This or That?

You know I LOVE magazine quick questionnaires, so today I’m answering the Glamour “This or That” challenge (with a few of my own thrown in)! Here goes:

Tom boy or girly girl? Girly girl ¾ of the time, but I went fishing and hunting too.

Straight leg or flared jeans? Actually, I like boot cut…

Grand Theft Auto or World of Warcraft? Waiting for Colonial Marines…

Mascara or lipstick? Mascara! I love cobalt blue the best…

Ballet or hiphop? Am I dancing it or watching it? I’m always in awe of anyone who can dance, knows their left from their right…can we talk Channing Tatum and his pals in Magic Mike?

Mashed potatoes or French fries? Sweet potato fries!

Star Trek or Star Wars? Ooh, hard one, so many aspects to consider! Maybe if Lucas had never done the prequels or messed with the originals – Han did shoot first….JarJar Binks was awful….who can resist, Chris Pine in the Star Trek reboot……and what about Battlestar Galactica???

(VS sez: I think Glamour magazine probably likes their celebrity guests to have more monosyllabic answers but hey, I am a WRITER LOL)

About the men, great kisser or great dancer? I can work with either, no problem!

Lions or tigers? Tigers….I love Hari, the tiger shifter in Marjorie Liu’s Tiger Eye (pardon me a moment while I swoon…)…although I also enjoy Shelly Laurenston’s lions….oh, this question wasn’t about shifters???? Well then, my bad, moving on…

Funny guy or hot guy?  I believe you can have both in one package, she said primly.

Cats or dogs? Cats rule!!!! (But I have known some very nice dogs.)

Sharks or dolphins? What, no octopus love?

Catsup or mustard? Used to be catsup, trying to avoid sugary stuff now but can’t eat catsup that doesn’t have sugar, so mustard. Except on my sweet potato fries…. (Long answer!)

Flowers or candy? Currently flowers, they’re better for my diet.

VS sez, SOOOO many more questions I could answer but it’s your turn, Dear Reader, what “This or That” question have you been dying to answer?

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