Profiles in SciFi Romance: C. J. Dragon Writes M/M SFR


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Veronica Scott for AMAZING STORIES: Welcome to my periodic series of author profiles. Today I’ve chosen C. J. Dragon, author of M/M science fiction stories. LGBTQ+ science fiction and science fiction romance are growing genres offering all the action, adventure and spice a reader might crave. I was much taken by the Daranii Justice series written by CJD and couldn’t wait to ask the author some questions!

VS for ASM.: What was the first scifi romance book you wrote?

CJD: My first scifi romance was Raphael’s Rescue. A young empath man, Raphael, is rescued/taken captive by Lord Teo of the Chi’NoSa. Teo thinks he’s in charge. He’s not. Angst ensues.

ASM.: Which of your SFR books is the bestselling?

CJD: The Price of Surrender in my Daranii Justice series. Jon Thomsin is given as a sacrifice to the Daranii for an attack by Earth that killed many of their people. Jon agrees to this to save Earth from destruction, and manages to to fall in love with his primary tormentor, Talin.

ASM.: That was a really impactful novel which made quite an impression on me. I felt so much sympathy and admiration for the hero. How do you go about world building? Do you do elaborate planning, keep a big file, use post its, wing it – what method works for you?

CJD:  A character taps me on the shoulder, gives me their name, and then I see the world they’re inhabiting. That world expands as my characters grow. I do keep a written sheet of names and terms I use that aren’t English.  Otherwise, my world building falls under ‘knowing as I go’.

ASM.: What was your most recent book and what was the story spark or inspiration for that story?

CJD: My most recent book is Vale. Vale introduced himself towards the end of my Daranii Justice trilogy. I wanted to write a character who was snarky and sarcastic, yet loveable. Vale is all that and more.

ASM.: Which book was the most fun to write and why? The most challenging and why?

CJD: My Daranii Justice series was the most fun because I really know Jon and Talin, and like them. Writing them was more like listening to them. My Raphael series was the most challenging because they were my first books, and there was a whole lot of world building, not to mention an entirely alien species to design.

ASM.: Which of your characters do your readers love to hate? Why?

CJD: I think my readers love to hate  Lord Teo in the Raphael series because he’s a’ my way or the highway’ alien. He’s pretty harsh with Raphael in the first book too.

ASM.: Your own favorite tropes? Least favorite tropes?

CJD: I like enemies to lovers, or friends to lovers. I’m an angst queen too. Can’t think of any least favorite tropes.

ASM.: I would say you really nailed the enemies to lovers trope in the Daranii Justice series, especially with the first book. I was riveted to the plot as it all unfolded. What’s next for you?

CJD:  Currently writing Tinman. The setting is the Moon with sentient computers, a crappy corporation, and love waiting for my protagonist.

ASM.: Sounds good! I can’t wait to read that one. What’s on your To Be Read List?

CJD: I have a huge TBR list on my iPad. I read everything from scifi to regency romance, magical beings and, of course, anything with dragons. Right now it’s all M/M.

ASM.: Give us your short author bio and where you can be found on social media.

C.J. has always been an avid reader of anything in print, enjoying all genres, but drawn to science fiction and romance.

Happily introduced to the wonderful world of M/M romance, and immediately loving it, C.J. began writing M/M romances, incorporating them in her science fiction stories, and has never looked back.

She lives in North Carolina and is happily married to her wife and soulmate, who is a writer as well. C.J. is co-parent to Frankie, also known as the Prince of Darkness, who keeps a benevolent paw over all that occurs in the home.

Website:  I can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and TikTok.

The author’s most recent release is Vale and here’s the blurb:

Vale Darrow likes routine. He likes knowing what will happen on each of his days, and isn’t fond of surprises or upheaval of any kind.

He lives alone in a house he loves. He expects to always be alone because he isn’t an easy person to know. He never expects that to change, until it does.

After serving for many years the Companion to the Oracle dies. The Oracle reaches out, in his grief, touching on an unsuspecting Vale. With that touch, everything changes.

Vale swears he will not give in to the Oracle if chosen as Companion.

Will the Oracle force him to accept a life cut off from everything and everyone he loves? Or will Vale choose death rather than submit to the Oracle’s whims?  AmazonKU

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