Six Sentence Sunday

From Priestess of the Nile, available for preorder now, out January 23rd from Carina Press.

Drawn to his abandoned temple on the banks of the Nile by an enchanting song, Sobek the Crocodile God is even more captivated by the sight of the singer herself. Appearing to her as a man, he learns she is Merys, a descendant of his last priestess.

Merys is attracted to the handsome stranger, who arouses passions in her that no man ever has. But with no dowry and no hope of ever leaving her village, she dares not dream of the futureโ€”or love.

Sobek takes every opportunity to visit Merys, taxing his resolve to leave her pure. When he saves her life, their mutual desire must be sated. But can a love between a human and an immortal survive the ultimate test of the gods?

Here’s the beginning of the scene where Sobek saves her life and she learns who he really is:

The rush of contentment that came over Bek at the mere sight of Merys amazed him and he paused on the trail, his jangled nerves soothed.

The sweet high note Merys held came to an end as she put a hand to her throat, then bent over the tiny waves, searching along the riverbed, no longer focused on her song.

A movement to the right caught his eye. What in the name of Setโ€™s horns is that crocodile in the shallows doing? Is it actually swimming to attack her? Enraged, Bek threw himself down the trail at a breakneck speed.

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