Meet the Author – Patricia Preston

It’s my pleasure today to have Patricia Ann Preston as a guest, talking about her new release “The Yard Sale”!

First here’s a bit about the terrific story:

The Yard Sale  (8500 words):  Jennifer Riley’s yard sale changes her life as she meets a host of shoppers from Early Birds to Prince Charming.  (It’s a humorous story with a dollop of romance.)

Available now for 99 cents at Amazon.

Amazon Top 100 Books, Best Seller in Comedy

Tell us a little about yourself

Okay, so I’ll try not to bore you. Real life was never all that interesting to me so I started making up stories when I was kid, and the habit stuck with me. I’ve been published in print, won some contests, had a historical novella published by Carina Press. After some deliberation during January about what I wanted to do with my writing this year, I decided I wanted to embrace my crazy side and write some funny stories. Just humorous little stories about my “people.” Southerners in all their wacky, wonderful and, sometimes, touching glory.

Amazon made it possible for me to reach an audience with stories that wouldn’t have had a home in print. My first story in my “Down Home Humor” series, “The Yard Sale” was published last Saturday and I woke up Sunday morning to find out it had made Amazon’s Top 100 Best Sellers in humor and short stories. After I revived myself, I had no doubts that I’d done the right thing. As of this writing, it remains in the top ten best sellers in comedy and I’ve had the best week of my life as a writer.

  Which 3 Books would you take to a desert island and why?

If they were available, I’d take the following and why is self-explanatory

BOUNTIFUL: The Guide to Eating What Nature Provides

JUNGLE LIVING: How to Decorate Caves and Tree Houses Artfully


Learn how to make coconut-shell bras and grass skirts

How to bathe in a waterfall without drowning yourself

Swing on a grapevine gracefully

What five people would you invite to dinner and why?

             Marilyn Monroe   I’d like to know if she really killed herself over JFK?

Cleopatra:   I’d love to know more about her life and her culture.

Rick Bragg:  Because it would be a great dinner with cornbread, fried okra, sliced

tomatoes, etc. We’d both pig out and talk writing and I’d sit there being oh so envious

of his wonderful descriptions.

Cole Younger: I love Cole. He went from rich boy to a Confederate guerilla to an outlaw

to a prisoner to a parolee to a lecturer and ran a Wild West Show.  Cole did it all.

Rhett Butler:  Scarlett O’Hara?  Seriously?

Do you do a lot of research for your books?

             Too much. I love research, especially history.  Right now, I’m steeped in the 50’s for my

next story.

Have you ever used an incident from real life in one of your books?

 Many times, all cleverly disguised.


Favorite TV show:  Supernatural. I like Hell on Wheels and Walking Dead, too.

Favorite Flower: Daisy!  It’s a happy flower and part of my brand.

Tea or Coffee:  Southern-style sweet iced tea

Favorite time of the year: Autumn. Love the colors

What’s next for you?

I’m working on “Laid to Rest”, the funniest story I’ve ever written.  I have some romances in the works as well.  My problem is time.

What question would you like to ask your Readers today?

Are you having a sunny day and doing what you love?

Where can your Readers find you online?

You can find me here:

Read an excerpt from “The Yard Sale” here:

Buy link for “The Yard Sale”



And don’t forget to check out Patricia’s  ALMOST AN OUTLAW! Here’s the blurb for it:

Rancher Austin Cade rides into Liberty looking for his old comrades, the James-Younger gang. He needs their help tracking down the horse thief who’s stolen his prized mare. In town, the former gunfighter is reunited with Darcy, the first girl he ever kissed—and never forgot.

Young widow Darcy Branson owns a shop full of fashionable ladies’ attire, but continues to wear mourning black so she won’t forget her role in her husband’s death. Austin stirs a passion inside her that has long been dormant, but can Darcy learn to believe in Austin—and love—enough to let go of her tragic past?

Time is rapidly running out… As a cousin to Jesse James, Darcy has attracted unwanted attention, thanks to her rumored association with the gang. Soon Austin and Darcy are faced with confronting not only their growing desire, but danger in the form of a deadly bounty hunter…

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