The Lego Diet (What?)

I’ve been asked to explain about the Lego Diet. First of all, DO NOT EAT THEM! LOL. That would probably be a quick way to disaster, never mind dieting. But in our house there are three of us who diet off and on, and exercise religiously (except for when we don’t). We also love lego kits. So a few years ago we decided that we’d each get a nifty lego kit to assemble and then we get one lego a day for meeting our diet goal and one for doing our exercise. No cheating! If we’ve been really bad (too many Halloween candies maybe) we might even take a lego back off the structure – oh no! I’m currently doing a Prince of Persia set:

I know, not too exciting as yet. (Although I did just complete the tricky trap door.) I have it positioned on a shelf where I see it as I do my trusty exercycle and it’s just  a fun little inspiration. Here’s what the set WILL look like when I have triumphed for enough days:

And then I’ll move on to another set. I just got a Mars rover that I’m anxious to build. So there you have it in a nutshell – the Lego Diet!

2 comments on “The Lego Diet (What?)

  1. Cute! My kids like Legos but then they want to PLAY with the things they make and the things just aren’t sturdy enough. Always falling apart. I mean, dang! How much fun is it to play Harry Potter if his head’s always coming off? Don’t answer that.

    • Yes, you’re right, we’ve even tried gluing them and THAT sure didn’t work! We give our completed sets away since no one plays with them currently. Thanks for the comment!

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