Character Interview & Giveaway – ZERO GRAVITY OUTCASTS by Kay Keppler

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It’s my pleasure today to host fellow Carina Author Key Keppler  and the three main characters from her recent science fiction novel ZERO GRAVITY OUTCASTS, in a lively interview. Before we get to the interview, Kay is giving away one copy of her book to a randomly selected commenter so be sure to leave your comment below to be entered! I’ll add one $10.00 Amazon gift card and will select the winner after midnight on July 18th.

Here’s the book blurb:

Minka Shokat needs only three things in life: her Wayfarer spaceship and her two best friends and crewmates by her side. Anjali Tilak and Tex Arcana stood by her—both of them wearing fringed, pink leather boots—after she was falsely branded a traitor and kicked out of Central Command five years ago.

Working with her friends on their own terms beats flying warships any day. But keeping her junker of a ship flying takes more money than Minka and her crew have. As a last resort, she accepts a job transporting cargo for Central Command.

Then she finds out what her “cargo” is: the very general who ruined her reputation. He needs Minka to deliver him safely to a peace conference. Now Minka and her biggest rival must work together to fight off space pirates, commandos, and rebels who are determined to stop their mission—or be blown out of the skies for good. And while the pink boots are made for walking, they’d never survive that.

VS sez and now folks, welcome to the blog, let’s talk!

Hi, Veronica! Thanks for inviting us to crowd around your kitchen table for snacks and chats! I’m Tex Arcana, our space ship’s mechanic. I’m the most important person in the book and the most handsome, not to mention the most clever, but Minka—that’s Minka Shokat—likes to think she’s our boss. So, you know, pushy. She’s on, like, every page. I ask you.

(Minka slams down coffee cup) I am not! And, hey, are those pink boots regulation?

(Tex sticks out leg, admires his boots) Absolutely. Right, Anjali?

Well, they’re as regulation as we ever get. That’s why we love flying with Minka. Hi, Veronica. I’m Anjali Tilak, alternate captain with Minka, plus navigator and penny pincher. And janitor.

Before the action in the book, what were your plans/hopes for the future?

(Anjali mops up the coffee) Minka and I were going to be captains with Central Command, flying war ships. That’s a big deal. Tex was just trying to stay out of jail, and not succeeding all that well.

Hey! That was totally not my fault!

Want to elaborate on that experience a bit more, Tex? Sounds interesting!

Really, you don’t want to know the details, Veronica. Tell her about Minka, Anjali.

Minka got railroaded out of Central Command. I was her roommate, plus I was there. I know what happened. And after that, who could work for those people?

(Minka  refills her coffee cup) I was really upset at the time. But Anjali showed more guts and loyalty in her little finger than those jerks in Central Command showed in their entire battle structure.

(Anjali shakes her head, wagging a finger) Minka’s exaggerating. Plus, flying with her is fun. And then she rescued Tex and we all became partners. So we’ve been an impoverished but happy cargo company ever since.

How would you describe your personality? Tex, you might as well go first:

I’m fabulous!

Tex is fabulous. I’m boring.

Minka, you’re never boring. You’re brave and independent and funny. I’m the boring one.

Oh, please, you two! Modesty does not become the most famous captains of the skies. Anjali is a darling, even if she copies my fashion style.

Do you have a motto or code you live by?

(Minka turns to Tex with a grin) Tex, you’re the clever one. What do you think?

All for one, and one for all, girlfriend. BFF forever!

What one thing would you take to a desert island?

Anjali: I’d take Tex.

Tex: Anjali, of course, you’d take me! I’d take Minka.

Minka: And I’d take Anjali.

Tex: And then we’d all be there! How fabulous is that? Speaking of fabulous, how’s the shopping on this island?

(VS sez: Pretty limited, coconuts and grass skirts, I think!)

If you had to pick another career, what would it be?

(Tex throws his arms out) Seriously? There is no other career. Minka saved my life. I’m sticking with her, in case she has to do it again. What about you, Anjali?

Same. I’ve had more fun, and more adventures, since Minka and you and I started our company than I’ve ever had. Why would I do anything else? Minka, I know you feel the same.

Nope. I’m thinking of becoming a circus aerialist.

(Tex laughs.) Minka, honey, I love you, but you are so full of it.

What are your future plans?

Girlfriend! There is a one-day clearance sale at Macy’s that is not to be missed!

(Anjali sits bolt upright in the chair, glares at Tex) Tex! If you get the same shoes as me again, I swear I’ll…do something!

Boys and girls! (Minka taps her fingers on the table) Remember we’re guests on somebody’s blog! Well, Veronica, I think I’ll work on our schedules for a bit. Somebody around here has to keep the ship flying! Thanks for letting us drop by. But I think Macy’s is calling.

VS sez it was terrific to have you all here today and good luck with the Macy’s sale!

Buy links for the book:

Carina   Amazon

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