What’s IN, What’s OUT, Do We Agree?

Lots of “In and Out” lists going around this time of the year…I tend to be pretty “stick in the mud”, if it works for me why change it…so I thought I’d go through a few of the lists and see where I might stand.

Fashion is always dear to my heart, even if nowadays I’m to be found at Ross Dress For Less or Target more often than the big 004department stores. According to a page I clipped from a fashion magazine I can’t identify (no, really, the page I tore doesn’t show their name – sorry!), what’s OUT would be:

Neon clutches (so far so good, none in my closet, can’t get enough stuff in a clutch)

Tribal beads (nope, don’t wear necklaces because I have to wear the badge on a lanyard for day job)

Go-go Platforms (didn’t wear those even the first time they were in)

Oversize totes (uh oh, wait a minute, did I mention I’m a Mom and a grandmother so I carry basically everything I might ever need in an emergency??? So it can be OUT but I’ll still be carrying it.)

014Multi-finger rings (Don’t wear those but I do wear large rings on multiple fingers – hopefully that’s a classic?)

Moccasins (Not since I was a kid)

Door-knocker earrings (NOW we part ways because huge, long earrings are my 012signature style!)

As to what the magazine feels is IN at the moment:

White~Sleek clutches~Stacked heels~Bucket Bags~Crystal Ball rings~Chunky Cuffs (oh the romance writer in me could do a riff here but no…) ~High Heeled Loafers (not sure I get that concept so it’s not IN at my house)…

 The Washington Post does an annual In/Out List apparently, some of which seems very tongue in cheek to me. I looked over their long list for the year we’re finishing and a few items stood out:

OUT: Tigers

IN: Sloths VS sez: we’re back to tigers, what with the movie “Life of Pi”

OUT: Ryan Gosling

1340119810_channing-tatum-lgIN: Michael Fassbinder VS sez: While Mr. Fassbinder will always be an IN at my house, I think there was a definite Channing Tatum flavor to 2012…

OUT: Portland

IN: Pittsburgh What about Chicago?

OUT: Civil War re-enactors

IN: Titanic revivalists (including me with my SF novel WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM – shameless plug there, sorry) I think we’re back to the Civil War now, with the movie “Lincoln”

OUT: Winterfellhobbitgroup_620_112712

IN: District 11 I think Middle Earth is about to overtake us again actually…

OUT: Don’t remake Footloose

IN: Don’t remake Flashdance (or Dirty Dancing…and WHY remake Red Dawn???)

OUT: Debt ceilings

IN: Rock Bottom It’s Fiscal Cliff at the moment…

OUT: Procedurals

Once-Upon-A-Time-New-Fairytale-CharactersIN: Fairy Tales Good call and I think those are definitely still going strong – shout out to Once Upon A Time!

 Not to forget the guys, here’s what the website FASHIONBEANS says is in right now for meanswear fashion:

The color olive green


Animal motifs

Statement outerwear (which seems to be big coats to my uneducated eye)

Fur, Faux Fur & Shearling

 And wow, look at that, I’m OUT of time! What do you think is IN? Or OUT?

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