Six Sentence Sunday

From Warrior of the Nile, currently out on submission

(Khenet, a warrior of  ancient Egypt, is assigned by Pharaoh to journey down the Nile as bodyguard to Tiya, a noblewoman who has been selected by the goddess Nepthys to help her put a stop to black magic threatening all Egypt.  Tiya is to die in the attempt and Khenet will also perish.)  Nepthys is most displeased to find that Khenet has fallen in love with Tiya:

“You tread on dangerous ground in your desires, warrior.”

Khenet’s eyes watered and his chest tightened further. The image of Nepthys wavered and became Tiya, but the eyes fixed on his were the endless black onyx orbs of the Great One.

Reaching up with her free hand, Nepthys broke the chain of the tiny necklace adorning Tiya’s slender neck, throwing the adornment in his face. Reflexively, Khenet caught his humble gift before the beads could shatter on the deck. “Don’t forget your place,” the goddess admonished harshly.

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38 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Awesome snippet. It makes me want to learn more about the characters. I’ll be back for more next week!

  2. Fantastic set-up, awesome six. I really enjoyed it. I can tell this story is going be one good read. This glimpse of the characters paints them to be totally out of this world. Good luck with your submission and I can’t wait for next week’s six!

    • Thank you! I’ll probably keep doing my Six from this novel for a while, until Priestess of the Nile is about to come out, in January. WIP is the third one in this connected series, so some good stuff there I can use as well.

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