Six Sentence Sunday – Something for Your Lady?

six sentence sundayReturning one more time to my Ancient Egyptian paranormal WARRIOR OF THE NILE, to be published by Carina Press in September 2013. Khenet the warrior of the title, and Lady Tiya are sailing down the Nile on their journey…I left them in such sad state last week, with her suffering from a migraine, so here’s a happier snippet from a bit later in the story. Their ship has put into the harbor of a small city for a day and Tiya asks Khenet to accompany her on a trip to the marketplace.

“Something for your lady?” asked the old crone tending one booth where Tiya lingered.

“Isn’t this necklace clever – see the tiny hippos painted on the flowers?” Admiring her reflection in the burnished metal plate the seller used as a mirror, Tiya turned to show Khenet the effect of the necklace against her elegant neck.

“I see by your golden badge you’re a member of Pharaoh’s own guard,” said the vendor, her next words uttered in a honeyed, wheedling tone. “A high-ranking soldier like yourself can surely afford to buy fine jewelry for his sweetheart.”

Hastily Tiya set the necklace in the midst of the display, stepping away from the booth, smoothing her linen dress with one hand. “We should probably return to the River Horse.”

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

The goddess Nephthys informs Pharaoh he must send his best warrior to accompany a young noblewoman on her journey to marry the ruler of an Egyptian province – a man who is experimenting in dangerous black magic. Nephthys plans to use the warrior and the lady to defeat the schemer but the successful outcome of the magical struggle will also mean their deaths. Khenet, the warrior, takes an oath to accomplish his mission, while secretly hoping to find another way to achieve what the goddess wants without either Lady Tiya or himself perishing. And of course it never crosses his mind how much Tiya will come to mean to him on their voyage down the Nile and across Egypt – he despises high born Court ladies. But even when his heart has become involved, can he trust her? Will they survive, while still saving Egypt?003

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28 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday – Something for Your Lady?

  1. How long can Tiya fight the feeling?
    Reminds me of a line from an old Marvin Gaye song, “Don’t hold back the feeling inside..” Maybe from “Let’s Get It On?”

  2. Haha! Great scene. Love how much I can tell about the characters and the situation before I read the synopsis. 🙂

  3. Does he buy the necklace? Does he? Does he? *takes a deep breath* Sorry. I’m apparently spending too much time around the new puppy, who is very excitable. But I do want to know if he buys her the necklace. Did I mention that? 😉

  4. I’m so glad people have enjoyed this excerpt – thanks for the kind words! I keep saying I’m not doing any more snippets from this novel until closer to the publication date but I’ll do one more next week, answer the question about whether Khenet buys the necklace or not …

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