in honor of the 111th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking here on Earth, after WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM, my readers wanted to know what happened to the other survivors, especially Twilka and Khevan. It took me a while but I finally came up with the right story for them, in part by researching what happened to actual Titanic survivors for inspiration,  and here it is:

STAR SURVIVOR by Veronica Scott

The survivors of a terrible wreck meet again—but this time only one can survive.

The long-awaited sequel to The Wreck of the Nebula Dream

They survived an iconic spaceship wreck together. She never expected to see him again … especially not armed to kill her.

Twilka Zabour is an interstellar celebrity. She built on her notoriety as a carefree Socialite who survived the terrible wreck of the Nebula Dream, and launched a successful design house. But now the man who gave meaning to her life, then left her, is back–this time for the worst of reasons. Will he kill her … or help her survive?

D’nvannae Brother Khevan survived the Nebula Dream in the company of a lovely, warm woman, only to be pulled away from her, back into his solitary life in the service of the Red Lady.  Now Twilka’s within his reach again–for all the wrong reasons. Khevan will do everything within his power to discover why Twilka has been targeted for assassination, and to save her.

But Khevan is not Twilka’s only pursuer. Will allies Nick and Mara Jameson arrive in time to aid the couple, or will Khevan and Twilka’s ingenuity be all that stands between them and death?


In the next epic installment in J. R. Ward’s #1 New York Times bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series, a fallen angel finds love with a mysterious female—who could be his destiny…or the embodiment of his utter destruction.

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The last time she saw him…Long before The Fall, before the world changed forever, tiger shifter Harlow worked in Black Ops for the safety of all shifters. She excelled at her job, loved everything about it, until the male she loved tried to kill her. So she was forced to kill him first. She killed him. Now Aodh is back. And this fierce, dominant dragon shifter won’t stop until he gets answers. But things aren’t what they seem and now he has more than a battle with Harlow on his hands. If they want a chance at a future, they’ll have to take down an ancient enemy who has targeted not only them, but their friends—and it’s going to take uniting all their skills to survive.

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As a senior warrior, can Alex confront his past and embrace a mate who is his equal, all while safeguarding the kingdom? In the world of vampires, I’m a seasoned and respected warrior who won the coveted position of Senior Lieutenant Commander in the Moretti army. However, as I swear my oath to the king, I have some burned bridges to repair. Especially with one fiercely independent, albeit small, warrior who brings out my protective side whenever she is at risk. The sparks flying between Casey and I are scorching. If she’d just stop looking at me like she wants to fry my brains, I could relieve that sexy lust she’s failing to hide. Meanwhile, the dangers facing the race are heating up and while this is nothing new for me, we’re awaiting the king to give us the orders to stop our enemies before the entire thing blows up. Casey – Alex Giordano needs to find a new hobby. I don’t need his protection, or his stupid dimples anywhere near me. It might surprise him to know I’m not as delicate as he might think. I’m just waiting for him to make a move so I can show him. He won’t like what he finds, but that just makes it all the more fun.

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The Tears of the Ocean. The Heart of the Flame. Lochlann Wilde is preparing for his final challenge: entering the Oriel of Fire, the most dangerous of the elemental dimensions. Acquiring the essence of fire will score him another powerful guardian, as well as complete Aphrodite’s amulet. But the world outside the oriel has its own challenges. Sylvain has discovered something difficult about his heritage. Aphrodite keeps dropping unsettling hints about Locke’s true nature, too. Most pressing of all is the mystery of the parchment that cursed Queen Aurelia to begin with, the only clue that may lead to the truth about the Withering. Who is behind it? Why did they engineer the plague? And how can Locke and Sylvain stop them from infecting the cosmos?   AmazonKU


Waltz, tango, foxtrot…murder? Not much has changed about Selena’s fussy, finicky, magical talking cat, Archie. Except now, instead of roaming Globe’s streets and alleys on four feet. he’s kicking up two very human heels at a ballroom dance competition with his fiancée, Victoria. Selena couldn’t be happier for her formerly furry friend. Stepping Stars could be the gateway to Archie’s unfulfilled dreams. But when a competitor is found dead in Archie’s costume trunk — sporting some very strange wounds — the future he’s longed for is threatened…because witnesses saw him claws-out with the victim just hours earlier. Though the evidence is flimsy at best, Selena goes straight to her divination tools to look for clues. Her Tarot cards and pendulum seem to point nowhere, but she’s sure of one thing. Her instincts never lie — and the killer could be using glitz, glamour, and bright lights to cover his tracks.

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Every heart is meant to break. THE NAMELESS. As a warden, Soren’s duty is to guard against the dead, but he was never trained to guard against his heart. Drawn into a web of Solarian politics, Soren finds himself at the center of a storm of his own making, unwilling to break free if it means losing the man he loves. But even the darkest secrets cannot remain hidden forever, and when lies come to light, the price he pays for his silence may very well be his undoing. THE EMPEROR. When his claim to the Imperial throne is challenged by a traitorous House, Vanya Sa’Liandel must adhere to the ancient tradition of the Conclave to stay in power. Refusing to face his peers alone, Vanya will stand before the Houses of Solaria with Soren by his side, a decision that risks his heart when an unspeakable betrayal threatens everything he’s fought for. THE REBEL. With her entire world upended, Caris Dhemlan is on the run, struggling to come to terms with the truth of her heritage. As the Clockwork Brigade is targeted by Daijal, she must fight to save the people she cares about. Every rebellion needs a figurehead, but Caris is determined not to become a martyr. THE QUEEN. With a crown claimed, Eimarille Rourke sets her sights on Ashion and the continent beyond her country’s borders. Promised a world by a star god, Eimarille sets into motion the gears of war and launches the opening salvo of a battle whose repercussions will ripple across the whole of Maricol.



Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. The tourists think it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better. Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all. Eamon Underwood isn’t what you’d call a social butterfly. In fact, he avoids people altogether, outside of his job at his uncle’s funeral home, where Eamon is the mortician. For him, being around the dead is easier than being around the living. Mostly because of his very curious gift that enables him to see just how long a person has left to live. That knowledge makes personal interaction far too difficult. Until he meets Troula Kouris. And sees…nothing. Troula comes to Nocturne Falls to join her crazy-cat-lady aunts as an oracle, one of the rare descendants of the original Greek oracles. She’s been preparing for it all of her life. Unfortunately, just before she leaves for Nocturne Falls, she gets an ominous prediction that leads her to believe becoming an oracle could be fatal. Or maybe the real danger is the darkly handsome neighbor who lives next door. When Troula and Eamon make a curious connection that leads to romance, it seems the fates want them together, despite the risks. Can a little orange kitten really solve all of their problems? Or will it all end in a catastrophe?     AmazonKU


Love is a sacrifice at the altar of power. In the wake of the Kejari, everything Oraya once thought to be true has been destroyed. A prisoner in her own kingdom, grieving the only family she ever had, and reeling from a gutting betrayal, she no longer even knows the truth of her own blood. She’s left only with one certainty: she cannot trust anyone, least of all Raihn. The House of Night, too, is surrounded by enemies. Raihn’s own nobles are none too eager to accept a Turned king, especially one who was once a slave. And the House of Blood digs their claws into the kingdom, threatening to tear it apart from the inside. When Raihn offers Oraya a secret alliance, taking the deal is her only chance at reclaiming her kingdom–and gaining her vengeance against the lover who betrayed her. But to do so, she’ll need to harness a devastating ancient power, intertwined with her father’s greatest secrets. But with enemies closing in on all sides, nothing is as it seems. As she unravels her past and faces her future, Oraya finds herself forced to choose between the bloody reality of seizing power – and the devastating love that could be her downfall.     AmazonKU


Miacoh Zane, a Special Forces veteran, returns to Aspen Ridge, Colorado a small town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, to settle his beloved grandmother’s estate. But the town holds painful memories and mystical family secrets he wants to leave behind for good.
Candle Bearclaw, is a gifted computer analyst/programmer with psychic talents she buried when recruited out of college by the CIA. After fifteen years, she abruptly resigns her position and returns to her sleepy hometown to discover her childhood crush has also returned and a violent crime has been committed. Due to their covert operations experience, Candle and Miacoh are thrown together to assist Homeland Security, FBI, and her father, the former chief of police, with a murder investigation. As they search for the perpetrators, their secrets risk being revealed as the investigation takes an unusual twist that could blow the case wide open.

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Can a sweet omega wolf tame the beast of a gargoyle? Will he accept all that his mate has to offer and need? Raiden Mason is the serious twin. He’s gone through life watching and observing, and when his ability is needed by the council, he is only too happy to do his duty. But when he scents something amazing, he and his beast are suddenly focused on making the sweet omega wolf theirs, despite the warnings from his mate’s cousin. But will Alexander feel the same? Alexander Fabré was orphaned at fifteen, and although his cousin and the new pack alpha took responsibility for him, he often feels stifled by his overbearing cousin. He’s grateful, but he longs for something that he lost at such a young age—a family that understands and accepts him without question. He moved to Timber Valley in hopes of finding both, and when he scents his mate, his hope is finally restored. But does he ask too much of the sexy gargoyle that fate has deemed his? Meshing their lives together is easy enough, despite the discovery of a truly dirty pack that keeps pulling Raiden away on assignment and Alexander suffering from a difficult pregnancy. Can they survive everything life is throwing at them? Will Alexander finally have the family that he has desired for so long? Will Raiden?     AmazonKU


Follow the rules. Obey your god. Do your duty. Tereza’s life was all obligation and no pleasure, but she’d never expected anything else. When a glimpse of undreamed of possibilities propels her into a decision that changes everything, the consequences shatter her world. Fleeing, bleeding, she stumbles into the arms of four fae. With them, she feels things that make her question everything she thought she knew about herself. But the past is not so easily left behind, and old promises stalk her footsteps with deadly intent. Will she stand, or will she run? Or will she find strength on her knees?   AmazonKU


The adventures of Alyric, Paladin of Justice, and Book the half-demon librarian continue in this second book in the Deception and Justice series. Given the opportunity to regain their lost lives and memories, Book and Alyric must find the three remaining Council descendants who can help them unseal the prison of an ancient and powerful creature. But convincing the marauding grandchildren of the Archdemon Warmonger, finding the lost heir of the ancient Summer King, and seeking out a dragon—one who would rather remain hidden—who resides on the top of a cursed mountain, will not be easy. Secrets unremembered, an angel gone missing, and a powerful queen who is playing a game of her own, Book and Alyric must untangle the mysteries of their forgotten pasts to better understand the many dangers of their present. All while the World Tyrant and his followers try to thwart them at every turn.      Amazon


VS Note: A re-release.

Lucy is a witch with a successful business righting magical mischief. A call for help from her high-school heartache, Shane, prompts Lucy to manage his magical mayhem herself. No longer a nervous, hormonal teenager, Lucy takes the case to force an apology and bury her past humiliation. To her surprise, Shane insists he can’t forget Lucy—because she left him an embarrassing magical memento ten years ago, and he can’t get rid of it without Lucy’s help. Can Lucy prove she was right to feel wronged, or will she have to admit to her past mistake?     AmazonKU


Daimon, a empathic demon aligned with neither the dark nor the light, lives in a remote part of New Zealand for the scenery as much as the lack of people. But the self-imposed solitude is often boring. While watching the moon one evening, Daimon senses someone’s despair. Curious, he investigates — not that the memory of the gorgeous man who’d moved in nearby recently has anything to do with his interest — only to find out more about his new neighbours than he expected. Well, at least he isn’t bored anymore.

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Thanks to house tamer Hulda Larkin, the mischief infesting Whimbrel House has calmed. But if Hulda’s job is done, what does that mean for Merritt Fernsby, inheritor of the remote Narragansett Bay estate, who’s only now coming to terms with his enchanted place in the world? Merritt has realized his own burgeoning powers, which draw the thoughts of every plant, insect, and dog. His nights are sleepless, with an uncontrollable cacophony of voices that compel a long-overdue search into his uncanny bloodline. It’s not the only puzzle uniting Merritt and his ex-housekeeper, Hulda. Her friend and former employer at the Boston Institute for the Keeping of Enchanted Rooms has disappeared. Hulda herself is up for the now-vacant position of institute director, and her rival for the role is a stranger who’s suspiciously curious about Whimbrel House—and could have connections to an old foe. As Merritt struggles to face his estranged family and Hulda dives into the institute’s secrets, the two are brought intimately closer than ever into the mysteries of wizardry, chaos, and love.     AmazonKU


Banished from the sea and without a kingdom to call her own, Cordelia’s only chance of inheriting is to win the Bellpoint Castle competition and become their heir. And, with the help of her friends, she might stand a chance. But the one thing she hadn’t considered was her heart, and when she starts to get close to her best friend’s brother, there’s no doubt that’s on the line. With the competition drawing to a close, and her prophecy rearing its ugly head, does Cordelia have time to work out matters of her heart?

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Stormy Morgan’s life took a rocky turn, but things are looking up. Sure, she’s a new witch living in her childhood hometown but she’s looking forward to the future. That includes her boyfriend Hunter Ryan moving in with her so they can save up to buy Stormy’s dream house in the spring. Things are going as planned … until a scream interrupts moving day. It’s chaos on the street, and all that Stormy and Hunter can ascertain is that Edmund, the neighborhood Lothario, is dead, and four of the many women he was screwing around with are standing over his body. All claim ignorance regarding what happened, but there’s an air of unease rippling through the group and it makes Stormy jittery. Things only go from bad to worse when the dead man’s soul decides he wants a new body … and Hunter’s will do. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s a new man in town … and he has Stormy and her magic in his sights. He also seems to be communicating with her cat after dark. That’s not suspicious at all, right? Stormy might be new to magic but she’s relentless when it comes to protecting the people she loves most. She’ll do whatever it takes to make sure Hunter is safe, and as for that cat? The truth is about to come out. So, sit back, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.     AmazonKU

BONE ISLE by Edward Kendrick

VS Note: Publisher classifies this as a “gay PNR”.

Six friends: Tyler, the oldest at 26, is a waiter, a bit of a playboy, and a cynic. Neil, 21, is the newest and youngest member of the group. He’s innocent, almost naive, a college junior, and has a crush on Tyler. Jake is 25, the tacit leader of the group. He works at a big-box store. Dave, Jake’s life partner, is also 25, who works at his father’s hardware store. Pete, 22, is straight and a college senior studying communications. Bart, Pete’s roommate at the university, is also straight and 22. He’s studying accounting. When the six young men decide to spend spring break exploring Bone Isle, reputedly a pirate hideout in the 1800s, they have no idea what’s in store for them. They soon find out it’s not all fun and games.

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Dear Lady Yvaine of Moray, It is with no great regret that Her Majesty informs you that after the unfortunate fencing incident with Lord Tyler, the stabbing of the younger Lord of Malay with a hat pin, and finally, the brawl with the Ladies Banning (including the Dowager), it is Her decree that you shall attend The Monsters Ball, and there you will find among them a husband to match your harridan, monstrous nature. Lady Yvaine of Moray maintains that the above incidents were not entirely her fault. She was cursed, you see. Not to be a hat pin wiedling menace—although that is a plus in her book— but to be claimed by a low level demon who has bedeviled her since childhood. Her only way out: marry someone more villainous, who will send the fiend scurrying with his tail between his legs. Well, Lady Yvaine has never been one for half measures. So she sets her cap for the most villainous monster of them all. The grotesque Earl of Evernight, an impossibly large, horned beast with wings, claws, and a devil’s tail. He’s ruled his lands without question for a lifetime, but now the fates have come calling. To keep his claim on Evernight, he must marry and produce an heir. Mael will take her body and soul for his own, but didn’t count on her heart. He’s decided demons don’t love, but Yvaine has never been one to back down from a challenge. This Season, place your bets at White’s: Will this be a match made in Hell, or an epic love to defy even the stars (and Her Most Irritated Majesty)?      AmazonKU


VS note: From NOV 15. Normally I won’t go this far back but the book was recently highly recommended by one of my favorite Booktokers, Brooke_n_Books.

Eight years ago, Amii ended a civil war in her country when she became sovereign with the help of a guild of warriors called The Men of the Mark. Now, as a plague sweeps through their capital city leaving enough unrest to give Amii’s uncle an opportunity to challenge her rule, Amii finds herself at odds with the guild in her greatest hour of need. This time, she must trust her own strengths if she’s to cure her people and defeat the usurper, but there’s one Man of the Mark she can’t help but lean on, the one who’s been at her side from the beginning and stolen her heart along the way: her Master Shield and personal guard, Aro. Aro was appointed as Amii’s protector by his guild’s leader when she became sovereign, but falling for her was never part of the job. Just when he decides to finally act on the feelings he’s found for her in their years together, illness strikes and leaves Aro disabled. He’s not sure he can protect Amii anymore, and a bitterness grows in his heart that threatens to end their relationship before it begins. As Amii’s partnership with the guild becomes strained and her uncle makes his move to overthrow her, Aro must find the strength to fight with her or walk away and let someone else stand beside his sovereign and the woman he loves.     AmazonKU


Magic and mayhem continue as Taryn, her drunken faery companions, and the rest of their crew find out that the list of people trying to destroy them just keeps growing.
And the worst-case scenarios leave Taryn alive. Taryn has spent her life hunting relics. As of late, she’s become the hunted, and going to the south to rescue people she loves only pointed out how bad things were. Saving her friends, exposed a deadly threat to the entire world. The race is on to find allies to fight a massive battle that should have been resolved thousands of years ago. But the list of enemies grows larger, as a unified force breaks apart—sending danger toward Taryn, Alric, and the rest from too many directions. Fighting on many fronts is deadly for a small crew, no matter how fierce they are. And even the faeries find themselves pushed to their limits. Betraying elves, dangerous ghosts, soul-stealing relics, ancient spells, and horrific creatures back from the dead seem to be one step ahead of them. And they know secrets about Taryn’s past that even she didn’t recall.     AmazonKU

THE ENEMY OF HEAVEN by Reni Stankova

Raphael is a despondent angel prince who spends his time on drugs and entertainment, trying to forget the unfair inequality of his kingdom he can do nothing about. But this changes one night when he witnesses the inhuman abilities of a young demon from the capital’s ghetto. In an instant, he knows how to change his kingdom. Dante never trusted angels, much less royals, but after Prince Raphael saves him from an execution for a crime he didn’t commit, he follows him. And while the royal court is scandalized by the presence of a demon in the royal palace, he and his new employer work together to reveal the worst secrets of the angel elite. But even for a powerful man like Raphael, this is a dangerous game. Dante has to protect his life as he single-handedly makes the kingdom a better place for the demon minority. And hopefully, the feelings that bloom between them don’t make their mission even harder.

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Kylie Claremont wants answers. She was the victim of a brutal experiment that caused her to develop telekinetic abilities. The doctors at the research facility disappeared without a trace and she was left with some strange abilities and a lot of questions. Determined not to let the past destroy her, she built a successful career as a web developer and found a place on the Psy Guild Council. Even though the guild members look down on her for being a lab created psy, she’s working hard to bring changes to the closed-minded group. The position she’s offered as a liaison between Shifters United and the Psy Guild will give her the chance to find the elusive research company that disappeared after experimenting on her and bring them to justice. The only thing standing in her way is an arrogant coyote shifter who is convinced that Kylie is a threat to shifters and shouldn’t be allowed to be a part of Shifters United. She never expected to fall for the gruff, mistrustful man but he has a sweet side that takes her by surprise.
Coyote shifter Trevor Ryland will never trust the psy. Still, he knows …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Mixed reviews on this one.

There is no magic on Prospect Hill—or anywhere else, for that matter. But just on the other side of the veil is the world of the Fae. Generations ago, the first farmers on Prospect Hill learned to bargain small trades to make their lives a little easier—a bit of glass to find something lost, a cup of milk for better layers in the chicken coop. Much of that old wisdom was lost as the riverboats gave way to the rail lines and the farmers took work at mills and factories. Alaine Fairborn’s family, however, was always superstitious, and she still hums the rhymes to find a lost shoe and to ensure dry weather on her sister’s wedding day. When Delphine confides her new husband is not the man she thought he was, Alaine will stop at nothing to help her sister escape him. Small bargains buy them time, but a major one is needed. Yet, the price for true freedom may be more than they’re willing to pay.

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The Warlocks have really done it this time! Kinsley and Jeremy delve into a bizarre occurrence at Nissa’s residence, where undead pets are rising from their graves, and a perplexing vortex threatens to consume everything in its path. Thorn is summoned to examine a disturbance at a decrepit mansion, where he stumbles upon the lifeless body of a paranormal investigator. Though he detects a formidable force within the mansion, its origin eludes him. Kinsley has her hands full dealing with the Nissa situation and assisting Thorn with the murder investigation at the mansion. Can she save Meri from his fate and solve the crime one spell at a time?     AmazonKU


Rome, A.D. 306. Emperor Constantine converts the Roman Empire to Christianity. Over the next two decades, his armies destroy pagan idols across Europe and the Middle East. England, A.D. 1830. Paleontologist Mary Anning writes to Sir Richard Owen, describing a fossil that she discovered in the cliffs of Lyme-Regis. She writes that the fossil is a large wing made of black bone. Montana, A.D. 2023. Sixteen-year-old Molly Wilder discovers a mysterious fossil while on a summer internship. The fossil has a large wing structure, horned skull, and black bones. Neither famed fossil-hunter Derek Farnsworth nor renowned paleontologist Dr. Sean Oliphant can place it in a recognized dinosaur family.
For 65 million years, the Badlands of Montana have held a secret hidden in their depths.

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Once a vampire, always a vampire. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. But the world of vampires isn’t what I thought it was going to be. It’s different than I expected, and now…
Well, now I can never go back to the girl I used to be.



The worst has happened. Kaito says this can be fixed. But I don’t know if I have any fight left in me anymore. For their sake, I better get my shit together. We’ve come this far and my Virtues and I have been through life and death together. Nothing has changed. Nothing except Lucifer coming down on me with his fallen angel army. My Virtues who are still on earth are forced to bend to his control. And now the next Echo of Calamity is on its way, overlapping with a mission that I’ve yet to fulfill. And now a new ally has joined our ranks. Balthazar has a trick up his sleeve, one that’s going to change the fabric of the universe. But I’ll do anything for my Virtues, even if I have to rip the worlds apart.   AmazonKU


The Wolf Boss, Rodney McLycan, of the Underground Mafia is known for his blunt stubborn attitude, keeping most beings at arm’s length. While trying to move on from the past, he’s distracted by the attempted murder of himself and his Pack. Adamant in finding the culprit, Rodney’s brought face to face with an unlikely being to aid him—a beautiful, strong-willed bartender named Meg, who becomes his only link in finding those responsible. Determined not to fail his Pack, Rodney strikes a deal, hoping history won’t repeat itself. With each step forward, more and more of Meg’s secrets are discovered. Some intrigue the werewolf alpha, while others bring danger to his door. Perhaps even the “She-Devil” of Topside. As Rodney works with his Pack, his “lil sis,” and an unlikely ally to find the answers. He may soon realize his only salvation could be the one whose eyes keep reminding him of home. Being late for brunch will be the least of this Wolf Boss’ problems, as he finds himself and those he loves thrown into a sticky web filled with the mafia, murder, and, of course, mayhem.     Amazon

MAGIC CURSED by Torsha Baker and Mikaela Baker

You control magic or it controls you. Sahra Devoe is the best black market dealer in the business and the most hunted sorcerer in the land because of the dark magic within her. She’ll lie, steal, and cheat to get what she wants—teaching everyone else what she learned years ago—trust no one. Especially not a handsome guy with a ridiculous hero complex, no matter how charming he is. After an encounter with the deadly Shadow Demons—creatures Sahra’s father released into their world—she awakens in the most dangerous place of all: the castle. There she’s blackmailed with her own earnings to work side by side with the very people hunting her. She is also reunited with her oldest friend who she thought she’d never see again: the prince. He’s the boy she never forgot, grown into a seductive man she can’t ignore. But he can never know her true identity, none of them can. The longer she stays, the more she learns something lurks within the castle even more evil than herself. Sahra must face her past, and start fighting back for the future of her kind. But if she doesn’t learn to trust, she may be lost to the darkness within her before she can save anyone.      Amazon


After the events that drew them together, Ethan and Auris have grown into their feelings for one another. On their quest to discover other supernatural beings, Ethan will have to do some healing after the violence he experienced, and Auris, in order to help the man he loves do so, will share his past with Ethan. While their relationship deepens, the pair finds something in Prague that they had hoped for but not expected: traces of another vampire. But that discovery brings with it a greater threat and more things between light and shadow they will have to deal with.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


It was the end. The Supermax drained my soul. But…I couldn’t do it. I know I deserve to be punished. Being the most sought-after thief by both wealthy clients and INTERPOL isn’t appreciated by the government. Any government. Unless they want something. They’re offering me freedom in exchange for help. My help capturing the second-most-wanted burglar. What else did I have to do with my time? Nothing. So I agreed. Maybe fate was finally on my side. No. No it wasn’t. Who knew females wanted equal opportunity in crime too? Now I have to choose. I can go back to the hell I was in or send my mate there.      AmazonKU


I don’ t bow to my demons— I prefer being on top. When I died and went to the Chasm, I’ d planned to keep my head down and my mouth shut. That didn’ t work out too well, however, and now I’ ve taken over as one of the four Demon Lords who runs the place. I have to settle into my new job, learn to control the unruly spirits under my command and hopefully avoid getting murdered by the many people who want my position. To make it all worse, an angel shows up to tell me about an increase in demon possessions, which is now somehow my problem. The other Demon Lords aren’ t making things any easier on me, either, and I have no idea how to deal with the walking red flags I’ m stupidly attracted to. Of course, if I can’ t figure out the possessions and stop them before they throw everything into chaos, my complicated love life won’ t matter. Who would have figured averting an apocalypse would be the easy task?     AmazonKU


Theodosius – Theodosius was a cervid shifter in training to be a Thorn – a shifter who dedicates their life to the protection of all cervids. Thorns are the most well-trained, fearless, and strongest shifters of the preternatural world, both in human and animal form. Theodosius had always wanted to be a Thorn. He’d never thought of anything else.
Until he met Sabina. Although forbidden by cervid law, the two became lovers. When Sabina abruptly left not only the Thorn training center but also cervid life altogether, Theodosius promised himself that once he attained the rank of Sharpened Thorn, he’d seek her out and demand she marry him. The Sharpened Thorn is the only position among the ranks that can marry. Sabina – Sabina was on track to become the first female Thorn in the last hundred years. Her life consisted of nothing but training. Her entire sense of self was wrapped up in becoming a Thorn. When disaster struck, Sabina walked away from her position expecting Theodosius to follow her. He didn’t. Heartbroken and alone, she took her training as a Thorn and became …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)    Amazon KU


VS Note: Author says this blurb has spoilers for book one.

What do you do the day after the world doesn’t end? If you’re River Keyes (yeah, me), you try to figure out how you’re going to live without the internet. Because we might have kept two worlds from being destroyed, but now I’m trapped in a place with no electricity, no takeout, and no phoning home. Worse, it’s a world where my absent father is not just present, but in power, and even more of a jerk than I remember. At least if I’ve got to be trapped away from home, there’s Lasya Zarani, hot elven general and best eye-candy ever. Once he decides whether he wants to cut me to ribbons or take me to bed, things might get interesting. But that’s only if my father doesn’t kill one or both of us first.   AmazonKU

NEVER PREY (BAD WOLVES BOOK ONE) by Harper A Brooks and Brea Viragh

Little Red Riding Hood had a big, bad wolf… I have four. I didn’t even know werewolves existed. Or that the story my parents used to tell me about a mythical Moon Goddess was real. But it’s true—all of it—and that means, the part about her gifting me with only twenty-five years of life is too. With my final birthday looming, I’m on a mission to save myself, but that mission ends up throwing me in the middle of two warring werewolf packs. Now, the rival alphas and their two betas have me in their sights. Torin, Noble, Mathis, and Dax are sexier than sin, but they’re hunters, killers, some of the most powerful men in the shifter and human world…And they want a taste of me. They’re in for a surprise: I might not be a wolf like them, but I’m never prey.     AmazonKU


If not for “The Ghost”—her FBI husband’s gruesome case—Siena Forte’s life would have been perfect. But not when the D.C. serial killer is hunting women like her, and when her husband is so unsettled by this case, he refuses to discuss it. It’s a miracle her art career is thriving at all. And not only her career. When Siena lands a medieval mural commission at the National Gallery of Art, she discovers a bizarre knack for astral projecting to her past life. In a lucky strike, her visions of love and prominence in medieval Ireland are just the creative inspiration she seeks. What Siena doesn’t know is her vivid depiction of the past exposes her to someone she has met before—the serial killer, reborn in this century just like her. But when a vicious attack from the past reverberates into the present, Siena’s life unravels in a chilling parallel. Silenced and alone, she discovers the true reason for her visions. They’re not the creative inspiration they seemed, but a harbinger of her centuries-old revenge vow, and the killer cannot be stopped until she fulfills it. But there is another person from the past with unfinished business—her husband. And another unwelcome déjà vu—their crumbling marriage, once again precipitated by the serial killer’s crime.

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Roslyn Blackthorne is dead. I should know, I watched it happen. My twin and I didn’t believe we’d ever meet our mate, and then she showed up in our bar and the world as we knew it changed. Fate hadn’t been kind to us. Not once. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that we lost her as soon as we claimed her. I spent so much time worried about her manipulative demon, I didn’t anticipate it would be my own sordid past that killed her. It was our fault. They should have blamed me and Remi. Instead, for the first time since Rosie turned our lives upside down, we are united: Her vampire husband – Her hybrid hacker – Her alpha wolves – I thought I’d give anything to see those amber eyes of hers again. I was wrong. So wrong. Because the moment I got my wish, it wasn’t my sugar staring back at me. It was a monster. And now I’ll never be the same.   AmazonKU


How do you face your fears when everything is terrifying? Fifteen-year-old Brynn can’t stop thinking about death. Her intrusive thoughts and severe anxiety leave her feeling helpless—and hopeless. So after her mom interprets one of Brynn’s blog posts as a suicide note, she takes extreme measures, confiscating Brynn’s phone, blocking her Internet access, and banishing her to stay with her father who lives “off the grid” on a houseboat in the Florida mangroves. Isolated from her online friends—her only friends—Brynn resigns herself to a summer of mind-numbing boredom and loneliness… until Skylar appears.  Skylar is everything Brynn isn’t—sultry, athletic, and confident. Yet Brynn feels at home around this fearless girl who pushes her to try new things and makes her belly flutter with nerves that have nothing to do with anxiety. When Brynn discovers that Skylar is trapped in the bayou and can’t tell her why, she resolves to free her new crush from the dark waters, even if it means confronting all of her worst fears. Through Brynn’s funny, awkward, and sincere narration, The Immeasurable Depth of You explores the ways mental illness can impact a life by centering a character who is learning (sometimes messily) to accept all parts of herself.

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Queer Grimdark: Finn is no hero, chosen born, or noble. Despite escalating tensions from the Dayigan soldier’s occupation of Feah lands, the happy-go-lucky twenty-five-year-old is content to spend his days fishing and flirting with the other men in his Celtic-like village. But everything changes at their midyear’s eve festival when an angry Dayigan commander catches Finn in the arms of another man. Suddenly framed for murder, he must flee his village or face death. However, Finn isn’t the Dayigans’ only target. They believe all Feahs are wicked and intend to destroy them by any means necessary. The Feahs’ one hope of stopping the reign of terror is to find a relic forged by dark faeries and able to control chaos magic—and claim it to protect themselves. With the fate of the Feah lands resting on his shoulders, Finn seeks out sorcerers who practice ancient, forbidden magic. Instead, he finds love with the handsome but fierce head of the sorcerers—and a power he never knew he could possess. But when the Dayigans strike, can Finn harness the perilous magic to save his people without losing himself in the process?



“There is power in all things. And all things can be powerful.” Ailsa finds herself far from the foggy fjord she once called home, and yet her journey across the Nine has just begun. Armed and targeted with the power over fate, she seeks to master the magic in her blood before Fenrir and the witches rise again. Until Erik strips her from the arms of her beloved—and all memory of him—and takes her to the witches hiding in a realm of fire giants. To survive, Ailsa finds an ally in a strange, silent man who seems just as intent on escaping the giants as she is. “Anger, hatred, malice.Vengeance.” As Vali searches the Tree of Life for what was taken from him, his pursuit takes him across forbidden realms with two unexpected companions. With the threat of Ragnarok brimming on the horizon, Odin becomes desperate to find the son prophesied to slay Fenrir and stop the end of the Nine before it’s too late. And when Vali discovers the truth about his father, finding Ailsa becomes more crucial than ever. With her newfound family as shattered as her memories, Ailsa must fight to know her past if she wants to save the future, even if it means turning old friends into new enemies. The blood left on her hands will force her to wonder where they will all stand in the end, and whom she will face on the opposite side when the time comes.     AmazonKU


Their love refused to stay quiet, echoing across time…When the world is brought to a standstill in the early days of a global pandemic, Etta Wilmont finds herself suddenly stranded in Kansas City. Desperate to secure a roof over her head, Etta crosses paths with Henry Logan, a lonely older man in need of a caretaker. His invitation for Etta to stay with him seems to be the solution to both their problems—and maybe the spontaneous adventure Etta’s life has been missing. As Etta and Henry settle into a companionable living arrangement, Etta indulges in Henry’s library. The compelling historical accounts of life in the Midwest soon inspire vivid dreams of Kansas City in the 1870s, dreams in which she’s a mail-order bride, married to a handsome but guarded rancher named Maxwell Lawton. Haunted by the story unfolding in her mind, Etta realizes her dreams of the past and the familiar faces featured within are starting to have an impact on the present, altering her current reality. Perhaps these dreams are Etta’s chance to finally claim something for herself after so much time spent caring for others. More than anything, Etta wonders if the captivating man she’s falling for while she sleeps might be real, might be out there—true love waiting to be found and which would change both their lives forever.

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Cassandra Hunt is the Gorgon, an assassin/spy. She was programmed via mind control by Thora, her handler, for Olympicorp, a shadowy, cultish conglomerate bent on world domination. Everything changed when she met reporter Elle Pharell. They survived Olympicorp’s mass experiment gone awry and fell madly in love. Now, in exchange for Elle’s safety, Cass works with a global intelligence collective seeking to apprehend members of Olympicorp. But things don’t go as planned when Elle is abducted. Untangling Olympicorp’s sinister intentions is Cass’s only chance of seeing Elle alive again, and Thora offers to help, for a price. Elle wakes up at a secret medical facility with no recollection of how she got there, and the staff won’t answer questions about her lost memories. The one question she can’t get out of her head? Who is the mysterious woman she only remembers as the Gorgon?     AmazonKU


Kyven & Grayce’s story…Everyone fears the King of the Fae. Kyven is known as a fierce and powerful ruler, and now he desires to take me as his queen. Humans and Fae have been enemies for centuries. So when King Kyven asks my brother–the King–for my hand, to create an alliance, I can hardly refuse. Kyven claims I’m his Fated One–his A’lyra. He does not just want my hand, he wants my heart. The Fae King is far from what I expected, and I find myself drawn to him in ways that I do not fully understand. But I’ve been hurt before and, despite what I feel, I’m afraid to trust him with my heart. Kyven carries a dark secret, and I am determined to find out what it is.  Now I find myself wondering: What does it mean to be Taken by the Fae King?   AmazonKU


VS Note: FUC = Furry United Coalition

A tayra tainted by his family’s misdeeds. A hen with ruffled feathers and a past that won’t leave her alone. Can Tom Yum Thursdays offer the perfect balm to soothe old hurts? Former child reality star Chickee Prinz has come a long way since her days of pigtails and bubblegum confessions, but will the past ever stop hounding the Jersey Giant hen shifter? Working at FUCN’A as a guest professor is a step on her path to becoming a real life FUC agent, and nothing is going to get in this determined chick’s way. She was finally working on something she could be proud of. Unlike Hatched, the exploitative documentary series responsible for ruining every event of her youth—and she meant every event. Nothing was sacred from the media feeding frenzy that comprised her childhood…(MUCH more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)

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Six years after emerging from a fountain of youth, siblings Bill, Paul, and Annie Carpenter, time travelers from 2022, make their way in 1911. In New York, Bill and wife Cassie finish a year as educators and struggle to start a family, while Annie tries her hand as a society reporter. In Arizona, Paul and Andy Lee, sergeants and brothers-in-law, attempt to keep the Mexican Revolution from spilling across the border. For all, life marches on. Then the soldiers receive new orders, Paul and Annie meet alluring strangers, and the family’s fortunes take dramatic turns. In ANNIE’S APPLE, the sweeping sequel to THE FOUNTAIN, five young adults find love, danger, and adventure in the age of factory fires, high society, and the sinking of the Titanic. Readers’ AdvisoryAnnie’s Apple is the second novel in a family saga that spans several years. While some storylines are resolved, others are not. They will be addressed in the final book of the trilogy.     AmazonKU

THE CLEAVING by Juliet E McKenna

The Cleaving is an Arthurian retelling that follows the tangled stories of four women: Nimue, Ygraine, Morgana, and Guinevere, as they fight to control their own destinies amid the wars and rivalries that will determine the destiny of Britain.  The legendary epics of King Arthur and Camelot don’t tell the whole story. Chroniclers say Arthur’s mother Ygraine married the man that killed her husband. They say that Arthur’s half-sister Morgana turned to dark magic to defy him and Merlin. They say that the enchantress Nimue challenged Merlin and used her magic to outwit him. And that Arthur’s marriage to Guinevere ended in adultery, rebellion and bloodshed. So why did these women chose such dangerous paths? As warfare and rivalries constantly challenge the king, Arthur and Merlin believe these women are destined to serve Camelot by doing as they are told. But men forget that women talk. Ygraine, Nimue, Morgana and Guinevere become friends and allies while the decisions that shape their lives are taken out of their hands. This is their untold story. Now these women have a voice.

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Iris Galacia’s tarot cards do more than entertain gamblers. With the flip of her fingers she can predict the future and uncover a person’s secrets. But under the watchful eye of her mother, she is on thin ice for pursuing a passion in the family business, and then cracks start to form until she eventually she falls through. She is given an ultimatum — a test to prove her worth: earn a thousand coins or leave the business, and the family. Enter Marin Boudreau, a charming young person who can scale buildings and break off door knobs, who comes for her help to rescue a witch who’s been falsely imprisoned in Excava Kingdom. And Marin is willing to pay a high sum for her talents. But saving a prisoner from royal hands isn’t easy, nor is leaving home for the first time in eighteen years. Now Iris must learn to trust in herself, Marin, and this new magical world, while racing the clock before the royals decide the fate of the witch, and before any secrets catch up to her. TELL ME HOW IT ENDS features LGBTQ+, disabled, neurodivergent, cultural, and mental health representation. The main character, Iris Galacia, is a lesbian tarot reader with anxiety and autism. The second main character, Marin Boudreau, is an aromantic asexual non-binary person with ADHD.    AmazonKU


Ester’s family was torn apart when a manticore killed her mother and baby brother, leaving her with nothing but her father’s painful silence and a single, overwhelming need to kill the monsters that took her family. Ester’s path leads her to the King’s Royal Mews, where the giant rocs of legend are flown to hunt manticores by their brave and dedicated ruhkers. Paired with a fledgling roc named Zahra, Ester finds purpose and acclaim by devoting herself to a calling that demands absolute sacrifice and a creature that will never return her love. The terrifying partnership between woman and roc leads Ester not only on the empire’s most dangerous manticore hunt, but on a journey of perseverance and acceptance.

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My wings unbound, I am the Thai bird princess, the kinnaree, and no matter the cost, I will be free. Peeraphan Rahttana lives her life in Seattle, unaware of the complicated magical world spinning just beyond the shadows and mist…until a violent clash outside her dance rehearsal has her literally whisked off her feet. Her darkly brooding rescuer, vampire Bennett Andrews, claims to represent a secret organization dedicated to locating objects of myth and magic, tucking them safely away where they can do no harm—but he’s too late to save Peeraphan from a deadly curse. Yet Peeraphan isn’t what she seems. Wings unbound, she’s a Thai bird princess of legend…and while the curse won’t kill her outright, it’s only a matter of time. Determined, Bennett sweeps Peeraphan deeper into a supernatural world far beyond anything she ever imagined in a desperate bid to find a solution…and an explanation for the powers even she doesn’t know how to define. Her world may have changed overnight, but Peeraphan knows one thing for certain: she can’t go back to living as a human anymore. Not when she’s felt what it’s like to fly with Bennett by her side. She’s determined to keep her wings and her freedom…and defy anyone who would try to take them from her again. What would you save if the world you knew disappeared and you could open your eyes to what exists just beyond?

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All Dag Gates wants is a place to call home. (And to practice magic freely.) All Stefan Bjorne wants is peace in his adoptive country. (And less paperwork.) All Mikkel Vinters wants is both of them. (No, really, he could do wedding bells.) So why, pray tell, is half the magical community set on denying them all their wishes? Tags: Urban fantasy anyone?, slow burn, Mikkel is dying its so slow, pray for him, age gap, millionaire CEO is loose with no limits, cinnamon roll protection squad assemble!, polyamory at its best, Dag wants to eat all the things, all, magic, healing, childhood trauma, who’s chasing who is the question, Dag’s shy, Stefan’s a little insecure, thankfully Mikkel is neither, there is far too much food in this book, short but mighty, rules are established, Mikkel’s type in men is sexy and dangerous, it hasn’t killed him yet, accidental husband acquisition, magical bindings, shenanigans shall now commence.     AmazonKU


By the time an agathos woman reaches 25, she’s supposed to be one thing, and one thing only: Bonded. I’m zero for four soul bonds, a disgrace to my family, and the black sheep of my community. But I’m also the Prophêtis, and I’m not going to sit idly while everyone and everything I love is ripped away from me. I’m going to fight.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Author states this book can’t be read as a standalone.

The ripples of the attack against Soraya Devil keep growing, and after finding the powerful enchanters of her coven were affected and had to be cleansed, she’s at her limit. While the main culprits have been caught and interrogated, the secrets to that magic still elude her, and that means a threat against the people she loves and protects. And Soraya isn’t going to let that stand. To fix the problems with the angels, the veil, and smack the demons back over the lines they keep crossing, she needs to recover first… But not physically. She’s done that. Emotionally and mentally, she’s taken a huge hit with someone breaking through her vast protections and getting to her. She sees that even as someone emotionally stunted and oblivious most days. The problem is what the hell does she do about it while still being the shield all enchanters, supes, and the world needs? She doesn’t have a clue, but an old fling she meets at the most random of places at a time she feels like she’s breaking might have the answer she needs. Plus, some answers she didn’t even know to ask the questions for.      AmazonKU


How can two people live in the same pack their whole lives and never cross paths? It is the largest wolf shifter pack in the world, and she is eight years older than me. She seems to think our age difference is an issue. But age is just a number. I may be a man of few words, but I’m a lover and a fighter. And she’s about to learn just how far I’m willing to go for what’s mine.     AmazonKU

THE GODDESS’S WARS (LONGING MATES) by Danielle Paquette-Harvey

VS Note: From MARCH 22.

What would you do if your fated mate was killed? How far would you go to get him back? The ancient texts spoke of the end of a dark age and the dawn of a new era of peace and prosperity. But history has forgotten that a price must be paid to bring this peace. Matthew, the son of the Alpha, is born with an expiration date: destined to be sacrificed to keep the demon at bay. He is persuaded that he doesn’t have a fated mate until he hears her cry for help. He will tear apart anything keeping him from being with her. DeMörder has made a deal with a demon. He now wields power that would make the Gods envious. Playing with life and death, he plans his revenge. Serena is one of the most powerful spellcasters of the pack. When eternal darkness falls upon them, she is sent to investigate the cause of it. She meets a dangerous yet alluring creature on her journey: a vampire. She thinks she knows everything about them but soon discovers she is wrong.      AmazonKU


Death needs a do-over. Azrael–Grim Reaper, Destroyer, Angel of Death–has messed up. Instead of taking Molly Molloy’s soul, he accidentally saves her from death by chicken wing. Now this utterly unexceptional waitress at a breastaurant in New York can see him. Touch him. Talk to him. Question him. Make him doubt. The Powers that Be are waiting for Death to fix his mistake but before he can, he makes one more…He falls in love.

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Following the snatcher that frightened his brother’s new mate landed Landon in a tight spot. Actually, it landed him stuck in a cage trapped in wolf form unable to get out or communicate with his family to get help. It’s been weeks stuck prowling the space, confined with shifters he doesn’t know, hoping that his family will find him before he loses his mind. When the cage door opens putting yet another shifter inside it, the last thing he expected was to get free, but thanks to the young boy that apparently couldn’t shift, he’s out and ready to take down their captors. But when the coast clears, he finds far more than he hoped for when that cage door opened. The boy that freed them not only wasn’t a boy, but in fact is truly his mate who is about to drive him straight to the brink. The kid with his hands all over her is about to learn exactly what happens when someone touches his mate. Shelby is a human, but she lives with shifters. ..(more blurb in ebook seller’s page…)     AmazonKU


When Lily Bennett became the caretaker of her teenage sister, it came at the expense of her hopes, dreams, and the home she grew up in. Now that her sister is grown and on her own, Lily struggles to find a place to call home. She wants to feel part of a family again and intends to mend the broken relationships with her siblings. That is, until she discovers an unusual timepiece that lands her in Regency England at the feet of one of the most eligible men in society. Unfortunately, he believes that she’s crazy. Any attraction Lily feels for the stubborn man is clearly one-sided. Too bad she’s stuck with him until she can figure out how to get home. Gabriel Hawthorne, Earl of Rothden, has decided to host one last house party before returning to London for the dreaded season where every simpering chit and money-hungry mother will hover around him like flies. Add to that…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)     AmazonKU


Can an uptight vampire and a free-spirited human find some common ground? Merrick’s family name is one of the oldest and most influential in Solston, but maintaining an empire has never interested him. He prefers his books, the company of his cat, and to his surprise, his new prickly vampire mate. Leander refuses to take part in the Council’s arranged matings until the most alluring scent catches his nose. Once their mating is finalized though, he finds he has no idea how to meld their two lives together.     AmazonKU


Can a beautiful Italian American chef from modern-day Chicago find love under the Tuscan sun with a handsome yet disgraced 19th-century English earl? Gabriella D’Angelo, a talented chef from the Windy City, is left reeling when she’s pulled through a painting and transported back in time to the edge of a cliff overlooking the Etruscan coast of Italy circa 1902. One minute she’s sitting in a gallery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, wondering where her friends Emily and Jenee wandered off to, and the next minute she’s desperately clinging to a branch dangling above the Mediterranean Sea, trying not to plummet to her death. Luckily a tall, dashing, rugged stranger named John Henry Langsford, Jack for short, comes to her rescue. From the first moment, Gaby meets Jack, she can’t stop thinking about him. The arrogant, hot-tempered, and handsome Englishman is too irresistible for his own good. ..(more blurb on ebook seller’s page…)     AmazonKU


VS Note: As I understand it, the author lists the book wide for the first week and then places it in KU.

In the aftermath of the dragon’s retreat from our world, the only ones left behind are the ones who hate the humans, and those who love them. So things are still tense with the Dragonni who have stayed in our realm. But right now, I have far worse worries than this. Kilnakarn, the Kelpie King who abducted me and kept me as one of his enslaved concubines for two years, has tracked me down. He and his cronies are out to exact revenge, furious that the goddess Morgana saved me. Yutani, Talia, Wendy, and Wager are doing everything they can to help keep me safe, but sooner or later I’m going to have to face my worst nightmare, and either destroy him, or be destroyed.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Prince Remy of Bentley was happy enough in his life. He had a loving family, and could keep himself busy every day, especially caring for his lizard, Daisy. But his calm and uneventful days came to an abrupt halt when his father announced someone had started negotiations for a marriage contract and he was the intended groom. The problem was the man behind the negotiations was the one Crown Prince in the world who hated him – Xavier. Crown Prince Xavier of Balenborn had waited ten years to marry Prince Remy and he wasn’t going to be thwarted by the knowledge that his intended might not like him very much. Many marriages were conducted between royal and society families, where the couple didn’t know each other very well, and as far as he was concerned, he and Remy could learn about each other over time. The marriage contract was the only way Xavier could let Remy know how serious he was about him. Initially things went well, but unlike Remy, Xavier had led a public life. One suspicious word in the wrong place, and his reputation was suddenly in tatters. Will Remy stand by his man, or will the social class expectations relating to royal families pull them apart?

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The hot fae guy I’m in love with thinks of me like a sister… doesn’t he? I’ve been trying to make him see that we’re more than just friends for months, to no avail. But then we find an entire society of fae women, who threaten to take me from him. And he steals me away to his house to make sure no one can remove me from his side. Even after a night in his bed, he won’t admit what he feels for me. So, I develop a plan. Make the man jealous, while also figuring out a way to deal with the wild female fae who seem to want to make all of the men bleed. I don’t know if it’s going to work… but I’m not walking away from this man until he realizes that I should be his mate.     AmazonKU


Death was just the beginning. I have suddenly found myself in a strange new realm. A realm in which all I know is death. Where the life I led before is nothing but a shadow haunting the peripheries of my mind. It calls to me, begs me to remember what happened … But the more I try to recall, the less I seem to remember, and the more terrifying this cruel new world becomes. I am an enigma, not only to myself, but everyone around me. A soul lost in a world of darkness that wants nothing more than to devour me. To claim me as its own before I have a chance to escape. Before I have a chance to remember who I am … And how I came to be here. Before I remember, him. 
But even then, the Underworld has no intention of letting me go. Not unless I can win them to my side.       AmazonKU


I killed mindlessly for 15 years. A curse trapped me inside my werewolf, and I became the perfect killing puppet for the warlock controlling me. Screams of my victims haunt me. The phantom warmth of blood heats my hands. And guilt eats away at my psyche. I don’t deserve love. I don’t deserve a mate. Who could ever love a monster like me? Ru does. My little lucky charm from another planet. No matter how much I warn her. No matter how I try to scare her. No matter how many times I threaten her. She stays. But she doesn’t understand my kind. Werewolves are violent creatures. And if my wolf doesn’t get his way, it isn’t just her heart I’ll be ripping out, but mine too. Which, in 14 days, is exactly what will happen. A night of violence and lust awaits, and I’m doubtful she can survive me. Our lives are on the line, but so is my brother’s. 14 days to find the treatment for his sickness. 14 days to survive on an unknown planet. 14 days to see if I kill my mate. The full moon is rising. And I wish it wouldn’t. *The author recommends reading Eternally Damned first. This book has knotting, CNC, blood play, an alpha male who likes to submit, fated mates, and a ton of spice. *     AmazonKU

ALPHA’S KISS by Shannon West

A kiss can be a magical thing…Rory is an omega prince, heir to the throne of the magical kingdom of Igella. His country’s laws dictate that omegas must have a Regent to rule in their stead—and that the Regent must be an Alpha. Rory’s wicked stepmother, Queen Berenda, needs to find an unscrupulous Alpha, because she has nefarious plans of her own for her stepson. But there are flies in the ointment—Rory isn’t fully awakened, and the king’s health is growing worse daily. When gorgeous Alpha, Lord Lexington, arrives with his pack, flashing plenty of gold, Berinda is overjoyed and quickly arranges a marriage between the young Prince and his new Alpha, and that’s when the trouble truly begins. In reality, “Lord” Lexington is a prince in his own country of Morovia, Igella’s most bitter enemy.  Rory and Lex get married, and head back to Morovia, so that Lex can discover the truth about Rory’s infamous family, and his real mother, the “warlock” Vesper. Using his powers as a witch and a warrior, Lex has to try to keep Rory alive long enough to reach Morovia. Along the way, they develop a fierce and burning attraction to each other, but other dark and unknown forces are moving against them, and danger is all around. It will take both of them, along with a little help from magical forces to come out of this alive and find their happily ever after.


THE DEAL by Lucy Scott Bryan

‘Everybody has their own journey; their own story’– and surviving the Regalo project is only part of mine. And you know that saying, desperate times call for desperate measures, that could be the next chapter in my life. I never thought I’d call the Alpha Alliance, and ask for assistance, but here we are. Somehow, that one call ends with me agreeing to go offline with four alphas. Four crazy good-looking alphas that ‘feel’ right. And don’t get me started about the way they smell…But, and that’s a big but, there’s a few issues. Like the fact I’ve got a secret, or twenty. And being an omega isn’t one of them. The other problem is, I know two of my rescuers. When they find out who I am, one of my secrets is going to be blown out of the water. Time will tell if they’ll be more names I need to add to my sh*t list, or if the intense connection we share will be a part of my happily ever after. When I get sold out by my past, it sets us on a collision course where the stakes have never been higher. I really am prepared to risk it all, including them, because I made a deal I’d never be caged again. But thankfully, these gorgeous alphas are as determined, blood-thirsty and as pig-headed as I am.     AmazonKU


VS Note: One clicked after reading the Look Inside. I love Cinderella retellings and this one seems – wow – VERY different.

The shoe fits, but she’s no Cinderella. Ellie knows what she wants in life: Open a glassblowing shop in the art district. See her father retire. Marry for love. (If she can find someone who can keep up, that is). Winning the fae prince’s heart doesn’t make the list. So when Prince Evander throws a ball to find a human bride, Ellie respectfully declines. And when she reads the morning paper and discovers the prince danced the night away with a mysterious stranger, only for the woman to flee at the stroke of midnight, Ellie can’t help but laugh. Until she learns the mystery girl left behind a glass slipper. Ellie’s glass slipper. From the set that went missing from Ellie’s workshop. So when the idiotic prince decides it’s a good idea to use the slipper to identify the love of his life (because, you know, no two women could possibly share the same shoe size), Ellie doesn’t hesitate to prove the slipper is hers. Little does she know there’s been a modification to her work of art. The prince may or may not have attached a fae bargain to the shoe, and when Ellie places it on her foot, she finds herself both legally and magically betrothed to the very prince she detests. Not that Prince Evander is thrilled about the situation, either. After all, he’d thought the shoe would only fit Cinderella. Together, the unhappy couple must discover a way to break the fae bond, but there’s danger along the way. And what’s more dangerous than falling in love with someone whose heart belongs to another?      Amazon KU


Twenty one years ago, Evander Laun and Natalia Havashire went on the air throughout the world on almost every news channel simultaneously, to reveal to the human race that Elves walked among us. It is the most-watched historical event in modern times. Killishia Renner, Kia, after recently discovering she was an Elf too, along with the rest of the world when she Elfed on live television, has had a hectic few months with no time to catch her breath. Word reaches the International Elf Council and the U.S. government, that a fugitive terrorist woman from Ethiopia is suspected of being in New York City, and a formal demand of extradition to the war torn nation that is part of the Laramer Bloc of anti-Elf countries. Shocking revelations ensue when Killy finds and discovers the shocking truth of it all. In a desperate bid to get the woman onto Aelftus sovereign soil at Laun Tower for sanctuary, violence ensues in an ambush that throws Manhattan into chaos. The ramifications of which cause Killishia to come out into the open as a Halfling on WTRL News.    Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: From MARCH 24.

These bear shifters have one rule: The first to mate becomes alpha. Let the best man win. Asher isn’t looking for a mate. He’s fine alone in his mountain cabin, at the edges of his bear clan’s land. His unusual shifter qualities have made him an outcast, and he has no expectations that any female would want his company. So when a wounded wolf shifter lands on his doorstep one snowy night, he can’t help but wonder if fate is playing a cruel joke. Because one look and he knows…She is his to care for. His to protect. His to prove himself to. Brioni is different than what he’s used to. She doesn’t judge him and even likes his rough voice. But she’s on the run from an abusive past and has enough secrets to pack his one bed cabin. She is all he’s ever craved, but claiming her might end in the biggest fight of his life… a battle against his inner doubts.     AmazonKU

TIME’S FOOL by Karen Chance

VS Note: Book 6 in the Dorina Basarab series.

Long before Dorina Basarab was a respected member of the Vampire Senate, she was an outcast known as a dhampir. Half human, half vampire, all pariah, she scraped out a living catching monsters even more terrifying than herself. But perhaps the greatest foe she ever faced was also the most unusual—and the most dangerous. Kit Marlowe wasn’t always a senator, either. Once, he was a master vampire with none of the wealth, family or experience that the rank should have afforded him. He had been Pushed, or forced into the position through a ritual that had risked his life, because his master desperately needed an operative who knew Elizabethan England. Leaving Kit two years into his undead life and facing a country about to go up like a powder keg. Gillian Urswick was a witch torn between two men: the one she loved and the one she’d lost. But sorting out her heart required solving a mystery that involved the past and the present, as well as any hope she might have for a future. Together, Dorina, Kit, Gillian and the mysterious vampire Mircea, end up on a mission that will either save the world, or help destroy it.

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Raven didn’t want the life planned for her before her kidnapping, but guilt wouldn’t let her abandon the ones left behind. She had to escape and get back to them. A lack of necessary skills left her lost in the woods until Ash found her and dragged her back to his clan, but she refused to give up. She tried again… and again. Sure she was going to starve or get herself killed, Ash took pity on her and taught her to hunt and survive on her own, and the more time she spent with him, the harder it was to make herself turn away. He was offering everything she’d ever wanted, but could she overcome her misplaced sense of duty to choose him?     AmazonKU


Sheriff Ian McKenzie never thought he would find love again. In fact, he didn’t even bother looking for it. He’s content with taking care of his town and trying to wrangle the meddlesome Wilson family. When a handsome, younger man lands on his doorstep, Mack isn’t sure what to do. He can protect him, but can he handle falling in love with him? Roe Dorsey has had a hard few years. Divorced, stalked, and harassed, he hasn’t had a chance to settle into his new normal. When someone tries to kill him, Roe takes his family and retreats to Hobson Hills. He had no idea that he would find a home there, little less love. Mack and Roe must decide if they’ll stand together against the danger stalking Roe or let it divide them permanently.     AmazonKU


Welcome back to Redwood University, where nothing is as it seems…and I’m stronger than anyone expects. My nineteenth birthday awakened something within me, revealing truths I could’ve never imagined. My new powers do not come without risk, though, and the future of shifters everywhere rests upon my shoulders. As my mate is preparing to challenge his father, the evil alpha proves he has a few tricks up his sleeve that could destroy the entire supernatural community. It’s a fight for our lives, but as Alexei and I have learned, we are stronger together. If Alpha Jones wants to steal our fate, then we’ll band together and take him down. Because no one is going to deny us our happily ever after.     AmazonKU     AB


The die has been cast. It’s time for me to meet my fate. Deacon and I have come so far, but will we survive the challenges ahead? Have I done enough to alter the course of destiny? Will I die alone as the prophecy foretells? Not if I have anything to say about it.    AmazonKU


Wisteria is caught in a time loop. Everything is repeating, Groundhog-Day-style, but only one supernatural has noticed. Zirconia Cristata Riddle, the vampire matriarch of the Riddle family, is awake and alone in a world full of people who can’t move forward or make new memories. Someone ought to do something about it. Or at least find out who’s behind this endless loop. Solving this mystery is a job for someone who enjoys playing detective, such as Zirconia’s daughter, Zara. But Zara’s in no state to fix a giant kerfuffle like this. She can’t even get her boots to match. It’s up to one woman to save the world using nothing but her powers, her wits, and her impeccable style.     AmazonKU

THE IRON EDGE by Lexa Luthor

Spartan warrior, Halcyon, has always placed duty above all else – until one day her true nature as an Omega undoes everything. Thora is a gorgeous female Alpha slave with foreign features, capturing the attention of Halcyon, who must have her. Like all Alphas, Thora is prideful and thinks an Omega owner will be manageable. She soon discovers that Halcyon is far more than a simple Omega, but rather a warrior, a legend, and the perfect mate to Thora’s Alpha. For Halcyon, she has dedicated her life towards duty for Sparta, for the military, and for her mate. She has always dreamt of dying in battle with glory and honor for Sparta. That is until her Omega is stirred to life by Thora, triggering Halcyon’s first heat in over a decade. Unable to deny each other, their intense mating brings both life and changes, but at a price. Can Halcyon have both duty and love or will she be forced to choose only one?

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I’ve been searching for my mate for two decades. And where do I find her? On a damn flyer for some sick twisted auction for young women. They’re trying to auction off my mate. Not on my watch. I’ll do anything to be the winning bidder. I’ll give everything I have for my sweet mate. And if these billionaires still manage to outbid me…Well, I’ll pull out the ace in my sleeve. My vicious protective Kodiak bear. Then there won’t be saving any of them. She’s going home with us. And I don’t care what I have to do to make that happen. The series where the Highest Bidder always wins. Welcome to a one-of-a-kind Auction House where humans, shifters, and aliens bid on love. These ultra-rich men are ready to bring home their virgin prizes. Are you ready to join in and wish you were the one on the auction block?     AmazonKU


The last time I saw Maxim, he was head bodyguard to my criminal father. Now I’m in witness protection, and he’s in an orange jumpsuit, chained up like a beast. The scars on his face say the years have been brutal. But to me, he’s never looked sexier. Fiercer, more darkly handsome. He’s way older than me. I shouldn’t want him like this. But when his burning eyes lock onto mine, I feel something drawing us together. Something raw, obsessive. Fixated. Which even iron bars can’t destroy. He tells me he’s going to protect me, whatever it takes. If it was anyone else, I’d think they were crazy. But when there’s a crash at my bedroom window, I just know…He’s come for me. And I’m not his little charge anymore. I’m a grown woman, and he’s looking at me like he wants to devour me.   AmazonKU


Hiding from a monster, I found heaven. As the eldest daughter of the alpha, I was promised to be a powerful wolf shifter. How was I to know that beneath the exterior of this handsome man was the devil? On the eve of our mating ceremony, I saw the beast come out of hiding. I did the only thing that I could think of – I ran. Hoping that no one would find me in a tiny little town in Alaska, I found my way to Snow Haven – and into the arms of a tiger shifter. Beau Dillon was happy with his life. He owned The Shifter’s Paradise, the only bar in Snow Haven. An avowed bachelor, he wasn’t too happy when I showed up, with a mysterious past, looking for work. All of the other women who had popped into town brought a heap load of trouble with them. I was no exception. My ex-fiancé, Damian, came hunting for me in this town I started to call home. He was determined to tear me away from my love – Beau. Soon, I discovered that I had another secret – I was pregnant with Beau’s child. An angry ex-fiancé – determined to drag me back home. A father, alpha of our wolf clan – wanted me dead for dishonoring him.
A tiger shifter – the love of my life and father of my baby. Beau was wary of the trouble that followed me into Snow Haven. Yet his tender arms embraced me, loved me, and tried to protect me from the evil that pursued me. Would my love rescue me in time as I stand before the elder, forced to go through a mating ceremony with a man I despise?   AmazonKU


VS note: From MARCH 20.

The last thing Lance expected to find while helping Franks look for a new house was a ghost. Shelia just wanted to graduate and get on to college, but that never happened. The last thing she remembers is being at home on the couch, then waking up in a deep hole in the middle of nowhere. She wants answers. How did she get there and why? Who wanted her dead? Lance and Angus can’t ignore the plea for help and get to work, piecing together the evidence and talking to those who knew the victim. Nothing makes any sense. There is no reason this girl had to die. As they work the case, they also welcome a new member to the team, one who is fighting Angus for his side of Lance’s bed.   AmazonKU


Bumping into her ex-boyfriend ten years later was unexpected, but having their attraction flare and include two other alphas was shocking, even without the dragons.
Eliana was travelling to become her friend’s nanny. The journey on the private plane was long, but the presence of a familiar face made it an eternity. Ten years earlier, her then-boyfriend had marked her and left town. It had been a shocking turn of events. He had told her he loved her, then morphed into a dragon and pressed fire onto her back. Efforts by friends had stilled the fire in her and left the mark hollow, and now… here he was with two friends, and they were all staring at her. Life as a nanny was short. Keahi, Nalu, and Mano all began courting her, and her new boss decided that she could start later or not at all. Dealing with a decade-long hurt was difficult. Dealing with two dragons and a giant shark was easy in comparison. Can the fairy tale restart with a deep dive into the ocean, or will it sink before it swims?      Amazon   NOTE: Author’s other books are in Apple Books and Kobo.


The present and future are always in motion and you can’t hide from either of them. 
Bryony – Five years ago I drove away from my birthday party, my father, and his mafia organization. I’ve been living off the grid in Moab, Utah. When my father is brutally killed, I am suddenly a wanted woman by various entities, the Feds, the Cartel, my father’s odious second-in-command, and the head of the Gateway Syndicate, Nolan Hamilton, none of them good. First, I decide to trade what I know to the Feds for protection. Until it turns out the agent in charge is on the Cartel’s payroll. Before he can deliver me to them, I get away and run to the only man powerful enough to keep me and my people safe… Nolan. Nolan – The head of the Rust Belt Syndicate, has been murdered. His only heir is missing. Everyone, including myself, wants to find her. All of us want to take control of the once prosperous territory. Then the sexy, curvy Bryony shows up on my doorstep asking for sanctuary. There are many reasons to force her to become my mate—her father’s organization, thwarting the Feds, taking on the Cartel, but the most compelling reason is she is my fated mate.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From MARCH 21. Listed in Erotica.

What’s the point of staying alive when you can’t live? Half-naked in the arms of an angry, domineering alpha, Leo negotiates the limits for what’s shaping up to be his hottest encounter ever. After months of hiding in fear, he’s giving in to his desires, and it feels glorious. Except things go horribly wrong, and not only do his ex’s goons attack him, but now he’s being kidnapped by what appears to be a mythical creature. Or maybe he’s gone insane. Because dragons don’t exist, do they? Davidson has finally found him. The one. His mate is gorgeous, tastes like heaven, and outright asks for a spanking. He’s also in acute danger, and Davidson must rescue him in dragon form, talons out. No wonder Leo is terrified of him. After their awful first night together, Davidson is determined to make things right and protect Leo with all his might.     AmazonKU


What’s a hardworking MagiPol agent need to do to get a little R&R? Between Agent Söze, the treacherous Internal Affairs tyrant who’s taken over my precinct, and the super illegal sorcery my partner Lienna was hiding in said precinct—which is now missing—my usual routine of busting magical criminals has fallen apart in favor of hectic damage control. But that went out the window too when a respected Guild Master was found dead. Agent Söze is trying to cover it up, which is all the reason I need to make solving the murder my top priority. Except now Agent Söze is trying to arrest and/or kill me. Not entirely unexpected, but both dangerous and highly irritating. With the clock ticking on the next mysterious Guild Master murder, Lienna and I have to find a way to prove Agent Söze is behind it all. We need rock-solid evidence to bring him down, which is kind of tricky when crooked agents, shady allies, and cutthroat assassins keep complicating matters. And if we don’t get to the bottom of it fast, my next day off will be in the morgue as another corpse to be swept under the corruption rug.     AmazonKU


I escaped one nightmare only to be caught in another. I thought the worst was behind me. I survived the worst horrors a person could face only to be thrust into a world I never fathomed could exist. The quiet, safe life I rebuilt came crashing down after one night, one stupid mistake I’ll regret forever, changed everything. They’re coming and I have no way to stop them and not enough time to get away. I have no choice but to give up my dreams and go with them. Thrust into the world that once made up my bedtime stories, I’ll have to embrace my secrets to survive or succumb to the evil that wants to destroy me.     AmazonKU


Recent college graduate Olivia Taylor can’t find employment to save her life. Up to her eyeballs in debt and sinking fast, she has no idea how she’ll ever come up with the money needed to pay her bills. The last thing she expects is for a vampire to throw her a lifeline with a mysterious job opportunity. Olivia begins working at Dignitary, an exclusive organization that pairs human decoys with billionaire vampires looking to blend in with the living. As if mingling with immortals doesn’t complicate life enough, there appears to be a killer on the loose who holds a grudge against those working in her profession. Soon Olivia must choose between a risky life of intrigue and one of simple security, and sexy Robert Bramson is the vampire she blames for her hesitation. While the new job provides endless thrills, it just might be the death of her.     AmazonKU

SOLOMON’S CROWN: A NOVEL by Natasha Siegel

VS Note: From MARCH 13. Intriguing.

Twelfth-century Europe. Newly crowned King Philip of France is determined to restore his nation to its former empire and bring glory to his name. But when his greatest enemy, King Henry of England, threatens to end his reign before it can even begin, Philip is forced to make a precarious alliance with Henry’s volatile son—risking both his throne, and his heart. Richard, Duke of Aquitaine, never thought he would be king. But when an unexpected tragedy makes him heir to England’s royal seat, he finally has an opportunity to overthrow the father he despises. At first, Philip is a useful tool in his quest for vengeance . . . until passion and politics collide, and Richard begins to question whether the crown is worth the cost. When Philip and Richard find themselves staring down an impending war, they must choose between their desire for each other and their grand ambitions. Will their love prevail if it calls to them from across the battlefield? Teeming with royal intrigue and betrayal, this epic romance reimagines two real-life kings ensnared by an impossible choice: Follow their hearts, or earn their place in history.

Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: From MARCH 14.

When the Arcane Guild requests a last-minute delivery run from Transporter, Rory Costas, she figures earning some extra cash is better than spending her evening binging another DIY show or dodging the pesky Chipmunk Mafia. After handing off a unique engagement present to a happy, well-connected Arcane couple, she returns to what she believes is business as usual, only to encounter a series of unexplained hazards that have her jumping at shadows. With her business picking up speed, the last thing she expected was to have a formidable member of the Arcane Council drag her into an informal investigation of a horrific accident. Now, with the sexy and intimidating Arbiter, Zev Aslanov, riding shotgun, she’ll have to wade through a mix-bag of money woes, broken hearts, and a legacy of cursed treasure to uncover the truth of what drove a romantic celebration to veer into tragedy. In her race to expose the vindictive heart at the center of the Family drama, can Rory avoid the inevitable collision with one of the Arcane’s most notorious mages?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Dark elves can be beautiful, cruel, monsters. But they can also be…Dads. The dark elf king, Grymlok, brought me to his court as a nanny for his children. He knew how to make war and cast magic. But no amount of magic can match a screaming toddler. So he brought me to care and play with his children by day. And be his toy by night. My brain tells me that one day I’ll be free. But I know that’s a lie. Because my heart knows that I’ve found my family. And even if Grymlok gave me the key to go out…I’d just lock myself inside.     AmazonKU


Gascon Victors is certain of just two things. He possesses magic, and he believes in love. Gascon Victors and the Private Professor: Professor Miles Taylor and the sexy janitor at his university are about to experience a mysterious intervention. On a stormy winter night, Gascon sets his magical plan in motion and gives them a weekend of passion that might last a lifetime. Gascon Victors and the Batty Beautician: Mia, a hardworking beautician, deserves to find Mr. Right. With a little magical manipulation, Gascon arranges for her to meet Harrison. Will they trust in love at first sight, or let the chance of a lifetime slip away? Gascon Victors and the Hunky Handyman: Since the death of her family, Alice is resigned herself to a lifetime of loneliness. When her sexy new landscaper rouses her passion, she wonders if she should finally take a risk. Austin’s looking for a woman to share it with. He wants to help Alice overcome her fears, but will she let him?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Becoming involved with Ashton, Boston, and Clayton started out as a game between three identical brothers. A competition, of sorts, for my hand… to see which brother I fell in love with first. But what the extremely hot triplet shifters didn’t expect was me figuring out their little game. I probably should have run the other way, but they were so irresistible… and I was hooked from the start. Now, I’m playing the game too… only, they don’t know it. The problem is I’m losing my heart in the process… I’m falling for all three of them. And that was never part of the plan. Now there is a new challenge to face. One that has me hoping they will all agree to… and that is if they will all three share me. Because that was the only option for me. Any others need not apply.   AmazonKU


For centuries, I’ve traveled the realms, fighting wars, providing peace, causing havoc and everything in between. I’ve also sown my wild oats across those realms, taking pleasure when and where it’s offered. It’s a work hard, play harder lifestyle but I’m just the demigod to do it. Zora is the god of Life but before that she was a mortal held captive, growing up without love or affection. Raised in the pits of Hell, she was a pawn in a sinister plan to destroy the world. Tossed into the life of an immortal deity, Zora is understandably closed off and confused about who she is and where she fits in. But the one place she fits perfectly is in my bed and the more time I spend with her, the more I’d like to keep her there permanently. My attempts to win over the ethereal beauty are thwarted when a nefarious plan begins to unfold, leaving Zora missing and me scrambling to solve a mystery no one saw coming. As an immortal, time is of little importance but becomes a precious commodity where saving Zora is concerned. I’ve lived centuries never knowing true love, but I know one thing with absolute certainty—Zora is what I need to complete my eternal life. Now I need to make sure she lives long enough to realize the same about me.

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: From MARCH 20.

Princess Charlotte is the sole heir to the kingdom of Paragon. But twenty-five years after she helped vanquish Empress Eleanor, her parents still treat her like a child—and it doesn’t help that her sunny angel disposition makes her easy to overlook. When the king and queen leave Paragon for an extended period, Charlie decides to prove her leadership skills by throwing a party themed around a popular Earth holiday. Environmental scientist Liam Morris doesn’t do relationships or celebrations. In his experience, relationships are nothing but distractions, most of them doomed to fail. Pair that with a celebration… No, thank you. He’d rather spend his days on an iceberg in the Arctic than around a table with his family. Things get complicated when Charlie snatches Liam from Earth and brings him to Paragon, hoping he’ll help her iron out the details of her event. Will grumpy, bearded Liam be the answer to her prayers… or more trouble than she can handle?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo



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