Six Sentence Sunday – Along the River Nile

six sentence sundayReturning one more time for now to my Ancient Egyptian paranormal WARRIOR OF THE NILE, which was just acquired by Carina Press for publication in September 2013. Khenet the warrior of the title, and Lady Tiya have just been through a meeting with the goddess Nepthys and a meeting with Pharaoh. Now they’re sailing down the Nile on their journey but Tiya is unwell. Khenet has brought her on deck to see if fresh air will help matters. Taneb, the captain of the ship River Horse is speaking:

 “Bad luck if she dies on my ship.”

 “She isn’t going to die,” Khenet said, “She has a headache.”

Taneb mulled the problem over, rubbing the bristles on his chin. “I can offer something to help, an old formula my grandmother used for aches and pains.”

 Keeping one hand pressed tightly to her left eye, Tiya moaned before saying, “I’ve tried every foul, vile, nasty concoction the physicians in Thebes could dream up – sawdust mixed with honey, crushed beetle wings, curdled goat’s milk and shredded papyrus buds…nothing helps. The pain and nausea will pass eventually if you both just leave me alone.”

Khenet takes good care of her in this crisis…actually I left out some of the even more unpleasant Egyptian cures for headaches…next week we’ll have an excerpt from something else, since we’re months away from publication on this.

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

The goddess Nepthys informs Pharaoh he must send his best warrior to accompany a young noblewoman on her journey to marry the ruler of an Egyptian province – a man who is experimenting in dangerous black magic. Nepthys plans to use the warrior and the lady to defeat the schemer but the successful outcome of the magical struggle will also mean their deaths. Khenet, the warrior, takes an oath to accomplish his mission, while secretly hoping to find another way to achieve what the goddess wants without either Lady Tiya or himself perishing. And of course it never crosses his mind how much Tiya will come to mean to him on their voyage down the Nile and across Egypt – he despises high born Court ladies. But even when his heart has become involved, can he trust her? Will they survive, while still saving Egypt?


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  1. Not sure why I picked that particular excerpt except I had a migraine yesterday morning, imitrex beats ANY of the Ancient Egyptian remedies IMHO. Glad you all are enjoying it! The episode also helps Tiya and Khenet move past their first impressions of each other…a little bit. I love this novel (can you tell? LOL!) so I’m really happy Carina has acquired it. Thanks for the good words today!

  2. I’ll take Disgusting Ancient Migraine Remedies for $200, Alex. Everything they have to go through and she has migraines too. Why do we torture our characters? Don’t answer that.

  3. Well I don’t guess it would ruin the novel to tell you Captain Taneb’s grandmother knew a thing or two! but unfortunately her recipe for migraine cures is now lost in the mists of time LOL.

  4. I don’t know, migraines are so awful I think I’d try just about anything if I didn’t have other options.

    Oh, and THANKS for those wonderful descriptions–just coming off a weekend with a stomach virus. Ahem. LOL.

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