Answering Questions with the Crocodile God

Today being the 13th, I’m blogging over at Paranormal Romantics. I invited Sobek the Crocodile God, hero of my novella Priestess of the Nile, to answer some questions for inquiring minds.

We saved one question for here, to entice you to follow us over there LOL:

What is the quality you like most in a woman? (Sobek sips his beer for a moment.) A loving heart, which my Merys has – ask anyone, including her half sisters! You know, I love to listen to singing and there’s a set of lines from one of the oldest harper’s songs that seems appropriate here:

The waters flow north, the wind blows south,
and each man goes to his hour.
So, seize the day! Hold holiday!
Be unwearied, unceasing, alive,
you and your own true love;
Let not your heart be troubled
during your sojourn on earth,
but seize the day as it passes!
Put incense and sweet oil upon you,
garlanded flowers at your breast,
While the lady alive in your heart forever
delights as she sits beside you.
Grieve not your heart, whatever comes;
let sweet music play before you..
(VS sez: translated by J. L. Foster in “Echoes of Egyptian Voices”, University of Oklahoma Press, 1992.)

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