New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for June 7

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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My husband is the deadliest alien warlord of all, and I hate that about him… until he’s exactly what I need. I’ve dedicated my life to doing as much good as possible. I won’t let my marriage to the big and buff alien assassin, Feruz, wreck my plans. I don’t care if I accidentally I swore to be his mate at what I thought was a welcoming ceremony. My morals are the polar opposite of his, and I want nothing to do with him…. even if my new life on his planet is a bit lonely. When Feruz offers me a way out of our marriage, I take it in a heartbeat. If I go on one date with him to a relaxing resort and still want out of our marriage, he’ll leave me alone. Except, our date quickly goes bad: my husband is the target of ruthless mercenaries who also want to kidnap me. I am determined to abide by my non-violent oaths… an oath Feruz agrees to honor as well, even if it goes against all his training and instincts. I never imagined Feruz would be the sort of male I’d want by my side, but when push comes to shove, he might be a better partner than I could ever imagine.     AmazonKU

PROTECTOR by Tana Stone

The Vandar raiders who roam the sky are deadly and fierce. The mercenary hunting me is terrifying–and will stop at nothing to claim me. I thought the cocky Vandar raiders I had to work alongside were my biggest problem. That was before the deranged leader of a ruthless band of mercenaries decided I belonged to him. As a member of the underground Valox resistance, there are few things I fear. The terrifying alien outlaw who’s obsessed with me is one of them. But now my biggest problem isn’t the alien searching for me, it’s the Vandar battle chief assigned to take me to safety. To say that Kaiven and I don’t get along would be an understatement. The Vandar might be huge and ripped, but he’s also arrogant and expects me to obey him. At least I know that nothing will happen between us as he secrets me to the Valox base—unless it’s possible for us to annoy each other to death. Then the mercenaries find us and take us both captive. Can Kaiven save me from the alien outlaw who’s determined to make me his queen? Or will his promise to protect me destroy us both?   AmazonKU


What’s worse than waking up from a hibernation cell fifty-two years after being abducted? Nothing. No, wait—a wise-cracking alien hunk with a killer smile who doesn’t let me out of his sight, that’s what. Wulfrex knows every inch of his massive space cruiser and makes it impossible for me to steal it. When I try to “borrow” one of his shuttles to get home to Earth, I find myself outsmarted by him again and accidentally pulled into a mission with far-reaching implications I could never have foreseen. The beautiful human female makes my fangs and, eh, other things, ache. I know more about power converters and fusion drives than females, and Dani doesn’t want to be anyone’s mate—especially mine. Worse, she’s an assassin, determined to get off our ship no matter what. Even if it means stealing aboard my shuttle as I embark on a dangerous rescue mission. She’s capable with a blaster and hoards her secrets, but I will claim her heart.   AmazonKU


She’s got his name, but is revved up to win his heart. Hemington #8216; Hemi’ Finster has always been game for the just about anything, a bet, a tumble, a race… at least until his accident last year. Now he’ s stuck to the drinking side of things as he adjusts to life with cybernetic limbs. When a woman from his past shows up at the Frog Lick bar confessing her need for an escape from her life, Hemi rises to the occasion. Only waking up hitched with a bonding tattoo on his arm wasn’ t what he planned on after reconnecting with a childhood friend. Sophia needed a temporary solution to escape her parents arranged marriage plans to the son of a rival gang. Too many shots of shine and a night she can barely remember leaves her bonded to her childhood crush, but it’s going to take a miracle to convince Hemi to give them a chance. Sophia’s time to seduce and win Hemi over is limited and their past is near destined to tear them apart, among the challenges of being with a gang on the cusp of a turf war. When Sophia’s parents, her would-be fiancé , and Full Throttle’s rivals all converge on Frog Lick her and Hemi find themselves torn apart by their wants and desires. Will true love conquer all or will gang politics tear them apart?     AmazonKU


PIPER – I was only expecting a delivery of toothbrushes, but found myself face-to-face with an alien, not an Amazon delivery person. Abducted, I woke up on Niflheim, a heavily forested planet far away from home. Dumped here because my anxiety meds made me unworthy of my captors’ plans. I’m surrounded by friendly and well-meaning orkin who, unfortunately, have little experience with anxiety. But there’s another clan of orkin in the mountains who grow an herb that helps. And I’m bound and determined to get it even if it means braving the wild forest and early snows alone. The handsome orc who nearly felled a tree on me won’t stop following me. And keeps scattering my already racing thoughts. AGNARR – I’m the next in line for Fyrifirar Tribe Jarl, a skilled warrior, and definitely not good at chopping down trees. But I can’t stop thinking about the tiny human female who we’d found …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)   AmazonKU


VS Note: Author states you should read part one first.

I had it so wrong. For three years I had him on his knees, subjugated to my will. All that lethal power mine to command. I thought him tamed. I didn’t know the man who played my captive all those years. I didn’t know what he was truly capable of. Now I’m the one subjugated, dependent on his protection. Hate me as he might, I know he’ll keep me safe. But the price? My heart.

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PARAGON SEVEN by Phoenix Ning

VS Note: LGBTQ superheroes, F/F relationship

Twenty-two-year-old Mu Lanying is one kill shy from graduating as Skyleen Military Academy’s next valedictorian. After that, she will be crowned as the Laurel Scholar in a private ceremony held in the Chancellor’s Office. Within the Office lies a restricted archive that holds the truth to her mother’s death—an enigma that has haunted her for the past six years. But when Lanying is tasked with executing a revolutionary called Marigold, she fails the mission. Twenty-four-year-old Lee Chaewon is no stranger to threats. In the past seven years, she had been a triple threat in the entertainment industry and a threat to the Skyleen Administration as a member of the insurgent quartet called Blossom Four. But now, the only threat haunting her is the lack of funds needed to treat her older sister’s terminal illness. When Marigold offers to cover the remaining cost of her sister’s chemotherapy in exchange for a favor, Chaewon takes the money and agrees to assassinate the upcoming Laurel Scholar. During the Academy’s Commencement Parade, Lanying gains access to the restricted archive where she learns that … (more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


If she’d had more coffee, Malory wouldn’t have bumped into the hot guy on the street while rage-texting her sister, and impulsively asked him to be her wedding date. As a true-crime podcaster, she knew better than to engage with a strange man off the street, but something about him made her forget common sense. Then he’d kissed her like an absolute God and she momentarily forgot that her ex had just been released from prison, and she suspected he was already working on getting himself thrown back in. He just needed another victim. Her. Marx Trio is defense master for the royal family of Luxxor, his home planet. But he’s on hiatus on Earth, enjoying learning the many ways humans use sugar to solve their problems. He has an armful of cookies when the beautiful human runs straight into him. He wanted to feed her one, but he’d kissed her instead, and her lips had been sweeter than any confection. Touching her is forbidden but he can’t stop. He won’t stop, because she’s his. Now he’s trapped on a small water vessel with her for the next two days, pretending to be her mate but unable to claim her the way a mate should. He’s trying to resist…Until a predator shows up and tries to take her from him. Marx will have to commit a deadly sin against his people to save the one he can’t let go of. And maybe when it’s over—if he survives—he’ll finally get to feed her that cookie.   AmazonKU

THIS GILDED ABYSS by Rebecca Thorne

Sergeant Nix Marr is a damn good soldier. She’s also desperate to leave her haunted past deep in the bioluminescent ocean, buried alongside her best friend, Quian. So, when Subarch Kessandra, Valkesh’s favorite royal–and Nix’s loathed ex–requests Nix’s help investigating a masacre in the abyssal city of Fall, Nix refuses. Vehemently. She should have known Kessandra would fight back. Consigned as Kessandra’s bodyguard, Nix grudgingly boards the Luminosity, a luxurious submersible that offers the only transportation to Fall. But Kessandra wasn’t truthful–surprise, surprise–and her “investigation” isn’t about the massacre, but rather what caused it: an illness that incites its victims into a violent craze. When another royal is brutally murdered, Nix and Kess realize the disease has spread–and no one on the Luminosity is safe. If they’re going to survive until Fall, they’ll have to trust each other… but considering Kessandra is responsible for Quian’s death, that won’t be easy.     Amazon


Thirty years ago, the Zuvgran released a virus that killed most Svesti females and rendered the remainder infertile. The Svesti initiate first contact with Earth when their scientists discover that humans and Svesti can interbreed. Humans may be able to save the warrior species that has been protecting Earth’s region of space for a century. Lin is a Chinese botanist who struggles to stand up for herself. If she’s not surrounded by her plants, her default mode is fear. Ash’n is the ship’s main healer. He’s handsome and compassionate, but has a hidden dark side.

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I was abducted by a killer whale, then forced to work as his secretary. Now my weird, grumpy alien boss wants to fake marry me. He’s more man than whale, of course. Huge, hyper muscled and grumpier than a hungry shark, Caladin is the boss from hell. And I let him know exactly what I think about his behavior. Spoiler: That doesn’t make him any less cranky. Fine, he has a magnetic attraction on all females. Sure, I have trouble taking my eyes off him. And okay, I do get butterflies whe n he looks at me with those piercing yellow eyes. But when he wants to fake marry me on his home planet, and parade me in front of his aquatic family as his wife, that’s when I make my escape. Because he may be a killer whale. But I have bigger fish to fry.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

A few years from now, in a world similar to ours, there exists a sort of “depression plague” that people refer to simply as “The Grey.” No one can predict whom it will afflict, or how, but once infected, there’s no coming back. A young Hong Kong based scientist, Lily Barnes, is trying to maintain her inner light in an increasingly dark world. The human race is dwindling, and people fighting to push forward are increasingly rare. One day, Lily comes across something that seems to be addressing her directly, calling to her, asking her to follow a path to whatever lies at its end. Is this the Endless Vessel to happiness? She leaves her life behind and sets out through time and space to find out. From its opening heart-stopping scene in the present day at the Louvre in Paris, through the earthly meetings between Lily and her loved ones past and present, to a shocking and satisfying conclusion in a truly enchanted forest, Charles Soule has channeled history, science and drama to create a story for the ages—a story of hope and love and possibility. This is a novel you will not soon forget.

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This planet will be my death…if I am lucky. I never should have survived the crash. I should have gone down with my ship. But instead, I opened my eyes and saw alien eyes. He is an enemy. He won’t let me leave. When he sees my skills, I realize my freedom could be lost forever. Now the alien wants me to help save his people. In return he’ll consider letting me go free back to my home. There’s only one question I need to answer. By the time I’m done here and he’s through with me…Will I even want to go home?   AmazonKU


Silenus – I’m not supposed to be on Earth. I’m a scientist working on a tenuous research grant. I’m not even supposed to make contact. I’m certainly not supposed to fall tail over horns for the tiny human female who rescues me during a storm. We can’t be together. Not with the way Saetah males are built…Yet when I’m near her, I’m blind to everything but my desire for her. It could cost everything: the mission, my career, my freedom and hers. I still must have her. How do I find a way to keep her? Arria – Life as a widow and single mother is hard, but I love my family and my small farm. Then a mysterious stranger appears in the midst of a terribile storm on a night I’ll never forget. He must be a god or a monster. His features are so strange and unearthly: long ears, horns, hooves and tail and a muscled physique the poets only dream about. Though the myths certainly never described pleasure like what we share! It’s impossible, but I wish he could take me to the stars with him!     AmazonKU


VS note: Not a romance but an LGBTQ+ scifi release of note.

Qven was created to be a Presger translator. The pride of their Clade, they always had a clear path before them: learn human ways, and eventually, make a match and serve as an intermediary between the dangerous alien Presger and the human worlds. The realization that they might want something else isn’t “optimal behavior”. I’s the type of behavior that results in elimination. But Qven rebels. And in doing so, their path collides with those of two others. Enae, a reluctant diplomat whose dead grandmaman has left hir an impossible task as an inheritance: hunting down a fugitive who has been missing for over 200 years. And Reet, an adopted mechanic who is increasingly desperate to learn about his genetic roots—or anything that might explain why he operates so differently from those around him. As a Conclave of the various species approaches—and the long-standing treaty between the humans and the Presger is on the line—the decisions of all three will have ripple effects across the stars. Masterfully merging space adventure and mystery, and a poignant exploration about relationships and belonging, Translation State is a triumphant new standalone story set in the celebrated Imperial Radch universe.

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VS note: Listed in Erotica.

JESSY – For the past few years, my life has kind of blown. On Earth, I dedicated my entire existence to science, even if my peers dismissed me as a pretty face. When I got abducted by aliens, I was forced to dance in a bubble for extra-terrestrial enjoyment. I can’t get anyone to take me seriously even in space. When I escaped by crashing my alien captor’s bus, Gra’eth saved me from drowning and even offered me a place to stay. He keeps telling people I’m his mate, even though I keep telling him the human word for what we are is roommates, but he refuses to say it that way. Sometimes I can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or serious—and for my very literal neurodivergent brain, that’s a big problem. GRA’ETH – I never expected to have to save Jessy, and I certainly never expected for this strange human to be my mate. Her idea of fun would be to take apart my data pad only to see if she could put it back together again, which sounds like torture to me. I’ve convinced her to stay in my apartment as what she calls a roommate. The mating bond won’t let me let her leave, but humans can’t even feel it. I don’t know how to keep things friendly when just the smell of her hair is enough to send me into a mating frenzy. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable, but I can’t keep fighting the pull of this bond. This little speckled human will be the death of me.     AmazonKU


Elena has run away from her life on Earth to accept a job on another planet. When she falls in love, she’s worried her past will pursue her. Can Dakota help her stay on the planet when an earther with a grudge pursues her? Elena, an English teacher, ran away from her life on the dying planet Earth, to accept a job on Mesa Verde. Dakota, in her first class, knew she was the woman for him. She rebuffs him because she has a secret. Can Dakota convince her to accept his love? And can he help her stay on the planet when an earther with a grudge pursues her?

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MY MURDER: A NOVEL by Katie Williams

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note. I put it on my TBR.

What if the murder you had to solve was your own? Lou is a happily married mother of an adorable toddler. She’s also the victim of a local serial killer. Recently brought back to life and returned to her grieving family by a government project, she is grateful for this second chance. But as the new Lou re-adapts to her old routines, and as she bonds with other female victims, she realizes that disturbing questions remain about what exactly preceded her death and how much she can really trust those around her. Now it’s not enough to care for her child, love her husband, and work the job she’s always enjoyed—she must also figure out the circumstances of her death. Darkly comic, tautly paced, and full of surprises, My Murder is a devour-in-one-sitting, clever twist on the classic thriller.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Humans lie. I learned that lesson once before. I thought I found a mate, but she betrayed us all. I won’t let that happen again. Not even when I find Sia and four other females nearly dead on a defunct planet. Not when the lovely female is remanded to my custody.
She’s not being honest about what she knows. But with a little pressure, a little punishment, I might get her to talk. Teach her to obey. Find out all her secrets. Because every human needs a master. And I won’t allow any other being to be hers. Sia belongs to me now.      Amazon


A scarred warrior, a sweet virgin, and new dangers. Zat’an was the esteemed Second to the Al’fa, but he forfeited both his position and his stature after losing in arena combat to another Zmaj. Abigail still sees in him a sexy, veteran warrior and wants him, scars and all. She’s saved herself for her “One” and knows it’s Zat’an. Yet, each time she reaches out, he pushes her away. In his mind he is unworthy, she is too young, and he is not the one who can give her safety and a long life. It must be some other young warrior, not his broken and disgraced self. Fate has other ideas, and will throw a dangerous new enemy at them, forcing the two to realize that some things can’t be fought against.   AmazonKU

THE WARNING by Kristy Acevedo

VS note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note. Sounded good!

Like most high school seniors, Alexandra Lucas is caught between living in the moment and an unknown future. Her anxiety disorder doesn’t make that any easier. But she’s coping—until her train stops on the way home from a concert with her boyfriend. At first, she’s worried about breaking curfew. Then terror echoes through their train car. A mysterious doorway has appeared beside the tracks, and a hologram claiming to be a human from the future shares a sinister warning. A comet is on a collision course with earth. All life there will end in six months’ time. To survive, people must step through one of the many portals that have opened around the world.  The holograms claim to offer safety. But how can anyone be sure? Stay or go—everyone must make their own choice. Alex’s family, her friends, her boyfriend all have different ideas. Alex is only sure of one thing: she wants to decide for herself. But every decision comes at a price.

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3013 STARFALL: A 3013 NOVELLA by Laurie Roma

As the trusted manager of the sanctuary in Zion, Jais Starr carries a heavy load of responsibilities on his broad shoulders. Not that he minds it. Protecting Exodus is more than just a simple duty, and keeping his friends and family safe is an honor the Krytos doesn’t take lightly. When an unknown female falls into his arms with no memory of who she is or where she came from, something tells Jais that her story is far from simple. Her mere presence could be a threat to all he holds dear, but he is overwhelmed by a fierce need to protect her…no matter the cost. Can he keep his fallen star safe, or will their love fade before it can truly shine?

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What could possibly be in Longbourn Crater that was worth their while? When damage to his ship forces Captain Darcy to land in an unexpected location on an alien world, he’s not prepared for what he finds. He expected aliens, certainly, but he didn’t expect a contingent of humans related to Earth’s most notorious traitor, or for those humans to be his crew’s only chance to repair their ship and complete their mission. Brilliant and beautiful, the human women they meet seem poised to do more harm than good. Elizabeth Bennet may have been raised on an alien world but she knows enough about human men to recognize a snub when confronted with one. She definitely has no time for supercilious captains who view her father as a traitor to humankind, but she’s more than happy to apply her considerable skills to repairing the Earth humans’ ship. The sooner they’re off her planet, the better.     AmazonKU


Javi Barasa, descendant of refugees, accidentally kills a soldier sent to liquidate the shanty town that’s been his home all his life. Meanwhile Arien Lakhami, the agender youngest child of the king of the home planet of Javi’s ancestors, barely escapes an assassination attempt and now, like Javi, they are looking for a way off the planet. Both take entry level jobs on a freighter where Javi meets First Mate Razz Jensen, and hopes for more than friendship. But Razz has a policy about dating crew. Meanwhile Arien arranges to meet their bodyguard — and fiancé — Tapuh, at the freighter’s next stop.
Despite Razz’s policy, he and Javi spend the night together at the space station stopover…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page).

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Instead of being cautious, my gut is all like: ‘Let’s Do This.’ I’m just not sure it will fit. I escaped being trafficked by the bad guy, managed to make it through my transition and landed myself not one, but two incredibly hot Alphas who just want to make my toes curl, and they don’t want me to stop with just two. However this is one really, incredibly, overwhelmingly huge problem, and it has nothing to do with the massive ones in my bed. The only thing keeping the humans protected from the air of Mars is broken. The Beasts of Mars are coming out to play. In the midst of the chaos, Markus is coming with me to shut down a literal death trap built by a super villian, and of all the times for me to go ‘Let’s Do This!” maybe I should have waited instead – cause now I’m trapped in a small space with an Alpha who wants me to be his. That’s okay, because despite his bosshole attitude, I’m really into him. So is my inner beast.     AmazonKU


How did I end up falling for the alien that bought me? I saw his limp the first day we met when he bought me at the auction house. Even weirder, he didn’t seem to want anything to do with me. At first, I thought he was just a recluse military veteran, but I never could have guessed just how deep his injuries went. Eventually, I was able to push through his tough exterior and find a kind soul underneath. Each day we spent together, I fell for the stubborn alien a little more. I wanted more than anything to help him heal. But even if he managed to heal, would he ever manage to love?     AmazonKU


VS Note: Some amazing authors in here including Ruby Dixon (a Risdaverse F/F story) and Darynda Jones. I don’t know what genres are represented here but I like to support anthologies and worthy causes.

Pride Not Prejudice is a charity collection of 21, never-before-published, brand-new stories featuring and benefiting love and Happily Ever Afters across the gender and sexual identity spectrums. Proceeds from both ebook and paperback will be donated to four nationally renowned organizations in support of LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized and oppressed communities in the United States, including PLANNED PARENTHOOD, HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN, NATIONAL CENTER FOR TRANSGENDER EQUALITY and HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ADVANCING LGBTQ+ MEDICAL TREATMENT AND EQUALITY.

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VS note: Ends on “slight cliffhanger with HFN”

Priestess Ferren has devoted her life to her celestial deity, yet she has not been able to ascend the priestess order. But on the eve of a great planetary event, the chance to prove herself arises. She must accept the opportunity or succumb to a life of shame in the eyes of her temple. The potentially deadly mission comes with several complications when she crosses paths with a commander from a rival planet. Ferren must conceal her loyalty to the temple from her new travel companion and his questionable crew. But the longer she is in proximity to the mysterious commander, the more intrigued she becomes with his forbidden nature. As the threat of a common enemy closes in, Ferren finds solace in the commander. While working together in a hope of saving their people, they forge a profound connection that tethers them in unexpected ways. Ferren must decide if she can go back to the stoic existence she once led, when he has shown her a taste of the life she deserves.     AmazonKU


Earth just made a deal with the devils–uh, I mean aliens. Emma – I just got fired, my only friend has fur and four legs, and mysterious aliens have made a trade agreement with our world leaders. Their pick of females, in exchange for technological and scientific advancements beyond what we could have ever discovered ourselves. I’m one of the chosen. If I go, will these strange males ever let me return? Dax’l – The Terrans have agreed to our terms. They think our knowledge is beyond valuable, but what they fail to realize is that they are handing over the most valuable treasure in the universe. Females. Mates. I thought the goddess had long abandoned us. One look at Emma and my body instantly reacts. Terran females are more than just compatible with our race. They have the potential to be our fated ones. Our Corin’a.     AmazonKU


VS Note: I don’t normally do this – list a book two weeks in a row – but the authors had major problems with their ebook platform and the book was not available for much of the week. The proceeds are going to charity, per the authors.

Take my hand and follow me through the cosmos while we explore, looking for the sexiest alien mate among the stars! But beware—one might just claim you and your heart.     AmazonKU


VS note: A re-release.

Chloe always wanted to travel, so when she’s offered a job on board a luxury cruise vessel, she immediately accepts. The Star Beauty tours on beautiful, untamed planets, serves delicious meals, and offers amazing pay. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime until she finds herself running from space pirates on a lawless moon. The only thing standing between her and certain doom is a growly alien mercenary who’s as wild and savage as the landscape. Kylus has claws, fangs, and a possessive streak a mile wide. This isn’t quite the adventure Chloe signed up for. And even if she makes it out alive, her irresistible alien protector may steal her heart.     Amazon


Nova has reinvented herself after surviving two years in the devastation of her dying world, but she didn’t count on being a match for an intergalactic overseer. Relationship goals. Nova stumbled to her own rescue and spent weeks in rehab learning to move again. She studied every minute of every day and learned to fly anything she could find a simulator for. The next time she was in a life-and-death situation, she would be able to fly to safety. The education station pronounced her suitable for a Hmrain and shipped her off to meet him. She meets some other women who are being bonded to the same world, but before she can settle in to meet them, the transport is under attack. The ship’s crew is excellent at defense, but there is one person who happened to train as the centre for the battle formation and activate a deadly weapon by becoming the centre. She has to convince her keeper that she’s allowed to go into battle, and once there, she has the time of her life. Lily nearly died minutes before escaping from Earth. While she is destined for a life as an administrator at a colony, her fate takes a sharp turn when her body sends out a signal, and from across the stars, someone answers.    Amazon     NOTE: The author’s other books are available wide so this one probably will be as well, is my guess.


In a botched attempt to take Cora for themselves, a rival settlement has taken Jud. Now, Cora and the remaining six men of Eagle Peak must leave their home and fight to get their leader back. In the post-virus world, not all fights are won with fists and guns. For better or worse, supernatural Gifts change the battlefield. To win the fight to come, Cora and her men must strengthen their Gifts, and the best way to do that is to explore their love for each other. While Cora and her men deepen their bond, they make new friends and run headlong into a war they can’t afford to lose. Because the winner of this war will set the landscape for post-virus humankind. Will humanity’s path follow the will of the Working, or will evil shroud the world in darkness?     AmazonKU

ALIEN’S CAPTIVE by Samantha Madisen

First he will examine her. Then he will breed her. For Sonya, the most shameful thing about being captured by a huge, alarmingly sexy alien isn’t …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page.)     AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: This week I’ve picked JAMOKAN, book 13 in my Badari Warriors series (there is a series arc but the books can be read as standalones) because I’m hard at work on NARIO, which will be the next book and he first appeared in JAMOKAN. This book was fun to write because he had to face up to some things and undergo a lot of personal growth in the course of the book…and Rosemari, his potential fated mate, really doesn’t want to be an Alpha’s mate…but she doesn’t want to lose him either…


Badari Alpha Jamokan and his pack are growing discontented in the sanctuary valley, tired of coming in second place to the pushy new South Seas pack when it comes to assignments and everything else. On top of the discord within his pack, Jamokan is distracted by the search for the right woman to be a proper Alpha’s mate to partner with him in combat and in everyday life. Even the Badari goddess is warning him in visions that he and his pack are on the wrong path for a happy future. In desperation, he receives permission to take his entire pack north to the mountains for a two week hunting expedition, where he hopes to use the time and rugged surroundings to settle the soldiers down and restore order and discipline.

And figure out his own future.

When his men unexpectedly locate a hidden Khagrish lab, he goes to investigate and see if there are humans to be rescued. Little does he suspect he’ll be called upon to break one of the highest commandments of the Badari packs and bring a new disaster to those who look to him for leadership.
Before she became a Khagrish prisoner,

Rosemari Parcher was a hydroponics technician on a gritty colony world, who unexpectedly won a planetwide contest. Tapped to receive her heart’s desire and move to a totally different life in the luxurious Inner Sectors, her life had become a happy dream. Kidnapped in space by enemy aliens and given to the Khagrish, she and other humans are the unwilling subjects of a bizarre medical experiment where a quick death seems to be her only hope. Rescued by Jamokan and his pack, she finds herself deeply attracted to the Alpha but the devious Khagrish aren’t through with Rosemari or the experiment.

This is the fifteenth book in the Badari Warriors world (and the thirteenth book in the numbered series).

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Two wolves are better than one, but a pack of wolves beats trouble any day…Ski Lodge owner and gray wolf Kayla Wolff hasn’t had the best romantic history, so dating Private Investigator and fellow pack mate Nate Grayson feels like she’s hit the jackpot. When she thinks about the way her last relationship ended, Kayla worries that she’ll screw up again and lose Nate too. When Nate’s latest investigation puts Kayla in the crosshairs, the pack comes together to help while Nate stays by her side day and night to protect the wolf he loves. There’s no doubt in his mind that Kayla is the mate for him, but does she feel the same way?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Now that I know where Gretchen Wyre lives–the witch who hexed my great-great grandmother and all her female descendants–it’s time to break the curse. I enlist my grandmother Rowan and my grandmother Naomi–who’s visiting from Ireland–to help. But just because we know where Gretchen is, doesn’t guarantee success. And some curses take on a demonic life of their own, and those demons aren’t willing to vanish into the sunset without a fight.

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TIDES OF TORMENT (IMMORTAL REALMS BOOK TWO) by Elle Beaumont and Christis Christie

He’s the king of the sea. She’s a pirate captain. Together they must save the middle realm. Two months have passed since Travion, ruler of Midniva, nearly met his demise during an attack on his kingdom. Now, he’s seeking to restore his realm, but there are rumors of atrocious beasts rising from the ocean. In an attempt to soothe the riled citizens, Travion hosts a celebration to prove to them that Midniva isn’t broken. However, someone unexpected arrives. A face he never thought he would see again. Lady Sereia Ferox is the captain of a pirate ship, who left behind her life of luxury in search of freedom and adventure long ago. But when she catches wind of the attack on Midniva and the possibility her king has perished, Sereia urges her ship and crew back to her home port. Unsure of what to expect, she prepares for the worst, only to discover Travion is, in fact, alive. While their reunion is a fiery one, it is short-lived. News from the sea worsens, and knowing the Creaturae is behind the death and mayhem, Travion sets out to hunt the mysterious force wielding the book. With Sereia at his side, they must face both personal demons from their pasts, and those which are newly created.

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Once I was a Charmer, and the magical beasts of this world loved me. Now I’m something else. Something darker. A spicy, beautifully angsty enemies-to-lovers LGBTQIA+ fantasy romance. As a member of the Charmers Council, Gaige is able to form lasting bonds with the magical beasts of his world. At least, he used to be a Charmer…until he died and was brought back as one of the immortal assassins of Cruor. Now he’s far more dangerous. …and something beyond the shadows lies in wait, hungry to claim him for its own. As leader of the assassins, all Kost can do is watch as Gaige struggles with his new life day by day. He wants nothing more than to ease Gaige’s suffering—yet how can he when they both know he’s the one responsible? There is nothing left but bitter memories and hopeless longing between them. Yet when Gaige is lost to the shadow realm, Kost is the only one with any chance of bringing him back: if they can learn to trust (and perhaps love) each other again.

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He’s the Frost King. She’s his sacrifice. A cold world creates cold hearts. Morozko is king of the frost realm, and every year he requires a sacrifice. But when his royal pride is wounded, Morozko demands a maiden instead. Eirah, a recluse toymaker, is chosen from hundreds to give up her life and save her village. However, she must first be dragged to Morozko’s ice palace as his prisoner. With Eirah ensnared in his clutches, the king promises one thing: no matter how high the flames of desire burn between them, her blood will spill on the edge of his blade. Unless she spills his first.     AmazonKU


Spring has hit Casper Creek. That means construction on Hannah Hickok’s future home with her fiancé Cooper Wyatt is finally commencing, and work on the new restaurant in town is getting close to completion. Everything should be perfect in her world. There’s just one little problem. A ghost from the past has decided to haunt the present…and he’s not a normal ghost. He’s riding a ghost horse. And, oh yeah, he’s firing a gun. Ghost bullets shouldn’t be a threat, and yet these bullets are killing people. A scarf left at one of the scenes leads Hannah to look at the area’s bootlegger past. It seems there’s a cabin not far from Casper Creek, and their ghost might have originated from there. Where has he been for the past century, though? And, more importantly, why is he back? As the bodies begin to stack up, Hannah begins to suspect they’ve got more than a murderous ghost on her hands. The human element of the equation is impossible to uncover, however. Hannah is determined to find answers. She just needs a place to start looking. It’s a fight to the finish, and ghost bullets aren’t the only thing Hannah and her friends need to worry about. There’s a new evil afoot…and this time, the gang might not be up to the challenge.     AmazonKU


Dahlia Poplar, Luna Lane’s homegrown witch, has had enough of mystery and murder. Luckily, the royal witches after her may be preoccupied after the blow Dahlia and her friends dealt them the last time they tried to attack. Ready to spend a snowy February warm and cozy at home, the only thing that could have made her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend better would be if they didn’t have to confine their celebration to a video chat. Thankfully, her best friend has quite the plan for holiday: Faine’s parents and in-laws are visiting Luna Lane to spend time with their grandkids, and the kids aren’t into mush or romance. Instead, the family wants to stage an elaborate paintball wargame, which is something the kids enjoy in the werewolf village in Canada. Of course, the Spooky Games Club was practically made to participate. Unfortunately, the pretend wargames result in an actual murder—and someone near and dear to Faine is thought to have killed for real. It’s up to Dahlia to gear up for the fight and sleuth out the truth. Otherwise, her loving, supportive, and optimistic Galentine will never be the same.   AmazonKU


It is the year 1814, and life for a young lady of good breeding has many difficulties. There are balls to attend, fashions to follow, marriages to consider, and, of course, the tiny complication of existing in a world swarming with fairy spirits, interfering deities, and actual straight-up sorcerers. Miss Maelys Mitchelmore finds her entry into high society hindered by an irritating curse. It begins innocuously enough with her dress slowly unmaking itself over the course of an evening at a high-profile ball, a scandal she narrowly manages to escape. However, as the curse progresses to more fatal proportions, Miss Mitchelmore must seek out aid, even if that means mixing with undesirable company. And there are few less desirable than Lady Georgiana Landrake—a brooding, alluring young woman sardonically nicknamed “the Duke of Annadale”—who may or may not have murdered her own father and brothers to inherit their fortune. If one is to believe the gossip, she might be some kind of malign enchantress. Then again, a malign enchantress might be exactly what Miss Mitchelmore needs. With the Duke’s help, Miss Mitchelmore delves into a world of angry gods and vindictive magic, keen to unmask the perpetrator of these otherworldly attacks. But Miss Mitchelmore’s reputation is not the only thing at risk in spending time with her new ally. For the reputed witch has her own secrets that may prove dangerous to Miss Mitchelmore’s heart—not to mention her life.

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I’m a pawn in this war between two princes… two brothers. One is obsessed with me. The other is my fated mate. It’s only a matter of time before I will be forced to walk down the aisle toward the wrong dragon prince. To save my fated mate, Thorn, I allow his malicious brother to capture me. I thought Thorn would be safe, but my newly betrothed had no intention of keeping his promise. Now, not only has a future with my mate been stolen but my freedom as well. Thorn’s life hangs in the balance because of my terrible mistake. I must find a way to save him…even if it costs me everything—including my life.   AmazonKU


My ex-boyfriend was transformed into a medusa, and he’s set his eyes on me. Ten years ago, I was convinced I’d one day marry my high school boyfriend, Darrow. But when a mad scientist experimented on him and others in Petrified Woods, they were changed into monsters. My parents dragged me from town before I could make sure Darrow was okay. Not long after that, they told me he was dead. Now I’m back in Petrified Woods to be the maid of honor at a friend’s wedding. And guess who’s the best man? Darrow. He’s not dead. He’s mad at me for leaving him. And his steely gaze could turn me to stone with a single glance.     AmazonKU


Jill has always had a love/hate relationship with gnomes, but she’s about to see them in an all new light. Meanwhile, her latest case is going to test her nerves like no other.   AmazonKU

THE MASTER OF SAMAR by Melissa Scott

Rejected by his aristocratic family, Gil Irichels has been content to make his living as a traveling cursebreaker, working with his lover, the feral mage Envar Cassi, and their bodyguard, swordswoman Arak min’Aroi. After a series of deaths leave him the sole heir to the family’s house and fortune, Irichels’s main concern is to do whatever he must to settle the estate and return to his previous life. But these is something very wrong in seaborne Bejanth, starting with the deaths of his kin and spreading into the complex web of politics and magic that holds the city together. As he struggles to discover the truth behind his family’s losses, he realizes that there is more at stake than the fall of one house. Someone is unraveling the web of curses on which the city depends, and Irichels is the only person who can stop them—if it’s not already too late.



an two bear shifters on a summer break find romance? When Ila went on a beach holiday with her friends, the last thing she expected was to end up dating someone. Jacob has never been a fan of parties, but when he meets a beautiful polar bear shifter at one, he finds himself reevaluating. Can the two of them form a connection that will last beyond their holiday?

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Charlie Rhodes has seen it all. Witches. Ghosts. The Chupacabra. Now she’s about to head down a different road … and it’s one she’s not prepared for. When three bodies show up drained of fluids in Roswell, New Mexico, the Legacy Foundation is sent out to investigate. The assumption, because of where it happened, is aliens. Charlie isn’t so sure, though. As the team leader, Chris is gung-ho to chase visitors from another planet. That means camping out at Bottomless Lakes Park, something nobody but Chris is keen to do. Between alien enthusiasts whooping it up at the far end of the park and Charlie’s belief that she’s being haunted by a ghost, the group has their hands full. Roswell is a weird place. It’s also the sort of place where secrets can be hidden for a very long time. The caves beneath Bottomless Lakes run deep. There just might be a different sort of monster hiding there, however. Charlie knows she has a big fight in front of her. This trip will help her get ready … as long as she survives the darkness that’s threatening to take over the area. Charlie’s past ghosts are about to collide with her future dreams. The collision promises to be out of this world.     AmazonKU


Edie Spence is in desperate need of a vacation-some R&R away from the craziness that shadows her as a nurse dealing with paranormal patients. But as she and her shapeshifter boyfriend, Asher, set sail on a cruise for Hawaii, they’ll realize that seasickness isn’t the only thing threatening their romantic getaway….DEADSHIFTED – While on board, Asher comes face-to-face with Nathaniel, an old nemesis from his dark past. Asher is convinced he’s up to no good…especially when passengers start to come down with a mysterious illness unlike anything Edie and Asher have ever encountered. Soon Edie finds herself fighting for the life of the one person who means the most to her—Asher. As chaos explodes, will Edie be able to save their future together…or will this close encounter with the paranormal side be her last?

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Weston Grey is many things—a touch-starved fox-shifter, the fourth son of a viscount, a hopeless romantic, and a librarian in need of a job. He has been avoiding his home and his father’s expectations by traveling abroad for the past seven years, but now that he’s returned to Kestrel, the future he’s been dreading is closing in on him. Either he must find a job by the end of the month, or his father will find him a bride. Cazimir Deimos, Duke of Keirn and centuries-old demon, has also recently returned to Kestrel. In his absence, the wards protecting his land and the people who live there have begun to fail. He and his brother, Luca, suspect a mage to be responsible–specifically, a female mage in want of a fortune and title. Luca convinces Cazimir to play at seeking a wife to draw the mage out, thrusting him into society’s spotlight. Meanwhile, desperate for information regarding the ancient wards, Cazimir takes out an ad for a private librarian. Equally desperate, Weston jumps at the chance of employment. The opportunity seems too good to be true, and soon enough, complications arise as Cazimir begins to suspect there may be more to the pretty, well-mannered archivist than meets the eye.   AmazonKU

THE BYWAYS: A NOVEL by Mary Pascual

Neurodivergent high school student CeeCee Harper has a temper and a reputation for trouble. Angry at the rumors and afraid she’ll never fit in, she makes a wrong move—and lands in the byways, a world of alleys, magic, and forgotten people . . . some that aren’t even human. And if she doesn’t escape quickly, CeeCee learns, she’ll be trapped for good. Searching for a way out, she gets lost among monsters, drug pushers, the homeless, and political upheaval, and soon finds there are those who will stop at nothing to keep her from leaving. But the byways pull people in for a reason. CeeCee must figure out why she got stuck in the first place—before her loved ones are put in danger and she loses them forever.   Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


If you had the power to change the past…where would you start? Cassandra Penelope Dankworth is a creature of habit. She likes what she likes (museums, jumpsuits, her boyfriend, Will) and strongly dislikes what she doesn’t (mess, change, her boss drinking out of her mug). Her life runs in a pleasing, predictable order…until now. She’s just been dumped. She’s just been fired. Her local café has run out of banana muffins. Then, something truly unexpected happens: Cassie discovers she can go back and change the past. One small rewind at a time, Cassie attempts to fix the life she accidentally obliterated, but soon she’ll discover she’s trying to fix all the wrong things.

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A girl and a god, alone in communion …In the winding underground tunnels of the Library, the great peacekeeper of the three systems, a heinous secret lies buried — and Freida is the only one who can uncover it. As the daughter of a Library god, Freida has spent her whole life exploring the Library’s ever-changing tunnels and communing with the gods. Her unparalleled access makes her unique — and dangerous. When Freida meets Joshua, a Tierran boy desperate to save his people, and Nergüi, a Disciple from a persecuted religious minority, Freida is compelled to help them. But in order to do so, she will have to venture deeper into the Library than she has ever known. There she will discover the atrocities of the past, the truth of her origins, and the impossibility of her future. With the world at the brink of war, Freida embarks on a journey to fulfill her destiny, one that pits her against an ancient war god. Her mission is straightforward: Destroy the god before he can rain hellfire upon thousands of innocent lives — if he doesn’t destroy her first.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo

A SPARK IN THE CINDERS by Jenny Elder Moke

Aralyn has lost everything—the coveted glass slipper, the prince’s hand in marriage, and her only chance to save her mother and sister from destitution. Now she spends her days sweeping the cinders and washing dresses as her stepsister, Ellarose, once did, plotting her revenge against the girl who robbed her of her future. But when Ellarose, now the princess, comes to beg her help in saving the kingdom from ruin, Aralyn seizes the opportunity to get everything she’s ever wanted. She discovers a prophecy, an ancient blade from the original fairy godfather of the kingdom of Novador that could restore the kingdom to its former prosperity. She’s determined to find the missing pieces of the blade and use its power for her own gain, even if it means dragging her bumbling fairy godmother and an annoying lady knight along with her. But as Aralyn has to put her trust in others to survive the challenges of retrieving each lost piece of the blade, she begins to question everything her mother has taught her about survival and success. Maybe the prince was never the key to her future, and maybe she’ll have to fight to find her own happily-ever-after.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


The second I stepped through the doors of Gray Wolf Academy, my world disintegrated. Here, time is malleable. It can be manipulated, shifted. Changed. And for those of us who Trip—or travel through time—the possibilities are infinite and perilous. Now my life is caught in the secrets of everyone around me. Arthur, the eccentric billionaire who rules this school. Killian, who could be the only honest person here…or the biggest liar. And Braxton, magnetic, gorgeous, and unfathomable. The only thing I trust about him is our electric connection. Whether we’re Tripping through Renaissance Italy or thieving from a ball in Regency England, my life’s become a web of lies and strange truths. And beneath the surface is an elaborate puzzle, filled with cryptic symbols and priceless treasures scattered across history—all somehow connected to my strange ability to see through time. But Arthur has a dangerously ambitious agenda. And if what my dad taught me is true, I’m not just a threat to everyone at Gray Wolf. …I’m a threat to time itself.      Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo

STAG’S PET (MONSTER PETS) by Kassandra Cross

VS Note: From MAY 19.

It was supposed to be a relaxing getaway… a few nights in a secluded cabin with only my favorite books and thoughts for company…But as night falls, and the creatures of the forest begin to wake, I realize I haven’t found myself in an oasis of calm, instead, I’ve stumbled into a den of monsters. A herd of stag centaurs have caught my scent and are determined to track me down. When they arrive at my cabin door, I have to make a choice. Submit to their every desire, or pay the ultimate price. It’s a good job these stags are handsome as they are wicked.     AmazonKU


When Astrid’s father discovers her forbidden romance with Fenrir, he forces her to cast a terrible curse on him – the start of an enchanted army that will make theirs the most powerful Viking clan. Until Fenrir pulls Astrid into his prison, just before they seal it for the winter. Only when they wake to a future neither of them could have imagined, they will have to fight for their survival in a world vastly different from their own. Can two star-crossed lovers find their place in the present day…and finally get their happily ever after?

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Crack open your spell book and enter the world of the illustrious Galileo Academy for the Extraordinary. There’s been a murder on campus, and it’s up to the students of Galileo to solve it. Follow 18 authors and 18 students as they puzzle out the clues and find the guilty party. Professor of Magical History Septimius Dropwort has just been murdered, and now everyone at the Galileo Academy for the Extraordinary is a suspect. A prestigious school for young magicians, the Galileo Academy has recently undergone a comprehensive overhaul, reinventing itself as a roaming academy in which students of all cultures and identities are celebrated. In this new Galileo, every pupil is welcome—but there are some who aren’t so happy with the recent changes. That includes everyone’s least favorite professor, Septimius Dropwort, a stodgy old man known for his harsh rules and harsher punishments. But when the professor’s body is discovered on school grounds with a mysterious note clenched in his lifeless hand, the Academy’s students must solve the murder themselves, because everyone’s a suspect. Told from more than a dozen alternating and diverse perspectives, The Grimoire of Grave Fates follows Galileo’s best and brightest young magicians as they race to discover the truth behind Dropwort’s mysterious death. Each one of them is confident that only they have the skills needed to unravel the web of secrets hidden within Galileo’s halls. But they’re about to discover that even for straight-A students, magic doesn’t always play by the rules.      Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo

BORED GAY WEREWOLF by Tony Santorella

Brian, an aimless slacker, works doubles at his shift job, forgets to clean his room and lays about with his friends Nik and Darby. He’s been struggling to manage his transition to adulthood almost as much as his monthly transitions to a werewolf. Really, he is not great at the whole werewolf thing, and his recent murderous slip-ups have caught the attention of Tyler, a Millennial were-mentor determined to take the mythological world by storm. Tyler has got a plan, and weirdly his self-help punditry actually encourages Brian to shape up and to stop accidentally marking out guys who ghosted him on Grindr as potential monthly victims. But as Brian gets closer to Tyler’s pack, and alienated from Nik and Darby, he realizes that Tyler’s expansion plans are much more nefarious than a little lupine enlightenment.

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I came to Alia Terra with my people to find land and create a family. They send me to the marriage temple, where my future mate awaits. I’m unsure of it, just doing my duty, until I see her. My heart strums and suddenly my world wraps around her. Everything about her entices me, makes me want to shield and protect, and do claim her as my mate, as my wife. The Temple, a matchmaking service for monsters, shifters, and aliens, is open for service.     AmazonKU


Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, got it wrong. It turns out, bones are a girl’s best friend. Not that kind of bone… get your mind out of the gutter. We’d arrived at the museum, and everything was going well. Okay, fine. That’s a lie. It had gone exactly like the rest of my life had since my dino mates had come crashing into my life… which is to say, it had been a catastrophe of prehistoric proportions. By a weird twist of fate, we’d narrowly avoided being arrested after we’d destroyed the fundraising gala and terrorized the guests. Things didn’t go as I’d planned for the rest of the trip, either. Especially when Albert decided to slip his leash and go looking for his own little souvenir to take home….Except, he didn’t go shopping in the museum’s gift shop. And it wasn’t exactly a replica that he picked out. Which really sucked, since the absolute last thing I needed was another dinosaur shifter to deal with….Dino Magic is a light-hearted romantic comedy series with a whole lot of steam! This isn’t a save-the-world type of story, but rather it focuses on Arizona’s coming into her hidden abilities. In each book she will be tracking down a gift, or a fated mates that been left by her great-great-so-many-greats-I-can’t-even-type-them-all-grandmother.     AmazonKU


When the lines are blurred between the dead and the living Can love find a way for a ghost and a griffin? Galina – When I drank the “harmless” punch at the Screaming Woods annual Halloween party, I never expected to wind up dead. Other townspeople grew tails and claws. Not me. Nope. I’m trapped in a realm between life and death. Doomed to wander in search of a cure for the curse. Which is pretty damn complicated when no one can see or hear me. No one except Xander, the town’s grumpy reclusive carpenter. Xander – Transforming into a griffin robbed me of a natural existence. Now I keep to myself in the woods, making my hand-carved furniture. My fragile peace shatters when an ethereal beauty manifests before my eyes in the abandoned guest house on the edge of town. Galina’s innocent blue eyes and pure soul make a mockery of my vow never to love again. Her heart may not be beating, but she breathes new life into mine, and I’ll move heaven and hell to keep my soulmate by my side.     AmazonKU


Love gets fiery when a phoenix falls for an imp.     AmazonKU


For Jaime, returning to the Vermont town of Saint Juniper means returning to a past he’s spent eight years trying to forget. After shuttling between foster homes, he hopes to make something out of this fresh start. But every gossip in town already knows his business, and with reminders of his past everywhere, he seeks out solitude into the nearby woods—Saint Juniper’s Folly—and does not return. For Theo, Saint Juniper means being stuck. He knows there’s more out there, but he’s scared to go find it. His senior year is going to be like all the rest, dull and claustrophobic. That is until he wanders into the Folly and stumbles on a haunted house with an acerbic yet handsome boy trapped—as in physically trapped—inside. For Taylor, Saint Juniper is a mystery. She tries to practice the magic her dad banned from the house after her mom, an accomplished witch, suddenly died. But without someone to guide her, she’s floundering. Then a wide-eyed teenager barges into her life, rambling about a haunted house and a trapped boy. He needs a witch. The Folly and its ghosts will draw these three teenagers together. But can they each face their demons to forge a bond strong enough to escape the Folly’s shadows?      Amazon     AB      Apple Books     Kobo


Reeling from the loss of her family, emergency room nurse Wylie is destined to be the catalyst of the apocalypse. As she grieves, angelic abilities surface. Wiley learns her true identity and the terrible prophecy that comes with it. Only two men can help her now, the human doctor with whom she has an inhuman connection and the angel who has searched for her since the original sin. With them at her side, she delves deeper into the world of angels and their fight for freedom. Soon Wylie realizes the prophecy may be a self-fulfilling one.

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The curse is almost over but the stakes have never been higher…Still bound by a magical pact, the lovely Rhianwyn Mulryan has had enough. With each soul transfer, her marriage to her one true love Broccan becomes further eroded, and she must still endure the final transformation and live as her friend, Lilliana, a Welsh princess. Above all, Rhianwyn must do everything in her power to squash Broccan’s suspicions. For if he learns the truth, a wicked old crone has promised his death. The handsome and valiantSir Broccan Mulryan thought he was going mad but is convinced he’s finally discovered why his beautiful wife and her friends have been behaving peculiarly. With the knight’s jousting and weaponry tournament about to begin, he’ll need to focus on staying alive long enough to confront Rhianwyn. Rhianwyn will contend with cursed princes and former foes while she waits to hear whether Broccan has prevailed. When her friends delve into danger, she must decide whether to assist knowing it betrays a promise to her late mother. If they manage to live through the pact, will any of their relationships survive?

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Rose has loved Fae Princess Orchid since childhood. Helpless to stop Orchid’s exile to Strawberry, she vows to avenge her death. If she had one more day with Orchid, would she have the courage to confess her love? It’s too late now…or is it? Vampire Ryan’s myelodysplastic anemia has caught up with him. He fights in the Winter Solstice Battle for an honorable death but instead finds Orchid. While she’s not his ideal mate, she does offer him a trip to Magmell, where she promises their healers can cure him. Will he switch sides in the war against the Sluagh for immortality? When Rose and Orchid are reunited, their passion burns out of control, but Ryan has already left his mark and changed the trajectory of Magmell forever. Royal alliances are built and destroyed, leaving Strawberry’s future in the balance. In a tale of villains, who deserves a happily ever after?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

A GIANT PROBLEM by Charles Payseur

Ben has a problem. His home is his castle — literally, given it’s a fortress floating in the clouds — and it’s been invaded. By humans. And though he’s a giant, a human infestation is nothing he wants to be a part of. So his only real choice is call up an exterminator and hope that they have a non-violent way of clearing out his home of unwanted guests. What he’s not expecting is for the exterminator to be … so very hot. Drake is funny, kind, and gentle when it comes to Ben and his delicate sensibilities. But the humans prove to be a bit more persistent than either of them anticipated, and with Ben and Drake’s flirting becoming more serious, shy and awkward Ben’s problems seem giant indeed.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


This is the story of the elf kings of Tarenhiel. Iron Heart – It all started with an arranged marriage. When Ellarin, heir to the King of Tarenhiel, finds out that he is dying, his father forces him into an arranged marriage with Lady Leyleira. Will the pressure of the king and the court draw them closer or pull them apart? Will they fall in love before it is too late? Elf King – This elf king was not always so grumpy. When Prince Weylind of the elves falls in love with a simple healer’s daughter, life seems peaceful and perfect. But a troll attack and an unexpected younger brother change everything, placing more and more burdens on Weylind’s shoulders. Will Weylind find his way back to the person he used to be? Or will he be too late to fix the damage to his own family?   AmazonKU


VS Note: From MAY 24.

When Katrina Paul is summoned to rescue an agent in the middle of the night, she does so without hesitation. The last thing she expects is her old flame Derek to come tumbling through her hasty portal. She’d left Toronto—and Derek—behind when she’d relocated to Richmond for good reason. If not for Katrina’s ability, healing talent Derek Forester would have been trapped in a mission gone wrong. He hadn’t expected to see Katrina again, but he had never forgotten the way she made him feel. He’d done the right thing, but seeing her again made him question the wisdom of that choice. Almost as soon as he arrives, mysterious entities begin plaguing them. Someone is trying to keep them together and engineered his rescue to Richmond. It has the touch of the mysterious new entity Whisper, but why? Soon they are on the run, keeping one step ahead from energy beings that find them no matter where they go. When a crisis triggers a new, hidden talent between them, it becomes clear that this entire situation has been a setup. Right from the beginning. As the truth about their power begins to emerge, Katrina realizes that she’s never stopped loving Derek. But when they learn that everything they understood about their past and their present is false, they wonder if anything between them is real. At the critical moment of danger, will their talent save them? Or will they lose it all in a fiery cataclysm that dooms their hearts—and their lives?     AmazonKU


Officer McMarin of the NYPD is in for the ride of her life when the Chief Quinns storm into her station, promote her to the rank of detective, and relocate her to Manhattan. Saddled with the dubious honor of being Chief Bailey Quinn’s primary rider is only the beginning of her woes. Her first case delves into the dark waters of the many ways in which a person can die. At the heart of the mystery is one Alec Mortan, a forensic accountant with a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Witnessing so much death is hard on a soul, and she can’t help but admire his tenacity and desire to help her uncover the truth. When the forces of the heavens and the many hells involve themselves in the case, McMarin’s beliefs and skills are put to the test. If she’s not careful, she’ll lose her witness to fate right along with her chance for a happily ever after.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


I hate his guts. Now he’s supposed to be my arranged mate…and to claim my innocence.
Everyone in our small town knows we’re enemies. He’s a single dad and a bad boy. I’m the innocent one. I swear opposites don’t attract. But now that I’m forced to live in his house…things are getting awfully explosive. I thought I had everything figured out for myself. But he always finds a way to bring me down and pick a fight. I never wanted him as my mate, but I don’t get a say. My mind wants to block him out, but my body betrays me in the most shameful way. The tension between us is dizzying. It’s loaded with pent-up anger and desire. His furious kisses bruise my lips and leave me defenseless. His cold fingers expose me until I have nothing left to hide behind. I know I should guard my innocence, but his touch his brutal. Will he finally claim what has been his all along?   AmazonKU


Telise has survived on her own by being the quickest, the smartest, and the deadliest. But even to her friends, she’s always been a little… Strange. She’s spent her life seeking something that other humans simply can’t offer her, and it’s not until she tries to rob two trollkin that she realizes what it is she’s after. Raz’jin the troll has only ever wanted money—oh, and the occasional casual lay. But when he finds himself with a dagger at his throat, at the mercy of a red-headed human woman… He discovers a new and very unexpected desire in himself. Telise and Raz’jin are both haunted by the memory of their meeting, even if such a relationship would be the ultimate taboo. Their peoples are at war, and they can’t even speak the same language. But when they meet in a bar in neutral territory, perhaps their bodies can do the talking for them.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

LOCHLAN by Edward Kendrick

Mage Roland sends Lochlan, his adopted son and apprentice, to a distant city to steal a valuable item — a relatively simple task for a thief with Lochlan’s skills. On his journey, Lochlan meets two commoners will soon play an important part in his life — Garratt and his sister, Maurenn, who Garratt is escorting to meet her betrothed. At first, the young men dislike each other but they are thrown together again when Garratt discovers why Lochlan is in the city and convinces him that he can help if Lochlan will teach him the art of thievery. Then, there’s the problem with Hankin, Maurenn’s betrothed, who intends to wed her so he can have an unpaid servant at his beck-and-call. When Garratt finds out, he and Lochlan devise a plan to sneak her out of the city, but only after they retrieve the item Roland needs — a flask of Vampyre blood. They manage both objectives, and in the process Lochlan and Garratt begin to care for each. There’s a reason Roland wants the blood. He intends to use it a part of a plan to eliminate a coven of Vampyres who hide in caverns on Ayr Peak. As his plan comes together, he brings in friends and Lochlan to help complete it. Will they find and eliminate the Vampyres? If they do, how will it affect Lochlan’s budding relationship with Garratt, especially when the problem of a rogue werewolf needs to be addressed and Lochlan is once again called upon to help his father?

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VS note: Re-release of a Vella serial.

Ari’s new powers have awakened, threatening to tear apart a kingdom already on the edge. Sent back to Valon to face her father’s—and the people’s—judgement, Ari must decide how far she’ll go to reclaim her former life, if that’s even possible anymore. In the heart of the turmoil, Iata, the reigning ruler, is losing control of his increasingly unstable magics. As his secrets threaten to spill out, his brother’s wife, Haneri, draws ever closer—and he’s not sure he wants her to stop. At the border to Kidaa Space, Rhys grapples with the ominous and impossible patterns in the Kidaa attacks, and comes face to face with the Kidaa themselves in a harrowing meeting that could change the future of the kingdom. And Dressa, who secretly married an enemy prince, must now face the consequences of that marriage. Because Lesander was activated by her family. And Lesander has a choice: obey her family, or betray her wife. With enemies without and enemies within, can the Truthspoken save their kingdom, or is this kingdom doomed to fall? Court of Magickers collects episodes 94-150 of The Stars and Green Magics, previously published in serial form on Kindle Vella.

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I have no memory of my parents. My unusual abilities allow me to identify others like me, the Unknown paranormal. But this time, someone, or something, arrives at the Supernatural Station that I can’t identify. She looks alive in her human disguise, but she’s already dead. The devil has something he calls soul-stoppers. It’s more like body snatchers, and this one has a face I recognize and claims my long-lost friend sold her soul for me. With my powers growing in ways I don’t understand and my face plastered around the Underworld, it’s risky, but a demon might be the only one with the answers I seek. If I help her escape the confines of the Underworld, can I trust her to help me trick the biggest trickster?     AmazonKU


VS Note: She’s an autobuy for me. Had this pre-ordered.

Follow the rules. That’s what Con Becker does, even when it means denying his own needs. Because one thing he’s learned is that breaking the rules gets you into trouble. It alienates you from your family. It brings you face-to-fangs with death. So Con sticks to his lab in the basement of the Bureau, examining evidence, updating his spreadsheets, and enduring the pain of his damaged body. Until Chief Townsend sends Con on a field mission with Agent Isaac Molina. The task seems simple—recruit allies from among the coyote shifter community—but nothing is easy when your alluring partner has no patience for protocols and regulations. And when monsters attack from the darkness. When obligation collides with desire, Con must decide how to fulfill his mission, keep himself and Isaac alive… and cope with the demons that seek to consume him. And in order to succeed, he just might have to break some rules.     Amazon


Veil, check. Something blue, check. Something old and something new, check, check.
I’m as ready as I’ll ever be to walk down that aisle—until I snag my wedding dress and rip it. Luckily, a knight with shining needle is there to rescue me, but when my big day goes south, will this gentle giant be able to sew back the pieces of my broken heart? Or am I doomed to forever be a bride without her groom?     AmazonKU


My new boss may be green…but he makes me see red. I hate Zouk and his bosshole attitude. Sure, I missed him after he left the company – I missed watching those large muscles flex under those expensive shirts. What I didn’t miss was that the total douchebag persona he’s so good at. Until one day I got a knock on the door. …And there he was. Demanding I come work for him. Let’s just say I called him some other names that start with D and slammed the door. I mean, he’s bossy, arrogant, and rude. He drives me insane. I’m so much better off now that he’s out of my life! What I can’t figure out is…If I’m so much better off…Why is he all I can think about?    AmazonKU


Sylvie Masters has been climbing the corporate ladder in search of an office with a view. She’s sure once she’s made it to the top, everything else will fall into place. But here she is in the corner office lined with windows and life has never looked so dull. Everyday is a replica of the one before. Life is predictable. And boring. Until she walks into Cole’s Cafe’. It’s there she learns that happiness isn’t earned. It’s discovered. You just have to look for it. Even if it’s in a different century.     AmazonKU


Katt’s parents taught her how to hide her magic. Her whole life she’s never met another witch. She read that in the past there were enough that they worked together, but she’s never witnessed this. Entering college, she discovers there are not only other witches, but also a coven; her mind is blown. And then she learns about werewolves. Jett moves to Santa Cruz after being accepted into the local University. With her dorms backing up to the woods, her full moon night runs will be a breeze. She thought running into a witch on campus is bad, but learning there’s a local pack is a lot worse. When a classmate dies from unusual circumstances, she wonders if she made the right decision moving to the coast.      AmazonKU


Reyna’s friends were supposed to be safe in the Shadow Court, but she has enemies everywhere. And unless Mazrith forgives her, he will join that number. As hard as she wishes it were not true, Reyna’s desire for the Prince grows as fierce as her need to win the games and find the staff that will set him free. But she’s about to find out who he really is, and what he has been keeping from her – and that will change everything.   AmazonKU


So here’s the deal—I’m a magical disaster. A witch from a family of witches, and the only one whose magic blows up in her face. Which is why I came up with my rules…1. Never get involved with magic 2. If you must get involved, do not enter a competition to win the biggest magical fortune in England  3. And definitely don’t fall for Callan Hawthorne, the sexy billionaire mage who you’ve hated for years So how the heck do I end up in a situation that promises to break all those rules? It’s the only way to save Seaside Spells, my family’s magical potion shop. But it’s cool. When I go back home to Charming Cove—a village of ancient pubs and foul-mouthed familiars—I will totally ignore Witch Weekly’s Sexiest Man of the Year. I’ll win the competition, and if I’m lucky, I won’t turn myself into a toad in the process. This’ll be fine. It’ll all be fine. Riiiight.     AmazonKU


Emmy Marsh works hard but plays even harder. Outspoken and unashamed of her carnal needs, she’s disappointed when her latest conquest doesn’t live up to her expectations. After lamenting her recent misadventures, she wonders if she’ll ever find a man who’s capable of satisfying her every physical desire. Padraig Murphy is used to taking what he wants, when he wants but his time is running out. Unless he finds a suitable mate, his life force will burn out. Convinced by his friend to seek the services of Eternal Mates he goes through a handful of women who can’t keep up with his otherworldly prowess until he discovers Emmy. But has this incubus met his match in his literal dream woman? And will Emmy be up for the challenge?   AmazonKU


Does being in love with your best friend always end in a disaster? Dean has been in love with Jasper almost since the day they met. He’s never said anything because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, but he’d die for Jasper. Jasper became the alpha of his surfeit after his father was arrested, but he has no idea what he’s doing. He suspects his father’s beta is working against him rather than for him, but what’s he supposed to do about it? Harvey is the only help he has. But Harvey has more on his mind than helping Jasper, and when Jasper finds out about it, he asks Dean and his team to arrest Harvey. Saying that Harvey doesn’t take it well is an understatement, and when he escapes, Jasper is left alone to deal with everything. Jasper isn’t really alone, even though he believes he is. Dean has been by his side since he and his team arrived in the forest, and he has no intention of ever changing that. When he and Jasper finally confess their love, they both know they’ll never be alone anymore. If anything because Dean is—surprise—pregnant.

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Ding dong, the bells are ringing. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Jinx and Emory. Unfortunately, so are the Connection. A shocking arrest throws the guests into disarray and threatens my happily ever after. I think I can calm things down, but they quickly go from bad to worse when I’m hauled away bodily from my own wedding. Betrayed, alone and furious, I have plenty of time to plot my revenge. Whoever said revenge is a dish best served cold didn’t know a damned thing. Revenge is hot and fiery – and I’m going to rain hell on the ones responsible for tearing me away from Emory on the most important day of our lives. A daemon is stalking the Other Realm, and enough is enough. It’s time to send him back to where he belongs. Start running, daemon. I’m coming for you – and Emory is holding my bag.     AmazonKU


Something’s gone wonky in Shipton Harbor…Widow, author, and mother Ava Harper should’ve never moved back to Shipton Harbor. After her husband Clay died, Ava couldn’t stay in the house she’d shared with him, so she packed her old Hyundai and drove home. The plan is to fix the old place up and sell it, all while trying to figure out where the next chapter of her life will take her. Wait a minute…Hasn’t she already done this? Her life is so normal, but lately, it feels like something is missing. Even after running into her childhood best friend, Sam, Ava can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right. Like she’s having a bad case of deja vu. Her life is fine. It’s normal, if a little boring. Why can’t she shake the nagging feeling that she’s missing something very important? A note from Lia and L.A.: The beginning will feel very familiar. Stick with it because not everything is as it seems. Welcome to Ava’s Normal Midlife.   AmazonKU


“You know, I…this is going to sound insensitive, but I’m glad you got murdered that day on the subway. I can’t imagine my life without you. I don’t want to. I’m really badly in love with you.” Amory has burned for his Soyer, and now, Amory is no longer what he was, no longer human. He has come to embrace both his change and the overprotective Soyer. While Amory finds his footing in the supernatural world he is now a part of, things are not easy when you fall in love with a notorious witch hunter and assassin. Soyer’s past is looming, and to make matters more complicated, so is Amory’s birth family. Dangers start encroaching on them, and while Amory and Soyer are determined to hold on to one another, those who wish them harm want them apart. Will Amory and Soyer overcome their enemies unscathed?

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VS Note: A re-release. The author says: “This novel was previously published under the same title. This is a new edition that has been substantially edited and has a brand-new ending!”

The dog is talking… The dog is talking! When Allegra Darling, star fitness instructor, inherits an ice cream shop from her Uncle, she is shocked, appalled, and at a loss. Allegra Darling doesn’t eat carbs, and she won’t be caught dead selling them. When she goes to the little town of Knox Hills to sell the property, her Uncle’s attorney gives her the absolute worst news possible. She can’t sell the shop. If she does, she loses her entire inheritance. Things get even worse when her stockbroker fiancé breaks up with her over email… for a plus-size model. Distraught, Allegra goes to the ice cream shop and devours an entire tub of Toffee Twist ice cream. Unable to move, she sleeps on the floor in a puddle of her tears mixed with the last shreds of her dignity. Allegra is in for a huge shock the next morning when she wakes up to find …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)

UNDER HIM by T S Joyce

Tristan is the new Second of the Dart Creek Pack, and trying to support a new Alpha who is recovering from silver poisoning. So much of the Pack’s success rests on his shoulders, so when he is ordered to pair up with a human who has been stalking the Pack, he fights it hard. A wolf like him isn’t meant to be paired up, and especially not with some meddling, sassy, tenacious, spitfire of woman who is too bullheaded for her own good. And pretty. God, she’s pretty. Meredith is so pretty, it messes with his mind and has him making questionable decisions, and right now? The Pack can’t afford for him to make mistakes. An arranged pairing is not what he signed up for, and now Meredith is revealing why she’s really hunting the Pack. It’s dangerous for him, and his people, but also his unwitting new mate is putting herself right in the line of a fire not even Tristan can save her from. Meredith Walsh has a bone to pick with the Dart Creek Pack—only she doesn’t know what they are …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)   AmazonKU


Wolfgang Volker is many things: vampire, psychopath, connoisseur of fine living. But impulsive? Never that. Until the day he sets foot in Hyde Park and catches a certain enticing scent on the wind. His mate is here, gorgeous and oblivious and undeniably human. And it doesn’t take long for Wolfe to make the most impulsive move of his whole undead existence. Dr. Eric Monroe has plenty going for him: he’s good-looking, he’s a doctor, he’s… well, that’s kind of it. And true, the citizens of Hyde Park think he’s a sleaze and a dud and make sure to let him know it. And no, he doesn’t have any real friends or family members who don’t drive him up the wall. But that’s fine, right? Until the day his standing massage appointment ends not with a tip, but with a bite. Now Eric has to navigate a new world, a new existence, a new, very particular diet. All while coming to terms with the strange, obsessive, all-too-alluring vampire who claims they’re destined mates. But what does it mean to be mated to someone who’s never truly cared for another person before? And can Wolfe convince Eric to stick around long enough to find out?     AmazonKU


We continue our Journey with Emmaline and Lucas as they deal with threats are looming over them. They have to learn to communicate with each other to make it through. Emmaline has been training with her physical and fairy powers to fight by her family and mate’s side. Will he let her? Or will he try to keep her out of the fight and alienate her? Can they keep her identity a secret from David? Or will he figure it out? Will Lucas and Dustin be able to set their difference aside? What fairy prophecy is Emmaline a part of? What does this mean for Haley and Emmaline’s lives?



The world of Zenafrost is burning. Darkness has overtaken the lands, corrupting everything it touches. After discovering the truth of her birth, Mara ─ Princess of Delinval, daughter of the Dread Queen, prophesied bringer of the dawn ─ has no time to sift through the rubble of her former life. Not with the salvation of the world resting upon her shoulders. By sheer luck and the help of her allies, Mara has somehow managed to survive the first Trial of the Odelians. Now, as she moves into the dangers of the Trials to come, she must stand beside warriors with centuries of training and skill in powerful magicks. But with Cyfrin, Kain, Milios and El to guide her, she remains determined to prove herself worthy to fight among them. Evil, however, refuses to wait until the Dawnbringer is prepared for battle. Shadows loom ever closer to the Forgotten Wood, and death rides in on swift wings. When nightmares become reality, Mara’s confidence falters. Is she truly fit to lead the charge into the dawn?   AmazonKU


VS Note: From MAY 19.

Revisit the Monstrous couples from the first seven novels of the series in this collection of sixteen short stories. Plus, meet a new Monstrous couple in a brand new 20k-word novella, Ruke. Catch up with the original monster-human couple, Danny and Wyn, in their Wastes-style adventures; witness Moth and Wyn’s blossoming and potentially concerning friendship; find out all the new ways Edin has been frustrating Hunter (lovingly) since their story ended; and join Lor and Jugs in welcoming a new furry addition to their monster-world family. Want to find out more about Wyn’s ex Orlith? In this collection, you can take a peek at some very old letters between the two telyths, read Orlith’s historic (pre-Danny) attempts to seduce our favourite grumpy Soul Eater, and meet his uptight and righteous older sibling.     AmazonKU


Narrowly avoiding death’s grasp has left Jade confused and vulnerable, especially after Rewyth’s enemies brought war to the kingdom. Now, Jade and Malachi are ripped from their home and forced to travel to the Paragon’s temple, where Jade is forced to complete the Trials of Glory and prove her worth to the Saints. Although their bond grows stronger every day, Malachi can do nothing but watch as Jade is pushed to her limits.
New powers emerge. New secrets are uncovered. Jade’s destiny as the peacemaker looms closer with every passing day. Can Jade survive the trials and become the person she was born to be? Or will discovering new truths change her life forever?     AmazonKU

THE DARK PRINCE by Raven Storm

Slave to her step-father and his daughter, Isadora longed for the day when she could leave her manor for good. Little did she know it would come sooner than she thought. When the Dark Prince comes to claim her step-sister as his bride, she forces Isadora to switch places with her, thinking no one would want to claim Isadora as their own. The Dark Prince disagreed. He is the king’s favored assassin, and the hand of justice that’s an extension of the king’s will. And now Isadora must share his bed. Yet something is wrong back at the Dark Prince’s castle, where his people gaze at her with a lingering darkness in their eyes. A beast roams the woods at night, but no one seems to care. A witch in the woods admits the Dark Prince and his people are under a curse, and Isadora might be their only chance to undo it before it consumes the entire kingdom.   AmazonKU


A war is coming. Charlotte’s managed to secure a powerful alliance with the shifters, but this comes at a cost. The news of her plans to rescue the females has spread, and many aren’t eager for the control it gives Charlotte’s males. The Queen of Greed has joined forces with the ogres, and they’ve invaded Wrath. She’s dead set on destroying Charlie’s males and everything they’ve been working toward, and the demon kingdoms quickly find themselves divided. Shifting priorities and untimely attacks strain Charlotte’s carefully crafted plan, and the treads that hold everything together quickly begin to unravel.   AmazonKU


Hunter Rose was looking forward to getting away. The Cabot Wine Experience hosted by the Old Mission Winery and Indigo Hotel was the highlight of his year, no matter what his father and brother thought of non-California wineries. He had been under their thumbs his whole life, dictating every aspect of his life at the family winery, Rose Winery outside Sacramento, California. His father always found someway to undermine him and destabilize his life and Hunter was nearing the end of his rope. He was just about done with Rose Wineries. Little does he know, this visit to Eastport will have him collide headlong with his destiny, literally falling into the arms of his fate-destined beloved. Wine is a dangerous business and family ties can make it deadly. Will Hunter survive long enough to find his forever? Simeon Cortell is the second to the Master of the Old Mission Coven and head of security for the Coven and the Winery properties. Nothing escapes Simeon’s careful and watchful gaze… (more blurb on ebook seller’s page)    Amazon

CROWN OF BLOOD AND GLASS (AWAKENED FATES BOOK ONE) by Lucinda Dark, Rebecca Grey and Lucy Smoke

Betrayed by a friend. Saved by an enemy. My closest friend has lost his mind. He killed my father. Took over my Kingdom, And despite the blood that now stains his hands … he claims that we’re fated to be together. My salvation comes from the most unlikely of sources. To reclaim my throne I’ll have to rely on the one man I’ve hated my entire life for survival. Solomon Winett is the noble descendant of barbarian warriors and the bane of my existence. He’s obnoxious, stubborn, and the only one who rescued me from a fate worse than death. I just need to remember one thing: once the line between hatred and passion has been crossed … there is no going back.     AmazonKU


He’s the monster in the cage who would do anything to get back to his mates. Even me. Especially me. I’d heard the rumors about the sub-basement at Prometheus Labs since I was forced to take the only job open to me. Now, with my student debts mounting and my funding in doubt, I have no choice but to take Professor Castaban’s creepy assignment. Which is when I discover the rumours were true. They’re keeping a monster in a cage. And I’m supposed to study him. Ruzzaur is the biggest creature I’ve ever seen, all wings, stone gray skin and a talented tail. This massive gargoyle is domination personified and what he wants…he gets. I shouldn’t give in to him, but his piercing eyes and growl light a fire within me. I cannot see him caged. But he won’t let me set him free until I agree to one condition…I have to go with him, back to his world. Back to his mates, the cocky Bemorr and quiet, thoughtful Akon. They’ve been waiting for their mate and they didn’t expect me. Trouble is, I’ve already fallen for Ruzzaur, but if you take one gargoyle from a roost, you have to take them all. Now, all I have to do is convince them to let me be part of their roost and stop Ruzzaur going after the worst monster. The one who captured him and the human who will kill him, kill them all, if he gets a chance. Only nothing is simple in this new world filled with my worst nightmares. Before I know it, I’m in a fight to end all fights. Because if I lose my gargoyles, I lose everything. And I’m not letting them go, not this time.      AmazonKU

FORGED IN LOVE by Harper Dakota

At one hundred and fifty years old, Ian finally had everything he wanted. Becoming a vampire when he was eighteen, he viewed it as his chance to find his own fated mate, to explore the world, to live and see new things. He’s never regretted his choice, finding friends among paranormals and humans. When he finally meets his mate, he’s amazed that Fate brought him such a perfect fit. Berkley’s handsome, caring, creative. Everything Ian could have wanted in a partner. They settle into their life together, but when a fun outing takes a dangerous turn, will Ian and Berkley be able to save themselves, or will bigotry and hatred win?     AmazonKU


Killing the Crow should have been Sanja’s death. Instead, she finds herself with the fairy king unwilling to heal her, and a palace full of gorgeous fairies swarming the halls she’s been walking in solitude for the past months. As Sanja slips into her role as Recienne’s political guest, she is more in need of the support of her friends than ever before. Especially when the Crow Fairies have spies everywhere and Sanja’s loss of magic makes her an easy target. But sitting by and watching Recienne juggle his responsibilities is not part of Sanja’s plans. Time is running out. Ret Relah is around the corner and the Crows are ready to seize power. Sanja is prepared to fight with all she has—because there is one thing Sanja knows with full clarity: She cannot let anything happen to her new family, even if it means she may lose everything.     AmazonKU


I’m not a guy who likes to leave the forest much. But I’m driving my grandad’s bus route while he’s having a hip operation. If I don’t, he’ll lose the career he’s loved for fifty years. I’m happy to help the old man out, but it’s a pain in my ass…. endless hills, the bus wheezing and spluttering… whining customers…Then she clambers on and I know why fate threw this good deed my way: She’s the one. Mine. My mate. I’m figuring out how to tell her she’s going to be the mother of my cubs, when the darn bus breaks down. I tell her to take a shortcut home through the nearby forest. But there’s no way I’m leaving her by herself. I’ll just follow her, make sure she’s safe. But then the heavens open. And she needs rescuing from the storm. The only place to take her is my cabin, deep in the middle of the wilderness… I’ve got one night to convince her that she’s staying here. Forever.   AmazonKU

BITE ME by Skye Alder

I need to quit. I’ve been telling myself that every day for the last six months. I knew as soon as I started working for Hudson as his virtual assistant that this wasn’t going to work out. He’s rude, bossy, and a total grouch. I’ve only managed to last this long because whenever he starts being a jerk, I sass him right back. Enough is enough though. It’s time for me to find a new job. Except when I finally meet him in person to tell him that I quit, he refuses to accept my resignation. Suddenly, instead of the grumpy jerk that I’m used to, Hudson seems to be trying to be almost…nice. It must be a trap. Except he says that it’s something else. Can I trust him when he says that we’re fated to be?   AmazonKU


I’m the daughter of the Don, but my life as a mafia princess is far from a fairytale.
Trapped in a pretty cage, my family clipped my wings so that I can fill the role all princesses are tasked: to marry a prince and secure an alliance. My mob boss father would give anything to gain an edge over the rest of the Supernatural Syndicates in New York—including me. So my dad makes a deal. The terms are simple. Win the election to become the new leader of Earth and Emerald. Win me. Except . . . I’m not a very good princess and I have no intention of playing nice. These men want to compete for me? Fine—but no one said I couldn’t compete for myself. The trials may be deadly, but I’ve got an ace up my sleeve they won’t see coming.  There’s just one tiny problem. Out of nowhere, the very mating call I’d hoped to never experience consumes me, and I go into heat—at the worst time ever. Talk about a sticky situation.     AmazonKU


Willow Lourie, daughter of Kyle and Eyota, is the definition of against the grain. She lives her life unapologetically to the desires of her heart. She’s always known what was right according to pack law and her parents’ guidance, but when right doesn’t work with what her heart wants, she does the next best thing…her. What happens when someone comes along making her second guess her true heart’s desire? Sven Collins is new to pack life but not new to the pack. He’s lived most of his life outside of the pack, but a part of the pack, nonetheless. He knows exactly who he is and walks in that with no second guessing needed. He stands solid on his square, or so he thought. Can one person be the pebble in the shoe that makes him readjust his position on his square or will he be pushed completely off it? They say opposites attract, but what exactly are they attracting? Find out if these opposites will attract or repel, in Willow’s Peak.   AmazonKU


VS Note: From MAY 25.

Love was too luxurious for a sinner like me. As the daughter of a humble Omega and a noble Alpha, I knew my existence was a shame for my family. And I deserved punishment as the weakest wolf. While my sister believed that’s not enough…Not only did she take my boyfriend, but she also plotted for me to sleep with a stranger. To my surprise, the stranger turned out to be my mate! I knew his heart was not mine, so I rejected him for his own good. I thought that our story had ended, but he left something in my womb. Years later, he gave me his heart when we met again, but I no longer wanted it. I refused to surrender to chemistry, but I could not resist love…Especially when I found out that I was weak due to Luna’s poison. And they were not satisfied with ruining my past, but also my present.     AmazonKU


I’m a pixie. If there was a level zero of supernaturals, I’d be in the sub-basement level.
I’m not particularly strong or fast or crazy smart, and my pixie magic is limited to little things that any basic human street magician can do. Which means that pack of coyote shifters that’s hunting me? Yeah, I’m gonna need help with them. I do the only sane thing I can do. I flee to Moonhaven Cove, and beg help from the local PNW council and the town’s sheriff. Which seemed like such a well thought-out plan . . . until the council lets Hux and his creepy pack of coyotes in. So now, in between dodging homicidal coyote shifters, I’m working with the sexy star elf at his comedy club, helping the unluckiest leprechaun ever avoid carnivorous office equipment, hanging out with a genie, and becoming BFFs with the lion shifter sheriff who is apparently strangely attached to his strawberry yogurt. I don’t have time to fall in love. But when Rhys looks at me, I forget all of the reasons why starting something with him would be a very bad idea. He’s tender, kind, flirty, and fun. He makes me laugh. And before long . . . I can’t imagine my life without him. Trouble, thy name is Paradise Hart.     AmazonKU


I went on an arranged date with a wolf doctor, but he doesn’t think love is for him. I’ve been bullied and ridiculed most of my life. Until I came to this small town. Until I met a much older wolf doctor, whose touch on my curves awakened my true powers. And for the first time in my life, I’m considering giving up my innocence…Blind dates are awkward, especially since it’s my first. He says he doesn’t believe in love and dating, but my body feels differently. When our arms brush, sparks shoot up my skin and the nerves in my legs tingle. It makes me wonder what he looks like underneath that white coat. His healing hands light fires in places I didn’t know of. His demanding mouth on mine makes me want to submit to his wolf. I didn’t know I was a witch until he unlocked the power within me. And as we find each other in the darkness and the fae come for me, I wonder…Can I convince him that we’re mates?     AmazonKU



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