My Dad – Happy Father’s Day

27 Things About My Dad (in no certain order):

Gloried in being of Irish descent

Sang the part of Sheikh Ali Ben Ali in “Desert Song” in high school

Was in the Army in WWII

Graduated from Rutgers on the GI Bill (Go Scarlet Knights!)

Met my mother as an archery instructor at a summer camp where she was working, romance ensued, followed by marriage and baby carriage (oh, that would be ME! And my brother 8 years later)

Started at Easy Washer designing washing machines, then tanks at GE, then….

Worked on the Saturn 1B and the Saturn 5 for GE

Gave me my first typewriter so I could tell my stories

Taught me to fish (and clean fish)

Taught me to ride a bicycle

Taught me to shoot archery

Taught me to drive a car (the parallel parking thing didn’t stick with me – sorry, Dad!)

Gave me a love for science fiction

Bought me all the books and comic books I could read

Sang the part of Papageno in “The Magic Flute” in a civic production

Loved to golf and bowl (although it was my Mother who once bowled a perfect game!)

Flew radio controlled model airplanes

Could not be spoken too in the morning prior to having his coffee

Told great stories and jokes

Was your basic steak and potatoes man

Sang Barbershop Quartet (SPEBSQSA anyone?)

Never met my daughters

Was stubborn as a mule

Loved Louis L’amour Westerns

Loved thunderstorms and big, scary weather…

Was a great guy and I’ll always miss him! Best wishes to all Fathers everywhere – Happy Father’s Day!

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