New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for AUG 16

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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He’s the enemy. He’s irresistible. And I’m screwed.I’m supposed to spy on him, but it’s hard to look for his secrets when I can’t keep my eyes off his abs. It’s a problem. Jadrok is heir to the mighty House Vragos, the alien nobles who own Crashland. Dark, brooding, and as hot as molten steel, he’s a mystery calling out for me to unwrap. Unfortunately, my mission is more important than my need to touch his golden skin or taste his kisses. It’s my job to find out who’s at the heart of the alien plot to wipe out all the humans of Crashland. I can’t afford to get distracted by an alien lord, especially when he might be among the conspirators. No matter how attractive he is. No matter how much he wants me.     AmazonKU


Tonight, I will feast on her body… and her swanlike neck. Lilith: Redeyes and sharp fangs have haunted me in my dreams for as long as I can remember, but lately the dreams have become more intense, and where the man in it used to frighten me, he suddenly arises sensations in my body I never experienced before. And I mean never.
Not for lack of trying, but no other person has ever risen the desire in me to take things to the next level. That all changes with the sudden appearance of aliens. When six other women and I are taken to the alien spaceship, we are each supposed to become a bride to one of the Princes of Darkness. However, when my eyes fall on one prince and I recognize him, the man from my dreams, everything changes. SETH: I never asked to be part of this quest, and I most certainly will not contribute to its continuance. Or so I swore. However, when my eyes fall on the female I have been dreaming about all my life, I rethink my stance quickly, because under no circumstances will I allow her to be hurt. When my older brother Nergal claims her as his bride, I have no choice but to start our quest early and challenge Nergal to a fight of life and death. The winner will get to have her—Lilith.



In a world where danger lurks at every turn, I never expected to find love in the arms of a Vinduthi hitman. In the moment I meet Makar, I know he’s trouble. A dangerous Vinduthi mafia member who buys my contract on a whim, he seems cold and emotionless. But beneath his hardened exterior, I see a hidden kindness within him.
The more time we spend together, the more I feel a magnetic pull towards this alien assassin. Makar’s gentleness and protective nature awaken feelings I never expect, challenging the walls I keep up to shield my heart. Yet our loving moments are fleeting, torn apart by Makar’s dangerous work and his mysterious family ties. When Makar’s enemies target me to get to him, I realize I must transform into something new if I’m to stand by his side—no longer just a dancer, but a fighter, ready to face any threat. Makar’s passion for me ignites a fire within, showing me a future I once thought impossible—to belong at his side, loved for all that I am. But our journey to build a life together means fighting for our love at every turn, facing those who would tear us apart.   AmazonKU


He betrayed her once, but he’s her only hope. Being saved from a slave ship and given life-saving medical attention by a tall, muscular furry alien with large curling horns is enough for Giselle Cartier to think she’s found a hero. Having him deliver her back into the clutches of the same traffickers shatters her trust and the belief that anything she’d felt was real. But just as she’s rescued by the League of Planets and is about to be repatriated to New Terra, Joule reappears with the devastating news that Giselle’s sister has been taken. What’s even more shocking is his promise to find her. He’s already betrayed her once; what’s to stop him from doing it again? How can she trust anything he says? Regardless of the risks, she has to go with him. He’s her only hope for finding and saving her sister. This time, she won’t let her guard down. She also won’t make the mistake of falling in love with him again. Long ago, Joule hardened his heart to the cruelty, misery, and death he’d witnessed in the alien species trafficking trade. As an agent with the League of Planets working deep undercover to combat the trafficking of sentient beings in the galaxy, he can’t afford empathy. To benefit the greater good, he’s often forced to make difficult, even reprehensible decisions. But something about the vulnerable, critically ill Giselle Cartier pierces through the protective wall surrounding his heart. Choosing to save her life is startlingly easy—too easy. He should have known better than to let himself get attached. Because circumstances force his hand, leaving him no choice but to take her back to the slavers. He couldn’t risk blowing his cover for a single human woman—even if he had fallen in love with her. Now he’s involved all over again. When he learns Giselle’s sister has also been abducted, he can’t hold back from offering his assistance. Unable to reveal his real role, he must continue to let her believe he’s a trafficker—one who’s already betrayed her. Giselle will never trust him again…which is smart. Because she still can’t.

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A stalker is ruining the life of the best female pilot of the space passenger liners in her company, but she wonders if she might be able to turn the table and trap him. Having served a brief term in the military gave Kina the start for her training as a better-than-average pilot of large spaceships. Using that training to give her a jump in her career, she lands a job in one of the system’s best passenger and freight companies. It doesn’t take her long to move up to one of the supreme spots as captain of the best passenger liners going from the busy civilized worlds. Kina and her crew thought she had it made until a stalker began to show up wherever her ship was docked. Because that put her crew and passengers in danger, the company moved her over to a different division hauling freight. But nothing could catch or halt the large mysterious figure who was ruining her life. What was worse, he began to put thoughts in her mind that there might be a better life for her out in dark space—one where her life wasn’t run by the rules of a corporation but where she might be free on her ship. What was the secret this stalker knew that she needed to discover?     Amazon


VS Note: Appears to be a re-release (from the reviews). Not listed as a romance.

When scavenger and hybrid fox Viva comes across a derelict in empty space, what she and her furry partner, Pandora, discover puts them on a collision course for adventure, fame and wealth—assuming she survives the experience. Teaming up with the derelict’s living cargo isn’t wise, but the handsome stranger might hold the key to the ship and its many secrets. Add in some pirates out to profit from Viva’s living head, and she’s in for a wild ride. Delivering the cargo to its rightful owner is the right thing to do, but getting the job done will test her skills, her sanity, and her limits.

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One would assume that turning sixty would protect a woman from certain things; cat calls, being propositioned every time you sat at a bar by yourself, the monthly menace, being kidnapped by aliens, the office letch, and a plethora of other annoyances weathered in her youth. Did I mention being kidnapped by aliens? Yeah, I was wrong about that one. The girls of the Tuesday Night Outlander Book Club were enjoying a mountain hike that ended with the proverbial bright light and now I’m trapped on an alien space ship. The best part of this whole fiasco, the aliens have a nifty little machine that “resets” you—so now I have my twenty-something body back. The worst part? I’m marked to be sold as a sex slave to some perverted alien royalty. Until him. At first I thought Khaion was an angel. But he’s something better. He’s a member of a warrior race bred to protect and defend those in need. Khaion vows to stay at my side while his crew search the stars for my friends. And staying by Khaion’s side… that’s something my reawakened hormones greatly appreciate!     AmazonKU


VS Note: An LGBTQ+ scifi release of note. Romantic elements maybe?

Brick, a young thief, is terrified of outer space. But they’re forced to escape Earth when a warrant goes out for their arrest. There’s nothing left for them on the dusty, barren wasteland of Earth anyway. Brick stows away on a cargo ship headed for the moon. They reluctantly allow a local teenage enforcer named Amar to tag along. But the ship ends up containing unusual cargo and the crew members may not be who they appear to be. Suddenly the spaceship is taken over by pirates, who imprison the crew in the airlock. Brick and Amar come up with a plan to rescue the crew. The only problem is that, in order to succeed, Brick must venture out into the deep darkness of space.


It was a normal day at the farm, feeding the animals as the kids played, the cats and dogs in tow. Until I heard a commotion in the barn and went to investigate. I didn’t know it then, but the one waiting for me inside, hurt and bleeding, would change my life. His name is Thyas and he comes from another planet. He’s an alien with horns, goat legs, a tail, and hooves instead of feet. He looks like a satyr from mythology, but he calls himself a Sileni. There’s something about him, and I want to help… I throw the alien hunters off his trail, take him in, and patch him up. What he offers me in return is… bliss.   AmazonKU


He’s my enemy…but also my secret desire. I’m his possession…but also his tempting fruit. Imagine being the wedding present to the naga prince. Given to Prince Zalith as a token toy by his betrothed. She never expected the prince to stare so long at me as I kneeled before him. Now she craves my death. I only live because Zalith is intrigued by his new toy. He wants to use me? And leave me full with his eggs? I’ll let him do it all. As long as he chooses which of us he wants. The woman he was arranged to marry…
Or the one he owns heart and soul?     AmazonKU


Elzaria stands at the cusp of destiny or devastation. On the eve of her coronation, ominous visions of irreversible doom torment the distraught Empyrean princess. Uncertain of her abilities to lead her people, she contemplates the unthinkable—refusing her reign. Yet, destiny isn’t something easily evaded, as she soon learns. Fate has other plans when her attempt to run is foiled by an honor-bound knight… and his impulsive kiss. When secrets are the currency of survival, Elzaria forges a fake identity, diving headfirst into the testosterone-fueled domain of the Empyrean Knights. Unprotected, unaided, and unrecognized, she faces the same brutal challenges as every other recruit. Her goal? To prove she’s more than just entitled.     AmazonKU


As per the marriage agreement between Earth and Neron, Voranian aliens can marry human women, but our species can’t reproduce. Historically, Voranian women have served as surrogates to carry children of the single dads in Voran. The renowned Voranian Professor Thormus is working on a method that would allow the human women married to Voranian men to carry their husbands’ children. Of all the women on Earth, the professor selects me as the subject for his extensive study project. My traveling to Neron puts a strain on the relationship with my boyfriend back home. Which in turn causes Professor Thormus to worry about the effects of nervous breakdown on my system. While I think I’m mending my long-distance relationship with my boyfriend, I find myself inconveniently attracted to the highly intelligent yet socially awkward professor. If only I knew what an idiotic solution my brilliant professor would come up with to help me deal with the stress of heartache!      AmazonKU


VS Note: Or you can get the stories separately.

This is a compilation of three “slice of life” short stories set in the Kordolian Universe. They feature characters from previous books and are for existing readers of the series.
The stories are also individually published. If you would like just one or two of them, find them in my Author profile on Amazon. Stories included: 1. Duality – Abbey & Tarak. 7600 words. A little conversation and spice. 2. The Little Things – Riana & Kail. 11300 words. Shopping and hijinks, and of course, some heat. 3. Lucid Harmony – Ash & Noa. 14000 words. Ash trying to observe human customs. Sweetness and a little steam.     Amazon


Freedom was within my grasp…until the day that fate took it away…Xanthus has shattered my life and swept me away. At first, I am nothing but a prize to him – an object to sell. And then he stares into my eyes and I see desire take hold of him. I’m afraid. Yes, a part of me was thrilled when he sent me back to my room. But this alien pirate is a brute. A beast. My whole body is trembling when he opens the door to my room. I pray for rescue as he steps inside. Will it come in time?     AmazonKU


Rana reluctantly accepts her duty as a proxy but is drawn to her mate. As their love develops, a growing rebellion threatens to tear them apart. Like every other Earth woman in compliance, Rana registers for the proxy draft, praying she won’t be matched with a Faction alien. Instead, she’s quickly paired with Tark Commander Sarko D’sano. With handsome features and glossy white feathers, she’s instantly drawn to him. He soon proves himself to be a gentle mate who wants a mate, not just offspring. As she surrenders to the pull between them, planning to build a future with her alien mate, a rebellion stirs. Some are fed up with the draft and see it as slavery. They’re getting more desperate and bolder, and they think they’re rescuing women mated to the aliens. When they try to “save” Rana from Sarko, they have no idea what they’ve unleashed, or how far each of them will go to return to the other. Seven years ago, the Faction agreed to save Earth from the vorathan invasion in exchange for Earth women giving them one year of proxy rights to act as a surrogate, since the aliens of the Faction faced a dwindling population. With the vorathans feared throughout the galaxy as bloodthirsty, vicious marauders, the Earth’s government agreed. That doesn’t mean the women did.   AmazonKU


Rin Varun’s got something to hide. That’s a lie. He’s got several things. Traveling to a different galaxy was meant to make his life less complicated, but a year in on this new planet and he’s still fighting off his demons. There’s no better place to learn how to keep skeletons buried than the Academy, where they teach their cadets how to uncover them, and Rin is determined to graduate in order to ensure those demons stay hidden. He doesn’t want to stand out, doesn’t want accolades, or high marks. He just wants to coast by unnoticed, and he’s doing a decent job until he draws the attention of the Devil Prince. Kelevra Diar doesn’t do disguises. Who would bother with a mask when they have a face as tantalizing as his? As the Imperial Prince Third in line for the throne, Kel’s used to getting anything and everything he wants …(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)


PROXIMA B: CONQUEST by Kaitlyn O’Connor

VS Note: Listed in Erotica.  From JULY 20.

When colonist Noely crashes on the alien world named Proxima B by humans and earmarked for colonization, it is to discover a war already in progress to conquer the alien world and its people. Cut off from everyone and everything she has ever known, taken captive by natives of the world, Roque and Terran, Noely realizes very quickly that they are her best hope for survival. It might have been less unnerving for her if she’d realized right off that the two of them had already decided to take her as their hearth woman and mate. Then again, that might have been a lot more unnerving.

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He’s the alien dragon shifter with the soul as black as night, and he’s claimed me as his fated mate. ‘You did the right thing, submitting to me…’ I was escaping from my stalker ex when they took me from Earth. Dropped into a hellish alien maze where all I am is potential food. Until I run headlong into a huge, smoking hot alien dragon, covered in golden scales and with an ego which could light up a planet. Draco rules the prison maze they call the Kirakos and he says I belong to him. Do I get any choice? No. Do I have any other options? Also no. Am I going to let him win? Hell no. I didn’t escape from one nightmare, just to replace him with another. If this alien wants me, he’s going to have to fight for my heart. Only the more I get to know Draco, the more I realize I’m not the only one here with a past. He has everything to lose in the Kirakos, and now he’s at risk of losing me too. And if a Sarkarnii male loses his fated mate it will be the only thing to break this powerful, dominant dragon shifter warrior. Even after everything I’ve been through, I’m not sure I’m ready to break him. Not yet.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From JULY 25.

Nomi – I thought switching roommates was a good idea until I found out my new roommate was J’bel. He’s the First Officer on The Rose and the most frightening species in the galaxy. With horns, fur, and claws, he’s every monster from my childhood nightmares. But once he moves in, I realize he’s so much more than that. He’s sweet. Passionate. Sensual. Thrilling, in the most forbidden way. He makes me feel things I’ve never felt with anyone else. And I crave more. J’bel – Women want me for only one thing. To get themselves off with the wild beast they fear. They like the adrenaline. I’m their dirty, explicit sex dream. A roller coaster they want to ride. Nothing more. When my adorable, doll-faced roommate asks me to teach her about her body, how can I refuse? I wish this could be more than physical, but I’m not the guy who gets the girl. I’m the guy who gets the girl off.     AmazonKU


A defunct battleship stands in the way of Xena keeping her promise to take Mata home. Among the nuts and bolts lurks a shadowy figure who claims that Amos has something they want. The only way for them to be on their way is for him to hand it over — a term of surrender the pilot refuses to budge on. Separated from her men, Xena is tasked with playing peace-maker to three peculiar siblings in order to get the coordinates to Mata’s planet. The ship’s emissaries, a pair of men who speak in riddles, are more than happy to entangle Xena and her men in their schemes. She doesn’t like games, but her attraction has her playing along. When their handsome faces and charming words start to break down her guard, things get complicated. Xena needs to protect her men, but perhaps not as much as she needs to protect her own heart.     AmazonKU


VS Note: A re-release.

Not much surprises waitress Tina Santis Pulivok on the streets of East LA—until the night when, on her way home from her waitressing job, she meets a man working on a strange, glowing box. Still, she thinks he must be one of those Caltech students who’s into role-playing games. Until his mind reaches out to hers . . .Althor is definitively in the wrong place at the wrong time. An Imperial Space Command pilot, he was headed to a reception in Washington DC and somehow ended up here, though he’s not quite sure where here is. As Tina helps Althor get his bearings, they realize he’s in more trouble than he thought. He left his home base in 2328—and now it’s 1987. At least he still has his starfighter, shrouded and in orbit above the Earth. But when the military gets their hands on the ship, he and Tina must race to reclaim it before it detonates itself—taking a huge chunk of California along with it.

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COMPULSORY by Martha Wells

VS Note: Not a romance but OMG a new Murderbot story! This is a re-release, expanded story. One clicked it, read it – this is VERY short. I enjoyed it but didn’t realize how quickly it’d be done.

While trying to watch episode 44 of The Rise and Fall of Sanctuary Moon, Murderbot is—again, what is it with humans?—distracted by something that is technically outside its purview. A miner is suddenly in danger following a pointless (to Murderbot’s way of thinking) argument, and the choice is to risk discovery and leap into action, which would require hitting the pause button during a very exciting part of SanctuaryMoon, or to follow orders and stay still. This is a tougher choice than it seems. But then, when has Murderbot ever been faced with an easy choice? A shorter version of this story originally appeared in Wired magazine.

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Young Sovereign Emileia is increasingly overwhelmed by mounting pressures and responsibilities both on Earth and Mars. On her 17th birthday, she gets a double dose of bad news. Her Regent on Mars has suffered an unexpected complication during what should have been a routine procedure. Then, before she can even blow out her birthday candles, she learns that Faxon, the murderous ex-dictator who killed her family, has escaped from a Martian prison and has yet to be found. Coincidence? Almost certainly not! Though she’s currently millions of miles away on Earth, the Sovereign, known to her friends as M, is determined to do something to help her people on Mars…especially when Faxon starts making threats and wreaking havoc. She comes up with a plan to stop him and feels obligated to carry it through despite dire warnings from her soulmate Rigel and her best friends.

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*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS: This week I’m featuring ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE, from my backlist. It was an early scifi romance of mine and I worked really hard on it. One of the supporting characters was inspired by a Clint Black song and when the book was released and I mentioned that fact in a USA Today post, the singer actually sent me a very lovely tweet. This book got one of my favorite reviews ever, wherein the Kirkus reviewer took issue with my “romance-novel conventions” LOL because the book was such “fine” science fiction otherwise. It’s a standalone story set in the larger Sectors universe.


Andi Markriss hasn’t exactly enjoyed being the houseguest of the planetary high-lord, but her company sent her to represent them at a political wedding. When hotshot Sectors Special Forces Captain Tom Deverane barges in on the night of the biggest social event of the summer, Andi isn’t about to offend her high-ranking host on Deverane’s say-so—no matter how sexy he is, or how much he believes they need to leave now.

Deverane was thinking about how to spend his retirement bonus when HQ assigned him one last mission: rescue a civilian woman stranded on a planet on the verge of civil war. Someone has pulled some serious strings to get her plucked out of the hot zone. Deverane’s never met anyone so hard-headed—or so appealing. Suddenly his mission to protect this one woman has become more than just mere orders.

That mission proves more dangerous than he expected when rebel fighters attack the village and raze it to the ground. Deverane escapes with Andi, and on their hazardous journey through the wilderness, Andi finds herself fighting her uncomfortable attraction to the gallant and courageous captain. But Deverane’s not the type to settle down, and running for one’s life doesn’t leave much time to explore a romance.

Then Andi is captured by the rebel fighters, but Deverane has discovered that Zulaire’s so-called civil war is part of a terrifying alien race’s attempt to subjugate the entire Sector. If he pushes on to the capitol Andi will die. Deverane must decide whether to save the woman he loves, or sacrifice her to save Zulaire.

 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Winner

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT  (because my own books pay my bills) AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


She sold her soul to a siren and now he’s come to collect. Victoria risks everything to leave a dangerous marriage and gain a second chance at life. But when her escape goes awry, she finds herself caught in the strong embrace of a mysterious siren, forced to choose: temporary salvation or immediate death. And so, a cursed deal is struck. Five years later, Victoria is alive—and the world’s finest ship captain. But her debt to the siren looms while her conniving ex has demanded a king’s ransom as the final price of her freedom. Victoria refuses to cause her family to suffer any more on her behalf, and is determined to make things right before her time is up. But that time is cut short. The siren comes for her. Six months early. Taken to the magical and deadly Eversea, home of the sirens, Victoria discovers she’s the sacrifice upon which all sirens pin their hopes…(more blurn on ebook seller’s page…)    AmazonKU


Passion’s magic ignites a fire too hot to touch—and too wicked to die…The stars have always called to Ailis, beckoning her to see what other realms were out there. She’s told its impossible, but that doesn’t stop her need to explore beyond what others believe. Ailis never expected to change history by creating the first doorway to another realm. She certainly never imagined opening that door to find a commanding dragon who shifts into a man. She’s irresistibly drawn to Lennox, powerless against the yearning of her body and the longing of her heart. Magic might have chosen Lennox as King of Dragon Kings, but it’s a position he’s never wanted. Until the day a new being arrives—and irrevocably changes his life. The closer he gets to the fearless, ravishing woman, the more he fights the passion that flares between them. He lives only for his duty, but one fiery kiss unleashes a firestorm of desire that will ripple across eons and realms. Fate might have brought them together, but will it also tear them apart? The origins of the Dark Kings/Dragon Kings and the entire Dark Universe is finally revealed.

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When someone dies in Aveline, they don’t always stay that way. Castelio learned this hard lesson when he was a boy.Now he roams from village to village as a Quietus, banishing restless spirits and keeping the Ducissa Orlaith’s peace—until the day her only son is kidnapped. Blame falls on the land across the Boundary, where necromancers practice their black arts in eternal darkness. To get the child back, Castelio recruits the aid of a young stranger named Delilah, along with her peculiar (and possibly demonic) cat Thistle. The pair has a habit of attracting violent thunderstorms, but their wind ship can cross the high mist-cloaked passes of the Boundary. As the trail leads deeper into the wilds of midnight, Castelio and Delilah discover there are worse things than the risen dead. Yet nothing is quite as it seems in the Moon Courts. Despite the dangers all around, they find allies in unexpected places. And choosing a side in the brewing war between light and dark magic might be harder than they imagined.

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Ketira is done waiting for her best friend’s brother, Makev, to see her as a woman. Crafting Balanced spell-prayers for inventors won’t pay for her siblings’ educations. She needs to marry a rich man and save her family. She snares the interest of a wealthy lord, but he’s not the only one looking her way. Not all attention is positive. Makev Poinar falls in love with a new woman every month. He competes for the favor of noted court beauties, but they never hold his attention for long. He needs a woman with something more than a pretty face. A woman as intriguing as his friend, Ketira. Ketira can’t trust herself around Makev now that he is set on winning her heart. There is no guarantee his promises will last longer than a flower’s bloom. But avoiding a broken heart is the least of her worries once the religious zealots come calling.     AmazonKU


Rhaim produced a key from somewhere upon his person. “The collar has a lock.” He tossed it out onto the table. “If I cannot solve the Deathless, I will become your loyal servant, until the end of my time.” I was suddenly in danger of fainting. Rhaim had just as much as admitted he didn’t have an answer yet, and the price he would pay for failure was too great for me to bear. I knew what it was like to be trapped in a cage. I would never, ever, send anybody else—much less the man I loved—into one. “Father, you cannot agree to his terms,” I told him. I rose up on my tiptoes, leaning over Helkin’s shoulder to shout, “I still hate you, beast!” willing Rhaim to change his mind. Rhaim gave me a wicked smile, and spoke in the growl that bypassed my ears and went straight to my core. “As well you should, princess. And know, too, that if I am given you, I will never show you kindness again . . . and the things I will do to you will make the unicorns weep.”

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Captured by a witch as a teen and rescued by the Coven, Orion ‘Tooth’ Templeton vowed he’d make the witch pay. As a Coven agent, he works to ensure no other shifter suffers the way he did. Now he’s been given the most important mission of his life. Not only will he have the chance to bring down the Shadow Board, but he’ll also exact his revenge. The job is anything but easy, and it’s only complicated further when he’s paired with two other agents—both of whom are witches. How can he work with the man who is supposed to be his fated mate—and who also happens to be straight and doesn’t want him—and a prince who is keeping secrets and tempts Orion in ways he finds impossible to resist? Mistakes get made. When the secrets are spilled and the danger increases, Orion will have to choose who he wants to be…and, more importantly, who he wants to be with… His fated mate, who doesn’t want to let him walk away, or the prince who can only offer him a place in the shadows, not by his side.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Author advises you must read book one first.

The shadow demons have fallen – Leaving a broken hearted and rage-filled Avalon –  A bloodthirsty and revenge seeking Ashby – Their birthrights have been stripped from them. Their kingdom taken over by a dark witch and her evil son. Heartbroken and devastated the twins travel to the only family they have left, their uncle in hopes he can help them. Vows will be made and others broken. While hearts can heal, they can also turn black and bleed. Which one will it be? On the run they will search for allies, love, and a faerie worth saving. The twins will find themselves in dire situations, but Avalon refuses to give up, no longer bending or bowing to anyone. Her heart split and broken, her rage drives her daily. Ashby tries to remain calm, a leader and devoted brother, but the fire for revenge burns brightly within him.  They refuse to go down without a fight. The shadows will rise. All will join the shadow demon twins or suffer the consequences. AmazonKU

GAELIC MAGIC by Fiona McGier

VS note: From JULY 23.

When romance author Delu Morris is troubled with unexplained panic attacks, she seeks help from a doctor who’s researching dream-therapy. He explains that he’ll accompany her into her dreams to revisit her memories and to try to uncover if an event from her past is causing her trouble now. His grad assistant is a handsome Scotsman who wears a kilt the first time he meets her. She’s intrigued, but they remain at arms’ distance while he’s a part of her therapy team. When she discovers that only he can make the machine work, he confesses that he’s the 7th son of a 7th son, and the Unseelie are using him for some unknown reason. When he touches the controls, he pushes a wee bit o’ magic into the machine to make it work. Will they discover together what her long-lost memory is? Or will the guilty person manage to keep her from that discovery—for good?

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He’s the daddy of my secret twins. And my forbidden mate. His family rejected mine, making us outcasts. We were never supposed to be together, not now nor in the past. But one night led to my pregnant belly. And now we meet again. I changed my name and appearance, but some things can’t be changed. Like how I’m attracted to bad boys, even though they only break hearts. Like how he looks at my curves as though I’m his possession. Like how my body responds to him, but it’s not allowed. He watches over my house while I sleep. He protects my twins, but doesn’t know they’re his. I should resist him, but my body is like a moth to a flame. I should hate him, but he bites my shoulder and leaves forbidden marks on my skin. What will he do when he finds out my twins are his?     AmazonKU


Love doesn’t come just hopping by…or does it? Alpha bunny shifter Archie was born second in line to be his fluffle’s alpha. He’s fine with that, having no interest in fluffle politics whatsoever. If only it were that easy and there weren’t murmurs of political unrest all leading to him leapfrogging into the position. He quickly discovers the only way out of politics is to leave the fluffy. When a job in San Diego opens up, he hops at the opportunity. Alpha wolf shifter Ren misses his pack. But when the alpha tells you to skedaddle, you skedaddle. Unsure what to do next, he calls his cousin who offers him a place to stay and a job at the club his mate runs. Not what Ren sees for his long-term future, but it offers a chance to regroup, and he happily agrees. Omega kangaroo shifter Skip loves his new job at Animals. The people are super nice, and it gives him a place to shift. When he’s asked to help coordinate a special fundraising event, he’s over-the-moon excited. Little does he know that the event will bring in more than just money for the animal shelter…it will bring him his mates.     AmazonKU


A cerberus with three heads also has three tongues. And when they are in wolf form, those three tongues are very flexible, as Eloise discovers one night when she’s wandering in the woods in werewolf territory on a full moon. (Don’t ask. It’s her brother’s fault. Chasing her accident-waiting-to-happen brother is responsible for half of the unpleasantness in her life.) One might think three tongues would be enough for a girl to, you know, get there. See the stars burst in her head. Fall apart. Experience the little death. Come. But, well, Eloise doesn’t do that, at least not in front of anyone else, at least she never has. No makes Eloise come but her. Not that she’s really been giving anyone else the chance to try recently, of course. She and her best friend Astrid had a pact to avoid meaningless sex and to wait for the right guy to come along. The cerberus? Not even close to the right guy. But when the three-headed, muscular, deep-voiced, gorgeous triplets propose a mutually beneficial arrangement—just physical, no feelings—she can’t resist those tongues. Or the chance to finally hit the big O with someone other than, you know, her battery-operated-boyfriend. Arrangements like that? They always work out fine, of course. No one ever catches feelings. No one ever gets hurt. No one ever regrets them.     AmazonKU


Twelve gods. Twelve champions. Twelve challenges. Let the games begin! Every two years, the gods hold the Olympus Games. A brutal competition that most champions don’t walk away from. Haunted by her mother’s death in the games, Wren Torres never wanted to be part of the bloodshed. Her very survival depends on her ability to fly under the radar. To hide her true nature as a Fury. When fate thrusts her into the spectacle of the games, Wren discovers unlikely allies in her fellow champions. But in this world of cutthroat competition, no one can be trusted. Not even Atlas, who pokes holes in all her defenses. Twelve challengers represent the twelve gods of Olympus. Wren might have grit and determination, but this is a world where power and money rule all. By playing the gods’ twisted game, Wren risks losing everything. If she wants to stay alive, she has to keep her Fury in check. That might be the hardest trial of all.     AmazonKU


Jan Stilz has a curse on his family. It’s preventing him from hearing the sweetest sound in the world… his name on the lips of the woman he loves. Jan has given up on love. It’s hard when a family curse identifies your one true love—and then won’t let you introduce yourself. Diana needs a place to hide, and cozy Pine Ridge seems perfect. Not only can she restart her life in safety, but she might even have a chance at a real future with a wonderful man who appreciates her. When Diana learns that magic and mayhem lurk under the surface of this sleepy little town, will she turn her back on her mysterious suitor, or will she be brave enough to risk everything for love? Enjoy this contemporary retelling of Rumplestilskin, complete with a twist of spice and a happily ever after!   AmazonKU


Dragon shifter and helpless romantic Danni is constantly on the lookout for her fated mate, bravely and foolishly putting her heart on the line, much to the frustration of her best friend, Isabella who prefers strings of flirtations and dates that never go anywhere. The two women couldn’t be more different in their approach to love and it isn’t until Isabella meets someone with real potential that Danni starts to look at her best friend differently and wonder if she’s overlooked something during all their years of friendship.

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In my wildest dreams, I never foresaw the incredible journey my life would embark upon. Bound to the mesmerizing vampire, Sam Mason, his mere presence anchors me in vulnerability and ignites a flicker of hope as we confront an uncertain future. Our journey is not solitary; we are graced with four precious children who depend on us for their safety, forming the bedrock of our existence. Yet amidst the joy, a looming shadow threatens to shatter our existence. The merciless genetic engineering war jeopardizes humanity itself. I refuse to be passive as the world crumbles. My children deserve a life of normalcy and security, and I desperately crave a fairy tale ending with Sam by my side. However, destiny weaves a treacherous twist when I commit a fatal mistake. Now, my very essence teeters on the brink, endangering my beloved daughter’s life. The stakes are impossibly high. It’s a battle for survival, a test of strength where our fate hangs perilously by a thread.

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The Devil’s Daughter – Raised to rule Hell. When you’re Lucifer and Lilith’s daughter, your twenty-first birthday is decision time. Would I choose to rule Hell like my father, or would I take my mother’s place as head of the night children? Daughter of the Original Vampire – Raised to rule the Night Children. Her parents promised a year for Morena to live among humans before she had to make her decision. But she didn’t count on her former friend Jax coming with her as her personal guard. Certain he has sworn an oath of allegiance to her parents, her hopes of him returning the feelings she’s had for him for years are crushed. A deadly angelic artifact – Jax swore to Morena’s parents to protect her at all costs, but he didn’t know he would be facing off against archangels and their stolen angelic artifacts. When one artifact corrupts powerful angels and demons alike, Morena is the only one who can stop it from bringing Hell to Earth and Jax can’t do the one thing he promised… keep her safe. The future Queen of Hell’s divine path can lead her somewhere unexpected, or she might burn the world down instead. After all, she was meant to do both.

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If her love is my end, then I’m taking her enemies down with me. TLEIA – Despite clawing my way up from rags to riches, I’m broken, my bruises soul deep, and the only love language I understand is the heads of my enemies at my feet. But the Orc warrior who loved and guarded me, I betrayed to survive. When I leave prison, I don’t know if we’ll be enemies, or finally, lovers. I don’t know if he’ll be dark enough to forgive me, or if he’ll call in the debt I owe and extract payment in blood and flesh. The fate of our secret baby hangs in the balance of our love and hate, but my Orc isn’t the only enemy I’ve offended, and without Gethen’s protection my son and I won’t make it out of the City alive. GETHEN – I knew the moment I met Tleia she would end me, but I love her anyway. Honor, clan, my clean hands, all obliterated in the quest to keep her safe. Anyone who touches her now will die—the days I play by the rules are over. Hands drenched in blood hold my young son, the secret she kept from me in prison. The dishonor, the broken oaths—my new family is worth it, and it’s time I made my mistakes right. I don’t regret sacrificing my soul to my dark side to claim and protect the woman and son I love, and with Seanna City’s crime lords on our trail, I’ll prove what I couldn’t before. That the greatest honor is to fight at her side.     AmazonKU


In 1983, witches aren’t allowed in college. Casey believes she can hide her heritage and get an education. Though she understands college, does she know how to navigat the rest of the challenges around her? While it isn’t illegal to be a witch in the 1980s, prejudice still runs strong in the community. Casey just wants to go to college without being kicked out for her ability to cast spells. Hiding her powers is easy, until a job working at a fancy dinner club lands her in a room full of sensual vampires. Though vampires live under the same laws as the witches, she soon discovers a world of wealth, prestige and power she never fathomed. Undiscovered and needing the money, Casey decides to risk exposure to work for the dangerous vampires. She’s confident no one can tell she’s a witch. But what happens when she starts craving blood?     AmazonKU


As Emma’s big day approaches, Astra is caught in a whirlwind of wedding shenanigans—which she isn’t exactly thrilled about. But when an intoxicated guest dies chokes to death at the rehearsal dinner, Astra’s excitement quickly turns to suspicion. Increasingly mistrustful of the guests and their dubious motives, annoyed that best man Lothian is there every time she turns around, and frustrated that Archie—Astra’s mischievous familiar owl—keeps helping himself to the catered snacks instead of helping her solve the case, can Astra uncover the truth behind this mysterious mishap and save the wedding from disaster?     AmazonKU


A storm god, a witch, and a photo shoot full of naked gods…Chelsea’s boring retail job has one perk, the charming and enigmatic customer she has a crush on. But he couldn’t possibly have any interest in her, could he? After Baal is asked to photograph a naked calendar, he jumps at the opportunity, especially when it means that he’ll be able to ask Chelsea for her help, and get to spend some time together in the process. Will the two of them give in to the tension building between them?

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Strawberry Milkshake And What’s At Stake is book ten of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a cozy urban fantasy featuring a coffee shop-owning witch, an ancient warlock cursed to live in a teapot, and a cheeky cat. It includes an m/f romantic subplot. If you love cozy urban fantasy, coffee shop settings, low-stakes adventures, cat familiars, and a warm and fuzzy feeling vibe, start the Cauldron Coffee Shops series with Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice.

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Assassin. Spy. Witch. I serve the Witch Queen of the United Kingdom, fulfilling her will within the shadows. Exterminating enemies quietly, gathering intelligence while blending in with the scenery. And I serve Her Majesty well. There are rules to my service, clear lines that must never be crossed: Never break my cover. Don’t get tangled up in messy love affairs. Keep my life clean. Stay away from demons in these strange new days.
But one night, while working another mission, a demon crosses my path. Instantly, he takes my breath away. Beautiful, strange, dripping with seductive energy. He needs help, shelter, desperate to escape a group of mysterious hunters. Against my better judgement, I take him home. I’m a fool. I could lose my head for breaking the rules like this. I’m playing with fire. And he could kill me at any moment. He’s stronger, deadlier, built for violence as well as seduction. But the longer he stays with me, the more he intrigues me. I want to know everything about him. Him. The demon who makes my heart race. Him. The one fracturing my sense of duty. Him. The creature igniting my every desire. What have I gotten myself into?     AmazonKU


Wolf alpha Wilder Wolverton is known for two things – being CEO of Blood Moon Agency and his grumpiness. He runs the pack and the protection agency with an iron fist, but his hardened exterior hides a secret. Five years ago, Wilder met his mate but she couldn’t be his. At least, until she walks back into his life. Amelia Sunderland didn’t choose her husband. She only agreed to the union to save her family. But after five years of hell, running away from her criminal husband won’t be easy. If the Blood Moon Agency doesn’t help her, she will die. Wilder has always made her crave him in all the wrong ways. Now if only he can help keep her alive. When Wilder’s mate begs him for help and protection from her husband, Wilder has to help. Intent on protecting her, he tries to keep his heart on lockdown. He can’t ask her to love him, but maybe she could fall for the wolf alpha. It’s his one chance to finally get the woman he’s been desperate to call…Mine!     AmazonKU


Zac Jones is broken. He’ll never find the love his brothers have. Until one freezing night she shows up, desperate…Jenni Santos is the first to admit her life has been easy – the golden child of the grandmother who raised her, top of her college class, great internship – life is full of promise. Until she overhears her grandmother selling her off to a total stranger as breeding stock. Cheetah shifter Zac Jones is broken. With his irreparably damaged shoulder, he’ll never be strong enough to protect a mate. He’s resigned to having a lonely life living and working at Circus Mirage. Then Jenni buys a ticket and makes him wish for something more. When Zac discovers stowaway Jenni, half-frozen, hiding onboard one of the circus barges, he promises to help her, even if it means betraying his family. She is his mate, he’s sure of it. But when the barges’ engines are tampered with, trapping them in an isolated part of Black River, all evidence points to Jenni. Zac will have to break his promise, even if it means shattering his heart.   AmazonKU


Welcome to Mystic Hollow where wildest dreams (trust me, they do get wild) come true. I prefer books to people. For the others, the BfB program is a roaring success (pun intended). The only woman who captured my heart…chose my friend instead! Yeah, I’ll stick with books. But when I receive a proposal, the logic is evident. No love involved. She’ll gain stability and security. I’ll gain a wife and possibly cubs. Win-win, correct? Incorrect. It turns out to be the biggest miscalculation of my life. Because, in a plot twist, my betrothed’s sister is my fated mate.     AmazonKU


Librarian Sebastian Rath and his lover Vesper Rune continue their search for the evil Books of the Bound. But in the meantime, the young men in Sebastian’s social circle start dying. Though the deaths look like self-administered poisonings, Sebastian soon comes to realize a killer is at work. And not just any murderer, but one wielding the dark power of the Book of Bone. To stop a madman, Sebastian must choose whether or not to embrace the unsettling powers gifted to him by the previous Books. Because if he fails to stop the killer, Ves could be the next target.

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If I don’t find my true love soon, I’ll die. The dating scene can be tough for a phoenix, especially when I burn to cinders at the most inconvenient times. It’s gotten to the point where no one will even go out with me. Worse, my spontaneous combustions are accelerating. I’ve been cursed with a rare phoenix abnormality and my time’s ticking away. Soon, my pile of ashes will be swept up in the wind, and I’ll no longer rejuvenate as a phoenix. Unless I can find my fated mate and convince her to love me. When the town’s dating service, Monster Mingle, offers me a mail-order bride, I agree out of desperation. I’m married at first sight to Brooke, a woman I haven’t seen since we were sixteen, back when her older brother caught us making out and stole her away. We pick up where we left off, and with the help of my monster friends, I set out to show her I’m the phoenix of her dreams. Can I convince her to love me before it’s too late?     AmazonKU


Kristen is on a magical treasure hunt to find her ex-husband’s body. She needs to put both the man and his ghost to rest. When she stumbles across a husk beneath the burned out ruins of the Jelly Roger, she thinks the dead witch may hold all the clues. And he does, just not necessarily the clues she’s looking for. Before she can say boo, Kristen finds herself drawn into a different kind of treasure hunt involving the ramshackle inn’s notorious history. But does ‘X’ mark the spot of Captain Half Tooth’s secrets or an unsolved modern day crime?     AmazonKU


Henry Dawson, sorcerer and apothecary assistant, works to support his mother and younger siblings after his father’s investments and consequent death leave them penniless. Invited to woo a reclusive heiress with magical empathy, he reluctantly accepts, despite a preference for earning his own way. Emma Ainsworth fears smallpox scars and her hypersensitivity to others’ thoughts make her ineligible for marriage. Sheltered by her aunt and uncle, she has withdrawn from most social life and wears a veil whenever she must go out. When a serious injury confines Henry to Emma’s estate for the summer, a verbal duel ensues—Emma wants to test her empathy in a sexual relationship, not marry him. What neither admits is their fear that passion might burn them both.

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WITCH FINDER by Sheri Lewis Wohl

Hereditary witch Tamsin Chaney didn’t ask to be the Keeper. But you don’t mess with centuries of tradition. Even though she’ll do everything in her power to keep the Witch Finders of the Dark Faction from gaining possession of the Book of Darkness, she’s just fine tucked away on her farm dispensing white magic to keep her community safe and healthy. Morrigan James, a Witch Finder of the White Faction, will stop at nothing to guard the Keeper and the sacred grimoire that holds the secrets to unleashing unstoppable evil into the world. The Dark Faction grows stronger and bolder, and time is growing short. Tamsin is in terrible danger, and Morrigan must protect her and the secrets she guards even if it costs Morrigan her life. As they grow ever closer, only Tamsin and Morrigan can stop the Dark Faction and fulfill the prophesy that will keep the world safe forever.

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As Cerissa and her vampire fiancé celebrate their first Christmas together…secrets abound! The surprise Cerissa prepares for Christmas Eve will be everything Henry wants, but the gift he gives her on Christmas night will turn their household upside down with happy chaos. And while Henry promises to start working with Cerissa on their wedding plans once the holiday is over, something seems to be holding him back. When Anne-Louise calls with her own unreasonable demands, his maker may very well rip the holiday happiness right from Henry and Cerissa’s hands.     AmazonKU


The tube sock had it coming. That’s Joanie’s story and she’s sticking to it. He can say what he likes, try and deny what’s between them all he wants, but those lips don’t lie. It all started with a lost cousin. Rosa went missing, just, poof, vanished. No one knows anything or is willing to be of any real help about it, and Joanie is just plain sick of being left in the dark. Armed with the last few bucks to her name and enough caffeine and chocolate to send her rocketing to the moon, she drags her unhappy buns all the way up that ice pop of a mountain her cousin just had to go vacay at, all alone, in a cabin in the woods, without her favoritest cousin and best friend by her side, ahem, and now Joanie is doing the same, if on a less than fabulous budget, under less than stellar circumstances. Cue Rek, the Abominably dressed hot mess she stumbles across in her snooping… (more blurb on ebooks seller’s page)      AmazonKU


Once Upon a Time …The Enchanted, Inc. series told the story of a young woman who was so ordinary that she was extraordinary, and she became the secret weapon of the magical world. Now return to that world in this collection of stories related to the Enchanted, Inc. series. See how events mentioned in the series actually happened and get a look at what happened next after the end of the series. New stories in this collection include: Spelling Test – During Rod and Owen’s college days, Rod’s eagerness to get into a magical secret society gets him in trouble when he borrows a spell Owen developed. In Case of Emergency . . . – Owen gets sent on a mysterious business trip to the London office of Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc., then gets whisked away to a remote location, where he finds himself face-to-face with a legend—and responsible for bringing the legend back to life and up to speed. Power Struggle – Strange creatures come to Katie’s hometown, draining the town of both magical power and electricity and threatening the hometown blessing ceremony and reception following Katie and Owen’s wedding. But Katie’s Granny is on the case. This collection also includes essays from the author about the inspiration and development of the Enchanted, Inc. series, as well as two previously published stories, “Paint the Town Red” and “Criminal Enchantment.” All stories include brand-new notes from the author.

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Maeve’s quiet life of isolation has kept her from the outside world—as a gorgon, she has to protect herself and others. Princess Keeva Glantor is proud to be a member of Uterni’s royal family. But her mother’s health is failing quickly, and Keeva’s life of ease is turned upside down. On a hunt for the key to keeping Uterni’s queen on the throne, Keeva meets Maeve. The princess is intrigued by the lone woman in the fen, but she has her own mission to complete and no time for anything, or anyone. Maeve yearns to believe she has a chance at a regular life and is curious enough to push the boundaries of what she’s always known, revealing a deception that has kept her a pariah in a world she fears as much as it fears her. Both must unravel lies and come face-to-face with the truth to create a future they can call their own, perhaps even one that includes each other.

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This is not a stand alone story. Please read from the first book, Wild Pack, before diving into this HEA ending. I don’t know if I can handle four men at once. I don’t have to, yet. Right now, I’m alone with the one who got away. Eric has come with me to find my sister and help her through her transformation. It is time away from the city and the chaos of the last few weeks – time to settle in to figuring out what it means to be an Omega, figuring out what it means to be me before I take on all four of Alphas all to myself. Except, I don’t have four Alphas, I have three. The last time I tried to kiss Eric, he rejected me. Yet he is still here with me, beside me, helping me… but why? Is he the kind of man who wants to go slow? Or is he a Beast like the rest of them? All I know is that he is here for me, every step of the way, and I can’t wait to see what makes this muscular monster burn for me. He might want to go slow, but I don’t know how long I can wait. I am a Beast of Mars after all.     AmazonKU


VS Note: I already have tornado-phobia but I’m still tempted to read this.

In a small town tucked away in the midwestern corn fields, the adults whisper about Tornado Day. Our narrator, a high school sophomore, has never heard this phrase but she soon discovers its terrible meaning: a plague of sentient tornadoes is coming to destroy them. The only thing that stands between the town and total annihilation is a teen boy known as the tornado killer. Drawn to this enigmatic boy, our narrator senses an unnatural connection between them. But the adults are hiding a secret about the origins of the tornadoes and the true nature of the tornado killer—and our narrator must escape before the primeval power that binds them all comes to claim her.

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FACE THE NIGHT by Lani Forbes

Once, Catriona Macgregor led a charmed life. Daughter of a wealthy rancher, pretty and educated, she looked forward to all the world had to offer—until fate took a turn. Now family, home, and even her name have been stripped away. As “Black Cat Whitfield,” adopted daughter of an outlaw, she’s wanted by the authorities. It certainly wasn’t the destiny she imagined—especially as one of the Blessed. The Blessed, rare people like Cat, are supposed to use their gifts to carry out missions for the Patron Saints, but she can only imagine that Saint Prudentia made a terrible mistake in choosing her. Still, her gift has never deserted her. Whenever danger threatens, Cat receives a vision—just in time to save her life. And when she meets a renegade priest, Father Ignatius, he helps her understand how her ability may be part of a much bigger picture. A picture that involves facing up to the monstrous Baron Caldwell—the one who ordered her parents killed—and his son, Adrian, who betrayed them all. Cat is torn between guilt over her parents’ death, a longing for vengeance against their killers, and a dismaying new interest in Adrian. It would be easiest to flee the whole situation and never look back. But as someone once told her, you can’t outrun the darkness on your heels. There’s only one way to break through to sunrise—by turning to face the night.

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TYRANNY OF THE FEY by Terry Bartley

Tyranny of the Fey is a collection of short stories set in Galevyn, an original fantasy universe. A famed Elven researcher is worried about her home. When she discovers a new realm with massive magic potential, she believes she has found the answer. Will the Seasonal Fey Courts allow her to continue her research without interference, or do they have more nefarious plans? An Elven princess runs away from her arranged marriage to a parallel world. Will she be able to find the adventure she seeks? While she is in search of battles with dragons and quests to obtain sacred artifacts, she finds that what she was looking for may have been a true connection with someone that understands her. Two childhood friends, an orc and a goblin, have long dreamed of adventure. When a magic school dropout stumbles into their lives, they jump at the chance to realize their ambitions. This found family realizes the world of Galevyn is a much bigger place than the jungle they grew up in.

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FRACTURING FATE by Sasha Alsberg

History tore them apart. Can they survive their future? While consumed in a devastating battle with the demigod Llaw, Klara is mysteriously catapulted five hundred years into the past, suddenly alone and distraught that she and her fated love Callum killed the demigod at the expense of Callum’s own life. As the last Pillar of Time, an anchor point in the timeline of the world, Klara must navigate dangerous magic, confusing visions, and powerful adversaries to determine the fate of the world and avenge the life of her love. But with all the treacherous enemies—magical and human alike—chasing Klara in 1500s Scotland, she has no idea what, and whom, she actually left behind on the battlefield in 2022. In a battle across history and the present, life and death, Klara must fight to choose her own fate.

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One brilliant June day when Mia Jacob can no longer see a way to survive, the power of words saves her. The Scarlet Letter was written almost two hundred years earlier, but it seems to tell the story of Mia’s mother, Ivy, and their life inside the Community—an oppressive cult in western Massachusetts where contact with the outside world is forbidden, and books are considered evil. But how could this be? How could Nathaniel Hawthorne have so perfectly captured the pain and loss that Mia carries inside her? Through a journey of heartbreak, love, and time, Mia must abandon the rules she was raised with at the Community. As she does, she realizes that reading can transport you to other worlds or bring them to you, and that readers and writers affect one another in mysterious ways. She learns that time is more fluid than she can imagine, and that love is stronger than any chains that bind you. As a girl Mia fell in love with a book. Now as a young woman she falls in love with a brilliant writer as she makes her way back in time. But what if Nathaniel Hawthorne never wrote The Scarlet Letter? And what if Mia Jacob never found it on the day she planned to die? Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote: “A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” This is the story of one woman’s dream. For a little while it came true.

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May you see the face and not the mask. Ren came to Nadežra with a plan. She would pose as the long-lost daughter of the noble house Traementis. She would secure a fortune for herself and her sister. And she would vanish without a backward glance. She ought to have known that in the city of dreams, nothing is ever so simple. Now, she is Ren, con-artist and thief. But she is also Renata, the celebrated Traementis heir. She is Arenza, the mysterious pattern-reader and political rebel. And she is the Black Rose, a vigilante who fights alongside the legendary Rook. Even with the help of Grey Serrado and Derossi Vargo, it is too many masks for one person to wear. And as the dark magic the three of them helped unleash builds to storm that could tear the very fabric of the city apart, it’s only a matter of time before one of the masks slips—and everything comes crashing down around them.

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VOID by Neen Cohen

A dark tale of self-discovery that will sweep you into a world of swords, secrets, snark, and sapphic love. Kiera never fit in. Not on her aunt’s farm, not at her boring job, not with her ex-girlfriends. But she hasn’t given up hope of finding that elusive place to belong. A freak storm leaves her stranded, alone in the office. When something flashes past the upstairs window, the sarcastic voice in her head, Jiminy, insists it’s a figment of her imagination. But Kiera knows she didn’t imagine the flying pirate ship. Or the dragon. If she jumps on board—into a hidden world above the clouds—there’ll be no coming back. Is she ready for the quest of a lifetime, and the dark secrets beginning to unfurl? Void is the first book in a dark steampunk fantasy series that skillfully blends thrilling adventure, snarky humour, and a sapphic slow-burn romance.  Amazon

THORNHEDGE by T Kingfisher

There’s a princess trapped in a tower. This isn’t her story. Meet Toadling. On the day of her birth, she was stolen from her family by the fairies, but she grew up safe and loved in the warm waters of faerieland. Once an adult though, the fae ask a favor of Toadling: return to the human world and offer a blessing of protection to a newborn child. Simple, right? But nothing with fairies is ever simple. Centuries later, a knight approaches a towering wall of brambles, where the thorns are as thick as your arm and as sharp as swords. He’s heard there’s a curse here that needs breaking, but it’s a curse Toadling will do anything to uphold.

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When the friends were shipwrecked along a frozen tundra, they didn’t know whether they would make it home again. When they were attacked by savage beasts, they had no plan to survive. When Kiera threw up her hands to defend them, they had no idea what might happen. But in that moment, the gift of the dragon sparked to life. Only a few weeks they’ve been gone, but the tides are already changing. A raven carrying their fateful news soars into the distance, and they wait desperately for a reply. They had believed their quest to be almost finished, but discover that a new chapter of their journey is only beginning. The fates do not bestow gifts lightly, and great power must be handled with great care. But Kiera was not the only mortal chosen for such greatness. Her stone has a twin. A twin that has fallen into dangerous hands…Be careful who you trust. Even the devil was once an angel.

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The father of my star student is a hot-shot screenwriter who thinks he can dictate what production I should put on. He’s also the biggest patron of the drama department, and the principal makes it very clear that I need to cooperate with the opinionated asshat or walk away from my dream job at the exclusive private high school. It doesn’t help matters that the guy is single, hot, charming, creative, and seems to like me despite my thinly-veiled hostility. When he invites me to a custom-tailored Perfect Match virtual adventure to convince me that his screenplay is the best choice for my production, I accept, intending to have fun while proving that messing with the classics is a foolish idea. I don’t expect to be wowed by his werewolf adaptation of Red Riding Hood mesh-up with Romeo and Juliet, and I certainly don’t expect to fall in love with the virtual fantasy’s leading man.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Author describes this as “new-adult, queerplatonic, dark fantasy.”

Caught robbing the Governor’s mansion, Blythe is given a choice: steal the crown jewel of Ostrait’s greatest enemy, or her papa and friends all die. Forced undercover as a candidate in the Fletch King’s marital competition, she must survive the cut-throat court under the watchful eye of the Governor’s pet assassin. But how much of herself will this mission cost her? Kalen got her into this mess. And now they must keep their head down in the servants’ quarters, enduring their new superior’s brutality and confronted with the terrors of their past. It’s no longer as simple as crafting bombs and letting the fire do the work—there’s nowhere left to run, and his real talent seems to lie in screwing everything up. Can a martyr learn what it means to live? Can a coward learn what it means to fight?
They’re only a pair of outcasts. Failures. Will the cruelties of court tear their friendship apart? Or can they salvage a future together in a world that doesn’t want them?

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In a neighborhood plagued by nosy neighbors, divorcee Tamela’s world is turned upside down when Grom, a handsome, misunderstood orc, becomes her new neighbor. Struggling to adapt, Grom finds little support from his human neighbors. However, Tamela, with her bubbly and welcoming nature, makes it her mission to ensure he feels welcome. As their passionate connection deepens, Grom’s troubled past emerges, endangering Tamela’s safety. Can Grom shield her from the shadows of his past? Will their love endure the explosive truth? Prepare for a short paranormal romance story that ignites both the heart and the senses.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Listed in Erotica.

You were a bad boy, then. But I saw your heart. And I knew you wanted to be a good boy. So I made you into my good boy. And aren’t you so much happier this way? The monster apocalypse is a drag. Especially when you’re stuck with your useless ex-boyfriend. After everything Kaylee’s done for him, he still leaves her behind to save his own skin when the snow caves in. When all hope is lost, a seven-foot-tall snow monster comes to her rescue. He’s rough and impulsive, but Kaylee sees the good inside of him. He just needs to be brought to heel, is all.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Timeslip romance.

Ellinor lived for adventure, always travelling from one place to the next – until tragedy struck and turned her world upside down. Needing to escape, she accepts an invitation to stay with relatives at their remote Cornish farmhouse. As Ellinor settles on the outskirts of Calstock, it’s not long before the land and its history have her itching to explore once more. Her search takes her far and wide when an unexpected encounter with an enigmatic, handsome stranger stops her in her tracks. From the moment they meet, Ellinor knows deep in her soul they share a connection like no other. It’s as if they’ve known each other forever. But no one else has heard of William… Is he all that he claims to be? Could their love story be written in the stars? Or will past secrets threaten to alter the very future Ellinor has begun to let herself hope for?     AmazonKU

GIMMICKS AND GLAMOUR by Lauren Melissa Ellzey

Ashly Harris has a secret she’s been keeping all her life. To everyone else, she’s just a seventeen-year-old party girl and problem senior at Hackley High School. She has always felt alone, and not just because she’s biracial and openly bisexual. Ashly sees faeries all around her, all the time. She has learned to hide her Sight, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is constantly taking the blame for the havoc that the faeries wreak. The only person who knows about Ashly’s ability is her eccentric, yet level-headed best friend, Caris, who might be playing along while also playing with Ashly’s feelings. As Ashly speeds toward graduation with few future prospects on the horizon, she must protect the classmates she claims to hate from an evil that no one else sees.

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VS Note: From JULY 25.

Archaeologist Erin Richardson loves her job, but the dig in France is something else. A crumbling keep, a dungeon and the search for legendary chevalier Gaharet d’ Louncrais… Her imagination is running overtime. Thank God he’ s long dead and only comes to life in her dreams. Until a mysterious amulet sends her back to the tenth century. Now her fantasy has become her reality. Gaharet d’ Louncrais needs a wife. Powerful and handsome, he constantly has women vying for his attention. But if they knew his secret, they’ d run for their lives. Forget love. Forget finding his true mate. He’ d forsake it all to save his wolf pack from extinction. But when Erin appears, with her strange clothes and her even stranger tale, she stirs his inner beast. He wants nothing more than to claim her as his own. Erin knows a player when she sees one. Arrogant and charming, he’ s everything she’ s guarded her heart against. The Dark Ages are no fairy-tale, and she will need to fight to survive, but the most dangerous thing of all is the way Gaharet makes her feel. She needs to find a way home. Gaharet needs her to stay. And now he’ s found her, he plans on never letting her go.     AmazonKU


Having worn out their welcome in Paris, the “City of Lights”, by fanging far too many French aristocrats, the Teechams and their entourage accept an unexpected invitation to visit one of the lesser-known Stuart Clans at their Highland Castle. But the Scottish Lords have a hidden agenda, one they feel will be mutually advantageous for themselves AND the Southern Vampires from Virginia. The Teechams are royally welcomed upon their arrival- But some of them will never see home again!     AmazonKU

MORT by Loki Renard

Self destructive. Self loathing. Self harming. Tristan is at the end of his rope. Ready to meet his end. But the reaper who comes for him does not take his soul. He saves his life.
Gifted. Precious. Beautiful. The moment Mort lays his empty eyes on Tristan, the reaper of souls knows he must save this one. Tristan is a hot mess. Mort is a cool, calm dominant. Tristan can see demons…Wait. Tristan can see demons? Tristan is the only mortal Mort has ever met with such a gift, and Mort soon becomes fascinated with this uncontrollably reckless, sensitive, wonderful, awful mortal man. Tristan is shocked to have met someone who can stand being around him for more than five minutes, someone who seems to find him not only interesting, but actually lovable. Not to mention, someone who can take him in hand and tame him down when he needs it. There’s just one problem. Besides Tristan’s many, many problems. Tristan is marked.
You could say cursed. He bears the seal of a secret god. To possess his mortal mate, Mort must eliminate that claim before he can fully take Tristan as his own. No amount of supernatural interference will be enough to stop a very grim reaper willing to do anything to possess his chosen mate. Mort has taken millions of lives. The next one will belong to a god.



Valentina We won the battle, but the war is not over. My mates and I have met the enemy, learned my heritage, and discovered why I was the focus of evil for so long. I have an evil uncle and cousins. One was sent to kill me but now she’s one of my best friends. This time when they come for me, we’ll be ready. Cousin Onyx and I are practicing our powers, discovering more and more about them each time. Fox, Bishop, and Storm are trying to make me live a little, but that’s hard when you’re always looking over your shoulder. I wish he would come already. Come and get me so we can end this once and for all. While we’re practicing and learning, I’ve seen something between Onyx and Raven…and maybe one other male wolf. Maybe Fate will smile down on them like she did for me.     AmazonKU


Sacrifices are acceptable when you’re not the one making them. With Arty’s life hanging in the balance, nothing else matters. Until it does. The rift in the abyss is opening. The world as we know it is about to end, and it turns out, I’m only one who can stop it. It’s time to face the ultimate truth. It’s finally time to face Fate head on.   AmazonKU


Novice witch, Adelaide “Laidey” Ryan is up to her pointy hat in trouble. A hex lingers over the Renaissance Faire she now calls home, and an ancient prophesy hints that time is almost out for everyone inside the walls. But things go from bad to worse, when her black cat familiar Mort pulls a certain famous sword from the stone…The same sword that’s used in a murder not a day later. Now Laidey must use her magic to prove Mort’s innocence before she can crack the curse. But when her unfolding powers go awry, she jeopardizes the entire faire’s future. Will Laidey conjure a cure for the curse, or will this spell the end for the faire and everyone inside?     AmazonKU


If a megalomaniacal earth mage kidnaps your little sister, do you: A) Kill him B) Kill him C) Kill him D) Magically indenture yourself to him to ensure her safe return – Welsh water horse Nevan Quirke would have happily opted for A, B, or C, but had no idea where his sister was hidden—so, option D it is. He’s not a fool, though. He made sure to limit his obligation to a single task. Unfortunately, he neglected to nail down a few tiny details before the geas brand was seared into his skin, and now: A) He can’t shift B) He can’t swim C) He can’t drink D) If he fails, he’ll be bound to the mage for eternity – Oh, and that task? Assist in an assassination. If only he weren’t so thirsty. And if only his partner for the heinous job weren’t the most appealing man Nevan has seen in his entire two-thousand-year life.     AmazonKU

SHIFTERS IN PLAID by Kenna McKay and Jessica Coulter Smith

Ranald’s Mate: Ranald has resigned himself to an arranged mating with a lass he can barely tolerate. He never counted on her turning into a feisty beauty! But if there’s one thing Ranald knows how to do, it’s woo a lass. His mate doesn’t stand a chance. Highland Shifter’s Baby: One sniff and Camdan knows Lily’s his destined mate. Too bad she’s off-limits — or is she? When the temptation becomes too great, Cam knows that he’ll do whatever it takes to claim Lily and make her his. Mad, Bad Bear: Tavish MacBride insists Jessalyn Delaney is his destined mate, and he’s determined to claim her and her cubs even though she’s human. Dealing with her violent ex is easy enough — Tavish isn’t afraid of shedding a little blood. But first, he has a mate to claim… and what a claiming it will be!

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An omega is the last thing I need. Especially one who’s demanding, obsessive, and violent. But when Kiara shows up in my apartment, I’m forced to keep her close. It doesn’t matter that I know nothing about her except how pretty she looks in that dress and how desperately she wants a dark bond. I’m stuck with her. I need backup, and there’s only one pack I trust. But the Loranger pack are a problem all on their own. No one can know we’re spending time together, because they’re not just any pack. They’re my brother’s scent matches. The ones he rejected years ago. With Kiara’s secrets piling onto mine, none of us can clearly see what’s coming. However, one thing’s for sure. Our enemies are closing in, and I’m going to have to make an impossible choice. Because there might only be one way to save Kiara…Lonely Alpha is a standalone polyam/why choose MMFFM omegaverse with both MM and FF relationships. There is a female alpha and a female omega, along with three male alphas. This story is set in the PoisonVerse and does contain dark themes—more details are provided in the content warnings.    AmazonKU

A FATED LOVE (ROGUE BOOK TWO) by Domina Alexandra

Starting over is never easy, however, Karissa wouldn’t have it any other way if it meant being with her fated mate, Danni, a lone wolf whose own journey has been met with a lot of curves, starting with Hansel, the witch wolf, who turned her at fifteen and habitually shows up uninvited. Living as rogues, all they wanted was time to figure out their future, but when young rogue shifters start to go missing it will be up to Karissa and Danni to find them. To make matters more sinister, a very old vampire might be the reason for the young shifters being snatched. It will take more than Karissa and Danni to unravel the truth and find the shifters before it’s too late. Karissa and Danni might not have things figured out yet, but it will only push them closer to becoming a strong pair and adversary to any who gets in their way, and so much more than fated mates.    Amazon


The last person anybody ever expected to get into trouble was the crone. I’d believed she was pretty much bomb proof. I mean, who in their right mind would go after a two-thousand-year-old witch who was also a magical historian? The problem was, I didn’t know what took her down. But something did. Whatever it was, it left her hovering on the razor edge of death. If I don’t kick it into gear and go after her attacker, the old witch’s present condition could become permanent. And then I’d have a grieving teen to deal with. As well as an extremely irritated magical horse.

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A Barbarian Who Must Lie – When a prideful queen comes to his prison cell with an unbelievable proposal of marriage, Warrick of the Dead Lands is quick to accept, but not merely to secure his freedom. Because he recognizes the powerful jewels the queen wears — jewels pilfered from the temple of a goddess, who unleashed her wrath upon a kingdom. His plan? Pretend to go along with Queen Elina until he can steal the jewels back, then use them to lift the goddess’s curse. Except the queen isn’t who Warrick assumes she is at first glance, and his deception might cost him everything… A Queen Who Must Die – Betrayed by everyone she’s ever loved, trusting no one, Elina has spent years searching for the warrior prophesied to overthrow the sorcerer who stole her throne … and Warrick is the one warrior she’s found whose description matches the prophecy. She doesn’t want to marry a barbarian, but she’s running out of time — the sickness ravaging her body means she’ll be dead long before she sees home. Only the enchanted jewels she wears give her the strength to continue on … and her new husband’s touch offers the only pleasure she’s ever known. But after a life spent running from those who betrayed her, Elina doesn’t know whether to trust Warrick with her kingdom … or her heart.     AmazonKU

HER CATALOG HERO by Arlene Foster

VS Note: From JULY 19.

Allyson Williams inherits a family cottage that comes with a unusual curse, or blessing depending on however she sees it on any given day. The curse involves generations of catalogs, and enables her to point at any item listed, say, “I want that,” and it appears. After six months the fascination wears off, her daily life is feeling very blah. Over the last several years she has built up a successful crafting career, selling crocheted and knitted items on her web site, Allyson’s Classic Vintage Clothes and Household Accessories. She selects the Wards 1922 catalog, hoping to get inspiration for her next sales project. Suddenly she spots a drawing of a man in the men’s coat section. He holds her attention in a way no real man ever has. Didn’t the curse say she could have anything in the catalogs? She points and says, “I want the real man.” In seconds he appears. Now what does she do?     AmazonKU


Fallon never wanted a fated mate. Now he has two. Dragon omega Fallon is recovering from the abuse he endured in his previous clan, and he’s grateful for the friendship he’s building with his roommates, beta Duer and pregnant omega Yitro. When Duer announces he thinks they’re fated mates, Fallon is furious. He doesn’t want fated mates. He wants to be able to make his own choices. It’s hard for him to deny the truth, however, and slowly but surely, the three of them develop a close bond. But Yitro is about to give birth, Duer is troubled by his past, and Fallon is getting impatient. And then their enemies show up, and it’s time to take a stand.     AmazonKU


The craving was maddening. Uncontrollable. I inhaled her. My fangs ached. And every time I looked into her eyes, the dagger of desire was thrust ever further into my broken soul. I—the Quiet King—who held dominion over countless beings, found myself absolutely enslaved by this enchanting blood mage. But would she ever submit to me?
Or would I have to take what I desire?     AmazonKU


Every journey must end… one way or another. And in Declan’s experience, that usually means death. Death of his enemies. Death of his friends. Their one hope of surviving is in the hands of a man he wants to see suffer… even if it means letting the darkness within take over. But even if he retrieves the dagger, he could still lose everything. He could still lose her. He may not be good enough—he may not deserve her—but he’s not about to let her go. Not without a fight.   AmazonKU


Peaches is a nature pixie. Fully bonded to his orchard, he can only leave his land for a finite time. Plants, soil, daylight, and every living thing Mother Nature has on tap flows like liquid sunshine through Peaches’s lively veins. Lucroy Moony was born into his vampiric second life over six hundred years ago. King of the Southeastern nest in the United States, Lucroy is responsible for more than his bar, Dusk. Lucroy only comes alive when the sun goes down. The moon and stars are his backdrop—the sun the quickest path to a pile of ash. Death and darkness fill Lucroy’s body with borrowed blood. Pixies and vampires couldn’t be more different, and yet, Lucroy and Peaches find themselves drawn together time and again. But vampire myth cautions that pixie blood is deadly, and Lucroy’s willing to put that tale to the test. Nothing that smells as temptingly delicious as Peaches’s blood can be toxic. Right? Lucroy wants nothing more than to court fate with his pixie, but someone’s been whispering in the vampire council’s ears, and they aren’t pleased to learn Lucroy killed a werewolf to save a pixie. If the council decides Lucroy was in the wrong, his life is forfeit, and the nest he’s tried so hard to protect could be left in sadistic hands. Lucroy needs to convince the council pixies aren’t toxic but precious creatures. And, more importantly, one pixie, in particular, is his beloved—his Perfectly Perfect Pixie, Peaches.     AmazonKU


Welcome back to Ames Crossing! The spooky riverside village that boasts paranormal phenomena, curses, ghosts, and a family of wise-women who work to keep the balance of good and evil in check. Twelve years ago, Arianna Beaumont fled Ames Crossing. Determined to start over, she built a whole new life for herself. Now as an archeologist, Arianna is happiest when she’s digging into the mysteries of the past. A few weeks off to spend time with her family has turned into a surprising opportunity to dig deeper into the local legend of an infamous river pirate from the 1800s. Rafe Tremaine is thoroughly annoyed that his young daughter, Caroline, has found valuable antique coins in their backyard. To his dismay, word of her discovery has slipped out, and now there are amateur treasure hunters, and pirate enthusiasts sneaking into his yard. Worse, Caroline insists that a ghost is haunting her because she’s discovered his hoard. Rafe reluctantly agrees to allow Arianna to dig a test pit on his property. He certainly doesn’t believe in ghosts, and he’s suspicious of any beautiful woman. Arianna is only interested in the excavation, and not some surly auto mechanic who runs hot one moment and cold the next. No matter how attractive he might be…As Arianna begins her work and unearths gold coins and other valuables, it soon becomes clear that the Reaver is not merely a legend. Her precognitive dreams have shown her that the Reaver is a malevolent spirit consumed with attacking anyone who disturbs his cache. Despite the danger and the odds, Arianna and Rafe are about to discover that a chance at finding true love is infinitely more precious than any pirate’s treasure.

Amazon     The rest of the series is in AmazonKU.


What would you do to change the course of fate? A few weeks after the siege, Qaanir is rebuilding and the other rulers are starting to arrive for the summit. The first one in a thousand years. I’ve been training hard with our growing army, and it’s definitely not because I’m hiding from my feelings. I need to get stronger. I need to learn every discipline of magic if I want to stand a chance against Sebastian. But Felix’s haunting visions are getting darker. They show a dire future, and the answer seems to lie in the alliance. Which means the fate of the worlds is in the hands of a gaggle of pompous Daevasi kings and queens. Oh, gods … We’re doomed. As usual, Quillon has a plan, and as usual, I don’t like it. Draqaar must be united under one leader. A herald of the alliance. And Quillon wants to nominate me. There’s only one catch: the herald must be a ruler of Draqaar. But Quillon has a plan for that too …The Raven’s Burden is a slow burn reverse harem. It’s book 3 of 6 in the Arsyn Morgan series.    AmazonKU

THE MONSTER’S WIFE by Jillian West

The picturesque town of Haven may offer sanctuary for all, but the irony is getting harder to miss: monsters are vanishing. Aline knows better than to meddle. The runaway Princess of Faere learned the hard way what happens when others see what her magic can do. No, it’s far better to focus on her own problems like running The Monster’s Den and staying off the paranormal council’s radar. Tragedy strikes Haven as things are finally starting to come together for the lonely fae, and Aline has no choice but to intervene. The blows keep coming when the paranormal council initiates a full-scale inquiry into why monsters vanish from Haven. It seems her house of cards is about to tumble. Can she trust the ghosts of her past and the unhinged monsters desperate to be a part of her future to help keep her safe? Will they even want to when they see what she’s capable of?     AmazonKU


Alpha dragon, Cade Moonscale, is on a mini-vacation to help his best friend settle into Heartville. Dorian and his mate, Sergei, have been through hell together and are finally ready for their happily-ever-after and Cade is ready to help them make that happen. Only he never bargains for the scent of his true-mate whacking him upside the head before he even exits the truck. Omega Wolf, Eston, has almost everything he wants in life. He has his family, his friends, and his garden. He’s about to embark on a career that will enable Heartville to rely upon themselves for the bulk of their crops. He’s blossomed as his knowledge of the land and the food it can grow has expanded. There’s only one thing he’s missing and both of his triplet brothers already have it: His true-mate. Neither Cade nor Eston planned to meet their true-mates on the day of the groundbreaking ceremony for Bad Wolf Cakes 2.0 but very few shifters can plan for the event. What should be an instant happily-ever-after is overshadowed by both the past and the uncertainty of the future. With his home city of London on the edge of war, will Cade have to leave his newly found true-mate to fight the war his father has declared against Mundanes Before Magic? Neither Cade nor Eston, want to lose their budding bond, but is love stronger than the call to battle?     AmazonKU


When an innocent woman is sentenced to community service for a crime she didn’t commit, she expects to spend a few hours picking up trash or cleaning up graffiti… instead, she is put into the back of a police car and driven to the town of Silverwood to deal with a community only she can see, the dead kind. A recent death has the rumor mill churning, and it quickly becomes clear that there is something sinister going on. Her childhood dog, Fluke, has somehow reappeared to help her sniff out clues and when a brick is thrown through the window telling her to back off it is obvious that she needs all the help she can get. In a dog-eat-dog world there are people willing to do extreme things to get ahead, so when ghosts are hounding her for answers, she’ll have to teach herself, and Fluke, some new tricks to catch the killer. Magic, murder, and a mighty mutt… it’s all waiting in Silverwood.     AmazonKU


I’m a prisoner. A pet. A being of supreme power on a leash. Why? Because my arranged mate “borrowed” my power and nearly killed the House of Gold and Garnet’s King.
Oh, he knew I was innocent. Just like his successor—King Kaspian—does as well. But that hasn’t lessened my sentence; it’s simply made my prison cell a little more comfortable. Because instead of bars, I’m stuck in one of the new king’s bedrooms. And he’s tasked three immensely handsome mercenaries to guard me. Nox, Bane, and Nolan.
Too bad all I want to do is escape—otherwise, I might be tempted by the buffet of sexy goodness spread out before me. Alas, when King Kaspian gives me a task I can’t refuse, I suddenly find myself incapable of thinking about anything or anyone other than the four captors controlling my life. Because it turns out that breaking a magically forced mate bond can fracture the soul and cause new bonds to form. Four, to be exact. With a king and his three mercenary guards. If any of them reject me, I’ll die. But if they accept me, my death magic might consume us all.     AmazonKU


The Perfect Match Agency’s company policy is clear: No dating in the workplace! Looks like Renn and Topher didn’t get the memo…Topher – Working in IT for the Perfect Match Agency has been my dream job. Not just because I get to work with the software that helps people find their mate, but because it allows me to work from home. And with my anxiety issues, working from home is a must. Don’t get me wrong, I have my work friends who I talk to through email and texts every day, especially Renn. We’ve never met, but Renn has become my best friend. When the system sends both of us emails congratulating us on finding a 99.1% perfect match, not even my anxiety can stop me from heading to the office to solve the problem…and to meet Renn in person for the very first time. Renn – Having the Perfect Match system send me an email telling me it’s found a 99.1% compatible match for me was not the wildest thing that happened to me that day. Meeting my best friend in person for the first time and having him instantly go into heat and me into rut definitely was. That supply closet will never be the same. Neither will me and Topher, unfortunately. There’s nothing like coming into work on a Monday after a wild heat weekend only to be fired to start a relationship out on the wrong foot. But are Topher and I victims of nature and destined to go down in flames, or is the perfection of our match exactly what the company needs to study to take the whole matchmaking system to the next level? Perfect Match Agency is a multi-author gay romance series.     AmazonKU


The baby is in distress and he’s taking all of us with him. Trapped behind the walls of Bellevue Medical, all we can do is worry about what The Council will do when I give birth. Will they let us keep the child? Or will they take him away forever? Outside of the hospital, a rebellion is brewing. Word has gotten out about what The Council will do to our half-demon, half-witch child. My five baby daddies are on medical rotation trying to keep me and our baby alive, but when they aren’t by my side, they’re stirring up the crowd. The Council started this fight a century ago, but we’re going to be the ones to finish it.     AmazonKU


I hate how he ridicules me. Yet he’s the only one who can make my wolf come out.
I failed to shift at the full moon ritual. I’m the laughing stock of the pack.
Now the much older wolf who always makes fun of me is coming to my rescue.
I want to push him away, but my wolf wants to give him her innocence. He’s stoic and grumpy and he mockingly calls me a little princess. But I’m not little anymore. I’ve grown out my curves and am ready for the world. Except that I can’t shift. I have no choice but to accept his help. And so he takes me into the woods and teaches me how to run wild. After the shifting our pelts melt back into skin, and I see him for who he is. I want to run my fingers over the burn marks that the demons gave him. I want to hush his condescending words with my mouth. I want him to take what I’ve never given to a man before. Is he ready for my pregnant belly?     AmazonKU


A dark witch. A fatal chase. An undead demon. When a witch connected to the council is kidnapped, and Lucinda is breathing down my neck for her return, my grandfather thinks he has discovered the spell a demon is using to raise a king of hell. But we choose the wrong location and I arrive too late and face my newest foe. While running through Ravenholde to catch the demon lieutenant who summoned the undead to rise, I meet a murderous witch with malicious intentions. Tricked by her dark magic, she allows my bounty to escape and I am left holding the fate of the mundanes in my hands. Do I enact my revenge for killing in my community or allow her to flee and allow hundreds of innocents to die?     AmazonKU

UNMASKED by Mia Monroe

High school was hell. My peers spent their waking hours tormenting me. My accent, my weight, my lack of social skills, and looks only a mother could love, made me a perpetual target. Years later, fed up with being the underdog, I took matters into my own hands. My transformation was epic, dare I say, supernatural, and I returned to that town armed with perfect looks, a fat bank account, and enough charm to steal world secrets, but my heart hadn’t changed at all, and it was hungry for revenge. I craved the destruction of my enemies more than the blood I now needed to survive. And then Eli returned. My first crush, despite the fact he was straight. Eli was the one person who stood up for me in high school. He was a true friend, but I loved him with the ardent focus of a teenager, and once I saw his face again, I knew that love hadn’t died out at all. Suddenly revenge took a backseat to wooing Eli. Now I could be the man he deserved on his arm, but Eli saw past the new me to the person I still was deep inside. Could he want me if he knew what I had become? Would he love me if he saw me Unmasked? Unmasked is an MM friends to lovers, spicy tale of revenge, involving a man willing to sell his soul to get what he wants, an awakening that leads another man back home, bullies getting what they finally deserve, and a vampire doing very vampire-y things.    AmazonKU

BAD LUCK CHARM by Julie Johnson

GWENDOLYN GOODE LIVES A CHARMED LIFE. As owner of an occult shop in downtown Salem, Massachusetts she’s accustomed to all things odd and otherworldly. But when a bloody animal sacrifice is left as a warning outside her place of business, the police seem to think Gwen might be the target of some truly evil-doers. Suddenly, her sunny existence is riddled with danger in the form of crazed pagans, rogue employees, and nefarious henchmen. And there’s only one man who can protect her until the storm passes…GRAHAM GRAVES HAS NO TIME FOR WITCHY NONSENSE. Not in his love life, and definitely not in his line of work. Despite the ever-present oddities of his hometown, the private investigator and acclaimed police consultant prides himself on staying objective in every case that comes across his desk. That all changes when Gwendolyn — a woman who gets under his skin like no other — finds herself in the crosshairs of dangerous criminals. Graham is determined to make her safe, even if her presence tests his steely resolve. But as their mutual dislike sizzles into unexpected attraction… he becomes even more determined to make her something else: HIS.

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I found a strength I hadn’t known I possessed… now it’ll be tested beyond measure. After a grueling trip to the healing pools, we returned to another grimalkin attack. The horror and hurt of the assault ignites the awakening wildness inside me. I might not be an alpha — despite what people are calling me — but I’ll protect this pack to my dying breath. My very soul demands it. Of course, my soul also demands that Cyrus is my mate. We’ve crashed together, our passion overwhelming us, but duty inevitably pulls him away. That leaves my soul achingly incomplete, despite the loving attention of my fated mates, Bishop and Knox. But I have no time to figure things out. The assassin who almost killed Bishop is still on the loose, Sterling is haunting my dreams again, and a darkness is growing inside me…a darkness that could save us all or destroy me and the men I love.     AmazonKU


He’s won her, but not her heart. Isla: When the Alpha shows up at my doorstep one night and tells me that he’s won me in a poker game, I wonder if this is some kind of bad dream. It’s not. My dad actually bet me and lost me. Now I’m living with the Alpha of the North Pack of Aspen Ridge, and I’m not sure where to go from here. When I turn eighteen and learn that I’m fated to be Bishop’s mate, I’m even more confused. Now I need to figure out what I want. Bishop: Playing poker was supposed to be a way to bond as a pack and have some fun. Then one of my members bets his daughter as collateral… and I win her. When I collect my prize, I’m not sure what to do with her. Not until the mating moon. Now I might have messed everything up between us before we even started. I need to figure out a way to make things right between us. I just hope that it’s not too late.     AmazonKU



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